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Why is everyone shitting on him now?
Also if anyone has that "Pynchmeister" copypasta can you post it here

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Because he's mediocre.


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Zoomer-right newfags were disappointed because Pynchon isn’t some redpiller autist and pewdiepie hasn’t even recommended him yet

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Idk but I recently started through his books. Crying of Lot 49 was pretty good. People that take his stuff super seriously are the exact people he would laugh at tho

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pseuds need to drag others. it gets them hot. pynecone is a gas. an absolute joy to read, and singular in the current market.

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read Crying, thought it was weird, put V. down after the rhinoplasty chapter. Just not for me. Maybe I'll pick up V. again someday. At least I tried

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This. GR was so much fun to read that I would spend all day just waiting to get home and read it. Same for Mason & Dixon too

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He sucks and he's the John Oliver of this board. Every /lit/tard has to like him to be part of the "pack". It releases dopamine in your weak brains so you could feel gud

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>he has to pretend to like the greatest living author
Maybe literature isn’t for you sweaty

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only plebs dont understand pynchs massive redpills

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The Crying of Lot 49 had some good moments but the ending was a stupid postmodern pretentious non-ending. Never read V but I have read Inherent Vice and it was bland and forgettable overall. Pynchon is a meme

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>greatest living author
>amerilards actually believe this

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Name some better authors. Pro tip: You can’t.

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Pentacost happens in 50 days

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Pynchons my fav writer for sure because my fav thing in books is goofs, gags, jokes and rambunctious behavior, and his books are full to the brim of it. Every novel is like one of those novelty snake cans, you open the book & POP you get a face fulla snakes and you fall back cackling. The mad mind, the crack genius, to do it! and then you think hmmm whats he gonna do next, this trickster, and you pick the book back up and BZZZZZZZZZZ you get a shock and Hahahahahah you've been pranked again by the old pynchmeister, that card. "Did that Pynch?" he says, laughing yukyukyukyuk. Watch him as he shoves a pair of plastic buck teeth right up into his mouth and displays em for you- left, right, center- "you like dese? Do i look handsome???" Pulls out a mirror. "Ah!" Hand to naughty mouth. And you're on your ass again laughing as he snaps his suspenders, exits stage right, and appears again hauling a huge golden gong.

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>randomly brings up john oliver
>randomly brings up dopamine

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you've probably never heard of them.

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you’ve probably never heard of them either

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thanks, checked

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trips of truth

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don't say I never done nothing for you

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>I’m wrong but don’t want to admit it

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Not sure what this is, but thanks for the rec

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Pynchon is one of the most antisemtic antiglobalist authors of the modern era.

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No one who says he's bad has actually read GR. Don't worry.

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No one who says he's liberal has ever read him either

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He looks like he licks windows

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Read the introduction to Slow Learner.

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I have. I didnt say he was a racist fascist like pig bodine (his former self). I said he wasnt liberal.

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Is that what he meant by the gay BDSM racemixing Nazi leadership in GR? Or maybe the racialized coprophagia, or his IRL old-money whig politics, or close friendship with Marxist Jews like David Shetzline?

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nobody cares about pynchons negro jokes or whatever might be redpilled.his books are totally perverted and vulgar whilst seemingly deep and profound like most postmodernism it is just a bunch of hollow edgy smut

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Is he the biggest enigma in literature next to Shakespeare? No one knows his intentions or what exactly he was doing for a series of years between college and publishing.

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Also, Pynch is good. Switched on and off him but there are just too many briliant scenes in GR to hate him. There are some dry spells in the novel.

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His books are like the Gintama of novels

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Mason and Dixon seems beautiful, can anyone confirm?

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>He once wrote that calculus was “the only class I ever failed
The man is a brainlet. I'm retarded and even I managed to pass that class. All of his books are built on shaky foundations due to this.

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Everytime I see a picture of that dude it evokes the most primal instincts I have within me and I want to smash his skull in with an aluminum baseball bat until his head resembles strawberry jam.

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pynchons a hack

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Uhh okay...

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he's a boomer

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this is why

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stop making fun of my favorite author

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shut the fuck up boomer

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i dunno why you made me laugh so hard

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Nu-/lit/ doesn't appreciate literature that doesn't affirm its naive political biases.

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backlash against lit’s pretty boy has only begun
his works are being placed under intense examination
stay tuned

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>continues to browse 4chan for 8 hours

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He's just a pretentious misogynist

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prepare to be redpilled, and not that weak polshit either ;)

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holy... cringe

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Against the Day was much better than many claimed (don't care about feminazi whining) but his last book was Bleeding Edge and that was really just like reading Wiliam Gibsons Pattern Recognition

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>but his last book was Bleeding Edge and that was really just like reading Wiliam Gibsons Pattern Recognition


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if you ever read it you'd know
Pynchon lite like Vineland.
But well, he's getting old now

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i read the synopsis of bleeding edge and what kills the interesting stuff is that´s centered about a family guy as your mc, that´s fucking awful, why didn´t he put a hacker (something like Julian Assange) as your mc? fuck he´s fucking old

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who the fuck reads pynchon for the characters

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i do

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no you don't

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Tchitcherine is one of the great characters of 20th century lit

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i won´t read a family guy as a mc, that´s fucking lame

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>he reads novels by living vicariously through the protag

never gonna make it...

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Sounds pretty based to me; I think it's just you who is incapable of relating to men who aren't brokeass virgin autists who live in their mothers' basements.

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>I think it's just you who is incapable of relating to men who aren't brokeass virgin autists who live in their mothers' basements.

it´s not that, the thing is that the book deals with the hacker subculture, internet, paranoia with 9/11 events as a backdrop., the last thing i want to see in that interesting setting is an average family guy as an mc, fuck that shit

if the book was about family drama (like kramer vs kramer) i wouldn´t have a problem

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The book Gravity's Rainbow is both unbelievably hilarious at times (see: candy-eating chapter, or any chapter where Slothrop is stoned) and also unbelievably intellectually complex (see: engineering concepts, vast knowledge of chemical compounds, and the 5 different languages utilized throughout (including calculus)).

It's not like I haven't read post-modern literature before, but Thomas Pynchon actually has themes to convey while utilizing these things, unlike most post-modern authors. The ideas, themes, and morals of his stories can be vast. In Gravity's Rainbow, he goes over the concepts of determinism, quantum mechanics, heat-death infinity, religion, systematic 'placement's, ghosts, spirituality/occultism, astral projection, and eugenics all without mentioning any of these terms specifically.


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I thought the MC was a woman.

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it´s the mix between low brow and high brow (like the illuminatus trilogy but with more variety of themes and subjects presented)

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Gravity's rainbow was the first book where the act of reading in and of itself was my main source of enjoyment. A real revelation for my pleb self all those years ago.

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Like, zoinks. It's one of his easiest novels to understand. the book looks untouched too. I wonder if they actually read it.

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Olga Tokarczuk

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>it's another 'anonymous brings up dopamine without understanding what dopamine actually is' episode

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Is he wrong?

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that book is beautiful and hilarious. dont know what the fuck is wrong with this person.

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Don't know, but maybe because his books post-Mason Dixon haven't been as well-received.

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Pynchon takes time to get.

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It is! Haven’t enjoyed a book as much as this one in a long time.

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A good mix of highbrow and lowbrow makes me so FUCKING hot.

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pynchon's just middlebrow tho

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i know you are but what am i

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I have always though he is a mediocre writer with poor poetical skills (which would be important for the kind of prose he aims at) and an artificial and grotesque understanding of human nature.

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He's no Rupi

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>an artificial and grotesque understanding of human nature

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did you copy paste that from some random one star review? it's the most canned "roasting" I've ever read.

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SEETHING boomers

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this. maybe a cut above mediocre, one below good. whatever that is.

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middlebrow? more like tiddiecow!

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You'll get it eventually if you try

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what is this? a TITCOW FOR ANTS?

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The big problem with Pynchon is his characterization. It's adolescent for the most part. Protags in Mason and Dixon excepted. They were excellent. Also that Wacky Races breezy tone that isn't funny.*

*don't maul me nerds. i like him. he's good. just no Burroughs.

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>muh characterization

what is the big deal? hes clearly capable of creating full characters, just because some happen to be closer to caricatures or simplified isnt a flaw, it's just a thing he does.

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>what is the big deal?
it's a difficult question to answer without going back on saying I liked him. maybe i don't like him. which is unfair, because he's more interesting than 95% of the lit-fic shit around. Pynchon irritates because his stuff should be better than it is. there's flashes of great things, Mason & Dixon was beautiful for stretches, and then a whole lot of stuff that feels cheap
>hammering allusions to no clear purpose
>capers that have little entertainment value
>clunky, flat prose
>purple prose (bit's of GR read like a draft)
>annoying pointless characters
he's like Donald Sutherland in Kelly's Heroes would be if he were a writer.

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Your question. Having flat 2d characters is not a positive thing. the work has to be doing something else to excuse it. it's hard to think what much of Pynch is doing. creating an atmosphere, maybe.

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>hes clearly capable of creating full characters

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i wouldn't be able to bring myself to compare pynchon and burroughs, but that would make for a HELL of a discussion between pros.

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snip from an old Guardian article. journo's a total hack:)

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meant it in the sense of post ww2 yank writers. they're the 2 that stand out for me, excluding nabokov

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>writes a book about Jews having a traditional, nuclear family
What did Pynch mean by this?

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As an oldschool /b/ tard and /x/eno who was into conspiracies and urban legends and spirituality and etc before 4chan even existed, pynch is my author. I still can't decide if he went rogue, or was a willing MKULTRA agent, maybe both. His subject matter can be troubling, but he speaks to me very specifically. Then again, everything you've heard of is MKULTRA but me (you) until proven otherwise. You're a fool to not believe this.

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>As an oldschool /b/ tard and /x/eno who was into conspiracies and urban legends and spirituality and etc before 4chan even existed, pynch is my author.

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how dare you insult that man's merit badges. you don't know what he's been through. how dare you.

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Whatever zoomlets, answer >>12876958

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i'm not in contention with that statement. as far as i know, it's true. there are certainly more refined authors, but in terms of sheer prowess i feel that Pynchon is at the head of the pack.

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People on here are mature and introspective individuals. No one on here acts based on tribalism instead of rationality desuu

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Nah. His characters are fine, he just doesn't spend verbiage explicitly describing characterization and is generally more interested in describing social dynamics than individuals. Vineland has more conventional characterization.

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yeah I was a bit disappointed in Inherent Vice as well. It was devoid of the GR irony that would have balanced out the dude weed stoner MC but at least it was well paced

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