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anyone still read the king of imaginative hard sf, larry niven? pic is of a piersons puppeteer, one of his best alien creations.

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Do its innards run on gas? Those legs are too spindly to hold a traditional mammalian torso.

Maybe the sff general thread would like this

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Almost 40 pgs left in lucifers hammer and it's been a slog. Mote in gods eye was great tho, so maybe I'll check out more of his wacky aliens

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fuck off, cunt

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Don’t at me with that shit

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don't try to police this board and tell us what to do you fucking dumb idiot.

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One more bump for you.

I’m not trying to police you, I’m trying to direct you to a spot that would appreciate the content most.
I like strange alien stuff. I’ve designed a few myself.

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Anyone play spore?

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stop posting in my thread faggot

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