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Guenon was smarter then virtually every poster ever on /lit/, was a auto-didact genius, phenomenal with languages, knew his western philosophy extremely well not to mention esoteric primordial metaphysics. If you even for a moment make the mistake of thinking there is anything that one could possibly critique him for it's only because you didn't read or understand him. Guenon is the most important European writer in the entire 300 years of the 18th-21st centuries, you're talking about a literal God. Fucking pseuds

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No ones going to read your meme philosopher pseud

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too late, every noteworthy and intelligent poster on on /lit/ has already read him

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B-but people prior to the 1600s were literal cavemen

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No one in academia has heard of this man. He's a non entity.

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He was the Foucault of traditionalism cherry picking bits of history and religion that he thought was the best

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Correct, and Foucault was the Guenon of Traditionalism.

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Modern academia is a joke.

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Fuck off Foucault was based

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That is a powerful argument in his favour but not sufficient by any means

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This is a wonderful inverse "no true scotsman".

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monkey looking fella

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>tfw i synthesized Guenon and Foucaults philosophies
everyone is stupid except me (and Guenon and Foucault of course)

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holy based

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Play a record

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Outside of France, maybe.

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i don't fully understand his views on initiation, but seeing that many of us weren't initiated through network but reading, maybe he wasn't right about that

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Initiation is the relation of a spiritual father to a spiritual child like in orthodoxy.
There is a real spiritual influence, a real spiritual enlightenment and real spiritual teaching etc...
It's not mental, it's spiritual.

My very dear guenonians, if, like me, you want to get a real initiation, become orthodox and monk.

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>Guenon was smarter then virtually every poster ever on /lit/
Let's face it fellas, that's not very impressive

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I have to say Guenon said there were initiation in orthodoxy with the prayer of Jesus/of the heart.
And indeed, it makes no doubt, because in orthodoxy there is generations of saint. Look about the mount athos.

If you really think Guenon is smart, you should be smart enough to look after a real initiation. And there is in orthodoxy (in islam, soufism is either degenerate or persecuted by sunnites now).

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>knew his western philosophy
then why could he not grapple with Hegel or Heidegger?

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he was just a dedicated nerd, I would beat him up and score higher in test without studying in school.

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Initiation is like tuning a musical instrument. You can't do it without using tuning fork or already tuned instrument as reference.

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Reminder that Evola was smarter than Guenon and completed his system.

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how ?

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Do I have to become a monk?

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If you can, if you want, if that is your calling. If you don't know a spiritual father will help you to find out.
It's of course better to find a good spiritual father adapted to you (every monastery has one, the most spiritually advanced monk). But you can still have a spiritual father as laity, and they can teach you the prayer of the heart I think.
But for those who want to achieve theosis (deification), monachism is the royal way.

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Just begom Shia then doofus

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Do you literally believe in the supposed miracles of the Bible, such as Jesus rising from the dead or Mary being a virgin or is the Orthodox church smart enough to allow mythology? What about perennialism, is this an accepted position in the church?

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>Guenon is the most important European writer in the entire 300 years of the 18th-21st centuries, you're talking about a literal God
This HAS to be bait.
No one in the real world cares about "muh academia". They're nothing but a bunch of repulsive failures with shit opinions.

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He's a traitor to the West. A degenerate suhuman frog with delusional tendencies. Means nothing to philosophy.

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Let's admit you are ready to say Jesus was inferior to Mohamed, then, good luck going to Iran, learning arab and fitting in the community.

In the contrary in orthodoxy, there is Jesus, the son of God, not mohamed, the simple prophet. And orthodox have founded monasteries in the west.

(Guenon became sufi just because he couldn't go to India and because it was easier for him at this time to get in contact with islam through the french colonies than to get in contact with orthodoxy).

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Does he ever actually argue that Islam is true?

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>Autorefutated himself this badly

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Nothing is impossible to the One that made the possibilities (God makes what He want's with the rules He made).
I won't talk to you about the other part of your post, first you must stop to be a materialist fool, then, at some time mysteries will be revealed to you.

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>No one in academia

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can't take him seriously with that fwhr

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Iranians do not speak Arabic, dumb fucker. Also, they don't even cluster with Arabs on PCA autosomal DNA plots.

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and yet I've never heard of him.

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Arab is the sacred language of islam, if you didn't know. Because their book comes from the sky this language is very important in this religion, in their theology and in their initiation. It's not only a liturgical language like in christianity.
But yes, I should have said to you that you would have to learn the arabic AND the persian.

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Now you do

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