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Why am I not yet convinced to relieve myself of material pleasures after reading Augustine, Plato, Buddist literature, and the neoplatonists? I've been trying to avoid nicotine and sexual desire, but I'm not yet at the point where I can have faith in doing so. Thus I relapse and starting telling myself things like "nicotine is a nootropic, it will help your studies" or something else to climb back on the addiction train. Who can actually convince me, if I indeed ought to be convinced?

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If you're making this post, you're already convinced. Any failure to follow through on what you want is just laziness.
"I'm not convinced yet" is an excuse to put off your goals in favor of some other option, something easier but less satisfying. Do what you want.

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Quit the sexual habit before you quit nicotine.

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Or better yet, refuse to take nicotine while you are sexually active and only take it while celibate.

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I'd like to think that is true, but I'm so inherently skeptical of everything that I just can't make that final push to accept something as the truth. Sure, I like these doctrines and there is something about them which I could see meaning behind, but at a point I need to have faith, which is something I as of yet lack. I suppose the better question is "how does one overcome extreme skepticism." I don't trust politicians or the ideals that they espouse. I don't trust that science has any meaningful answers nor do I trust anyone that claims to know what is or the nature of what is.

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Be skeptical of your desires.

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>Why am I not yet convinced to relieve myself of material pleasures after reading Augustine, Plato, Buddist literature, and the neoplatonists?

to have faith is to believe
to believe is to see

you lack faith. reading metaphysical works cannot convince the blind

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But in choosing to get on the "addiction train" your actions speak louder than words. You're saying that you have faith that the "addiction train" is fine and guving up desires is unnecessary. Your choices reveal your beliefs. Even if you want to stay skeptical, a skeptical person also has to act and make choices. So choose to give up desire without the certainty that it's correct, in the same way that now you're choosing not to guve it up since you don't know that it's correct.

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Because it's a fucking meme, we're just animals

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t. dead while yet breathing

to distinguish oneself from the animal world is to be human

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no it's to be a fucking faggot. In not many years you are going to be decomposing flesh. Your awareness, paltry and gay as it is, will be snuffed out for eternity.

Your ideas are complete memes, developed haphazardly through natural selection and the flux of culture, things which just happen to 'sort of work' to propagate your genes or to make your society flourish. They contradict each other and have no actual basis.

If i could find you and punch you in the face to make you feel for just a second the fact that you are just a body, composed of tissues like any other animal, you might have an inkling of integrity and realize that the fairytales you repeat to yourself about ehtics, meaning, logic, etc. are nothing but the fever dreams of an incoherent ape mind with an expanded neocortex

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I wonder how an animal could derive joy from rejecting carnal desires. Isn’t this enough evidence for a soul? What else is there that can benefit from the avoidance of our sinful pleasures?

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t. Bugman

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many animals display similar behavior. Rodents in overpopulated areas will detach from mating behavior and obsessively groom themselves. Bears in bile farms will kill themselves and their infants.

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look at how agitated you are, like a dog barking at a passerby.

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very sophisticated reply

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OP do you pray the Rosary regularly? Because if you don't, you should.

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the model that painter used undoubtedly took it up the mass from a multitude of men

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Well you aren't a monk, so I don't think it makes sense to give up sensual pleasures altogether. It does make sense to not be addicted to anything though, for the purpose of not being a degenerate.

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this isn't a result of conscious spiritual aspiration, but of induced abnormality for the sake of experimentation or slaughter, therefore not a valid argument.

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Sexual desire is always going to be present. You are human and your brain has to go through years of training before it can approach asexuality. You have to naturally be that way.

You can quit smoking, its actually really easy and you are a fucking pussy.

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>conscious spiritual aspiration
>induced abnormality
same thing. If you aren't behaving in accordance with evolutionary success you are aberrant. The added dynamic of culture and technology complicate how this plays out in practice but doesn't change its fundamental structure.

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Shit like this makes me want to throw my computer and my life out the window.

Stop trying to talk like that. No one thinks you're smart.

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>>conscious spiritual aspiration
>>induced abnormality
>same thing.

it very clearly isn't, lol

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very sophisticated reply, really addressed the core argument

absolutely throw your computer and life out the window, it would make reality marginally better

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>very sophisticated reply
He’s glitching, guys. Best not to bother him

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nice, you once again really got down the basic gist of the post and replied to it

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All the typical moves of atheist trash.

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