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Pewdiepie, who has a subscriber base of 79 million, has stated that his favorite author is Yukio Mishima.

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>I subscribe to Youtube Channels

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He's never been a man of great taste.

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79 million NPCs.
Author is a homosexual.
Your post is invalid.

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>liking homosexual reactionaries from Japan is the new meme among first worlders
Who would've thought.

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They are both giant faggots.

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>I subscribe so I don't miss anything *squelch* new information *squelch*
>what podcasts and youtube channels do you subscribe to?

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Mostly Joe Rogan.

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Mishima's on par with Nietzsche for attracting stupid dumb disgusting weeaboos/edgelords

excellent prose nonetheless

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Wasn't this guy basically a fascist? Even though he was a homosexual he had some very radical views.

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Well yeah......he's a disgusting weeb and a pseud

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Protip m8, most homo's are fascists
It's one of those in the open secrets

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??? This is a retarded opinion

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wasnt he gay cuz he was afraid of women

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>giving any consideration to NPC/wojak/frogposters

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Did he write that he was afraid, or was it just a story?
A lot of men just don’t understand women, obviously a lot of homosexual men

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>only /lit/ knew about mishima before this! He was our secret author

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Good man

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Based patrician. I too am too contrarian to allow myself to enjoy popular things

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>excellent prose
>implying you didn't read a translation

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Well, mine is unironically Daisetz Suzuki.

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I thought it was the other way around, topkek.

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he also stated that this is his first year reading big boy books

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How can you ever just have one (1) favourite author? There are so many to choose from.

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he also posted on twitter a pic of what appears to be him singing in a choir in an Orthodox church
is he /oureceleb/?

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Only brainlets have a favourite author

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I don't really care

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>Even though he was a homosexual
He's been in that quality Italian pus since 2011 m8.

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Either that one favourite author molded their thinking the most or it's woman brain signaling that involves latching on to something you know vaguely about to appear to be knowledgeable about the field that thing belongs to.

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he wasnt a fascist

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>Weeb's favorite author is Japanese
I'm absolutely blown away, thank you for killing a thread to tell me

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He said that he got his book reccomendations from twitter.
Show's over faggots.

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If you pay attention to youtubers you have no business reading. Widespread literacy was a mistake.

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my art hoe gf likes yukio mishima. what of it

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big yikes from me.

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wow omg! opera has a billion dollars and talks about terrance mckenna once. what a crazy world!

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You say that like there is something wrong with being a fascist.

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He was referring to Yukio Mishima.

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i'm not a statistician but i'm pretty sure this makes him the greatest author of all time.

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TV stations which broadcast to billions have also talked about popular authors.

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>favorite author is someone you only read in translation

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And why did you need to make a thread about this? /lit/ is about literature, not e-celebs.

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t. pseud retard

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>implying I don't read fluent Mandarin and thus 90% of Japanese

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any good literature will also be equally god in translation
if a book is shitty in translation then it probably sucks

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dumbest post I've seen all year

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I can read 4 languages and speak 3

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>American, English, Canadian and Memes

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I can speak/read English-French-Mandarin with some competency
but I can also read Latin

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those tv stations don't reach the dab dab zoom zoom crowd though

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And he discovered it by himself without your help lmao @ your life lit get rekt

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in what universe was he not a reactionary

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Does anyone know if Mishima is revered as a great writer in Japan or as just a controversial figure?

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He's easily one of the best. My Japanese friend placed him at no. 3 in the best novelists of Japan.

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Someone has been reading leftist media

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an Anon with his life in order.

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Mishima is entry-level Japanese literature, so what's the big deal?

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Fuck off Shii

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>not subscribing to independent creators who aren’t controlled by (((them)))

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Plenty detected.
Let me know when you move away from babbys first Japanese novel to truly pratician avant-garde Japanese poetry and literature

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the patrician Japanese literature is not avant-garde

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No. He wanted to give power back to the emperor.

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It actually is. Mishima, Oe, Akutagawa, Kawabata, Soseki et al are all entry-level Japanese literature.

Start reading Sugita, Terayama, Shinkichi and Kamenosuke and realize that you're no better than Pewdepleb when it comes to literature

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nigger post Tokugawa japanese literature is a slow and sad erosion of anything distinctive about the Japanese canon.
Kongaku Monogatari, Genji, Astumori/Matsukaze, Manyoshu, Kokinshu, Shinkokinshu, Hyakunin Isshu; pretty much the foundations of the Japanese literary aesthetic are about as good as it gets.

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Mishima is fucking godlike, the fact that he became memeshima is not his fault

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>I know the character set so I can read any language that uses it...
>knows English, so I can read german, french, spanish, italian, portuguese...

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This. I hate things.

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>subscriber base of 79 million
from which like 5-10 million are active, what is your point?

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maybe this author hit close home to him. he is a weeb and homosexual after all

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>free speech crypto fascist likes a literal nationalist in the closet

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>any good literature will also be equally god in translation
>if a book is shitty in translation then it probably sucks


If a good book is translated with a minimum of decency, and especially with fidelity (the example would be to ignore the rhyme and the metric when translating poetry) it will still be good in translation.

This is the reason why poets who depend solely on sound (much more than on sense, metaphors, and imagery) are inferior. Since rhyme and rhythm are lost there is nothing left in such poets other than clichés, dead metaphors (red as a rose, my love is a rose, my destiny flows blindly like a river, etc.) and common places.

If you translate Emily Dickinson, or Shakespeare, or Wisława Szymborska, or Homer their poetry will still be great.

On the other hand, Pushkin and Robert Burns are painfully mediocre in translation.

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I guess it's time to filter out his name, good bye mishima

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>his favorite author is Yukio Mishima.

Yeah gonna need a source on that one.

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No, they're not. A sizeable minority is, but to say that most are is absolutely delusional.

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his videos you dumb fuck

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Yeah let me go watch all his fucking videos until i find where he mentions mishima

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it's called "I read 721 books this year" or something

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Mishima wasn’t closeted

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Not a fascist, he was a reactionary in a similar sense to tolkien where he believed going back to a emperor type situation wud be epic

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That plus homosexual equals = fascist

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How short does your attention span have to be to have to subscribe to youtubers to check out their videos?
I have never in my life done that, just search up on a name you're interested in watching and press on uploads.

>> No.12321142

The best part is the subscription feature has been broken for several years now so it doesn't even serve that purpose.

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I think for a lot of people there literary experience is pretty limited when they're first getting into things they find something someone wrote that really hits a chord with them, or they find an author that writes/talks about themes that really interest them in general.

The more experience you have in any particular genre, be that literature, movies, game, ect, the more difficult it's going to be to hand's down declare something as your favorite, just because you're going to have had more chances to find other things that you like about as much as that first favorite you had. So when you consider the fact that Pewd's only seriously started reading about a year ago it makes a lot of sense that he can say "this is the thing I like the most out of all these things I tried" because he only has to look at a few dozen things to make that judgement.

For example I've read over thirteen million words worth of fiction (I know I should read harder stuff but it's just what I like, sue me) over the last five years or so, and there was a time in that period where I had a couple of authors who were pretty standout on my list of things that I thought were amazing, but picking any one in particular now as the one I like the most is so difficult. I imagine that in another five years that it will be just that much harder for me.

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based pewdiepie read Murakami

>> No.12321532

>Even though he was a homosexual he had some very radical views.

Wtf this is me

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Pewdiepie is a typical weeb, of course he would like Mishima. I bet the man has a folder of anime reaction images.

>> No.12321881

Fascism is more of a meaningless label that has some emotional connotations, invented by the capitalist West to develop an evil face they can apply broadly to anyone that doesn't fall in line (economically). He didn't fall under that label, I don't think you can include him based on those that do, but as I said it's meaningless so you probably could.

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Literally in the title, retard.

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>wrote a book where the protagonist is a closeted homosexual
>that means the author was a closeted homosexual

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this guy is such a faggot, he's telling people to read more fiction. fuck fiction, though to be fair, you need a fairly high IQ to read fiction and to appreciate all of the subtle nuances of expository works.

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More like
>he wrote love letters to his lover, that means he is a homosexual.
>he tooke homoerotic photos of himself, that means he is a homosexual.

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>quoting the bible with an image
Was Jesus a shitposter? I think he would've liked 4chan.

>> No.12322420

My attention span is too short to subscribe to things. Idk where the fuck the button is for that and I don't think I'll have the time or energy to look for it ever

>> No.12322436

>porky youtuber supports far right writer

>> No.12322878

There are a bunch of pictures showing him with his lover embracing semi-nude. And I think he was open about it as well. Hell, his whole paramilitary force was built from homos.

>> No.12322882


this is indeed a true fact.

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>knows English but can't read german, french, spanish, italian, portuguese...


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Yukio Mishima is not gay, retard.

>> No.12324266

Ask your friend to give us an extensive list please.

>> No.12324276

Good. Report back to us once you finish watching all of them. :3

>> No.12324293

Thanks fuckface, didnt know he did actual book reviews, thought he was a fortnite streamer or something.

>> No.12324310

il 'etait un homosexuel.

>> No.12324373

Ce n'est pas vrai

>> No.12324398

Everyone is a little gay according to Freud

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Stay mad polygots, stay mad.

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Bump for Pewds.

>> No.12326390

Do we really have to have threads about Pewdiepie every day? Isn't shitting up /v/ enough for you fags anymore?

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t. T Series

>> No.12327458

>watching pewdiepie

i only watch unboxings and dollar tree hauls

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>Pewdiepie starts reading and encouraging other people to get into reading
>shitstorm on /lit/ ensues, /lit/zens young and old alike can no longer pretend they read to make themselves look better then their peers

You're all the worst sort of people.

>> No.12328815

It's as easy. Just pick your favorite book and say it's author.

>> No.12328888

They're no better than the Redditors they despise.

>> No.12329005

purely an aestheticist

>> No.12329042

Showa ideology did mix a lot with fascism early on. It's a little silly to say they're the same as Nazis or fascism generally, but they believed in a Yamato race. Japanese war crimes in China and Southeast Asia are about on par with atrocities committed by SS.

>> No.12329056

I wish I'd maed a folder of brainlet images for you.

>> No.12329068

Fascism is aestheticism made manifest.

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so is hating mishima the cool thing to do now?

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That's actually the closest thing to a good opinion I've ever heard out of the guy, Mishima was legitimately insightful. Understanding the pathos of Imperial and Post-Imperial Japan and the transition therebetween is a genuinely soul-crushing journey. My question is, was he just making a joke or did he actually READ Mishima?

>> No.12329459

Where do I start with Mishima? Confessions of a Mask?

>> No.12329463

Nice Dunning-Kruger effect.

>> No.12329473


He spends most of the video talking about reading several of mishima's books along with his biography.

>> No.12329528

Sound of Waves. If you can't appreciate Mishima's aesthetic prose and descriptions then you don't deserve his philosophic and psychological points. They're not that good anyway

>> No.12329569

Yup, he's the new Murakami because based Pewds recommended him.

>> No.12329613

>Implying he would ever name 4chan in his channel
Like us he dont want even more normies invading this manchurian cave painting enthusiasts forum

>> No.12329702

Being an ultra weeb is Pewds only flaw as far as I'm concerned.

>> No.12329737

>pictures showing him with his lover embracing semi-nude
can't find any, post an example

>> No.12329740

Pews kills not only memes but also authors now?

>> No.12330494

Based conceptista

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>Visiting University of Tokyo last spring.
>One of the people visiting with me is Japanese and attended University of Tokyo.
>We're discussing famous people who attended the university.
>I mention Mishima.
>It takes him a minute to remember who I'm talking about.
>"Oh, he was a sort of crazy person."


>> No.12330550

based Jap, kek

>> No.12330572

How can you ever just have one (1) favourite book? There are so many to choose from.

>> No.12330573


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Gamers basically waste away the best years of their lives locked into a screen, and walk away with nothing but slightly improved hand/eye coordination. Their entire childhoods, high school years, and college years are lost into this completely mundane time sink. It can be fun but it's an entirely pointless and fruitless hobby.

This particular kind of person begins to resent others for their other forms of success. They see people who get good grades as obedient and thoughtless drones. They see those who succeed in sports as dumb brutes. They see those who go into the arts as pretentious. The problem is that, when it comes to themselves, they have nothing to show. Their life is mostly spent in a room, not moving, clicking a mouse. Their personality is entirely based on this passive experience. By any practical considerations they don't do anything.

So to make up for this fundamental inadequacy, they convince themselves that they're "smart, but lazy", or some kind of unorthodox thinker not afraid to break the rules. They think their sense of humor is too edgy for people when the truth is they're often just not funny, and would never shatter that illusion by performing actual stand up comedy and bombing. They get their opinions from youtube personalities that cultivate this sense of outsider/renegade thinking. But really this "thinking" is an attempt to fill in their lack of self. It's no coincidence that Jordan Peterson, popular among this demographic, tells them to read Kierkegaard and Nietzsche, whose entire philosophies spring from personality defects. Kierkegaard was impotent, his entire existential analysis is grounded in impotence. The same kind of existential impotence brought on by being a gamer.

This type of person can't admit that the only books they've ever read closely are Halo novelizations and fantasy paperbacks, so maybe one day they have a flight and read a single book by Mishima or Junger or Evola and suddenly they have something they can always talk about, some token that makes them better than the average "NPC". It's also a shortcut to being taken seriously while not bothering to know anything about literary theory or criticism.

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>Pewdiepie. whos famous for being followed by millions of kids, thinks that..

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So if god let you take one book to heaven, and placed all of your favorite books on a table, whichever one you take is your ultimate favorite.

>> No.12332548

only people very into literature are cool with mishima in japan, like if pound stayed in the states and became george rockwell if you said you like the cantos you'd be kind of a weirdo. or like how among idiots being into neitzsche makes you a nazi

>> No.12332609

Wait. Really? I always thought so but what if he's really not and it's just a smear campaign? Then I might actually read all of his books without feeling gay

>> No.12332910

the sailor who fell from grace with the sea

>> No.12332968

This is a well articulated version of my own incompetencies I never realized until I was 27 and in law school. I wasted my entire youth away.

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>> No.12334491

Redpilled take.

If you do anything this year anons, stop playing vidya, jerking off and browsing 4chan. Even if you just cut it down by half, everything in your life will get so much better.

>> No.12335424

Based and redpilled
You just described word for word one of my friends
"smart, but lazy" God so true

>> No.12335434

>would never shatter that illusion by performing actual stand up comedy and bombing.
Stopped reading there when the poster assumes that stand up comedy is a worthwhile form of comedy, standup comedy is a garbage form of comedy and has been dead for at least a few decades now for good reason.

>> No.12335441

>Kierkegaard and Nietzsche, whose entire philosophies spring from personality defects
>Kierkegaard was impotent, his entire existential analysis is grounded in impotence.
4/10 pasta, amusing but too smart for /v/ and too stupid for /lit/. Reddit must be its strike zone.

>> No.12335646

I was with you until you juxtaposed sports to vidya, its the same shit.

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you didn’t understand jünger, placing him there in your blog post.

>> No.12335729

He was the Samurai kind of gay which is being sexually attracted to men but still telling yourself you are straight. He did manage to have kids so he probably wasn't pure gay.

>> No.12335744

I subscribe and like videos in order to show appreciation to the person who created the content

>> No.12335776

I like yukio just because he understood the value of bodybuilding

>> No.12336000

Japanese is my second language and we both know this shit ain't true. At best we're talking 40%, and even then you're mostly going to be confined to the Kanji monstrosities that are newspapers. Anything outside of that, unless you're fluent in both kana, then you're going to be sol trying to read anything.

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i'm starting with Spring Snow right now. is this ok?

>> No.12336028

Does anyone know where to find e-books of Mishima in Japanese?

>> No.12336041

sun and steel

>> No.12336055

The most meme Mishima book. Don't read it until you finished at least Sea of Fertility.

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>It is an autobiographical essay, a memoir of the author's relationship to his body.
>The book recounts the author's experiences with, and reflections upon, his bodybuilding and martial arts training.
i don't have enough self confidence yet for this feel

>> No.12336066

unless it's a book about trying to become a human statue I'm not reading it pal

>> No.12336079

You don't need Mishima to become a human statue in the first place, since you're too brainlet to understand both the problems he faced and solutions he found.

>> No.12336087

my interest in mishima doesn't extend beyond bodybuilding

>> No.12336106

Then you have no interest in him. Read Schwarzenegger instead.

>> No.12336109

>Then you have no interest in him.
I have some, but very limited
>Read Schwarzenegger instead.
already have

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File: 66 KB, 620x620, 50dc6d9669beddda7700000d-750[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I doubt there are any TV stations on earth that get the same kind of numbers Pewdiepie gets on even his least popular content.
That would be God m8

>> No.12336156

Look at this picture and say that universal literacy was not a mistake.

>> No.12336177

> this
I like that pewdiepie is doing book reviews and making some authors more well known. Not because there are new people to discuss the novels but also because of the massive amount of butthurt coming from /lit/ and /pol/ about him. It's a win win.

>> No.12336336
File: 85 KB, 1334x667, wall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>most read books
>based on number of books printed
Lets be honest. For every Bible or Mao Bible actually read through, there are 20 ones printed.

>> No.12336408

yes but tons of religious families will have one or two bibles for a family of 4/5

>> No.12337727

why would pol be butthurt about him? i thought he kept triggering mainstream media and sjws

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File: 1.01 MB, 1000x1000, 1546050135219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see you're a man of culture.

>> No.12338135

Nice pasta

>> No.12339352

Epic fact thanks bro!

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I don't want to shit up the board with a new thread so I figured I'd ask here. I started reading Runaway Horses but realized three chapters in that it is the second part of a tetralogy. Can I read this independently or must I start with Spring Snow? Thank you in advanced my friends.

>> No.12340525

dude nationalism lmao

>> No.12340721

It is nice knowing that reading is a superior thing to do even if you have no limitations (money wise) and are young. It adds more pertinence to my favourite pass time.

>> No.12341003

Thanks for the update on an ecelebrity? Really fulfills me.

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>>12321273 >>12321532 >>12321861
>>12321881 >>12321927 >>12321936
>>12321950 >>12322001 >>12322228
>>12322420 >>12322436 >>12322882
>>12324235 >>12324257 >>12324259
>>12324266 >>12324276 >>12324293
>>12324310 >>12324373 >>12324398
>>12324419 >>12325260 >>12326329
>>12327422 >>12327458 >>12327530
>>12328815 >>12328888 >>12329005
>>12329042 >>12329056 >>12329068
>>12329213 >>12329406 >>12329459
>>12329463 >>12329473 >>12329569
>>12329613 >>12329702 >>12329740
>>12330494 >>12330550 >>12330572
>>12330573 >>12331448 >>12331714
>>12331984 >>12332548 >>12332609
>>12332968 >>12334491 >>12335424
>>12335441 >>12335646 >>12335729
>>12335744 >>12336000 >>12336022
>>12336028 >>12336064 >>12336066
>>12336148 >>12336156 >>12336177
>>12336336 >>12336408 >>12337727
>>12337882 >>12338135 >>12339352
>>12340525 >>12340721 >>12341003
Goodnight, my fellow redditors. Please stick around after the pewdiepie thread. Tomorrow we can discuss Jordan Peterson away from the prying eyes of the reddit admins.

>> No.12341241

Cringe and bluepilled

>> No.12341251

How long did this take you?

I'm not even mad, I can't be mad at this amount of dedication, I just want to know.

>> No.12341252

what is pewdiepie's favorite anime?

>> No.12341277

He still a "basedboy"

>> No.12341291

90% of this is incorrect in regards to myself.

>> No.12341298
File: 29 KB, 247x786, BASED.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Impressive stack desu

>> No.12341338

His favorite manga is Blame!
According to his MAL (which is about a decade out of date) the anime he listed as a 10/10 are
>Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2
>Kanon (2006)
>Neon Genesis Evangelion
>Death Note
He did a video looking through his old MAL account and agreed with all these, and bumped up Evangelion from a 7/10 to a 10/10. He also had an End of Evangelion poster up for a while you can see in videos from late 2017/early 2018.

>> No.12341400

he needs to watch more anime

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