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If I had to define based, that would be him

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"If I had to define faggot, that would be OP"
i'm just protecting myself from this possible post in advance

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Hume was disproved by a Sicilian friar some 500 years before he wrote anything. Imagine getting blown the fuck out that badly. The Enlightment was trash and the only thing remotely good to have been inspired by some of the thinkers, and wrongly is grouped as a contemporary of it despite overlapping it by a few decades is Immanuel Kant.

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excuse me buy why is there a yellow circle behind this guy?

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cringe and bluepilled

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whos in your pic

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His name is included in the halo around his head.

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but why does he have a fucking halo? that's fucking ridiculous dude

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It's because he proved the existence of God five times over, my dude.

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god? who is this faggot?

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Howd id he disprove Hume?

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Even a child can prove existence of God, all he needs is to twist the definition of God. My retarded nephew can prove God. Proving Christian God though? Impossible, since he doesn't exist LOL.

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Your retarded nephew not being thrown off a cliff as should have happened per Kant's Categorical Imperative is definite proof of God's Eternal Grace and hence His existence, you imbecile.

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The Enlightenment is by definition THE bluepill as it is the mother of classical liberalism which bore both contemporary and neoliberalism. All of these exist and operate in the same sphere of poisoned thought; secularism, individualism, total autonomy, malum prohibitum bugman morality (muh consent), reason being turned to passions, democracy, pluralism— all directly to blame for rapid deterioration of the social and cultural spheres of human existence in mere decades culminating in our current death spiral where abominations like homosexuality are embraced and celebrated, where the entire household is forced to work just to live in a sardine sized lot and where they pretend they have "control" over their pathetic lives with birth control preventing a child to what they see as a miserable world (product of their enlightenment anti-nature ideology), where human dignity has been erased, where all that remains is a hollow vain culture of consumerism where your superficial distractions can make you be ignored. No my friend, it is you that have taken the literal bluepill and it is my prognosis that this case is so terminal that you cannot see outside the paradigms it has setup. I'm afraid to say that you are not gonna make it.

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>my dude

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Which modern philosopher do you agree with

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For me, it’s Aristotle

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