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This man's philosophy of mind is simply irrefutable.

Now I understand why /sci/ always recs him.

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was socrates god?

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>you are not your thoughts
Based Soccerthesis

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buddhism btfo!

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Start with SoccerTees
End with WittyStine

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No, he was channeling Adi Shankara from the future.

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Strawman. Dennett doesn't deny that we are aware, what he argues against is the 'singularity' of awareness, the monolithic 'self', the 'Cartesian theatre' view of consciousness (which tends to be the default assumption. Instead, he says that what we call 'consciousness' is the integrated output of many brain functions, an output which (while impressive) is less coherent and consistent than we tend to think it is.

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>Writes a shitty book saying that you're not conscious
>Chalmers writes a refutation and BTFOs Dennett
>Dennett's only response is 6 page ad hominem

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>while impressive
This is really how redditors describe the means of human cognition and perception.

Retard. If I made a clone of you and caused it pain it would not cause you any pain. Why? Different consciousness. And you can’t back-peddle by saying its merely memory because in the very moment of pain the clone would writhe in agony and you would not. Why? There is no sensation of pain for one, but there is for the ofher.

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The Kantian intelligence already solves the problem of consciousness.

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the materialist view doesn't take into account the phenomenological paradox.

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Link to Chalmer's refutation and Dennett's response?

I've read Dennett and Searle's exchange, so I can imagine you're not exaggerating with the ad hominem bit.

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Not him but you can just read the wikipedia on Chalmers. It’s pretty much his gimmick

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Which I don’t mean derogatively, since he’s clearly right

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Dennett is fantastic


Lmfao way to nitpick an argument he doesn't hold using your own interpretation of the specific language he uses

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Okay, so how does this “consciousness” work?

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>Chalmer's refutation
>Dennett's response?

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My sides

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Dennett isn't an illusionist.

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I know, he’s just a retard who thinks physical observation could ever explain the source of everything we experience.

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That supports his argument. I don't think you understand his argument, nor your own.

Yeah, we can argue over technical uncertanties all day, yet empiricism is still our only conduit to knowledge. It also seems unlikely that nothing of the real is conveyed in appearances.

Idealism is for fags.

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thanks man, appreciate it.

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Dennett is in line with the meta of metaphysics (pun intended). Externalism and contextualism lend themselves to his sort of reductive materialism.

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strange loops and some C++

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holy fuck i love logic

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No, it doesn’t, you’re just incredibly stupid

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Of course it's a CIA nigger that's trying to brainwash the population into becoming materialist bugmen.

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Yes, it does -- if it doesn't, explain how. I could also resort to accurately pointing out your profound metal deficiencies, but it wouldn't constitute an argument.

Which is the theme of this thread... Just strawmanning, appeals to authority and the usual 'zingers'. Weak showing (as per usual) for the anti-physicalists.

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It doesn't fit with lived experience.
It's like a doctor telling you your lying about feeling pain when you're bones are busted and sticking out of your bleeding skin.

>Cogito, ergo sum
Apparently no you don't. Because it doesn't fit into Dennett's purely reductionist model of reality. There's no Synergy in Dennett's Universe; just a bunch of buildings with a lot of missing building blocks.

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Are you of female gender, by any chance?

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fedora-tier "philosophy"

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Are you a faggot, by any chance?

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>Which is the theme of this thread... Just strawmanning, appeals to authority and the usual 'zingers'.

I love how you try to trivialize consistently getting btfo for your 8th grade teachers pet idealisation of science to try and salvage your pride lmao.

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Your efforts are so trivial already as to preclude me from trivializing them further. None of you have made a cogent argument against Dennett, nor even made an attempt to understand his position.

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no self is not a real buddhist doctrine.

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>'consciousness' is the integrated output of many brain functions

how can you honestly believe this??

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In being seized by formal "Mathematical" Logic on one hand, and amorphous agnosticism on the other, Socrates locks the door from the inside and self-detonates.

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I mean come on guys, even the other boards have got things under control

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Brahmayana not buddhists. study original doctrine.

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people actually think this is a smart view or what?

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>this thing is like this thing
>I don't know
>anti materialists btfo

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Leave OP to me.

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Great, maybe next time you'll summarize his argument instead of posting a pretentious portrait like the massive faggot you are.

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the essence of dennett IS triviality

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Can’t read without a summary?

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Sorry hun but Dennet was retroactively BTFO by Peirce

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you got btfo, calling it "for fags" just PROVES how btfo you got

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oh sweaty...

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Why you booing him he's right

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>you can't reduce the mind to constituent parts

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I'm not him, but what if he mentions naturalized epistemology?

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Seems quite civil.

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>ameriburger philosophy
not even once

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Has anyone on here watched his debate with Plantinga?

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One of a few recordings on Plantinga explaining EAAN on a simple language. Personally I don't buy his theory- it seems to be he didn't think how naive science are - but it shows he is a genuine philosopher who can say clearly.

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yeah, its on youtube

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why does plantinga look like he just woke up from the early 19th century

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“Illusory” is an effective rhetorical analogue in Buddhism. Emptiness does not rely on definitions of appearance or illusion as described above.

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>"I think religion for many people is some sort of moral viagra"
he's a cumbrain

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Can't argue yourself what you've supposedly read?

There is no indication of any true dichotomy between the form and content of experience. Furthermore, the so called 'unity of self' is actually quite haphazard and transient when scrutinized... Those who become adept at meditation often come to realize this. The 'prior synthesis' which isn't experienced can easily be exchanged with brain functions we aren't actively aware of.

It's an antiquated argument. If you exchange the hocus-pocus 'transcendentalism' for modern neuroscience, we can offer an explanation for the integration of perception which requires less assumption and abstraction.

Why not? The world is replete with examples of constituent parts interacting to produce emergent phenomena.

There's only a 'hard problem' if you assume the existence of qualia, which is an uncessary assumption (trope theory elegantly obviates qualia). Otherwise it's just a regular -- although difficult -- problem of trying to understand a complex system and the workings of the universe in general.

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*displays an optical illusion*
*vague word soup about qualia*
I have now proven that I alone understand consciousness!

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The world is replete with excrement too, what of it?

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It's your loss if you've never experienced qualia. I'm not an NPC so I have.

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>contemporary sciencecels can't last beyond 4 lines of Socratic dialogue

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Peirce was god tier and mogs entire generations of yuropoors.

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By the way, this is Epistemological womanhood, i.e. not so much passively accepting something because of its overwhelming quantity, but deliberately choosing quantity alone merely because it's quantitative. And it's cruelly ironic, since a casual glance at what happens to women, Phenomenally, should caution one against thinking like this.

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this boy was albert einstein

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