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Read Guenon.

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>old things are good
>new things are bad
>religion is good but all religions are the same in the end

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Read Gueneonemenon.

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old things bad
new thing good!

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This. Guenon and his ilk were already torn apart by Nietzsche anyway. Take the process ontology pill.

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This. Guenon and his ilk were already torn apart by Nietzsche anyway. Guenon is just another snake oil salesman that claims to have access to Eternal Truth. Take the process ontology pill instead.

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>by nietzsche
you have to be 18 or older to post on this site newfriend

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Nietzsche didn't know shit about eastern thought, all he read were a few crappy orientalist translations, the 'traditional-minded' people that he rages against have nothing to do with Guenon's Traditionalism but are the exact sort of people and ideas Guenon goes out of his way to distinguish themselves with. Process philosophy is a joke and was retroactively refuted by Parmenides along with many others. Whitehead's project failed because he was unable to refute Parmenides point about thought and being coinciding.

People who take an interest in Whitehead, Deleuze, Bergson etc and who express an antipathy towards 'being' typically suffer from inwards flaws that make them seek to disassociate them from themselves, to metaphysically 'cuckold' themselves out of existence as it were. They then project this attitude onto everything and everyone which is why like western buddhists and anglo protestants they take to proselytizing their newfound beliefs because it helps to fill the hole in their heart. Everyone who obsesses over "process" philosophy and related French thinkers all do so because they have some ingrained flaw, either they are ugly, too short, don't have good social skills, unintelligent, the list goes on, either that or it's because they've messed up their life in some way. Reading these figures acts as a consolation because that way it helps one convince themselves that none of these things actually mattered or have real significance, because "it's all just a process etc', it functions as form of catharsis, it's all very transparent and amusing for me to observe.

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>all religions are the same

How can this be reconciled with The Roman Catholic church's dogma of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus?

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Made me reply

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The exoteric interpretation of the dogma = anyone outside our Church is not saved

The esoteric interpretation = anyone outside the Ecclesia of Truth is not saved

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Glad to see people openly admitting they haven't read him

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>Guenon and his ilk were already torn apart by Nietzsche anyway
Guenon wasn't even alive when Neitzsche was writing. His school of comparative religion, whether you agree with it or not, has almost nothing to do with the mainstream philosophy of religion of Neitzsche's time. Your post is awful on so many levels.

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Read Jean Borella.

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burp = based und redpilled

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>reading non golden age Muslims
Please tell me you don’t do this

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Guenon is also of interest to people other than those who exclusively read Islamic literature. Guenon focuses on Hindu teachings in his works more often than he does Islamic ones anyways.

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Any universal claim or objective claim to truth assumes some access to "Eternal Truth".
We can know truths partially because the truth is within us.

His books are mostly metaphysical and philosophical, critiquing the modern world and unboxing a lot of metaphysical ideas.


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Guenon says: Fuck Theo-Sophists and Gurus

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what does that mean himmler was bluepilled

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Lumen Gentium

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