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I want to start with Lovecraft's work despite of his racist issues and terrible fan base; something deep inside me, makes me that he was a great writer.

Should I start with At the Mountains of Madness or where?

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Don't abuse semicolons. It looks like shit.

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not what i asked

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His racism makes it better.

Here's his reading list.

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wasn't answering you're question leftoid

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Did he love his craft?

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Not a great writer (his style is unfortunately kitschy), but he brings out some great ideas
i was reading through this list recently

also lovecraft's racism kind of works well with the fear of radical alterity in his works desu

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>no Barns or Noble leather classics!

What about the Oxford edition?

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No thats you

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At the Mountains of Madness is excellent, one of his greatest stories, but it's not the best place to start with Lovecraft; it takes a while to get going, and I think you'll get more out of it if you've read his other work beforehand.

If you're a huge horror fan, read his stories in chronological order; it's a lot of fun seeing him evolve as a writer and develop his mythos. If you want to start off with a taste of him at his best, then read the following stories:

The Call of Cthulhu
The Rats in the Walls
The Music of Erich Zann
The Shadow Over Innsmouth
The Colour Out of Space

This image is outdated; Barnes and Noble fixed the spelling errors in 2011. Also, the binding isn't good, but I didn't have any problems with my copy. I spent weeks going through it, and it never fell apart.

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But you should listen, your use of the semicolon was tragic.

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>despite of his racist issues

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I just looked it up; it contains a bunch of his best stories, but with the Barnes and Noble book, you get a lot more bang for your buck.

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What a out The Whisperer in Darkness?

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I would throw it right alongside the five stories I recommended. It's fantastic.

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Best edition of his works is the Hippocampus Press one edited by Joshi btw.

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but racism is a problematic issue.
also leftoid is a problematic word.
and your employment of "you're" instead of "your" is a problematic usage.

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This is true, although all three volumes will cost you $99.

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you know what's really problematic? niggers.

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and Polish immigrants

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i just said that.

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What is the most complete pdf reggarding his works?

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>Should I start with At the Mountains of Madness or where?
I started with mountains, and I enjoyed it. I read it in the original English, and it had a lot of words that I didn’t know. I decided to read for myself before seeing what critics and other people have said about it and judge the text based on the experience and my own reference base. i liked the story and his style, but I feel like I should have started with something from the Cthulhu mythos because thats his must famous subplot (realize upon writing this that my phone had the word Cthulhu). It seems more “right”. But I’m not a Lovecraft specialist, only a casual reader. Never read anything from him since, and there’s a ton of authors in the front of the line. Will monitor the thread for recomendations though.

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You aren't entitled to an answer for your stupid question just because you want one, retard.

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>But you should listen; your use of the semicolon was tragic
That’s better

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>preoccupied with the semicolon
>ignoring the incorrect use of the comma

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pic reminds me of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GVXIaJy6QA

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>despite of his racist issues
Fucking retard

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ok boomer

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Don't sleep on his poetry. He has some really great stuff.

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God you are a fucking idiot. Go back to school.

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Why did he do that thing with his mouth

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What about this one? I paid 7 british pesos for this edition, I haven't read it tho. I'm only interested in his stories, I bought it expecting a complete anthology.

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>despite of his racist issues and terrible fan base
oh, grow up. start with the rats in the walls ((((:

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>being baited this easily

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Who cares about his racism? That's not a reason to not read him. The real reason to not read him is because he's a shit writer.

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>rhyming figure with nigger
fucking anglo larper

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>despite of
It's just despite you retarded zoomer.

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Shadow over innsmouth

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Pleb tier reading list.

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Not reading an author because they're racist literally eliminates every single writer who ever lived before 1950.

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What does /lit/ think about the Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath?

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Reading this in order right now. The first story was written when he was only 15. He clearly showed promise.

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