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How are they going to clean the image of this guy in the movies? I mean, he is a pseudofascist dictator.

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Liberals love to play with the old god-king motif. Disney shoves princesses down our throats still.

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Hopefully it won't be a liberal mouthpiece. The fact that it'll be a Villeneuve piece gives me hope.

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>Disney shoves princesses down our throats still
wrong, disney actually is trying to subvert this motive, it is you who actually wants to be a princess, but are trying to surpress this urge in order to prove to yourself that you are a modern inependent woman in the similar way that biggest homophobes are latent faggots

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butterfly, I thought you were liberal.

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I assume left types are all suffering massive cognitive dissonance in 2019

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Liberals are in the centre, they're pro-capitalism. Basically neocons as far as economics and foreign policy (ie, issues that actually matter) goes, the only difference is on meme issues like trans toilets. The real Left, the Labor Left, is something very different.

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>is something very different.
nah the labour left is really just the people who failed to get into the woke liberal cosmopolitan managerial and business class elites, either too poor or too stupid or too autistic, they claim to hate liberals yet act like a caricature of liberals and sjws, eventually and after too much disilussion they are going to end their lives in misery like the dead stare boomer trotskyiste handing out newspapers and flyers. The truth is, all politics is about self interest, aesthetics and tribalism. the working class has been to date, the great cuckold of history.

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I’m an anarchist, a leftist. No gods, no masters. Pro direct democracy of the people.

Oh gimme a break

Oh, he’s pretty good.

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you literally sound like a 12 year old fedora

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I've never heard a hat say anything like that much less one of that style or vintage.

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The most visible american communists right now are busy trying break immigrants out of gas chambers. The left that commies on /lit/ claim is the "real" one is the absolute minority, even of people waving around communist flags.

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But that is part of the point. He becomes a fugly monster and slowly loses human emotions. He becomes repulsive and I figure that is how the author expects you to feel about some guy having that much power over everyone else and, worse of all, people being OK with such a state.

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>I’m an anarchist, a leftist. No gods, no masters. Pro direct democracy of the people

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she literally IS

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>said a kid who lives with their mommy and posts on an anime forum
the shit that comes outta this kids mouth, I swear to god

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> tfw USMC veteran, christian and a comitted capitalists who understands america was founded as a republic and not a democracy. I have read Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipielago and that is not the future I want for my wife and my three beautiful children.

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I was born and raised old by christian fedoras.
I have grown to reconnect with the best of childhood and adulthood.

I live alone. Cheap room. No parents in sight. I’m 46.
And yes, a woman.

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>and a comitted capitalists
you realise capitalists are the ones flooding the country with millions of poor people from the 3rd world to keep wages low

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>I live alone. Cheap room. No parents in sight. I’m 46.
>And yes, a woman.

The memes are true. Fucking cat ladies. Are you a feminist too?

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bruh, I have seen your fucking face- you post pictures of your goddamn self on here, you think I'm fucking new
I could recognize your massive greasy pale foreheads and thin dark hair anywhere- you think you're fucking coy? you post here perpetually for attention I could probably spot you in a crowd I've seen pics of you posted here so damn much lol
god damn you are fucking delsuional

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No. Capitalism implies competition. The corporatists you mentioned want to stifle competition, they dont eant a free market. They want us to be raped by taxes and govt strangulation while they operate above it all with their muktinational conglomerates having no ties to any single nation. They are global corporate fascists. Youre an idiot who should go back to r3ddit.

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25 yr old male here. youre this boards worst nightmare but i want you to know that i respect and admire your lifestyle

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The term capitalism has become meaningless because it refers to what you described, while also referring to good old lemonade stand market economy personal freedom.

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look what I found- a fucking picture of you- that YOU posted on this fucking site!
seriously, what is your fucking end game here? do you want some insane incel to hunt you down and kill you? honestly I worry sometimes

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Is this a tranny?

>> No.13563755

shes cute. but yeah, she should avoid becoming identifiable

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>I worry sometimes
Which is why you posted it, sure.

It’s not because I’m not.

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I wish I had an ugly /lit/ mommy gf to take care of me

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then think I'm worried for you, I genuinely don't care
I'm telling you I see pics of you here all the time, it's only a matter of time before someone who actally knows you identifies you and you and your fcking family start getting death threats and prank pizza orders for fucking years
seriously, do yourself a damn favor. like honestly what is your endgame? why do you think posting this along with pics is a good idea?

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>then DON'T think I'm worried for you

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You are thinking of Leto II. Paul remains human through all of his life, and even refuses to become the worm-god emperor. That's kind of his whole point in Children of Dune.

I seriously doubt the movies will do good enough in regards to audience and income to reach that point of the story.

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Would mash muffs with her if i was a girl desu.

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No pepperoni, please.

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banterfly deleivers again
OP btfo
how will he recover?

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just remember when you're parents are asking you through tears what the fuck /lit/ is and why people keep sending them photoshopped pictures of you getting raped, that someone tried to warn you and you posted another picture of pippi longstocking

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i get what youre saying. maybe she should post more carefully. but whats more interesting to me is why you personally would post here at all, knowing what the people are like

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>why would you even post here?
>he said in a post on 4chan

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i never come here. i started looking last week to see the freaks pretend to be well-read

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What you believe in is ochlocracy

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>i never come here

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oh that's weird- see you were anonymous;y posting so really I couldn't tell anything about you
in fact one could say that posting anonymously keeps you safe from a lot of freak weirdos around here, huh.... how about that

srsly tho I just realized I have some great .gifs, ecuse me for a moment

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lol are you autistic

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Ok well youre cute and its good to knkw youre a female because jt means your political views are irrelevant

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i am literally a grammar nazi

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I’m not advocating government. I’m advocating people using democracy as a social tool. Small, compartmentalized, localized.

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Exactly you believe in ochlocracy.

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I want to live in an Epicurean commune with you and be your bff.

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Paul needed to be a dick so the jihad wouldn't happen.

Jesus read the books.

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It’s called syndicalism


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>It’s called syndicalism
I knew you were a brainlet, but this brainlet?

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anti-theists: "I'm an anarchist, a leftist. No Gods, no masters. Pro direct democracy of the people"

I think a better question than "what are you?" is "why are you here?"


There's people like this in every community I've been in. Whinging and godless lesbians who post pictures of attractive women from movies

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there's a thing called google, retard
literally one search will stop you from making this retarded post- why won't you take that step?

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You cant be left wing and an anarchist in reality. The centralization of power required to uphold your leftist values is inconsitent with anarchy. But go ahead and play make believe.

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This is like believing in rebellion as a system of government.

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this is competition, anon.

>> No.13563982

Guys shes a girl of course her views are whimsical dont be mean to her she just needs a good dicking from a trump supporter and a baby or two

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Vertical monopolies/oligopolies and trusts are anti-competitive.

>> No.13564007

not that anon but is a coaltion of the strong to prolong their strenght anto-competition or is it just nearly impossible to compete with?

>> No.13564010

Which is why we’re all going to die out this century

>Syndicalism? Wahahah. Bad. Wahahahah
Trolls should live under bridges

>> No.13564012

>anto-competition or is it just nearly impossible to compete with?
Unless you want to get theoretical doesnt really matter. They operate the same way economically.

>> No.13564018

And yet you appeared to be living in an appartment.

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Why should we listen to you over all the other losers, because you’re unjustly smug?

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You’re being an especially insufferable brainlet today

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The jihad happened equally so what. No excuse, Paul Atreides behaviour was correct and also based

>> No.13564061

Reminds me of the monty python peasant skit

>> No.13564069

I guess I come off as smug from defending myself from overbearing twiticisms you heap on me.
I am actually quite civil and humble.
I have something to say and I know things you don’t. I come here to collect what you all know. Do you believe the trolling that I’m dumb? One cant have read everything

>> No.13564076

Enough non-argument from you.

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It's crazy how I leave this site for ~6 months travelling and the day I get back you're still here responding to every post in every thread. Literally nothing has happened in your life for half of a year.
It's sad dude, get out of the house. Life is really short.

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If they "clean him up" he'll be revolutionary fighting against tyranny and the worst part of his character will be (human skin drums, etc.) Will be exercised.

Most people won't actually care if he's a dictator or not only if he kinda aligns with their views

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Wage slavery, man. Working on it.

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