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This but unironically

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What more would you expect. If his opinions were genuinly intelligent his audience wouldnt be able to comprehend them.

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Original Sin was literally invented by Augustine

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>hey bro just take a leap of faith
Fuck off. you don't just willingly believe in god because some dickhead said it will make you feel good.

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Christianity is associated with all the guilt of the past
Buddhism feels like a clean streak from a different point of view

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I find it pretty sad that this guy is nearly 30 and just flippantly dismisses ideas he disagrees with.

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>t. asspained christcucks who can't accept that their delusions have zero weight and relevancy to the modern world
get over it. pewds made the right call and considering he's better read than all of you I'd say his i sights carry significantly more weight

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yeah, I’m a Christian, you got a problem with that? I used to be a sinner like you but 2 years ago I found GOD. In my teens I would laugh at creationists; I would always tell my grandma that I didn’t want to go to mass; I was agnostic but not like r/Atheism. But when I GREW UP and became a man, I realised I needed to put childish things away (1 Corinthians 13:11). Why is that? Because I realized that we need Christianity to SAVE THE WEST. After I voted Trump in the 2016 election I decided to go to church again. I knew that I would find a QT pure Christian GF who I could lose my virginity to (I haven’t lost it yet because I’m saving myself for marriage, like God intended). I haven’t found her yet, but like Job I will pray and have faith in God. Then I saw Jordan Peterson talking about Christianity and I was hooked! (I don’t like him anymore though, he’s a fake Christian). I watched all his videos on the bible and realised how God reveals himself in many ways. I was on /pol/ (came from r/The_Donald during the election but I hate redditors now) Christian General and I saw /lit/ chart which had The Bible and I KNEW I found my people. Every day I see THE WEST falling because we gave up our FAITH. Well, the new Christian intellectuals are coming; We are the sons of the Crusaders and we shall not recoil before the sons of Voltaire! (Candide was shit, so is Nietzsche (haven’t read either of them)). /lit/ introduced me to Kierkegaard and I became a KNIGHT OF FAITH, so now I know that I just gotta believe and that’s TRUE bravery. I read DANTE and DOSTOEVSKY and I saw the beauty of God and true art. I’m a proud Catholic (Protestants are heretics) but I hate Pope Francis, he’s a heretic and isn’t MY Pope. /lit/ is a Christian board, and I know that if I just keep recommending the Bible, telling people to go to church, and making threads about how great God is, I will finally be able to sincerely believe in God and distract myself from the gnawing feeling that I’m a fraud. Faith ain’t easy.

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Did he really say this? How utterly based. Sorry, but I find that view completely accurate. Buddhism is better in every aspect I can think of.

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Whoever made this...you are a legend, truly.

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This but unironically

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You've fundamentally misunderstood Kierkegaard.

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>he posts about pdp every day
For what purpose, op?

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Why did you include me (>>12644695)? I was agreeing with poods

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Hes a weeb now, anyone who unironically thinks buddhists dindu nuffin is obviously dumb

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thought you were being post-meta-ironic my bad

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ITT: seething Demiurge slaves

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either or literally does a 180 because his life did a 180
kierkegaard didn't even understand himself because he changed his opinions on many things in life.

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I hate Christians as much as the next guy, but don't you think fedoras are just as bad?

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I just hate anyone who has a solid stance of god's existence, because you are lying through your teeth if you think you are certain
I don't know he's real, and i know for i fact you don't either. don't pretend otherwise, it's not a good look.

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>/lit/ in 2019
big oof

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At least Christians don't say they have definitive proof that God exists, they just have faith in his existence

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yeah, they just write hundreds of books saying that he's definitely real, but trying to argue that you need faith for it instead of facts

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you didn't watch the video did you

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if you watched his other videos he said he liked the philosophy/ethics of Buddhism but not the religious parts you dumb doofus

but ofc you'd rather strawman him since he's popular and you're contrarian

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'I like this but not this' is not an argument, you mongoloidal cretin.

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Truly a /lit/izen

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he wasn't making an argument in the videos, he was just saying what he thought of the books. he was literally blogging, not debating so he doesn't need to present an "argument"

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Why do people care to listen to a manchild's opinions?

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I don't know. Why should anyone listen to your opinion?

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because he amuses them I guess>>12645033

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>if you watched his other videos he said he liked the philosophy/ethics of Buddhism but not the religious parts you dumb doofus
these types of people are peak brainletism. the morals and philosophy only make sense within the context of the religion. all of the morals are systemic elements that cannot be divorced from the metaphysics from which they stem.

but this requires more than a mere epidermal engagement with the text and ideas which is why e-celebs and zoomer tards browsing this shithole will never be able to grasp this concept.

there can be perennial elements of religions that can be synthesized or absorbed by other religions, but that is because there is already some pre-existent sympathy between the metaphysical systems involved. nevertheless there are systems on which the ethics and philosophy are contingent. it is not an arbitrary assignment of ersatz utilitatianism that says "well this makes me feel good so I'll follow this rule but this one doesn't so it's stupid and i won't follow it", which is the extent of the process that goes inside the heads of troglodytes like pewdiepie and his sycophantic minions.


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Because I'm a genius, although I never claimed that they should in the first place. Why are you whiteknighting a manchild, kiddo?

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>i'm spiritual not religious tehe

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Pseudo Buddists are the core of what makes everything more shit. With all their "hurr dont get to attached to things brah" and other pseud cope tier advice they literally only promote a life of passive consumerism, materialism and indiference without any will to power.

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>tfw my sister calls herself a Buddhist but it doesn't seem to mean anything except hanging prayer flags up in her room and burning incense

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you know little about academy or human species in general.

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>subjecting yourself to more than one of his videos
>watching any of his videos, at all

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The best part is that this is unironically >90% of the newfags on this board.

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I literally don't believe a single person on /lit/ matches that post more than 30%, and I invite you to prove your statement.

>Starting your posts with "The best part is"
Ironically very Reddit.

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This. Every basic bitch left on the shelf woman in her late 20s is a psuedo-buddhist. It's the intersection of brainletism and orientalism.

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>being better than Christianity makes something good
What a low bar.

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Christianity and bhuddism are so similar in some respects a lot of historians think ideas coming down the Silk Road shaped Christianity. Wouldn’t expect pseuds here who just hate christianity because Ricky gervais said so to grasp that though

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Nobody hates Christianity here because of fucking Ricky Gervais. Its all the proseltyzing and Deus Vult LARPing that gets tiring. Also apologetics turn people into monsters.

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how so anon?

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I'm sure the Rohingya don't think this so

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how non-Buddhist

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This guy gets it.

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Lol, Christians are like the beta-orbiters of God, making up excuses for all his shittiest behavior.

>You can't judge God, he's an independant woman exploring his sexuality!

You can't make this shit up.

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No, you can't, though you're certainly trying.

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It's funny how Pseuddhism is pretty much the antithesis of Trueddhism.

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>Le spiritual but not religious meme.
Is there something more disgusting than this?

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>Every basic bitch left on the shelf woman in her late 20s is a psuedo-buddhist.
>mfw this is just too accurate
The most of the party hard bitches that i knew from university all ended up in the refuge of that pseud buddism. Wonder what happened inside their minds

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With Buddhism it's a little more complicated than it is with Christianity. There's a huge spectrum of Buddhisms that ranges from atheistic philosophy to "literally pray at every possible moment of your waking life"

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Retard westacucks treat Buddhism like it's one religion but it's not. Imagine if people grouped Judaism, Christianity and Islam together and called it "Abrahamism".

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i picked up the bikkhu bodhi translation of the majjhima nikaya at the recommendation of a monk, the intro is a bit of a slog but i hope to get through it, anyone else actually tried to tackle the buddhist texts?

>> No.12645641

I was under the impression it be more like lumping Protestantism, Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Coptic etc. together? Is Buddhism even less unified?

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>Not being a syncretist Catholic-buddhist

>> No.12645674

No. On one side you have people following simple guidelines for life and on the other you have people worshipping a pantheon of gods.

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Do you think PewDiePie understands Either-or? At least the general idea?

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>>Not being a syncretist protestant-buddhist

>> No.12645700

how about watching his summary yourself and coming to your own conclusions as to how well he understood it:

>> No.12645739

You don't need a system to tell you what is good and what is bad. You make a system to reinforce what you think is good and bad.

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don't do it mr beige

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girls are so cute

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So, was the ethical stage just an excuse to himself for breaking up with Regina? He would very much like to live the aesthetic lifestyle and was afraid to commit so he constructed this ruse to convince himself he made self actualization strides.
But in reality he jumped from stage one to stage one

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>admits the author is very intelligent
>as soon as this genius has an idea he disagrees with, he doesn’t even consider it and disregards it
lmao at atheists

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My sister is chubby, has tattoos (she got her first tattoo before she even turned 18), has purple feet due to poor circulation, has burn scars on her thigh from self-harm, is literally bipolar, and keeps asking various members of my family if they agree that blacks are the most beautiful race. Also, I once went downstairs and I could smell her fishy minge from the hallway, when she was sitting on the sofa on the other side of the adjacent room.

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They are more willing to acknowledge each other, without one jealous god and with doctrine of 'skillful means', not having high regard for sacred/profane dichotomy, using whatever works etc.

>> No.12645829

lads id suggest any of you pick up the translation of Zhuangzi by Burton Watson i feel the words in it are similar to the teachings of the Buddha and are filled with wisdom

>> No.12645847

>christian bullying on the rise
as a non-larping believer, this pleases me

>> No.12645857

>and keeps asking various members of my family if they agree that blacks are the most beautiful race.
I think you are lying. No one is this stereotypical

>> No.12645874

What's your vice then?

>> No.12645876

No, I'm in earnest. She literally described them as "the most beautiful race". She's done this twice to me and several times to my dad. She's also brought it up with my grandmother and was delighted to hear that my grandmother liked men with darker features (my grandmother is French and I believe she meant Mediterranean features, like my grandfather's). It strikes me as a fetish that my sister can't keep under wraps.

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I have many vices, but at least I don't whiteknight thots.

>> No.12645896

You have a 100% chance of sharing basic psychological traits with her if you grew up in the same environment.

>> No.12645916

shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone considering he's a brainlet pseud

>> No.12645938

I honestly want to give you some advice on that but i've never witnessed anything like that in my life aside from stories in the internet like yours. I guess its one of the few benefits of living in a more conservatie european country.
Maybe with time she will change and with a bit more reading or discussion realise that her entire
pseud buddism and mental charade is a shitty mentod of not doing anything.
>has tattoos (she got her first tattoo before she even turned 18)
Its your parent fault for allowing and raising a teen like this.

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And yet I'm based, physically fit, don't have tattoos nor poor circulation nor burn scars nor a stinky dick, and I don't discuss my fetishes with family members.

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what differentiates psuedo buddhism/psuedo-buddhists from real buddhism?

>> No.12645980

Under 50 white males = pseudo Buddhists

>> No.12645982

Pseudo-Buddhists eschew more Buddhist teachings than they follow. It's that simple.

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There is a lot of extraneous garbage to both but the core belief of Buddism is based on the pricipal of a causal universe and to accept this, to understand that balance.

The core of Christianity is dogmatism, truly the brainlet religion.

>> No.12646014

I am interested in buddhism, but do not wish to be a psuedo-buddhist, if I follow the Four Noble Truths and the Eight Fold Path will I be in accordance with his teachings or is there more that should be done? I will not argue if it turns out I am in the wrong.

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Retard, the core of Christianity is Aristotelian metaphysics and ethics

>> No.12646028


I dismiss mentally ill rambling with zwro coherence and no ability to stand up to modern inquiry. The belief system simply collapses under scrutiny unless you apply special reasoning, in which case you're just being retarded.

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>You cant judge anyone because you would do the same in their feet.
Never seen such a level of weakness in one post. Maybe if it was hitler you'd change your mind.
This is your brain on typical ""humanistic"" center left.

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I genuinely cannot stands pseuds like you. I am not religious at all, but holy shit, actually make sure you understand christianity before you open your mouth. First off, calling the primary religion of most philosophers and scientists throughout european history “brainlet” is hypocritical, secondly it’s not “dogmatic” at all.

>> No.12646054


>I don't have proof
>I just have my faith
>100% real though zero doubt
>Also bible proves it and is correct

Christcucks think at the level of a child on this topic. I honestly think it is one of the strongest arguments for the primitiveness of the human mind that such an obviously fallacious line of thinking is so persistent.

We are truly captive to our ancestral history.

>> No.12646057

Just because you believe in god does not mean you're religious.
I believe in God but I'm not religious because I don't believe in systematic oppression from social constructs such as churches.

>> No.12646064

*tips fedora*

>> No.12646066


I'm gonna be honest I'm just shitposting but I really do think believing in Christiabity in the modern era just shows a lack of engagement with science or an inability to do so.

There's a lot more to it but in the end I do think it just falls under the umbrella of inadequate ideas.

>> No.12646068

not trying to be edgy, but has anyone else taken to looking at Christianity as a religion among religions, when I do that, I find that it is very interesting like all other religions in its mythology and history, I cannot overlook that centuries of European history involved Christianity, so I respect its ideas and culture as much as I do the Hellenic religions, but both with a detachment from it, does this make any sense to anyone? I don't wish to undermine or downplay its significance throughout history.

>> No.12646071

Well done, you are an ignorant moron under the self delusional guise of intelligence. Take einstein, one such person who believed in god. A truly intelligent person like him was humbled by the complexity of the universe, and most importantly accepted he would be proved wrong about things, and couldn’t know everything. Compare that mindset to your own retarded dogma of dismissing anything that might encroach on your evidently fragile preconstructed notions fed to you by pop pseudoscience. How the fuck does the concept of god fall apart under “reasoning”, can you explain that? Or am I going to get the canned “invisible man on cloud!” statement which is not representative of any “god” including the christian one. If you limit your thinking so utterly within the lens of human perception you will always be ignorant

>> No.12646077

No you are just an ignorant retard. Plenty of modern scientists have believed in god, yet somehow you are more enlightened than these people. The concept of an entity beyond human perception doesn’t contradict fucking anything.

>> No.12646080


>Take einstein, one such person who believed in god.

Are you trolling or actually saying this unironically?

>> No.12646083

More like : You shouldn't judge because it's not conductive to love and friendship, the only way the species can move forward.
The guy is projecting self hate. He most certainly shares many traits with his sister but they have manifested in a seemingly healthier way (he's still rotten though)

>> No.12646090

>Plenty of modern scientists have believed in god
name them.

>> No.12646095


The vast majority of physicists and cosmologists, people that actually understand the nature of the universe better than most, are atheists of some form or another.

Trying to attach names to these ideas doesn't validate them. The ideas speak for themselves. There is not a good argument for a god.

>> No.12646098


I honestly don't understand why anyone here would be upset about pewdipie. There is only pleb-tier discussion of books among booktubers and this has been known for years. The only difference between those plebs and this pleb is that he gets more than 6 million people to watch 20 minutes of rambling about books. Will they be plebs and brainlets? Most certainly. But if even 1/10 of his viewers buys one of his books it's half a million people engaging with literature and honestly, for as stupid and conformist they may be, it sure cannot hurt society to read a little bit more books. Who the fuck cares whether his philosophical opinions are not refined? If you think about how many people with his same influence are trying to get others into reading, you will find very few. I cannot genuinely perceive this thing as bad.

>> No.12646103

Why don’t you fucking look this up instead of instantly assuming I must be wrong? You just make yourself look dumb

>> No.12646114

>there is not a good argument for a god
I guarantee you are not involved whatsoever in philosophy or on actual current and historical debates about such matters, yet speak with authority on it. This should be an indicator to yourself more than anyone that your ideas aren’t fully developed yet you present them as fact

>> No.12646124


I say this because I actually know what I am talking about on the topic. If you think Einstein believed in a deity then you're just flat out wrong.

Sorry, my man, but you are the one that needa to read more about Einstein's views on god and his outlook on the universe, he was absolutely not what you purport he was.

>> No.12646130

Werner heisenburg, tesla, and yes, einstein despite that one regard disagreeing with me (he believed in spinozas concept of god)

>> No.12646133

>a lack of engagement with science or an inability to do so.
You don't need to be a 7 day creationist to be Christian, pal

>> No.12646134


Well axiomatic arguments for god that are self referential are retarded. Convoluted lines of thinking that ultimately depend on an axiom, with no real reason to even think is a correct beginning to the argument, are not an appealing argument for a god.

>> No.12646135

Yes he did. He literally stated he believed in the pantheistic model of god.

>> No.12646136


>The vast majority of physicists and cosmologists, people that actually understand the nature of the universe better than most, are atheists of some form or another.

That is only true if your frame of reference is america and your source is the scientists you meet in television, which, like many americans in their teens, tend to conflate religion and obscurantism.

Here's a link you could have found with a 5 minutes google search with a detailed article showing how maybe you should think before spitting out gross generalization for which you don't have any info beside beliefs you got from reading Neil Degrasse Tyrone's tweets


>> No.12646138

Chrisianity makes me think about old people haha that's gross. Buddhism is young and hip and cool and atheist.

>> No.12646147


No but you have to make unreasonable leaps in thinking into the superstitious. Or more realistically, just be brainwashed as a child and then come up with headcase arguments to satisfy your preconceived notions of the world.

>> No.12646148

How is this any different from modern science?
>dark matter exists
>how do you know?
>well there’s this anonmaly we can observe and we assume dark matter, something we can’t perceive, causes it, as there is no other explanation
>is there any evidence it actually exists if I can’t see it or interact with it in any way?

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>More like : You shouldn't judge because it's not conductive to love and friendship,
Lmao, again typical ""humanist"" bullshit.
>the only way the species can move forward.
The spooks in this one are strong as hell.
People dont feel empathy when the reflection they see on those people is too detached. If its in his will and power to hate and look down on his sister so be it. If she cant defend herself then she deserves it. Stop pushing some lala bullshit about frienship, love and ""moving the species forward"". There is in no need to care for the ""species"" when you are being made manure for their well being. Even speaking from your point of view the ""species"" would even be better without his sister's bullshit.

>> No.12646181


Spinoza' god, because calling the universe 'god' will make god real. Fucking lol.

I said deity. Calling the universe god does not make it a deity.

>> No.12646190

That faggot should read the bible instead

Buhddism is the desire to eliminate desire, it's for people with no moral compass (see China tags on liveleak)

>> No.12646196

If you're telling the truth, then it's really gross how you described your own sister's privates like that. That said, be kind to her and take care of her. Help her grow in her wisdom and perspective on life. She seems very innocent, and kind. Help her remain that way.

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File: 322 KB, 1002x750, 77EFB4F0-C76A-4A58-9574-A0FF0FE662F0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

“I am not atheist”
-Isaacson, Walter (2008). Einstein: His Life and Universe. New York: Simon and Schuster, p. 390.

Also spinozas conception of god wasn’t just “the universe” it had a will which manifested in every event in physical reality, it just didn’t necessarily care about human beings. Actually read about these people before you comment next time kid.

>> No.12646209

Which is why dark matter is only an hypothesis (although a very promising one) until scientists find a way to get a tangible proof of it -which they are very much trying to do.
So if religion is the same as modern science, you're very much expected to be actively trying to find proof of the existence of god rather than playing word games.

>> No.12646218

I am actually more religious now than when I was a kid and I had my "nu atheist
science is the answer" phase, but then I unironically repented and started practicing and believing. I actually rejected the idea that you can arrive to God from.argumentation or logic, or that there is actually a contradiction between Christianity and science beyond some strawmen. You probably will think I'm retarded, I don't really mind.

>> No.12646233

Guys real question here. Is it possible to push society towards pantheism? Not to create a new religion, but to simply make a cultural shift towards such a theology, and shape our societies around it? I think pantheism would be the greatest theology for us all to follow, and if it began to actually shape our world at the institutional level, it'd be the most beautiful sight humanity had ever witnessed. Is it possible, bros? How? Can a civilian write a book detailing their desire for such a shift, that then gains traction afterwards?

>> No.12646241
File: 24 KB, 260x276, Stirner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the greatest theology for us all to follow
Go fuck yourself, I have a milk business to run kiddo

>> No.12646245

So how is this any different then? They can’t prove it exists yet they believe it. They try to find evidence in the same way a religious person points to existence as being evidence for god. Fundamentally you realise most human beings think in the same way, and just search for evidence to validate whatever they already believe. Until proven, these “scientific” concepts, taken seriously in the community, are no different than postulation on a metaphysical being.

>> No.12646247


Are you mixing dark matter, which is simply a term for whatever gives the universe more mass than we expected it to have, with dark energy which is the term used to describe whatevee is causing the acceleration of cosmic expansion? These are two different things.

They're called 'dark' because they don't know what they are. The entire basis for hypothesizing that they exist is due to observations of the universe. There is something causing accelerating expansion of the universe, physicists do not know what it is, they simply know that there is some kind of force, or even a basic property of the universe, that is causing this. The universe 'weighs' more than expected. This unknown cause is called dark matter.

The entire naming scheme of this is an awareness of our limitation in knowledge. The science on this matter is not making leaps, it is making a hypothesis that SOMETHING is causing these known effects. It doesn't then leap out and start to elaborate describe what these unknowns are with nothing but conjecture.

The christian worldview and dark matter and dark energy are not at all comparable.

>> No.12646249

This thread is horse shit. Not a single good thread on lit

>> No.12646254

Why? That is essentially just society deciding to believe that nobody has free will, I can’t imagine that would improve anyone’s behaviour

>> No.12646267

>SOMETHING is causing these events
Just as >SOMETHING is causing reality to exist. It’s the same shit

>> No.12646270


On that very specific topic I think so and maybe that makes me an assholw but you seem prettt cool.

I am friends with religious people, they're smart. I just think when it comes to this topic they're not. I am, admittedly extremely arrogant when it comes to this topic.

>> No.12646275

agreed. bad thread

>> No.12646276

No, I mean humanity seeing itself as Divinity, and shaping all of our societies around this conception.

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>> No.12646283

One allows for production of results.

>> No.12646297

The universe existing is not the production of results I take it?

>> No.12646299


Yes but to then attribute this to our concept of a deity and then begin to describe its will, intentions, plan, rules, etc. is beyond ridiculous.

If we are to assume something caused the universe, that still does not justify the leap to a god concept. Perhaps we would call whatever is this 'first mover' god but we should also admit that it may just be natural processes and even the universe itself or an alien computer for all we know. At that point we are ascriving mysticism and religion to something totally shrouded. It is like rolling an infinite sided die and then proclaiming you know which number will appear.

>> No.12646302

Science nigger meant it as a source of awe, you know? like "omg guys we're all made of the same stuff as stars". So those two examples are actually different.
Also even normies shit on science nigger

>> No.12646309

Wojak is actually right tho. The guy on the top is talking about reincarnation.

>> No.12646313


The universe is not necessarilt the product of a god, nor is it necessary for the first mover in causality to be a god. Naturalism is an equally valid, and more likely, interpretation of the ontological argument of a first mover.

>> No.12646314
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>> No.12646316

Orthodox is really the worst example to use for that, since it's an equally pseudo-deep nothing that appeals to retards.

>> No.12646323

its just a generic picture of le religion man

>> No.12646334

>begin to describe its will
moving goalposts
>if we are to agree something caused the universe, this does not justify the leap to god
This is where atheists misunderstand the concept of god. It’s not
God -> Big Bang -> universe
It’s more like
Big Bang -> universe
Which holds up. It’s not an argument for the first mover, but a continually acting force

>> No.12646338
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>Basic bitch that stinks and loves blacks because of the current dogma
>Has tattoos even before hitting 18, self harm and pseud buddism
>Still comes up to the conclusion that she is "kind and innocent"
That anon should punish her and exploit her to his own like. She is gonna rot away consuming social media and annoying everyone in the sorrounding, there is no hope for someone like her after all those years. People like her will end up the same way the hippies ended, its just a matter of who take the cake.

>> No.12646348

This is what I mean though. It’s the exact same reasoning scientists sometimes use, even though it isn’t absolute
Literally don’t even understand the argument and post wojak memes like this, you don’t have the right to call anyone here dumb friend

>> No.12646356

>She seems very innocent, and kind
Mind explaining how to you came to that conclusion? And I didn't describe her privates, I described how I could smell them from a different room.

>> No.12646357

No need to be mean.

But personally I just want everyone to follow pantheism...all of us to see ourselves as a single divinity...and societies to be structured around this attitude...no dogma, no historical precedents, just a pure and inclusive understanding of ourselves as divinity, and the creation of an entire society based around this fact...

>> No.12646360

>you don’t need a system to tell good from bad.
Ah it’s all so tiresome with you fucking fiat ethicists. Take 15 minutes to realize that without superhuman judgement all is permitted

>> No.12646361


If, by your argument, god is not a component in causality, then I see no reason why the universe existing then necessitates a god. If it is parallel to the processes that being the universe into existence then at what point is there a convergence where god plays a role, and can therefore ve determine to exist?

I'll stop being a cunt in my posts. I would like to know what you mean.

When you say that causality is 'held up' by god, what does that actually mean? It is vague in reading, can you flesh that concept out?

>> No.12646368

you honestly think that these videos are causing activate engagment with these texts, and further, that meaningful interpretations are being grasped from these readings?

>> No.12646369

Everything is permitted, not everything is helpful.

>> No.12646375

Orthodox Christianity is the choice or the patrician contrarian. Educate yourself you lowlife ignorant

>> No.12646377
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>this whole thread

>> No.12646381

Well, he should help her lose weight and to smell better, and to stop/prevent further the self-harm and the shallow understandings of certain philosophies. But besides all this, she seems kind at heart, and you shouldn't be mean to her like that. Nor should he. Be kind to her, and help her ascend into a better person.

>> No.12646388

Uh oh, looks like the mundane needs his special pill!

>> No.12646393

I’m not arguing in favour of my own beliefs, I’m trying to tell you that you are misunderstanding the christian concept of god. “God" is the non-contingent grounding of why there is any such thing as a "spontaneous quantum event" in the first place. Not the trigger to that event, but the underlying foundation for why there is any such types of spontaneous events in the first place. You could almost think of God as a sort-of Platonic Form. A quantum event is something that exists. So there is a "Form of Existence" that the quantum event is participating in, to use Plato's words. God is that Form of existence

>> No.12646400
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>this entire thread

>> No.12646404

another thread about a YouTuber, I'm glad we're better than Reddit

>> No.12646408

At least they don’t need to assert their superiority through cringey wojak shit like an insecure faggot

>> No.12646409


But the entire theory of dark matter abd dark energy are place holders and under scrutiny. It is not a certainty or the rung that we step on to go to the next thing. I would describe it as being an unknown thing that we have come across in a walk, we don't step beyond it until our footing is sure. There is a lot of inquiry and curiosity about what it is but there are no claims made that are not substantiated. We know the phenomenon of accelerating expansion exists, so there is a cause, we have merely given the unknown cause a name and are trying to learn what it is.

What I see as different is that religion has made attempts to describe what it simply cannot know. I'll just give an example to illustrate what I see as fundamental differences between the scientific method, in regards to dark energy and matter, and religion in regards to god.

We are in a crowded room and a glass falls off a table. The effect is observed and obvious, (the universe existing/ observed acceleration of expansion) where the difference lies is in how science then approaches this versus religion. The religious person begins to describe a person who pushed the glass over. Without seeing them they tell everyone that it was a man dressed in wingtipped shoes with blue eyes, a grin and long grey hair. The scientist would say that the glass has fallen, surely someone caused it but we do not know much about them and will attempt to learn more.

>> No.12646410

Jew Jizm? The wisdom schism

>> No.12646412

Buddhism is not for me. It's just another religion, but this time more foreign to the point that it feels nonsensical to me. Perhaps there's some practical advice there, but I could get the same thing from Stoicism, which I find more culturally palatable.

>> No.12646420

Why did you leave a tampon on that woman?

>> No.12646421
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>im smort u guyz

>> No.12646438

Your example just infantilises religion through the lens of your own limited knowledge of it. You can overexplain all you want, it doesn’t detract from the central point. Something is happening they can’t explain with anything that necessarily can be proven to exists, it is the exact same reasoning religion uses.
>thing happens, we don’t know why, we postulate this might be why despite no evidence in physical reality apart from the fact something happened that must have a cause
Literally replace dark matter with the word “god” in your post and you’ll see what I mean

>> No.12646444

I feel ya

>> No.12646446

Every brainlet wojak you have saved is literally an insecure appeal to other internet users to consider you intelligent while not contributing anything. Surely you could destroy everyone’s arguments if you’re so smart

>> No.12646447


If we are saying god is merely the thing, whatever it is, that has caused or allowed things to exist then it obviously is real by virtue of the fact that it is an amorphous concept tied to soemthing we already know is true.

If you say "I will call whatever has caused or allowed existence to be 'god'" then god exists. If you say god is a conscious deity then I would not agree. To discuss this god has to be a definable thing.

I'm used to talking to people that go on ans on about how there is a personal god that loves them, which I think is just nonsense, but there's more to your conceptualization of it. Likewise I think that spinoza's god is also obviously real. (when we boil it down to the idea that god is the natural order and existence of the universe, or as I understand it)

I'm not sure if we're just giving names to things or talking about a specific thing.

>> No.12646455

>Scientism intensifies

>> No.12646465
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Images shape the discussion, same as pasta and insults.

>> No.12646481


I am talking about the christian concept of a personal god, not the idea that god = whatever facilitated things to exist. Dark matter is not leap to belief, it is a recognition of a gap in knowledge about why something is happening. If we say god is a recognition if our unknowing of why things are then that is reasonable but the moment you begin to flesh out what this 'god' is, as is done in religions, you have begun to make things up.

I don't see how that is a god, beyond naming the cause or facilitating thing of the universe 'god'.

>> No.12646488


Only if I can be T pose brainlet in the top right.

>> No.12646490
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I can destroy your brainlet tier arguments. Present them. I will btfo them

>> No.12646496

I am trying to describe something that exerts force on reality though, of the “first mover”, if something is moving in the relevant sense, such as an acorn maturing into an oak tree, then there must be other factors causing this to occur, such as rain and sunshine. The argument then proceeds not back in time to the first event, but down to the most fundamental aspect of reality in the present to account for this change, bottoming out in something that does not need to be actualized by anything further. Some independent layer of reality that is not dependent on anything else for its continuing existence. The words that can describe such a thing are “omnipotent” “omniscient” etc. and if the universe exists and continues to exists, the argument is that there had to be a will from this space of reality for it to do so, and continue to do so AKA god

>> No.12646517


I don't agree with the argument but I see what you mean. Was interesting but I need to read meme books for class now. Have a good night, anon.

>> No.12646630

He made a subreddit dedicated to his book club to follow along with his monthly reading which has over 20k subs:

>> No.12646745

*hangs self*

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