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>Amazon banned Culture of Critique

Is it justifiable?

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not selling one title in the vast sea of titles is an acceptable loss compared to the opportunity cost of virtue signalling

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Tell me one reason why Amazon should be forced to sell racist shit. You can still find it on the internet. I mean, if we lived in an antisemitic world the antisemites would ban Jewish stuff anyway.

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it sort of proves the book right

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>Tell me one reason why Amazon should be forced to sell racist shit
To own the libs

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Of course it is. Who in their right mind would sell such braindead, racist literature and risk losing customers when the ones buying the book probably don’t purchase from Amazon anyways. They don’t want to give into the ‘Jewish conspiracy’.

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Libs hate Jews though.

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I was never interested in the book until it got banned. Where can I buy it still?

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>braindead, racist literature
either you didn't read it or you're braindead yourself
coc is very reasonable and hardly racist

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you can by Mein Kampf on Amazon

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The only thing libs hate is white people, there is not a thought in their heads or a feeling in their breasts other than a crazed desire to destroy Europe

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Everybody here knows they are just virtue signaling.

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>if we lived in an antisemitic world the antisemites would ban Jewish stuff anyway.
thats silly anon we live in a world filled with muslims

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That's a blatant lie and you know it.

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>Have a monopoly
>Scared of losing customers

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american democrats are reaching CoC tier beliefs about Israel believe it or not

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Funny thing is, most Islamic countries have an under-the-table relationship with Israel.

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For I have noticed that many nihilists are great lovers of civilisation of the process of making man a citizen, and not: culture. For I have not of cities, and not a ruffian.nd not of war; a polite being, and not: culture, as distinguished from, and soil or the principles of cities, and not: culture, as distinguished from, and opposed that many nihilism is the principles of civilisation of the principles of making man a citizen, and not a ruffian.once the process of peace, as distinguished from, and not a slave; an inhabitant of the mind), whereas the thing is which is to be cultivated (blood and not a ruffian.many nihilisation as such. This, one could say, is the chosen people; the absence of redemption.ess for the living witness for the absence of redemption. fate are the living witness for the absence of redemption. of redemption.the chosen to prove the living witness for the absence of redemption.he meaning of the chosen people and their fate are the living witness for the absence of redemption. This, one could say, is the absence of redemption. This, one could say, is the chosen people; the Jews are chosen to prove the meaning witness for the chosen people; the Jews are chosen people; the Jews are chosen people; the Jews are the chosen people; the Jewish people; the Jewish people; their fate are chosen to prove the living witness for the absence of redemption.people; the Jews are chosen to prove the living of the chosen people; the Jewish people and their fate are the living witness for the absence of redemption. This, one could say, is the absence of redemption. redemption. This, one could say, is their fate are the living witness for the absence of redemption. This, one could say, is the meaning of the chosen to prove the living of the chosen people and the Jewish people; the absence of redemption. This, one could say, is the meaning of the chosen people; the meaning of the absence of redemption. This, one could say, is the meaning of the chosen to prove the living witness for the absence of redemption. This, one could say, is the meaning witness for the chosen people; the Jews are chosen people and their fate are chosen people; the chosen people and their fate are the meaning of redemption. This, one could say, is the meaning of the chosen to prove the absence of redemption.ople and the meaning of the absence of redemption.uld say, is the meaning witness for the meaning witness for the meaning of the chosen people and the absence of the meaning witness for the living witness for the absence of redemption. This, one could say, is the meaning of the absence of redemption.heir fate are the absence of redemption. This, one could say, is their fate are the living witness for the absence of redemption.s, one could say, is their fate are the absence of redemption.hosen to prove the absence of redemption. This, one could say, is the meaning of the meaning of redemption.g witness for the absence of redemption.

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They can't even legally claim they aren't a monopoly any more because they have upwards of 75% of the market, they've changed the narrative to combat antitrust lawsuits around the world by claiming they're a natural monopoly, it's hilarious because they're going to be bent over by Japan and the EU at this rate.

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I bought this book on jewmazon
They will probably report my account to the jdif and ill be blacklisted from airports

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I'm going to read it just to spite the censourous cunts

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pol will cry fowl of this and turn around and call that bakery who didn't want to serve a gay couple based lol

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They banned camp of the saints but it came back, this probably will too. How directly antisemtic even is CoC?

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What? are you aware there's a difference between compelled speech and censorship?

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100% antisemitic, as in 'jews are biologically programmed to jew'

It doesn't propose an actual jewish conspiracy, more an analogy to 'white privilege' as an emergent phenomenon, and it doesn't accuse Jews of blood libel and whatever, but it is full on 'they are innately tribal, nepotistic and subvert their host countries'

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it's the same thing kiddo, cry some more. Amazon refusing to sell something is not censorship

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is he wrong? Read Genesis.

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Why did they ban it? Is there a press release about this or anything? I don't want some retard just saying "VIRTUE SIGNALLING" like it proves anything.

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>is he wrong
Idk there's no way to really test whether Jews are biologically prone to that stuff. I agree with him about their antisocial behavior though.

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If a bilogical Jew is raised from birth by a white family. and is never told they are a Jew, will they still be evil?

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Jews aren't inherently evil, you cock.

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idk, if the proposed mechanism is 'favor those that look like you' then he could in theory seek out Jews, but if the mechanism is just 'favor those you grow up with' then the tribalism would apply to his adoptive white family.

There is obviously zero research on this

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praise kek!

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Ah I see, I personally think every group is "Tribal and nepotistic" in some way so that isnt saying much. Subversion only appears from the outside looking in but that just seems like normal behavior desu. Like black look out for blacks all the time. White people might not admit it directly but they do all that shit too.

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not me im not racist like some nigger

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Do explain, All I know is that muslim chick was getting some flack but who else?

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so... the truth?

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>Ah I see, I personally think every group is "Tribal and nepotistic" in some way so that isnt saying much
nah, that's stupid
whites are the least nepotistic and more individualistic; jews are the exact opposite, that's why they've been able to cuck us so effectively

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Tribalism and nepotism isn't always purely about race either. Heavy correlation i'm sure though

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Plenty of white people still "Keep it in the family" so to speak. Whether there is some direct mutual agreement two jews that arent related or friends at all and they build each other up is hard to prove in any real way. (I honestly wouldn't be the most surprised however)

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uh huh sure thing

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The reason for thinking that Jews are uniquely tribal is that they don't integrate into the countries they live in for centuries at a time. This is highly unusual behavior

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Plenty of them integrate just fine man. Every group has loud assholes desu

>> No.12804274

how many groups with assholes loud enough to start a war tho???

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It is still available on eBay. I believe Barnes and Noble also sell it directly.

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So should I start with the first book in the series? Or can you just pick any of them up?

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Islam and Judaism have worked hand in hand for several centuries - possibly from the beginning of Islam. KIM that Spain had to evict Jews during the Inquisitions that were living peaceably under rule of the Moors.

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I will concur that israel is a huge blemish on the idea of jewish people and have way to much influence for what they are. Whether it's inherently party of their race is the iffy part

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there's no such thing as a "white consciousness" outside of /pol/ and similars. meanwhile, jewish nepotism is such an undeniable phenomenon that it's become a meme. I don't know how much you've dealt with jews in your life, but it is something about them that is made abundantly clear from the get-go

I used to work at this technology startup that was owned by Ashkenazi Jews. Firstly, the three owners had no blood relation at all besides the fact that they were jews. Secondly, their first employee was this other Ashkenazi Jew who was notoriously incompetent. He literally spent half his shift browsing Pornhub, yet he was working there for YEARS. All the other employees joked about "how come this guy hasn't been fired?" They hired a mulatto girl once and she was underperforming and got fired after just two months. Anedoctal evidence, but whatever

It's in their blood and culture to try and lift their "brothers". There's no equivalent to this in white culture. Heck, is there even such a thing as a white culture?

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I don’t get why it was banned
I’ve read the whole thing, not really super subversive. It is not like siege or something

>> No.12804315

that's ZOG not semitism, you're fine :)

>> No.12804317

They're attacking Israel from a position of extreme philosemitism, one that is disappointed with Jews for failure to be A Light To The World (as in, insufficiently left-wing) as American leftists think they ought to be in light of the Holocaust.

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>How directly antisemtic even is CoC?
That is the entire purpose of the book. He does a decent job of establishing the credibility of his position, though. You need to reprogram yourself to accommodate the concept that criticism of Jews is just as perfectly acceptable as criticism of anyone else.

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One of the dumbest things I've ever read. Please kill yourself.

>> No.12804338

Not him, but it's a fair question - regardless of what the true answer is. Races have certainly shown themselves to have certain proclivities.

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Jews are white you mong

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FINALLY someone gets me. I get erect everytime I think of the total destruction of the west, their people and accomplishments. I have dreams of violent packs of muslims raping my ass like the little cuck I know I am. Oh, its wonderful anon. I get 500 jewbux per month for this but I'd do it for free in a heartbeat. I'd cut off all my appendages just to watch my daughter fuck a black guy, which then would result in the total collapse of everything good. Inshallah.

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>Hitler told me so!

lol eat a dick polcuck

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Why do you think so? Democrats attack Israel from a "compassionate universalist" position of outrage towards treatment of the Palestinians, with rhetoric that would not be out of place among Jews before the Jewish State became a thing.

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Israel is just another 'western colony' for Democrats. Their Jewish status has given them some leeway- compare to how Rhodesia and South Africa were treated.

>> No.12804365

Oy vey, of course there's no such thing as white culture. There's also no such thing as Jewish nepotism, you antisemite. My great grandmother was a Polish Jew who survived the camps.

>> No.12804367

Not him, but the Democrats are not fully enmeshed with doublethink yet. Jews told them to invite unlimited numbers of Muslims and accept them as brothers, so they did. Now that Democrats are lending Muslims an ear, they are accommodating Muslim anti-semitism. It is very difficult for Democrats to accommodate both semitism and anti-semitism at the same time.

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If only based Hitler hadn't lost the war. Hold me lads

>> No.12804377

yes, and this sort of thinking in the US has its roots in Jewish post-war intellectualism. They've thoroughly internalized Jewish thinking, when the categories in which leftists conceive of America were coincidentally invented by Zionists in many cases ("nation of immigrations, "melting pot", etc.)

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I believe CoC was written to stand on its own. The earlier works appear to only be seminal, in that they inspired the backlash that cornered MacDonald into writing CoC. You may want to read the intro before committing. He covers this, though I only glossed it.

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you wouldnt happen to be an incel would you?

>> No.12804391

No. Are you Jewish?

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You tell him!

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nice try incelboi

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Yfw this woman(?) gets forcibly sterilized later by the Israeli government.

Are you Jewish?

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Interesting counterpoint.

>> No.12804416

you dont have a point to counter

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banning a book is never justifiable

>> No.12804425

no, but you'll forever be an incel

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It'd be interesting to have some kind of serum allowing us to remove emotionality from these kind of debates. The underlying questions of facts never get addressed because people focus on what they perceive the consequences of the outcome of the debate would be.

>> No.12804431

Why are you defending Jews so vociferously if you aren't Jewish?

>> No.12804432

They should ban it, my only problem with the ban is that it was purely for the sake of creating a veneer of wokeness instead of a moral decision.

>> No.12804433

israel is a nazi sterilization fascist nazi country111

>> No.12804434

Every time you respond to arguments with empty insults you lose a little bit more

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I'd assume you can still order it from MacDonald's personal site

They made it next to impossible to find a copy of Slaughter of Cities that was priced lower than $100 on their marketplace. Went to EMJ's site and bought it directly for $30. It took a little longer to arrive but it was in excellent condition and the price was justified because it's a fairly lengthy borderline academic text.

The inconvenience is annoying, but you can still give authors the money they deserve for a product you want. In some ways it's actually a good thing because now Amazon gets nothing. I'm sure it's peanuts to them, but it feels good to know they didn't take one penny out of my wallet.

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It's okay in Israel but reprehensible in the West according to the same Jews.

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>moral decision to ban a book
lol. surely you could just argue against what the book says

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>this sort of thinking in the US has its roots in Jewish post-war intellectualism
Post what war? They have been at this for some time:
>The New Colossus

>Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
>With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
>Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
>A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
>Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
>Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
>Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
>The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
>"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
>With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
>Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
>The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
>Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
>I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

>Emma Lazarus
>November 2, 1883

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because i hate racist shitheads that spew their garbage where it doesn't belong

>> No.12804458

amazon isn't obligated to sell racist drivel

>> No.12804461

I know that, but post-war was when Jews rose to a much greater degree of prominence than in the past, I'm aware that Emma Lazarus was a Zionist for example.

>> No.12804466

None of this matters here. Culture of critique is either right or wrong independently of whether that dude is racist or not. (He totally is though let's not pretend.)

>> No.12804472

>>because i hate racist shitheads that spew their garbage where it doesn't belong
So... like Jews? You realize that Jews view you as an inferior, right?

>> No.12804474

Right but since nobody can actually point out why it's 'drivel', more and more people quietly come to listen to the arguments

What you're doing doesn't work

>> No.12804479

The DoJ begs to differ:

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>> No.12804483

cherry picked and miscontextualized references is why we've been over this

>> No.12804486

desu I never read it but this ban is making me reconsider desu. Book banning is fucking gay, might as well ban mein kampf too, but I guess it has "Historical" merit or whatever

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>> No.12804491

that's a product of instutionalized racism my dood, oof.

>> No.12804492

>antisemitic world the antisemites would ban Jewish stuff anyway.
This simply isn't true for antisemitism today. It would exist, but people would be allowed to exercise their natural aversion to it instead of having forced on them.

>racist shit

>> No.12804493

Well if that's really the best you have to offer good luck, but I think you're losing ground. As we've seen in this thead criticism of Israel will break the dam on Jewish behavior in general

>> No.12804497

lol is that where you came from?

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>I'd assume you can still order it from MacDonald's personal site
It's available from B&N:

>> No.12804502

I bet you're getting hard just thinking about it :)

>> No.12804504

If I were a kike and some yid straight out of a target school applies for X position would I accept him? Yeah. Probably.

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Bullshit. I'm white and I live in Japan and I actively avoid white people. White people are shit.

>> No.12804517

>when Jews rose to a much greater degree of prominence
That is not the point. Your post implied that the intellectualism supporting those ideas was new to the period mentioned, which it was not. Just polish it a little better next time famalam.

>> No.12804518


when the edgy horde of 15 years old PewDiePie run to buy that book, they will blame amazon for selling it, so for the moment they took it out from the shelves, and I think it's a good decision ... You can still get it at Barnes & Noble o BookDepository (which is from Amazon too)

>> No.12804527

Speaking of which, where can I get a hard copy of BAS?

>> No.12804528

I mean... Why? Like is it because they're mostly tourists?

>> No.12804530

Universalism for thee but not for me isn't, but I think "Colonizer!!!"-esque thinking, which I was referring to in the first post, is definitely a post-war thing.

>> No.12804539

Oh wow you're actually the worst fucking human being on earth.

>> No.12804540

he's not wrong

>> No.12804557

Arrogance, poor manners, and liberalism.

>> No.12804560

Did some white people pick on you as a kid or something?

>> No.12804563

>obsessed with sexuality
>muh racism
>white people are awful
Are you suuure you aren't Jewish? If not, you're such a good shabbos goy that you've practically internalized the Jewish character. Cringe.

>> No.12804570

Except I don't consider myself a stormshitter just because I'm white like they are.

>> No.12804577

evo-psych just-so stories based on group selection sure is compelling science!

>> No.12804578 [DELETED] 


cry harder wh*toids

>> No.12804586

Eh kinda understandable. Then again you are probably dealing with a lot of the Wanderlust tm retards

>> No.12804588

Pretty sure Mein Kampf is only allowed if it has strong commentary throughout. Anyway: they should've banned it but the only reason they did it is performative wokeness if we're being honest. I highly doubt a guy that drives his workers to their literal physical limits cares much about anything not pertaining to profits.

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File: 2.46 MB, 800x800, 1553221561188.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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all of evolutionary theory is 'just-so' stories you fucking pleb, that's the entire nature of its logic

>> No.12804607

but that's just a theory

>> No.12804608


>> No.12804611

IngramSpark around May or June.

>> No.12804633

>thinking (((they))) will let Amazon keep its monopoly if it doesn't support (((their))) interests.

>> No.12804637

>Pretty sure Mein Kampf is only allowed if it has strong commentary throughout.
No, they even have the Ford translation.

>> No.12804655

i just bought it so whatever

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File: 771 KB, 597x892, terry.halloween.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck.King.Thank.You. Please, accept this somewhat rare Terry as my sign of appreciation.

>> No.12804660

Oh well shit, then it would seem Amazon has literally nothing to redeem itself. Corporations are literally the real SJW's.

>> No.12804665

remember that time Terry said nigger lol so based i came :)

>> No.12804681

You’re still a tourist.

>> No.12804687

>thinks "nigger" is all there is to Terry

>> No.12804697

and schizophrenia i suppose.

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File: 3.59 MB, 4032x3024, 20190321_224728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

literally just arrived in the mail
thanks based chapters+indigo

>> No.12804727


This is no different to the book store on the side of your street not stocking it. Private companies are allowed to sell what they want to sell.

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File: 11 KB, 634x276, love.is.in.the.air.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's at least a start.

>> No.12804738

lots of people in this thread need to have sex

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File: 1.18 MB, 950x761, 1550878346734.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, probably me most of all - but it'll be at least a few days until then, so I'm stuck with you faggots.

>> No.12804756

You will never be a real woman.

>> No.12804757

This dude is more based than everyone in this thread

>> No.12804766

typical incel reply

>> No.12804784

and you will never have sex

>> No.12804812
File: 490 KB, 947x916, BAS_CIAniggerglowing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thank you

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File: 404 KB, 1409x4759, A8326375-1580-42CF-ACD1-832BA07FACCE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No-one man will ever put his dick into your gangrenous, puss-filled axe-wound you call a neo-vagina.

>> No.12804824

have sex incel

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File: 316 KB, 2059x1697, 9F185FD1-1BBE-45C0-8419-E33684CF3ED3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have sex incel

>> No.12804839

Reddit get together

>> No.12804841

typical incel rage, blinding lashing out at everyone

>> No.12804846

Lmao, don't make the discord tranny kill itself. There won't be any bantz then

>> No.12804879

This is a lovely photograph.

>> No.12805043

Second guy front left is so fucking based though.

>> No.12805123

That’s a brave and stunning woman, you fucking shitlord.

>> No.12805164

The first part but unironically, the second part ironically.
Nobody could be expected to identify that as a woman.

>> No.12805174

>Nobody could be expected to identify that as a woman
Or as a man.

>> No.12805183
File: 1.68 MB, 911x988, 4BB752E6-2846-47E3-AF23-5BFC3F998935.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trannies really think they can pass. Which one of these would you say is the tranny?

>> No.12805195


>> No.12805227

Is it the hideous beast on the right?

>> No.12805252

How could you possibly tell?

>> No.12805343


>> No.12805635

Is that contrapoints? To answer the question though: It's a trick question: they're all trans.

>> No.12805658

Libs hate poor people*
Libs love you regardless of race, convictions (no matter how far right they might be and as long as they don't threaten capitalism) or religion.
Just as long as you have money to spend.

>> No.12805673

How's that kool-aid treating you?

>> No.12805681


>> No.12805815

Not true. Only the abomination on the right is a tranny. The others, while ugly, are still clearly women. Faggots that have a knee-high sock fetish will never ever be women.

>> No.12806231

sounds like trannies are living in your head rent free :)

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>> No.12806483

Amazon is a private company. They're free to ban the sale of any books they wish. Don't like it? Too bad. That's capitalism, bitch.

>> No.12806687

Yes, something that could have happened happened, and that's the end of it. It's not like the conversation is about whether or not it was right for them to do it or anything.

>> No.12806693


>> No.12806735

The right to be heard is the most important part of free speech. When an entity controls enough space to essentially force something or someone out of public discourse, they've essentially censored those speakers. Claiming otherwise is so dishonest that it's disgusting. Just be honest and say that your conception of human well being and the value of life requires certain individuals to be silenced. You're still an authoritarian, but at least you'll be honest.

>> No.12806740

Go to bed, Kevin.

>> No.12806747

Whether they were right to do it is immaterial, capitalism being essentially amoral. The problem, if there is one, is systemic. Anyway, as Amazon is a private company, this is not censorship.

>> No.12806771

Whether that is true or not still doesn't preclude them from any sort of moral criticism. And the argument that non governmental entities can't censor is just a lazy justification of soft authoritarianism. Sure it might have the same result as censorship, but it's not the same because I deliberately defined the term as narrowly as I could.

>> No.12806776

>Amazon is a private company, this is not censorship >>12806693

>> No.12806789

The right to be heard does not imply private corporations have to peddle your bullshit

>> No.12806794

refusing to sell something is not censorship, kiddo.

>> No.12806800

Only idiots care about this stupid book.

>> No.12806804 [DELETED] 

Yes it is. Barnes and Noble not selling guns is anti gun censorship and you know it. CVS not selling cars is anti car. Rise up and fight the system, fellow corporate whores.

>> No.12806815

If they control the discursive space, it does. The last sentence of my post summed up your feelings; you can admit that you support censorship. No one's going to bite you. It's not healthy to be so dishonest to your self.

>> No.12806823

no, it doesn't. Sure you can consider it censorship if you want but then in this case it's just not a big deal.

>> No.12806830

Go to bed, Kevin.

>> No.12806832

It's about the control of discursive space accrued by corporate entities. When they gain the power that they have, it changes the meaning of their decision not to sell something.

>> No.12806839

Stop posturing, you're wrong.

>> No.12806851

Fuck Kevin, but fuck amazon even more.
It has the same exact results of censorship with the added benefit of being defended by a wide variety of actors, so of anything it's worse than than censorship by government entities.

Just say, "I support censorship" to yourself. Trust me, the internal consistency will fell good.

>> No.12806859

>It has the same exact results of censorship
no it doesn't lol. Being too lazy to look up alternatives is not the same as all alternatives being blocked as well. You're just as bad as those screechy liburals when trump won.

>> No.12806860

I 'm right,. You 're just lying to hide your authoritarian values.

What's more disgusting is that pigs.like you so frequently invoke the term "bad faith." Is all your rhetoric just projection?

>> No.12806869

Banning books is just retarded.

1. Unless the material actually provokes people to commit crimes, it should be allowed.
2. Banning material brings more attention to it; so, if anything, it makes people more aware of it.

Eitherway, it's stupid and I go say the cliche remark about whether Amazon censors anti-X of other things like anti-Islam or anti-Christianity.

>> No.12806877

This assumes that the right to be heard doesn't matter. When the general public is essentially denied hearing something, it amounts to censorship. Even in authoritarian regimes, illicit texts can be found by those who seek them out. What matters is that they are prevented from entering the consciousness of the general public.

>> No.12806878

yeah, it's so banned you can buy it at literally any other bookstore

>> No.12806885

again, the right to be heard does not guarantee that every private company has an obligation to peddle your nonsense.

>> No.12806888


>> No.12806894

Sure, I'm gonna complain about Regnery rejecting my trans-furry manifesto because it's denying me my right to be read and enter the consciousness of the general public.

>> No.12806902

If that public company has enough control of discursive space, they can silence you. Being removed from the discourse is the way of denying you that right. If amazon doesn't want its ideologically motivated removals to have that significance, it should either break itself up or deliberately sabotage the operations it uses to retain its market share.

>> No.12806906

If Regnery controlled enough of the discourse to remove you from it, I would certainly agree.

>> No.12806912

You're confused, Kevin.

>> No.12806922

nice weasel words lmao.

>> No.12806933

The censorship of the right in generally is radicalizing people. As somebody who is far right, I have political beliefs and goals just like everyone else and I want to be heard and I want to have a legitimate way of working towards my end. The problem is I'm running out of morally acceptable options. I can't go on Twitter or Youtube and try convince people to believe like me anymore.

A part of me thinks this is by design. They're trying to push people like me into lashing out so they can justify taking more power, censoring political opposition, and having a bigger role in the indoctrination of children.

>> No.12806936

I've been clear and consistent with my terms. The only weasely work in this thread is the intentionally narrow definition of censorship given by those defending amazon.
As I said before, fuck Kevin. I've never read the book and I don't ever plan to.

>> No.12806937

>I want to have a legitimate way of working towards my end.

Nowhere is anything like that protected by the constitution.

>> No.12806939

yeah, your weasel terms and your overly broad idea of what censorship and free speech is.

>> No.12806945

You don't even know what that end is, so how can you say the constitution doesn't protect it? When I say far right I'm talking about the true historical right. I can advocate monarchism or the restriction of democracy.

>> No.12806952

The principle of free speech is not limited to the constitution, or the United States.

>> No.12806961

My terminology is based on understanding censorship by its results which is far more valuable than making a distinction that reclassifies the same occurrence happening for the same reason based on whether the entity is public or.private. Mine also doesn't require me to stick my head in the sand and ignore the massive amount of control these private entities have over the general discourse. My conception of free speech also allows.for a free and open discourse to exist in a meaningful and permanent sense. Yours allows for all sorts of arbitrary silencing.

But then we should expect people seriously invoke debate club buzzwords to be so clearly retarded. Maybe you're not dishonest after all.

>> No.12806970

Read the thread. You're not consistent at all.

>> No.12806979

Point out where, then. I've used the same definitions and each time have drawn the same conclusions.

I know the cognitive dissonance inherent to your narrow definition of censorship makes it hard to think, but it's good for to try.

>> No.12806986

You're embarrassing yourself, anon.

>> No.12806994

Point it out then. It should be easy, pig.

There hasn't even been a single retort against me. Just people doubling down on a concept of censorship so narrow that is somehow becomes contradictory.

>> No.12806999

So your whole argument is that people are too stupid to look for books outside of Amazon which is nice, but hardly any objective empirical result. You argue it's bad because you feel it's bad like some erratic woman

>> No.12807005

your concept of censorship is so ambiguous it becomes irrelevant lol

>> No.12807010

You're delusional, give it a rest.

>> No.12807029

>narrow definition of censorship
Is it still being printed? Yes
Is it still being sold? Yes
Is it still available to consult at libraries/online platforms/etc.? Yes
Can you buy it from fucking Barnes and Noble? Yes
Ergo, not censored.

>> No.12807032

This response doesn't even make sense. Jews do, indeed, generally view us, the "gentiles", as inferior. It is part of their religion to favor only people who are part of their "tribe" and not gentiles. Now of course, not all Jews do that but those who don't are probably secular. Zionists certainly have the mindset which I explained here, as well as Orthodox Jews.
P.S: I'm another anon.

>> No.12807035

Not that anon, but the reality is that freedom of speech/expression is a principle, not just a constitutional right, and Amazon doesn't maintain that principle. If you support Amazon in this, you don't maintain that principle either. That's really all there is to it.

>> No.12807043

thanks for agreeing with my I guess?

>> No.12807044

>That's really all there is to it
Holy shit how dumb are you?

>> No.12807047


Freedom of speech is one thing, but Kevin is trying to sell a product.

>> No.12807064

It's not that the general public is too stupid, but that there are many ideas that they unaware of, and would not even know to look for. By taking them out of the the spaces generally accessed by that public, you've effectively removed them form the public consciousness. The spaces in which the discourse occurs are the most important part of facilitating any sort of free discourse, and when one entity controls enough of it, their choice to remove someone ends the existence of a free and open discourse.
Mine allows censorship to evaluated as a meaningful action. what's meaningful about it is the removal of ideas from t
he discourse, not the actor that is doing it.
Amazon has enough control over the books that enter the discourse that is meaningful.
The only people who are delusional are the coalition of libertarian corporate apologists and leftist crypto-authoritarians.

>> No.12807066

As long as somebody is filling the demand I couldn't give less of a shit

>> No.12807072

If Amazon as an entity was intent on protecting freedom of expression on principle then it would imply that. All this means is that Amazon has its own values. Either you agree with Amazon's stance on freedom of expression, or you don't.

You know what? You've convinced me.

>> No.12807079

>The only people who are delusional are

>> No.12807086

>By taking them out of the the spaces generally accessed by that public, you've effectively removed them form the public consciousness. T

But you just said people aren't stupid, they'll look elsewhere. Amazon is a book store, not an advertisement platform and i fail to see how discourse happens on an online storefront.

>when one entity controls enough of it, their choice to remove someone ends the existence of a free and open discourse.
Nice to know that companies are beholden to your imaginary threshold that you haven't even begun to define here.

Sounds like you're just upset because you can't get a woman to touch your cock

>> No.12807092

Freedom of expression does not imply right to sell on all platforms my retarded friend.

>> No.12807098

>I don't support censorship even though I support powerful entities having the ability to effectively remove ideas from the discourse simply because that entity isn't the government..
>yep, I've searched myself thoroughly, and there's no delusion here.

>> No.12807104


nice weasel words ;)

>> No.12807115

Let me guess
>muh first amendment
I don't know how to make this any clearer for Americans. It's not about what the constitution says, it's about whether or not you value the principle.

>> No.12807121

the irony of this post

>> No.12807130

>But you just said people aren't stupid, they'll look elsewhere. Amazon is a book store, not an advertisement platform and i fail to see how discourse happens on an online storefront.
I also said that this is about ideas that they are likely unaware of. There are many things that could interest someone who is so distracted with the ongoings of their daily lives too never consider it. Because that is the portion which allows ideas in the form of books (generally the most substantiated form of any position) to enter the discourse with the possibility of being seen, and what is important here is that all ideas should be able to enter the discourse.
>Nice to know that companies are beholden to your imaginary threshold that you haven't even begun to define here.
My threshold is that they should not be allowed to prevent ideas of any kind entering the discourse or removing it from the discourse. When a company is powerful enough to do that.-
It does in a world where expression and discourse itself are commodified.

Take it out and my sentiment is the same, debate club retard.
Tell me what I'm projecting, oh noble censor.

>> No.12807140

>Tell me what I'm projecting
Read the thread.

>> No.12807146

If 'm doing it, it's coming from a subconscious place that renders it beyond my recognition. If you've got a diagnosis, I'd like to hear it for my own health.

>> No.12807154

>When a company is powerful enough to do that.-
Good thing amazon isn't ;)

>> No.12807155

>Take it out and my sentiment is the same
figures only braindead retards are finding issues with this lmao.

>> No.12807159

You're right but I don't think there is any deliberate thinking behind it, the right wing just always loses in this scenario (egalitarian democracys) and the left reap the benefits.

>> No.12807178 [DELETED] 

Did I hit a little too close to home with the debate club comments. Not only were they inaccurate, they also proved you incapable of any independent thought. Life as an automaton must be pretty easy. Just cheer lead corporate entities and receive pleasurable stimulus. doesn't sound half bad.

>> No.12807189

uh no you literally just admitted to being sloppy with your own words and adding quantifiers that had according to you no actual significance. Maybe if you weren't such a retard you wouldn't depend on a private corporation to tend to your reading needs ;)

>> No.12807203

Did I hit a little too close to home with the debate club comments. Not only were they inaccurate, they also proved you incapable of any independent thought. Life as an automaton must be pretty easy. Just cheer lead corporate entities and receive pleasurable stimulus. Doesn't sound half bad.

Responded to the wrong post, but I still want it on the record.
I've known my adverb usage has been atrocious for years. I'll give you that. But I think care in writing is difficult when dealing with obtuse retards like you. Still have yet to see a challenge to the actual of what I said.

>> No.12807208

see >>12807189


>> No.12807213


>> No.12807215

>But I think care in writing is difficult when dealing with obtuse retards like you.
Or maybe you're just having trouble justifying your retarded nonsense

>> No.12807229

Not at all. I've justified it time and time again. It's retards like you responding with nothing than basic corporate apologetics and debate club buzzwords.

>> No.12807235

>I've justified it time and time again.
yeah, poorly. Amazon is not obligated to push everything through its private system and refusal to sell a product is not a violation of free speech.

>> No.12807236


>> No.12807249

Are we really back on thislibertarian retardation

>> No.12807252

because it's true, kiddo.

>> No.12807253

>refusal to sell a product is not a violation of free speech.
Stop appealing to law. Thought experiment: Amazon finds a legal loophole that allows them to torture you and/or your family to generate profit. Amazon's values are such that the corporation decides to take advantage of this. Do you agree with Amazon's values on the basis that what they're doing is deemed acceptable under law? Follow-up question: are you legitimately retarded, or just pretending?

>> No.12807255

Amazon's influence and ability to influence the public discourse means it has pushed beyond the barriers of a merely private entity.
Again your basic bitch corporate apologetics don't actually mean anything. And your limited conception of censorship allows for arbitrary silencing. I really don't see the difference between people being removed from the discourse by a state entity or private entity when the result is the same.
How does Bezos' cock taste?

>> No.12807265

The influence you haven't even proven they have. They're just one store front out of many.

>pushed beyond the barriers of a merely private entity.
Uh, that's not how it works sweetie.

>your basic bitch corporate apologetics don't actually mean anything.
And your nonsensical assertions over what defines a private enterprise is any better? lmao

>the result is the same.
Except there are plenty of other legal and easy options people have to acquire the book. So i can't help you if you're too slow to see how this is different.

>Stop appealing to law, also: strawman
stop appealing to nonsense

>> No.12807271

It can be and should be obliged to sell all sorts of literature. Lol if you think this stuff ends with basic bitch jewish criticism...

>> No.12807274

>stop appealing to nonsense
Confirmed legit.

>> No.12807277

They’re the largst dealer of books in human history

>> No.12807281

ironic given communism is a jewish invention :)

>> No.12807285

Who cares

>> No.12807287

you're crying over it

>> No.12807290

There's now way to reach these people. To them, property is god.

>> No.12807291

and they didn't get there by selling garbage ;)

>> No.12807298

Over what?

>> No.12807299


>> No.12807306

over amazon refusing to sell something because there's no regulations to force them to conduct business in a way they don't want

>> No.12807310

Libertarian tries to think

>> No.12807311

glad we agree this is a non issue

>> No.12807315

excellent argument!

>> No.12807323

Sorry, I don’t see you fags defending le ebin freedomz anywhere else. You’re just a lumpenprole who needs uncomfortable ideas to go away

>> No.12807332

you don't even know me lol. I don't need uncomfortable ideas to go away, this is /lit/ for god sakes, I just don't lose any sleep over some retailer deciding not to sell something in their store.

>> No.12807343

more delusion

>> No.12807344

No, you disagree with the author and want him gone.

I don’t think this is important at the moment, there are plenty of other places to buy the book. But the strongest argument in favor of regulation is fuckamazon and fuck the largest corporations in America.

>> No.12807350

There's a difference between not losing sleep and pretending it's not censorship just because there are no regulations against it.

>> No.12807352

Go to bed, Kevin. You're not a victim.

>> No.12807355

And there's a difference between censorship and refusing to sell something in a private store that you own.

>> No.12807356

K reddit

>> No.12807362

And you're just upset because you're an anti-semite and want to stoke racial tensions between people to justify your irrational hatred, happy?

>> No.12807363

No, there isn’t. Every refusal is a small censorship.

>> No.12807367

Never read his book, but I’m surprised you were able to hold it in so long. Do you feel relieved?

>> No.12807374

I suggest you take some time to contemplate the abysmal ridiculousness of this statement.

>> No.12807378

I suggest you look up the history of civil rights legislation in America and France. You might learn that business refusal isn’t a right

>> No.12807379

It's censorship if your decision to accept or refuse material is strictly based on how you feel about the ideas being expressed.

>> No.12807381
File: 57 KB, 645x588, e02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i was copying you to show how retarded you sound lol

>> No.12807384

No it isn't when the net effect of the decision is that it won't get sold over the private system that they own. Filthy commie.

>> No.12807386

I don’t think you need to copy me to look retarded.

>> No.12807394

niether is having your book shilled on Amazon lmao

>> No.12807398

You're so full of shit it's hilarious.

>> No.12807400
File: 5 KB, 233x217, fff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah but apparently you're very thick, so...

>> No.12807405

It's censorship within that system. Commie systems usually value censorship as well.

>> No.12807406

You’re right. As I said, fuck corporations and fuck faggots like you who “stand up” for a ruling elite. That’s all

>> No.12807409

You can’t even think of a rebuttal, it’s pretty amusing
Honestly I’m surprised you could get past the captcha

>> No.12807420
File: 902 KB, 900x675, bigstock-Door-To-The-Mind-50771078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

okay but it's still a private system.

And your solution is to introduce some sort of regulation that would effectively turn Amazon into a permanent utility effectively enmeshing Amazon into the economy further? Okay.

Based retard

>> No.12807423

>he thinks he has a point to rebut

>> No.12807429

>you want to regulate this corporation that already has extreme levels of influence? You’re only helping them!

>> No.12807434

>lobertardian tries to understand history
Every time

>> No.12807442

What are you even trying to talk about? Your posts are insane.

>> No.12807443

>extreme levels of influence
What influence exactly? Who actually decides against buying a book because it's not held on amazon? And your regulation is literally forcing them to grow bigger.

>> No.12807446

If there existed a book called, for example, "the culture of hate: an evolutionary analysis of white involvement in twentieth-century intellectual and political movements" by Levi Goldberg,
1. It would not be banned on Amazon
2. Even if it were, every Progressive defending this ban ITT would be shrieking about how Amazon is perpetuating bigotry by censoring such a powerful analysis and preventing a National Conversation from taking place to Address Racial Issues.
3. Would be scouring Jeff Bezos' entire life to find some justification for brandin him a Nazi.

We all know this is true, so why can't Progressives just come out and say that they want censorship too Fight Bigotry?

>> No.12807448

>okay but it's still a private system.
Yes, agreed. You'd just better hope it doesn't become a de facto monopoly in its market.

>> No.12807450

Did you pull all of this out of your own ass?

>> No.12807457

Good thing we have anti-trust laws, huh?

>> No.12807462

That's why I said "de facto".

>> No.12807465

>dude I have no arguments but check out this strawman that totally proves you're just as bad as me

lol cope :)

>> No.12807472

>that's why I said nothing


>> No.12807484

Alright, buddy, name a time and a place we'll sort this out once and for all.

>> No.12807490

I'll be in your mum's pussy tonight ;)

>> No.12807493

Which bit do you disagree with?

>> No.12807496
File: 38 KB, 480x360, seething.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12807501 [DELETED] 

confirmed for very very think

>> No.12807514

Bring an ice pack--you'll need it.

>> No.12807558

They're attacking Israel because its government is a fucked up, violent parasite that's genociding/virtually enslaving the Palestinian people and interfering with American democracy.

If you despise racism and respect democracy and human rights you can't be pro-Israel. Leftists universally despise it.

>> No.12807578

ContraPoints and the girl next to her are both trans.

>> No.12808028

>mum's hot pussy

>> No.12808218

Sounds like reddit is more your speed, sweaty.

>> No.12808386

>current year
>still resorting to banning books you don't like
>not realizing this just makes the book more appealing
sasuga jeff "my ex gf got my balls in the divorce settlement" "benzos for" bezos
Never would have bothered to read this shit but now I might put it on backlog just for spite.

>> No.12808486

wow op got btfo

>> No.12808686

this thread sure smells like discord trannies

>> No.12808692
File: 283 KB, 836x900, 1540248171604.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks hun!

>> No.12809081
File: 29 KB, 600x548, 1493336065568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ContraPoints and the girl next to her are both trans.
>the girl next to her
> both trans.

>> No.12809125
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