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By the looks of it seems that extroverted people live far more enjoyable lives. The pros seems obvious I don't think i need to further my point.

It looks as if i need to close that books/website/game and go have fun. I'm not quite sure if it looks less appealing due lack of social skill or simple the character type. Maybe i'm not introverted at all i'm just too afraid of world in the first place.

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pic related - some fat chicks thoughts

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Just convince yourself that everyone who have active social lives and aren't pathetic incel ressentiment-fueled 4chan losers are merely NPC robot normies who are secretly very unhappy. Remain convinced that this hell hole of a place and the pathetic beings that frequent it are superior to everyone else. That's why we need 100 threads on every single board about how terribly shit women, niggers, and leftists are even though we all ostensibly agree with it. We need to constantly keep this facade up and remind ourselves.
So guess what this thread'll be. I'll give you the answers you and I crave.
These people are stupid, superficial and lacking in depth compared to us. Even if we have nothing go for us, we are at least NOT these pathetic shells.

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There's a difference between just being introverted and spending half your waking life on this shithole.

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Yes, they live better lives. They're like dogs - happy for no particular reason. Existing and being around people is enough for them. They don't need anything more. They're not in the habit of fault-finding. In fact they don't do much thinking at all, as thinking is a solitary activity, and I say that without judgment. But don't try to become an extrovert if you're not one. You'll only make yourself miserable. Just learn how to live with your introversion.

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I don't have an image to imply the amount of fedora in this post.

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Fun isn't the only valuable thing in life

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Nah, the fedora opinion is to praise introversion.

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Extrovert-introvert is irrelevant for your life quality.

If your life isn't enjoyable (and you don't live in a third world shithole) you just make shitty decisions or suffer from legitimate medical issues.

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Why do they write "Bestseller" on the cover as if it was a good thing?

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>"Dr Adorno, would you mind a personal question?". I said, "It depends on the question, but just go ahead", and she went on: "Please tell me: are you an extrovert or an introvert?". It was as if she, as a living being, already thought according to the model of multi-choice questions in questionnaires.

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Oh yeah they easily live way better lives

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>are secretly very unhappy

But extraverts themselves say how miserable they are and how proud they are of it. How they exert themselves for others' gain, how they ignore their better judgement, how they put up with the body's abomination, how they celebrate the catastrophe of nature, how they only fear change inasmuch as it could stop them from wasting themselves. Granted, there could be, and there probably are, several layers of several kinds of misery, but the one they present is miserable enough. To think otherwise is to be even more delirious than an extravert.

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Are you happy anon

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>IntroversiĆ³n is an essential characteristic
>Extroversion is an essential characteristic

>We're condemned to be the same forever

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You could have them when you're 30

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you can have one of them, friend

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You could buy this slut for a 100 bucks an hour.
Stop suffering and go get laid, dude.

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They are essential characteristics.

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