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>flipping burgers by day
>Reading about German idealism by night

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nice blog

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hey thats me

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>hard manual labor by day
>reading the works of saints by night

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all the world's a LARP

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>going on a pilgrimage by day
>reading Cioran's Tears and Saints by night
You guys should really try both together. It's great.

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How do I transcend sleep like you guys did?

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Tbh I don't know that feel
I'm a neet and I mooch off from my mom
The longest that I've been able to hold a job for is 1 year
I've been diagnosed with autism spectrum yet I did not qualify for neetbux
I'm going to try to get another job but I'll probably fail and be back to square one

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we don't care, blogfag

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Keep trying anon. Don't hate yourself if it doesn't work out. Best of luck.

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this is my thread from a while ago cheeky cunt

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Fuck work, stay at your mom's house. Having bills and rent to pay sucks dicks and you have to do it for the rest of your life. Stay at home as long as possible, so you can focus on your writing.

Do NOT fall for the "moving out" meme. Worst mistake of my life.

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Haha, le epic post brethren!

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are you me? lmao, what a fucking cursed planet

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I have no idea what this image refers to. I've never seen this kind of of thing.

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I dont get the volume bar

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>university security guard by day
>Deleuzian by night

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>Implying wageslaves arent completely mentally and often physically drained to pursue any kind of intellectual hobby in their evenings after work

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>eat bags and bags of candy all day
>chronic stomach ache
>stop eating candy for half a day, stomach ache subsides
>feel better so eating candy all day again

i'm addicted to sugar

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based candyman

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>Being a wagie is hella tight

LARP is a spook

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They are IF THEY ALSO have babies to feed/gfs to try and keep from leaving them/debts to pay off/work two jobs. We don't have those distractions and we're young enough that we have the surplus mental energy of which you speak.

t. beginning the Wealth of Nations at work/wrapping up a multi-book phase on the Italian Years of Lead/have to turn around "Introduction to Poetics" to the library in between (quite short, no problem)

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And all the men and girls(male) merely players

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tfw not everyone was born rich and can just do whatever they want all day every day without a care in the world

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Great job, retard.

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>work for the state by day
>work against the state by night

deus lo volt

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for legal reasons, this is satire

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>serving two masters
anon, i...

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>Helping feed the hungry
>Reading about German Idealism

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Ne travaillez jamais

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