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>"OMG is that Lolita you can't read Lolita you sick pervert you're in public what's wrong with you?"
>meanwhile everyone reads Stephen King books and Game of Thrones and other bestselling thriller novels where rape and pedo are main themes and no one cares

why is this?

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>>"OMG is that Lolita you can't read Lolita you sick pervert you're in public what's wrong with you?"
Is anybody out there like this?

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The pedo taboo is formed the same way any morality is formed. Everybody wants it: some people can’t have it; therefore nobody can have it and you’re evil for even wanting it.

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feminism and capitalism are also relevant here

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Communism is not cunnypilled

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I got an evil eye for reading a book called Free Thinkers.

No, that’s not how it works, pedoboi

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What do you know, tranny?

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Fuck off Glaucon

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ok socrates

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By this point it is obvious Pedosadist blackmail networks are a key component of global governance. If you want to understand human nature and the inner workings of power you should engage in an impartial study of pedophilia

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The fuck are you talking about? I meet more people who have no idea what Lolita is about but, only based on a reputation of critical acclaim, consider it a master work of genius

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National Socialism is, though. (((They))) don’t want housewives, but laborers

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Islam is. Honestly surprises me that 4chan has never adopted Islam as a meme for that exact purpose

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>I got an evil eye for reading a book called Free Thinkers
>things that never ever happened
Lol, keep fucking dreaming. People care even less about you in the real world

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You seem to think you were born a full grown teen male or something. You’ve no regard for childhood innocence. I guess you think there’s no such thing or that it needs to be lost asap.
Pedophiles see the child as an object. They don’t love them, they just desire them. As soon as they’re too old they go look for another one. There’s no difference between them and a porn magazine. There’s no love for anything but your dick.
The taboo comes from people who have fond memories of childhood left innocent or from those with bad memories of their childhood ripped from them by sexual predators

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Not that anon but your projection has ruined your argument; you e inserted value judgements and jumped from “want” to “love as a sentient being should be loved”
Guess I shouldn’t be surprised you can’t think. Maybe you should actually read that free thinkers book instead of telling people you read it

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Childhood innocence is a patriarchal myth, as revolutionary leftists we should fight for total sexual freedom for everyone

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I know what pedophiles see the child as, no need to enlighten me. However you think that because of a retarded sentimental minority, the desires of the majority should be denied?

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Seriously though. He may have know who Susan Jacoby was or was just familiar with the notion of freethinkers
Ingersoll was great btw. Clearly influenced by Emerson

Coping pedos

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Because it's literally in the title lol
Also no one would care much except projecting /lit/

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>you know how argumentation works- pedo pedo! Evil bad man!
Fuck you are stupid. No wonder leftist “thinking” like this when out into action is easily circumvented by perverts who simply don a new monicker. You’re a fucking abysmal retard and no amount of virtue signaling will change that- you’d thing after nearly ten fucking years being a stupid cunt on this. Pars would’ve taught you but I guess people really are just hopeless

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Based tranny

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I'm with you. :3

*presses my genitals against your face gently*

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>. Pars
meant Board. How the fuck did that come out
Anyways fuck you butterfly, you’re almost 40, get a fucking cat and leave us alone

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Oh look, a rightwing pedophile. I was told those don’t exist. Hm.

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Hahaha now I’m right wing? Jesus Christ, seek help

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Also what is this supposed to imply? Who the fuck ever said right wingers can’t be pesos? Can you have a fucking convo and not just talk to your damn self?

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Why do children have “innocence,” but not adults? I understand if you’re talking about prepubescents, who don’t understand what sex or romance really is, but why aren’t all people innocent? Why should the 22 year old virgin be taken advantage of, too? If it just comes down to consent, then what’s wrong with relationships in which a young teen consents? Also, why is it wrong for a man to have sex with a teen, while it’s totally fine for that same teen to have sec with her peers?

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>childhood innocence
Children are not innocent they are simply not physically overfly enough to surprise people with their inhumanity- innocence must be bestowed upon them with rigorous instruction
Only fools think that “innocence” exists outside of a disciplined consciousness

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Children are new people, so yes, generally prepubescent is what I’m referring to here.
“Virginity” is a goofy term that never includes those who have been masturbating their whole lives, for asinine reasons. Why are you pretending to be so naïve?
A young teen first discovering their sexuality is still in the care of their parents and should not be taken advantage of by the above mentioned sexual predators. You want to imagine a love story develop between a 25 and a 15 y/o with the parents supervision and consent, fine by me, but we both know what the majority of such cases are

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Perfectly average relationships?

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>Children are not innocent
Of course they are. Were you tormented as a child or just blocking it all out?
I think I’ve found why some of you can’t progress. You aren’t friends with your younger self

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>You want to imagine a love story develop between a 25 and a 15 y/o with the parents supervision and consent, fine by me, but we both know what the majority of such cases are
Alright then we agree. But my problem with modern society is that these types of relationships are almost totally forced into non-existence, but it’s somehow ok for guys and girls to whore out for years during adolescence. Women are expected to work, and they’re always surrounded by guys their age, and their given total freedom to be sluts like men are. Instead of liberating women, the feminists should have been harsher on men and their promiscuity. As I said earlier itt, unrestricted capitalism and feminism (which is influenced by both men and women behaving immorally) are the two biggest reasons for the decay among romantic relationships and by extension families.

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How cute. I'm getting hard *presses harder*


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>let me just project away this argument
How are children innocent? Children don’t try to hurt people just because they feel bad or angry? Literally any moral standard one could believe could only NOT be transgressed by a child because of their physical state- children have killed and committed sex crime, google is your friend. Clearly truth is not

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Her posts will be a little muffled because my member is on her face :3

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Teens have been given more freedom to learn about sex and relationships. Some households don’t allow it and turn out maladjusted adults who call girls whores and sluts. Stop twisting it.

>How are children innocent?
Another admission to not remembering his childhood. Work on it, anon. Try to remember. Don’t be afraid to cry if you have to. Let it out.

Fuck off.

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please stop trying to sexually assault our posters, it's bad enough for them as it is

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God it’s pathetic to see you project this hard. For all the bitching you do about the anonymity here it’s fundamental to enabling your idiocy

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>unironically believing children are innocent in principle
Fuck you must’ve been sheltered growing up

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Anonymity is what enables idiocy here. HAHAHAH

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>He wasn’t sheltered as a child
Damn your boomer parents for ruining you all.

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So not gonna address the very real fact that children can commit evil acts? Of course not, why do I keep assuming something worthwhile happens in your brain

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Why can children commit evil if they are innocent?

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As someone who was terribly as a child by other children sincerely kys

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Ruined children commit “crimes”. This diversion from the topic isn’t what I’m referring to.
So it’s alright in your eyes for troubled children to be given to pedophiles?

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Oh whatever. She has SALIENTLY masturbated to me two times now. Don't act like she doesn't like this shit. :3

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terribly bullied
in the worst instance some kid tried to stuff a banana up my ass so here’s your sexual element you ignorant cunt bitch. my life was ruined by fucking children. you know fucking nothing.

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I will agree that being overtly sexual is for sure a bad thing. :3

But don't act like Butterfly has not given in many many times to my demands. It's the only reason I try. She is such a fickle thing, sometimes she gives in, other times she does not. Regardless, I can guarantee you she is into it.

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Ruined? Got any proof of this contingency or is this just an excuse?
Are all children who do terrible things abused and not a single one is responsible or has agency? Now who’s full of fucking shit

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what the fuck kinda fucking place you live

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They were ruined by adults before they got to you. Ruined innocence. Sorry for you.

So you’re a free-will absolutist and you don’t understand that it comes from somewhere?
Again, are we supposed to set up a dating site for troubled children and pedophiles?

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Top cop out.
Absolute retard/10
Thanks for playing

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Impulses come from animals, they are not morally good or bad but are only considered such after the fact
Children, being developed animals, can commit actions considered evil. They are not literal angels you fucking nutcases, jfc

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>refuses to think
This is the cop out

An honest degenerate or a troll. Doesn’t matter.


>> No.14145229

>claims someone else is refusing to think while basically pretending to be Rousseau as if anyone has taken his ass seriously since his own lifetime
Ha fucking ha. This thread is more than sufficient to counter anything you’ve put forward. Keep seething ya sheltered idiot

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Taking a toy from a store isn’t evil, isn’t a legit crime by my standards even. But there is no animal impulse for children to rape smaller children. That was learned behavior from a past rape/molestation

>> No.14145242

*moves it around a little bit*

Just be honest with me for ONE second :3 Which part do you want against your face

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>Sheltering is bad.
>It ruins my argument
>Which allows me to feel better about my pedophilic fantasies

Fucking stop

>> No.14145259

Give me some indication. You don't have to say it directly, just a hint :3

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>stealing a toy
Respond to the guy who says he was fuckig ass raped by another child- he’s commenting TO YOU
Fucking coward

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Sheltering isn’t bad if someone is claiming to understand the world
Are you really this insipid?

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/lit/ once again confirms itself as the pedophile board

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>stealing a toy isn’t evil
Sorry what?
So if I make something- putting time and labor into and and intend to sell it’s for a fair price to feed my family it’s cool if it gets stolen assuming it was stolen by a child?
You are a fucking idiot

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you mean /tv/

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>intend to sell
That’s evil. Toys are for kids, that’s all the kid knows.
As food is for eating and your hypothetical family ought to be able to eat it sans this “sell” BS

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>reversion to inanity and pippi long stocking jpegs
Alright, it’s over until the next thread
Good work folks, let’s call it a day

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I can't tell if your arguing for strictly pre-pubescent sex is immoral, which I'd figure to be undeniable, or certain forms of teen sex with older suitors are immoral. The latter is generally accepted as immoral, but is most cases of 'pedophelia.' I'm not really sure what an argument would be other than a piece of paper says 18 here is okay, 17 there, 15 there, etc.

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Islam is too noggerish. Reddit adopted the meme, though.

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I literally read my hardcover copy of Lolita from Everyman's library for a few weeks and nobody gave a shit, so stop making up things that don't happen you fucking faggot.

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