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You will never defeat him.

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Heh, nothing personnel kid

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I never tried to.

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Back to bed little boy.

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Who the hell is Schleiermacher?

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I just saw him get defeated in one of those Ayn Rand threads.

Philosophy has turned from the search for truth in to becoming one of the greatest examples of the sunken cost fallacy in action ever seen. Philosophy has been resolved, but people have put so much effort in to unproductive schools of thought that they can't bare to abandon them like an old man who refuses to leave his house that happens to be in the path of a tornado.

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Then I shall learn from him.

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How has philosophy been resolved?

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>Philosophy has been resolved
care to share?

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Don't wanna. But it's interesting to read the attempts of those who have tried. Logical positivism despite all the heavy weapons that went into it was still ultimately just the proverbial expression of sticking your fingers in your ears and saying "I can't hear you."

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Would also like to know how ***philosophy*** has been resolved. Deliver anon, let us ascend with you.

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The big daddy Scholastics defeated him before he even existed without moving a finger, modern philosophy is simply the rebellious teenager that runs wild and refuses to see that light for the day

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I tried to read this, but for the studies I didn't have time to read it. Can you summarize the book? What relation with Kant?

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Scholastics were unable to put out a convincing refutation of nominalism. The failure is yours for bringing the likes of Kant and friends in to this world. You had one job and you screwed it.

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Floating and detached from reality. All Kant amounts to is a cthulu-tier construction where all he did was flex his imagination and prose. -Imagination- is precisely what you do not apply to reality. The categories are meticulous and even fascinating, but that never made them true. Kant did to philosophy what science fiction does to technology.
Integrated and goldpilled. Coining this now.

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ayn rand should've had a hot dog shoved up her cunt and tortured on a national stage

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She couldn’t even read him LMAO

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Schopenhauer is an honorary Anglo. Granted, nowhere nearly as vulgar in subject matter, which is practically impossible for non-Anglos, but every bit as vulgar in argumentation and conclusions.

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Where exactly does Kant do this?

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No, but he can

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His Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics arrived at my door some 20 minutes ago.

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He defeated himself. If you read his Opus Postumum he backtracks hard af on the claims he made on the Critique

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Make this w white boy head being choked by black dick or white baby

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philosophy grad. here

The noumena can be known by inspecting the nature of the phenomena.
Kant is a pseud-filter in philosophy.

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Also philosophy grad here, what do you mean by 'inspecting the nature of the phenomena' and how does that give you knowledge of noumena?

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he was retroactively btfo

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How did scholastics defeat Kant? If you give a brainlet answer consider your /lit/ credentials forfeited

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Big brain take: Sensuous matter is not subjective affections of the mind but objective things in themselves accessed by the mind as they are in themselves. The Kantian 'object of consciousness' constructed from supposed intuitions referring to supposed external objects and applied concepts, including categories, is a Humean fiction: we can't help but think these things, and believe they are objective, but they are actually subjective.

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disclaimer: kant actually looked like this

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Is that why he had his portrait done at that strange angle?

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>memeing the preface writer to trick people into buying your shitty book
kek, cheap

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>actually read hume
>beginning of Treatise of Human Nature is idealist garbage
d r o p p e d

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he was a 4'5" manlet so obviously he was a master of cope, his looks aside

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Or you could read him as a neutral monist. He says an oyster mind could consist in one single impression, believes minds are strung from impressions, and seems open to impressions existing before minds thing them, which presumably means before minds as bundles of perceptions come to include them within themselves. It's not the same as Berkeleian or Fichtean subjective idealism.

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No the anon back there but the scholastics would say to Kant: "yes my dude, there are a priori forms of the subject as you say but there are also a priori forms of the object"

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no wonder he couldn't reach the things in themselves

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in the realm of the phenomena i might be a manlet but that's only an illusion, in the realm of the noumena i'm a giant

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>Kant did to philosophy what science fiction did to technolpgy
Inspire it to higher heights?

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That's not an argument though, only an assertion. Besides, Kant dispensed with that sort of thinking in his own work (see "neglected alternative" and the arguments that Kant already addressed such thing in his own work)

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Treating philosophy like professional sports is the dumbest thing imaginable. If a philosopher advances a philosophy you disagree with, they aren't your adversary but your friend for exposing what you disagree with so it can be examined; they are merely a messenger. Moreover studying philosophy with the aim of mentally upvoting/downvoting everything is peak brainlet.

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the noumenal chad

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I have NOT read that anon, thank you anon. I'll incorporate what I read in my Objectivist critique

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DAMN schopenhauer looked like THAT when he was young?

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The virgin eristic vs. the chad dialogue.

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>Ayn Rand

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>you share a board with """people"" who take ayn rand seriously

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This leddit sentiment is less and less popular every day.

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>if I call something plebbit I might reverse meme them into taking my cult leader seriously

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Simmer down r/philosophy

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>cult leader
There it is again, this shit that everything about the woman contradicts. You were GIVEN your opinion of Rand. Imagine being in the same sphere of opinion as Cracked https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5YWTFW5WMw

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>if I call something plebbit I might reverse meme them into taking my cult leader seriously

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You just need to look up any random 2 lines by Ayn Rand as someone familiar with philosophy to see she literally didn't read the people she criticized/praised

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>if I call something Cracked I might reverse meme them into taking my cult leader seriously

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>ever reading burger """philosophy"""

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He is most well known even today to every philosophy student in Germany for being THE plato translator.
he did other shit as well though, but irrelevant today.

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Reminder that you haven't read Kant and understand his philosophy if you haven't read his Critiques in German.

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I wonder how many people /lit/ has gaslit into never reading certain works because they "need to read the original to actually understand anything".

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None. Deep down we all know English is the superior language

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It cannot be done.

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I made it just 10 minutes ago, you may have it my friend

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But stealing goes against the categorical imperative

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It’s cool, I’ll be fucking his girl in no time.

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>gets nothing

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kant doesn't believe in intellectual property

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yes but as the creator and original poster of the webm, it's within my right to grant it to anon, which I did

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Literally all of civilization is a cope for non-Chads. You think art and philosophy matter in a world where you're fucking hotties all day?

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Civilisation is just a way for Chad to acquire more thots. Agriculture and plumbing allow for a larger total number of thots, that betas have to build it for him is part of the fun

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Civilization gives betas access to thots by rewarding them with resources if they contribute enough to said civilization. In a state of nature Chadness is determined entirely by one's genes

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>Civilization gives betas access to thots
By access, do you mean 'can see'? Because the thots remain the property of Chad, and betas don't get to fuck them

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