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>chitchatting with a girl who delivered my pizza
>she asks if I have any hobbies, she likes yoga herself
>tell her I enjoy reading sophisticated works of literature and philosophy
>cool, how do you normally dress for it?
>come again?
>your outfit for reading
>I don't have one
>so clothes don't matter for reading?
>well she says, that is interesting
>sounds to me like you are more interested in clothes than books

Did not tip. Women seldom want to talk about what interests you except as a pretense to talk about what interests them

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>not wearing your best suit while you read
Do you have any respect at all for Literature, faggot?

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this sounds like incel fanfiction. what kind of moronic delivery driver spends time asking about hobbies when trying to get to the next place? the only way this seems plausible is if you order so frequently that you start to develop running conversations with all of the drivers or the ones you choose to go into detail with.

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>he doesn't have a reading outfit
I don't go to the gym wearing slacks, why would I read wearing sweats?

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>Did not tip

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Fake and gay fucking saged

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I actually had never seen her before. I should complain. Maybe they'll fire her

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>chitchatting with a girl who delivered my pizza

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She started it by saying I looked familiar and wondered if I went to her gym

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>Did not tip.

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This is almost too retarded to be fake

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Im retarded but maybe she was into you

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>tipping someone who does yoga

I asked her if she is the type of woman who wears """"yoga pants"""", and she admitted she did but only if other people were doing the yoga with her. I told her that is when she should most definately not do so, and she said maybe she would find that more comfortable but gym policy etc

I don't think yoga is actual exercise, it is basically make believe exercise

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Then why would she try to change the topic from reading to fashion?

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>he doesn't dress like pic related when he first sits down to read

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>*someone's knocking at the door*
>OP: My pizza! Here we go. *opens door*
>Pizza girl: Hello, Larry P. McFaggot? here's your pizza, 15 bucks, please.
>Hello, beautiful! How's it going? Do you have any hobbies or what, damsel?
>Pizza girl: hehe yea I do yoga, I'm just delivering a pizza, 15 dollars, please.
>OP: that's awesome! I read books. Sophisticated works of literature and philosophy, y'know, the usual stuff. Kant, Mallarmé, Witty and so on. Hey, listen, are you free next friday night?
>Pizza girl: Right. Do you dress for it or what? Hehe. No, I actually have plans. 15 dollars please.
>OP: Oh okay. No, I just read naked, y'know. I'm a very sexy man, don't you think? Wanna go on a date?
>Pizza girl: I have a boyfriend, so. 15 bucks so I can give you your pizza, please
>OP:Here's your money. I won't tip, though. Thanks. G'bye.
>*proceeds to throw pizza into the trash and posts on /lit/ a greentext about how he's the victim of some terrible crime*

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>not expressing while ingesting

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Yoga is a bitch excercise and she's a bitch. There's no problem here other than her not getting paid for the service you requested.

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>he doesn't have a reading outfit
uh, hello?

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Yoga is a scam. It's the shampoo of the activities world.

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I also think shampoo is a scam, but I'm not sure what to use. What do you use?

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get a reading suit, you won't have to drop more than $50-$100 at a thrift store

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>What do you use?
soap and water

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Not him but I just use water and a little castile oil soap.

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A hair stylist I follow on Youtube said that you should replace shampooing with just lightly scrubbing your roots with conditioner.

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>he doesn't wear slacks to the gym

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To be more specific about it, I don't want to leave residue in my dreadlocks. I can't brush it out.

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Based anti-woman poster

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Hee employers have to maje up for it if her tips don't.make minimum wage

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Maybe just once per week from now on, dude. It's funny, but too much of it gets tiring

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A nigger, I'd presume? Just use water. It doesn't matter.

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Based frogchad keep on postin'

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not gonna lie froggy
I think you're creating culture right here
don't let it get up to your head tho

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>not having a dedicated reading outfit
Some people are just animals.

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No, it turns out that your hair cords itself regardless of your race as long as long as you don't groom it like a woman.

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I think she deserves more than minimum wage.

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>a girl who delivered my pizza

I've only once had pizza delivered by a female, but this particular pizza place is known as a front for prostitution.

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Why? Her qualifications and labor are minimum

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Her living expenses aren't.

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I've always had a soft spot for pizza deliverypersons. They are usually driving the shit out of their own crappy cars but don't make enough to properly maintain the vehicle. I've had a job like that before, so I tip.

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If you post the thing more than once in a 60 day period its disfavored by the gods, you know this

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Although I once had a delivery guy who was obviously the owner of the pizzeria. Middle aged, well dressed, and driving a nice car. Did not tip.

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waste of quads

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Same could be said of people in fast food, why not tip them?

>believing in the gods
This actually gives me an idea for a thread I will post later regarding reconsideration of fantasy and noir as moral frameworks rather than defining them by their clichés (such as magic or a w*oman singing in a night club). I would argue for example that C&P is fantasy because fantasy asserts (Christian) right and wrong as vividly real things. Noir by contrast sees right and wrong as an existential affair. Pre Christian literature and farce fit neither of these poles of course, since both stress moral burden (either metaphysical, or existential).

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>since both
That is, fantasy and noir. Both stress the moral burden of either Christian morality as true, or being forced to live without it and decide for yourself. Farce is not concerned with burden, and pagans were not concerned with truth of Christian morality, or morality as choice and personal affirmation.

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shut the fuck up, you didn't tip because you're a cheap peace of shit
delivery drivers use their own vehicles, which incur their own maintenance costs which are not covered by employer

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seethe harder tipcuck

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We're two different people, gaylord.

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in real life when you open your mouth to inform people that you don't tip, everyone will recognize you for the bitch you are

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How can a samefag be two different people? You're not making any sense, you big dingus

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/lit/ is the worst board when it comes to offtopic shitposting

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Why are people ITT sperging out over others not tipping?
I am even happier about not living in a tipping culture now that I have seen how sensitive some of you are about it.

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In the end it is you my friend who will be left poorer

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My brother called me a piece of shit once because I quite literally was too poor to tip.

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>>so clothes don't matter for reading?
That's an invitation for you to give her more than the tip

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I dress within the apparel of the protagonists of each novel I read.

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yes, living in a culture where servers, drivers, and other tipped employees earn a livable wage is preferred over the current americunt system. that doesn't mean you can just not tip here. the only one you're fucking over is the employee, it does nothing to solve the system
if you're too poor to tip then you're too poor to eat at a served restaurant / order pizza, you dumbass. go to mcdonalds or the food shelter where you belong

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>tell her I enjoy reading sophisticated works of literature and philosophy
Imagine saying this unironically. Lmao.

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>tfw reading Gibson and my exoskeleton servos malfunction

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shaming tactics, how pathetically feminine. are you a woman? will you be my gf?

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poor execution but correct sentiment

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>if you're too poor to tip then you're too poor to eat at a served restaurant / order pizza, you dumbass. go to mcdonalds or the food shelter where you belong

lol no. im gonna keep eating out and not tipping and there is literally - and i mean it, LITERALLY nothing you can do about it. NOTHING. and the best part is, the absolute best part is that you get so UPSET about it. so EMOTIONALLY WORKED UP over not getting a tip, but you STILL CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! HAHAHAHAHAHA! imagine being so emotionally invested in something you can and will never get to change. it must eat you up inside, huh? it must really keep you up at night. you will NEVER EVER get a say in how this system works. LOL. YOU WILL *NEVER* HAVE A VOICE. what a shame.

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based t b h

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lol slave morality forces this bitch to respect women and give plebs money for free

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I was invited out and specifically said I couldn't.

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>shut the fuck up, you didn't tip because you're a cheap peace of shit
I carefully evaluated the situation and it was my conclusion that she did not merit a tip. Unmerited reward is as unjust as unmerited punishment. To tip her would be as decadent as the yoga pants she wears.

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