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Are there any self help books that *really* helped you in any way?

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All of Jordan Peterson's books

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how have they helped you?

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After realising that people as severely disabled as Peterstein can still have somewhat successful and meaningful lives, I no longer despair for my own.

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Prometheus Rising

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lmao, I'm using this one in the future

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“Thelastpsychiatrist’s” blog is genuinely very helpful

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What is the goal of being helped? Living in a clean room, wage-slaving your life away and considering it mature to be a capitalist?
For me the authors bringing me closer to my truth which I had as a child helped me. Find them yourself.

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I write this a lot but Notes with some other books really made me take a look at the bitter and misanthropic path of life I was on.

The goal of being helped is to improve yourself to a point where you are able to actualize your dreams.

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meditations by Marcus Aurelius and the art of living by Epictetus

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i finally cleaned my room

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what's this meme phrase? is moneymaking plebbish now?

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>is moneymaking plebbish now?
It always was, until quite recently.

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dying broke is chaddish?

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Which way white man? Warrior or merchant? The Forest or the Catacombs?

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god I wish that were me

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kek, i'm always impressed at the lenghts of the mental gimnastics you people go to find an excuse to keep being a neet.

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in ancient greek the word for slave δοῦλος is synonymous with wage worker.a man who holds dominion on a slice of earth has that land generate wealth for him.

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Yes, you haven't allowed anyone to exploit you and when you die you've won against others overall

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I’m reluctant to give advice because my life is a mess and you wouldn’t take financial advice from a beggar, but there are a few books that I look back on fondly a year after reading them

This is self help, psychology, and philosophy. Author makes a really persuasive case that there is a common element in all happy lives, and this element he calls “flow”, which is a stupid thing to call something that has 400 citations and 2 decades of research to back it up. To summarize inadequately: all happy lives have “challenges” that contain feedback loops and which take us out of rumination and self-analysis (inertia). Nobody actually enjoys “relaxing” with nothing to sic the mind on. People need to focus their attention on things fully in order to live happy lives.

>Power of Habit
All habits have a cue>routine>reward formula, roughly along the line of Pavlov’s dog. In order to create a new habit you need to have a cue, and in order to reinforce a habit you need a reward that you can sense. If you want to go to the gym after work, put your gym clothes somewhere you can see when entering the house (cue), and after the gym have a yummy milkshake while pretending you’re suddenly ripped (reward)

>Deep Work by Cal Newport
This goes well with Flow, actually. Focusing is the most important skill for a man today. Never before have we had so many distractions to fight. We should be “practicing” distraction-free focus every day, as otherwise we’re only reinforcing distraction. Every great person has had a daily regimen where they focused without distraction for more than an hour on some project. Switching tasks comes with a cognitive tax that not only makes it harder to get work done, but makes it harder to focus and fatigued you.

I’ve also heard great things about 7 habits of highly successful people but I have not read it

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Forget about the "win friends" part, that's retarded "friends" come and go.
This book gives some really nice tips on how to "influence" or "manipulate" people. They are really useful and the book has a lot of examples.
A classic amongst self help books.

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Flow is good rec.

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friday by michel tournier

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the book?

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Tao Te Ching

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Feuer und Blut by Ernst Juenger in Ukrainian.

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miracle of mindfulness

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Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

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What about 48 rules of power, is worth it?

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can u get any more typical

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The other points are fine but cleaning your room does have benefits. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by NEEThood or something I clean my room a bit. It focuses me and calms me down.

You are right on the other points as all these cucks ever produce is feel-good capitalist propaganda for other cucks to buy in to. It's like the Joel Osteen of capitalist cuckoldry.

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The great replacement

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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and it's sequel Lila

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damien by hesse. it caused me to start reading books

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abraham was an incestuous cuck i bet thats why peterson sucks gods dick so much

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How do I out of self sabotage, /lit/?

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Same, great book when you are a 16/17 year old confused teen.

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People who claim to be exploited usually do menial work that can be replaced with a touch screen.

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If you are reading a self-help book, it is most likely written by a proven professional scammer or someone who's only accomplishments in life are writing self-help books. Their advice, CDs, DVDs, seminars, workshops will have no lasting impact on you whatsoever. At best, they are placebos. Do not make the mistake of continuously looking for "that one self-help book" that will change your life.
The only way to get "benefits" from a self-help book is to write one.

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Hope you washed your penis too

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Truly the ends purported therein are not only worse than the ones most people already enjoy when weighed against the means, they are worse in and of themselves.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Dummies. Doesn't substitute actual therapy though.

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Seems more like pop psychology meets copaganda than self help anon, those navy seal books might be more self help for bootlickers.

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This book will help you become a used car salesman, not much else than that. Anyone who's not autistic will sense how fake you are if you use this book as a guide to manipulating people.

>He believes in the AA meme.

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This but unironically

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Unironically this. When I was about 17 I felt pretty hopeless about what kind of person I would be and whether I would have any success with women. After reading it my successes were still limited, but this book planted the seed of an idea in my head that I could actually do something to change my position in life. Whether that was sexual, financial, academic etc...

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Crime and Punishment.

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Hallo Dennis.

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Based. A must read book for all incels.

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Am I gonna feel guilty reading this?

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Gareth ?

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Jesus fucking Christ.

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Are you serious? the book and author looks absolutely retarded, but the real retard here is me for not being able to talk to women.

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