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Name your dick with the name of a book.

Mine is The Stranger

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Infinite Jest

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>Sigmund Freud Psychologist, founder of Psychoanalysis: “Freud held the opinion (based on personal experience and observation) that sexual activity was incompatible with the accomplishing of any great work. Since he felt that the great work of creating and establishing psychotherapy was his destiny, he told his wife that they could no longer engage in sexual relations. Indeed from about the age of forty until his death Freud was absolutely celibate “in order to sublimate the libido for creative purposes.” – according to his biographer Ernest Jones.

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Blood Meridian

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Moby Dick.

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Mein Kampf

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Hard Times

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Little Dorrit

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Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics

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All about those fat tails

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The fountainhead

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The sources of Chinese tradition volume 1 from the earliest times to 1600

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Catch 22

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Man And His Becoming According to the Vedanta

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Crime and punishment

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The hunchback of notre dame

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The Hobbit.

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upvoted xd

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Lord of the Rings

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Men of culture

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best one yet

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critique of pure reason

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Niggerfaggots from outer space

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>The Unbearable Lightness of Being
>In Search of Lost Time
>Silent Spring
>It Can’t Happen Here
>Naked Lunch
>Heart of Darkness

The Tunnel ? Hahaha

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Infinite Jest

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An Advertisement For Toothpaste
The Soft Machine

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Lucky Jim

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the little prince

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How I raised myself from failure to success in selling.

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100 years of solitude

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Imagine being cucked by your own ideas

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either der goldene topf(the golden pot) or animal farm

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Black Mass

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The Fountainhead was objectively better, no?

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It's not evident to me that he was wrong? Sex is good for bonding and thus you should do it, but it probably blocks you from doing something more "sensible", i.e. all the academic innovative things. Unless you believe a sort of muse helps you with that.

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A little on the nose.

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The God King

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The God Delusion

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Great Expectations by Dickens

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Thomas the Obscure

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God's Debris

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100 years of solitude

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Hadrian the Seventh

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runaway horses

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The Pale King

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The Loser

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Naked Lunch

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Gadiss' JR

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The Divine Comedy

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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Less Than Zero

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The Dark Tower

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The Invisible Man

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The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath

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the ego and its own

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Child of God

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the Great Gatsby ))

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The metamorphosis

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Notes from Underground

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things fall apart

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

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The balls are thing one and thing two.

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Fear and Trembling

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Discipline and Punish

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Not bad

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Mein kampf

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Atlas shrugged

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The Road to Wiggling Penis

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Dharma Bums (in reference to my testicles)

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Go Down, Moses

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Atrocity Exhibition

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fuck, this one is pretty good

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The Bible.

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He was basically impotent

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Mine is how i met your mother

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Wealth of Nations

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this one got me

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The Forest Passage

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my diary desu

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I have a pussy so i go: Blood Meridian

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the birth of the tragedy

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The Big Book

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The Bell Curve

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>tfw having 3 inch dick

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A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again

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On the jews and their lies..

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my diary desu

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portrait of an artist as a young man

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Chilly scenes of winter

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The Rig

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Sein und Zeit

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Der Titel erscheint mir eher unpassend als Name für jemandes Glied's.

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Der genitiv verlangt nach keinem apostroph

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The Dwarf

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Geht schlafen, meine Brüder. Es ist spät.

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Das ist zwar war, doch ist es nicht falsch eins zu nutzen. Was jedoch ein Fehler ist, ist es ein Substantiv, wie du es in deinem vorherigen Satz tatest, kein zu schreiben. Desweiteren (auch wenn du dir dessen sicherlich bewusst bist) beendet man seine Sätze mit einem Punkt.

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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

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200 years together

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The terror

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A Little Hero

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The man in the high castle

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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave

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We got a winner

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Atlas Shrugged

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The Sound and the Fury

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The Monster of Florence: A True Story

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My dick is Anti-Oedipus

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الف ليال وليلة

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The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest

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Where's Waldo?

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Paradise Lost
No Longer human
Against nature

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Jack Reacher: Echo Burning

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About a boy

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Johnny Can't Read

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middlemarch :(

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Foucault's Pendulum

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Oliver Twist

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The Gay Science

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The Dwarf

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The Birth of Biopolitics
The History of Sexuality

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The Sword of Gnosis

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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Innocence Lost

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Ass Goblins of Auschwitz

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Norwegian wood

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the bell jar
the baron in the trees
the nigger of the narcissus

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Baby Fucker

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Les Enfants Terribles

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catcher in the rye

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Reddit thread. Everyone posting here should be UTTERLY ASHAMED of yourselves.

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The Agonizing Resurrection of Victor Frankenstein

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Vanity Fair, A Novel without a Hero

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butterfly confirmed as penis owner

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good one

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you sound hot :3

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Minima Moralia

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>No one has said The Virgin Suicides
Is it too obvious?

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Difference and Repetition

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the invisible man

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120 Days of Sodom

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incredibly based and an inspiration to incels and volcels everywhere
we need to reclaim celibacy as a virtue and not something to be ashamed of
also surprising since psychoanalysis is primarily concerned with sexuality

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The Female Man

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The Old Testament

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The Two Towers

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>being this much identified with 4Chan acoustic
>denying yourself fun because some other site had similar fun
double ew

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Death Comes for the Archbishop

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19,84 (cm)

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A feast for crows

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The Nutcracker

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The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe

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*makes Freudian psychology compatible with celibacy*
heh, nothing personal, kid.

Not a fan of him but I like how he tries to fit celibacy in with psychoanalytic development. I do not agree with his analysis and think he is very weak on a number of points and tries to be popular rather than express right dogma. "Oh grow up" tier boomer attitude too. Not much substance for as long as the series is. Overall score 0/10 on theology. 1/10 on celibacy advice and perhaps 7/10 for a unique outlook

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The Idiot

>> No.13488122

Rising Up and Rising Down

(It's that big too)

>> No.13488161

Witch Hunter

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>“in order to sublimate the libido for creative purposes.”
Was Freud creative? Did he do painting in his free time?

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>butterfly has a dick

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the tragedy of man

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The Metamorphosis

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Chocolate Fever

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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

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One Hundred Years of Solitude

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Fear and Trembling

>> No.13488417

Anatomy of Melancholy

>> No.13488445

The Man Who Would Be king

>> No.13488454

the diary of a country priest

>> No.13488526

Blood Meridian

>> No.13488558


Good work.

>> No.13488633

The Sorrows of Young Werther

>> No.13488643

This, read Jungs memoirs. Dude was deluded by his own fame and disregarded truth for the sake of fowarding his own dogma.

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Imagine being this much of a brainlet.

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‘Commentary on the First Book of Euclid’


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On the Heights of Despair

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off by one

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the book equivalent of whatever this post is:


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The Origin of Species

>> No.13489267

Lord of the Rings

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based and dilutepilled

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Ich will nur sagen dass im Moment ich Deutsch lernen und zu sehen zwei anons sprechend auf diese Forum, und zu es verstehen--wenn auch ein bisschen--ist COOL. Verzeihen Sie meinen Grammatik!!

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Das ist zwar wahr*, aber es ist* nicht falsch eines* zu benutzen*. Was jedoch ein Fehler ist, ist * ein Substantiv, wie du es in deinem vorherigen Satz getan hast*, klein zu schreiben. Des Weiteren* (auch wenn du dir dessen sicherlich bewusst bist) beendet man seine Sätze mit einem Punkt.

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As I lay dying.

>> No.13489631

Ich will nur sagen, dass ich im Moment Deutsch lerne und in diesem Forum zwei Anons sprechen zu sehen, und sie zu verstehen - wenn auch nur ein bisschen -, COOL ist. Verzeihen Sie mir meine Grammatik.

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Thank you anon. And be honest: what's your reaction when you read what I wrote? Does it sound like a spanish speaker speaking english slightly bad...or really awful? I need to practice my writing and speaking--i only read and do vocab flashes.

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It's slightly above google-translate-tier: I can understand you - no problem - but it hurts. Very stilted and unnatural.

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Haha, treffend formuliert.

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thank you

>> No.13490248

reminder that sex being an accomplishment only became a thing once women were given equal rights

>> No.13490616

The Magic Mountain

>> No.13490639

Slavery and Freedom

>> No.13490647

The tree of life

>> No.13490653

Heart of Darkness

>> No.13490660


>> No.13490663

The Beggar of Beauty.

>> No.13490851

Childhood's End.

>> No.13490870

Red Rising

>> No.13490872

Geronimo Rex

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Freud liked to suck on a big black cigar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>can't get an erection because you're addicted to cocaine
>claim absitence out of some delusional theory that sex means you can't accomplish great things

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Inherent Vice
Bleeding Edge

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Eye of The World

>> No.13491847

Dickens (the biography by Peter Ackroyd)

>> No.13491861

The end of eternity

>> No.13491862


>> No.13491870

White nights

The world as will and representation

>> No.13492294

>The Great Hunt
>The Shadow Rising
>Lord of Chaos
>A Crown of Swords
>Knife of Dreams
>The Gathering Storm
>Towers of Midnight (kek)
This, along with all the hidden references to sex in the series, makes me think WoT was just a fetish thing cloaked as a story

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Warning to the west

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>> No.13492570

Tortilla Flat

>> No.13492672

The book of mormon

>> No.13492704

Low IQ post. You can tell by the basketball man pictured. Semen retention predates the discovery of cocaine. Predates the discovery of the coca leaf.

>> No.13492709

Ender's Game.

>> No.13492718

>we need to reclaim celibacy as a virtue and not something to be ashamed of

Maybe if incels started doing something of worth instead of just being hateful on the internet people will think of celibacy as a good thing again.

>> No.13492741

Journey to the End of the Night

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Post Office

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Wtf, I love Fraud now.

>> No.13493437

focault's pendulum

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Fire in the mind of men

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oh anon, you amiable rascal

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Much Ado About Nothing

>> No.13494179

Hadji Murat

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