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What does /lit/ think about writing in a language other than your mother tongue.

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i don't think about it at all

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Why, is that my tutor?

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I can't write in my own language at all. I get lost in inane style-over-substance trickery that I hate immediately after and can't get the message out. I'm blind to my own bullshit and always end up massproducing drivel that makes no sense on closer scrutiny.

Writing in another language forces me to think more carefully about what I'm trying to say, and allows me to just stick to the point.

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t. Beckett

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English isn't my mother language but I prefer it much more for writing

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Is that Emily Grey?

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who's this coloumn culminator

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my mother language is Croatian and there is no way in hell ill write anything in that lord forsaken language, and its much easier when I need a reference or I'm searching a word to find it on internet.
Also reading books is easier on English than Cro

jebo mater hrvatski neke pute moram stat i procitat nekoliko puta recenicu jer je tolko lose napisana (pitaj boga ko ju je preveo) da se osjecam ko debil ali engleski je vise fluidan, dali i drugi s balkana imaju taj problem?

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joseph conrad managed to do it pretty well

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how will you deal with the guilt when your language inevitably dies?

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Conrad, Beckett, Cioran and others were able to do it

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There's this Austrian called Carpeaux who was a genius that came to Brazil and wrote a History of Western Literature entirely in Portuguese.

>Perhaps the peak of Carpeaux's production was his eight-volume História da Literatura Ocidental (History of Western Literature),[7] unfortunately available only in Portuguese, in spite of being in public domain. Late critic José Lino Grünewald labelled it one of the brightest moments of the language in prose, despite the fact that Carpeaux was not a native speaker. It is also unique in that it focuses on creating links between all periods, in order to create an organic vision of the literary history he is telling. The book also include more than 8,000 brief criticisms and expositions of the majority of the figures discussed along the way, minus the ones cited in passing; all are dealt with in their original languages, both in expositions and quotations and in the bibliography offered. The total bibliographical amount of cited works is on the merge of 30,000 books or more.

Someone should translate this into English.

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Patrician; bonus points if that language isn't fucking English. Everyone should learn to hate their home culture once in a while.

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I ja imam isti problem,lakse mi bilo na engleskom ali djelo gubi poentu onda

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I'm half-way through forgetting my native tongue as I barely socialize and use it to interact with anybody outside brief conversations at work. Any time there's a social gathering of friends and family, I turn into a stuttering retard who can barely produce anything of coherence, since my mind now thinks in english first.

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This happened to me and now I literally cannot produce a sentence in my first language or understand 95% of what is being said.

Arrest that shit right away or you will deeply regret it later in life.

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Nabakov, Conrad, Heaney

All great writers who wrote in different languages

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Beckett I mean

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Nabokov doesn't count

>The family spoke Russian, English, and French in their household, and Nabokov was trilingual from an early age.

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been there, you need to fix it

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I think it's fine.
Me, I was born in Brazil and moved to USA when I was 3, so I learned portuguese before english, but today I write well in english and fucking awful in portuguese.

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Oh hi there girly how is your day going? Yes yes it is nice weather we are having. Oh sorry I... I couldn't help but notice, your nipples are hard, are you- erm are you "aroused"? Mmmmm yeah... is that right? You really wanna do something so spontaneous right here? OK then baby girl mmmmm let daddy take you for a ride you wont soon forget

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>or understand 95% of what is being said.
this sounds like fucking bullshit unless you stopped speaking it in early childhood or something

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yes if you're not english. never if you are

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Scared, kid?

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Why would someone so beautiful desecrate themself so much?

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Best exercise to get better at said language

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I speak a Germanic, Semitic, Cushitic and Romance languages.

And I honestly think and act differently in each one.

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Can you explain more? Different how? I'm curious

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>Staying inside 24 hours a day arguing with retards on a persian carpet weaving forum and not speaking with anyone your mother tongue makes you forget it
Who could've guessed?

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I don't fell like my language has any class and also it was poorly constructed so it has no chance in surviving

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Why not just, IDK, read a couple of articles in your native tongue every day or so just to keep it fresh in your mind? Surely you can't have lost it that rapidly, you've probably just stopped bothering to use it properly because shitposting in a Francophied West Germanic language is "easier"

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Algerian (Semitic) Francophone (Romance) speaking English (Germanic) and boning a Sudanese girl (Cushitic)?

All I can think of

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you're no nabakov, chantard

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it is.

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sometimes i wonder if i should write my suicide note english or my mother tongue

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Write it in Japanese so that it will take your parents more effort to read it than they took to give birth to you.

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>implying they will put in the effort

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At least make them wallow in the guilt that they won't

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It's like shitting with someone else's asshole. Fun but exhausting

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god I wish that were me

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cut out the entropy middleman man and write in the american english chinese french nip future pidgeon language instead of the inevitable dead ones

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If Nabokov can write Lolita in English I'm all for it. As long as it isn't some made up bullshit language like Swahili.

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I could try to write in French I guess but I fucking hate the French mostly. How the fuck did Beckett pull it off I'll never know?

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What kind of shit literary histories was this guy reading such that “links between all periods” is groundbreaking.

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Porn is universal. It need no language but tongue of fucking.

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>If Nabokov can write Lolita in English I'm all for it
English was his first language.

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Lots of shit was written in Latin and Sanskrit and now mostly no one speaks that shit.

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I second this, now I wholly appreciate and love my native language above all else

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>don't feel like my language has any class
stop self hating man. it's not good for you. don't buy into the cosmopolitan moderno bullshit, it will wreck you in the long run. embrace your roots and heritage

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What's your fucking problem you FUCKING retards? How many more of you are there?

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I forgot how to read or write in my mother tounge

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If you're not anglophone and you feel "English is more literary" or something like that, you've been infected by the Eternal Anglo. This is pure language cuckoldry in action.

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It's not cuckoldry to recognize the truly superior as superior. I can't even communicate in my native language anymore, I've been spoiled by the vocabulary of english and having terms and phrases for every little thing. It's impossible to communicate more complicated or modern ideas in my native language without using words borrowed from english anyway

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English does excel with an incredibly rich and diverse vocabulary. What it lacks is the grammar to transform this vocabulary into deep expressivity. In the end English only shines at a certain aesthetic of sparsity and linearity, which is exemplified by the stream of consciousness.

Take Croatian as an example, it certainly has a richer and more expressive grammar compared to English.

tl;dr learn more languages, multilingualism is the way to go

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cope harder.

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>not switching between 2 or 3 languages every few words/sentences
I'm learning German and Japanese so I can switch between 4 languages constantly, thus creating an entirely unreadable mess

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It's harder for me, the way I write in my native language is already quite defined (it's based around the way I speak everyday), with foreign languages I have to create a new style, and it just doesn't feel as authentic.

English is not the only language where this will apply tho. Learn the three bigs, English, German and French, they all have equally rich vocabularies, and each will be richer than the others if you delve into a specific area of knowledge (e.g. English for informatics, German for philosophy, French for culinary).

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English has a far larger vocabulary than German or French, the dictionary sizes speak for themselves. It probably doesn't match Japanese though.
>German for philosophy, French for culinary

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>the three bigs
>English, German and French

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>It's impossible to communicate more complicated or modern ideas in my native language without using words borrowed from english anyway
Or maybe you haven't read enough in your own language and doesn't know how to communicate them?

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If I recall correctly, German can make up any word on the spot and those words aren't put in the dictionary

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And here, gentleman, the we see a new species being born: the lingocuck.

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As if you can't do that in English

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Not like German, it can't.

You can make kilometric words in German:
>regulation requiring a prescription for an anesthetic

>(colloquial) a slappable face, a face "in need of a slap"

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t. mozgomalci

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I'm doing it now.

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You are like a little baby.


and that's not even a compound

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Ja sam oko sto posto siguran da je ovo zato sto si ti totalni mozgomazlum, a ne sto je hrvatski tezak (ne da je lagan). Engleski ja za kurve i retarde, a ti ocito nisi kurva.

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