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>girlfriend used the dead white male authors argument on me

How should I respond?

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break up

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>some authors were white males and are now dead
what argument

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Tell her to have sex with niggers if she hates straight white men so much.

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the argument is you are backwards and outdated if you exclusively or almost always only read books written by authors who are now dead who were white males

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don't even bother. women are stubborn, and there really isn't any point in going into this matter any further

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this. ad hominem arguments are cringe

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literally me except I don't smoke

and of course the jacket is unironic, I'm carrying around DFW for chrissake

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Tell her their race and sex are irrelevant and doesn't affect quality.

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what is the argument

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That is a proposition, not an argument.

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Just tell her you read the Japanese and the Latin Americans and shut her up. Tell her n*ggers can't write while you're at it.

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First of all those authors being straight white males is entirely irrelevant. The strength of an argument or validity or a point has nothing to do with the person making it. It stands or falls on its own merits.
Also, try to convince her that all the authors she's complaining about were secretly gay/trans/women writing under the guise of men etc to drive home that point. You can't know the inner-self of these long dead writers, and they could have been lgbtq+, therefore your argument has no legs to stand on.

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Honestly just leave it be or say your peace but don’t sperg out. Although if you have to ask here what to say it doesn’t sound like you actually have anything to say. Count your blessings. It’s far from the worst racial or gender stunt women are capable of pulling. As long as she’s not too much of a retard aside from this, just enjoy her company.

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She’s a woman. She has or else she will before too long without prompting.

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Women have been so oppressed that only a few have written anything worth reading. It’s not their fault.

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Ask her for recommendations

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Nah he'll be forced to read disgusting n*gger trash for months. OP, just take the L and change the subject with her.

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What kind of women are you dating, anon?

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>the argument is you are backwards and outdated if you exclusively or almost always only read books written by authors who are now dead who were white males


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You fags are so bad at rhetoric. All you have to do is ask "what is the point of literature?" That you should read this, or that, presupposes that there's some goal in mind. As soon as you've got her trying to define that purpose, she's licked.

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As per usual, fpbp

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"The point of literature is political"

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just agree with her that you’re racist and sexist. woke propaganda has changed the image of liking lit from being a bit nerdy to being a an evil thought criminal. and there’s nothing that gets the ‘Gina tingling more than the thought of a dangerous crook.

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This is the much more important question. Her first inclination is to judge content based on identity over ideas. Congratulations, you've bonded with a religious fanatic.

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"and the point of the political? To do what? Enforce justice in the world? But what is justice?" At this point they'll get angry with your aimless questioning, to which you can just say "you mad." Remember what Socrates and Nietzsche taught you. All dialogue leads to annihilation, never hate to abuse this.

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Agree and amplify by saying something like this:
>"How can I, a White man, ever be able to understand the personal experience of the oppressed other? The internal oppressive structures that laden my perception would wreck any sort of reading one might make of a non-white work. My reading of their work is literally an act of oppression. This, toots, is why I will never read a work by a non-white."

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Start with the Bhagavad Gita or the Epic of Gilgamesh and take it from there.
I legitimately have a more "diverse" library than any of these leftists whose non-white authors of choice are only non-white on the surface.

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>dating someone who's trying to genocide you

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Why are you engaging with f*males on an intellectual level? Do you discuss philosophy with your dog? All creatures have their purpose, dog's is to bark and woof, gf's is to cook and suck dick. Do not torture the poor creature with bothersome thoughts of arts and minds, it's cruel.

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What do you mean by this? This sounds like an alpha move.

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Find a new girlfriend. One capable of independent thought , or at least smart enough to recognize that she's incapable of it.

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You coulf always agree that the domegraphic of authors you read is a bit one note, you could then ask for some recs of authors of color and women auhors, then you could look them up and check them out if any sound interesting to you. Or not. Like who gives a shit, read what you want to read but you should always be trying to find more authors that you potentially may like

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You're such a spineless faggot

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Reading authors of every imaginable identity for its own sake is just as limited as to read only 'dead white males', because all these 'diverse' authors that these sorts of people read are all expressing the same shallow establishment progressivism that all 'cosmopolitans' with their hella 'diverse' taste fall into. Anyone that makes this 'dead white males' argument really only reads one kind of author themselves, the authors of WOKE, who, despite whatever their identity may be, are always middle- and upper-class Americans living in New York or California.

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peel down your lower lip to reveal the swastika tattoo

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Yes. This is the only answer

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>independent thought
pic one

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Greeks, spaniards and italos aren’t white

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just ignore/side step the topic/convo and move on.
unless you actually want to BTFO and dump this hooer over something as trivial as "retard says really dumb thing."
your gf is always going to say dumb shit. get used to it.
straighten her out, lay out your cards, and draw a line if you plan on marrying her/going long, long-term. otherwise just ignore and carry on.
>"heh guys, i totally just took an arguemental shit on my GF over something retarded she said. totally BTFO'd her. oh btw, im single now. any books for this feel?"

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Your girlfriend sounds like a twat.

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>tolerating this shit
When's Tyrone coming over?

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I'm not somebody who enjoys arguing but really men are far too lenient and indulgent with women. We need to call them out more when they say stupid things rather than letting it slide.

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this is false, white males are objectively superior.

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Just say this "I read those writers because the best books are by dead white man. Whether that will change or can change doesn't matter, the best books are by dead white men and I want to read the best books. You're being patronising to other races if you only read them because of their race instead of accepting that they haven't written any good literature." If she leaves who gives a shit, be a man and do/say/re what you want.

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tell her you are actually extremely well-versed in the african literature canon, in particular
>"Ooga Booga, a Snake Bit My Dick!"
>"Where Da White Women At?"
>"The Life and Opinions of Jamal"
>"Chucking Spears: A Step by Step Guide"
>"Black Panther: The Novelization"
>"Crime Statistics and Punishment"
>"Kang Lear"
>"One Hundred Years of Fried Chicken"
>"The Grape Soda of Wrath"
>"A Tale of Two Mudhuts"
>Blood Muhdickian
>A Finna to Arms
>Heart of Darkies
>Da Bruthas Kangazmaov
>Pride and Predjudice (the predjudice part being against NIGGERS that is)
>Annaynay Kareninquanda
>In Search of Lost Crime
>The Scarlet Durag
>Jane AYYO
>Finnegan is Woke
>As I lay Jivin’
>The Great Gatt
>Where da Little Wimmin at?
>The Count of MLK Boulevard
>The Incarceration Rate Also Rises
>To the Traphouse
>The Call of my Dealer
>The Wind in The Ghettos
>The Trial (but this time it’s anciry district court and the defendant is BLACK)

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"You are overlooking centuries of wisdom that very educated people bothered trying to pass onto you, in favour of products of this most ill contemporary world. Does it seem smart restricting yourself to only this perspective? Do you pride yourself in your ignorance?"

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High effort

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Tell her reading Murakami, Zadie Smith, and ANYBODY with an MFA doesnt count as inclusive

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Just read a few books by dean women, Chinese, Japanese, Hispanic, Indian, or African authors. Maybe you'll like some, maybe you won't. But then no one can tell you that you only read books by dead white males.

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Take offense at the bigotry and colorblindness at display. Western canon is teeming with ethnic diversity, greeks, romans, spaniards, nords, franks, jews, slavs, there's even one italian. To cobble them all as "dead white men" is insensitive and crass. Inform the harlot that the relationship is over and Twitter will be hearing about the racist bitch who tried to brand Great Borges as a whitey. Get yourself a ton of DMs from cute black girls the next day.

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>The Incarceration Rate Also Rises

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Greeks aren't white.

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>The Grape Soda of Wrath

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Did you not read his post?

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is it not paradoxical how these authors who supposedly challenge the "white male western metanarrative" rely on the language of that metanarrative to do so... the only thing that truly distinguishes a Zadie Smith novel from a novel written by a white man is the fact that Zadie Smith isn't a white man - the kind of diversity these authors stand for is simply difference in how the (unmissable) back cover photo looks.

the different approaches to literature provided within the western canon are surely more diverse than the mediocre western-style novels written by people from different identity groups. I think that, paradoxically, a lot of these "inclusive" authors represent the "white male western metanarrative" more than many "dead white male authors" do

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imagine being dead LMAO

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Have you considered saying "No, you are wrong." and force her to leave it at that?

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>Any non-white author is a progressive cosmopolitan

Brainlet. It's clear you haven't read much at all, never mind anything by a non-white author.

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That looks like Bolaño and it makes me angry.

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>that image
can people who dont observe things stop trying to make observational comedy

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Anyone remember when "woke" unironically meant espousing the Idea that blacks, using Egyptian Ankh technology and new age chakra energy to laid the foundations for modern civilization. In fact every notable achievement and notable historic person was actually black, and that some white devil conspiracy was hiding this truth?
Like in 2015 this was a bigger meme. Now, of course woke has be appropriated by general social justice types from the Black Schizos.

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Remind her that Italians aren't white. Only in America's fucked up new world racial perception are Italians "white", and why would she want to go off the racial perceptions of a country that implemented civil rights for black people less than 100 years ago.

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I can't imagine it
am I a brainlet

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uh hello, based department?

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literally not possible if you were born into a european culture and language.

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please put me in the screencap.

>tfw screencap posting is dying

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>"The Grape Soda of Wrath"
>In Search of Lost Crime
>Jane AYYO
>The Incarceration Rate Also Rises
>To the Traphouse
>The Wind in The Ghettos

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you can thank reddit for that

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Thanks, Reddit!

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when leftists tell you to read nonwhite authors, they aren't telling you to read confucius or indian philosophy(as those would also conflict with progressive ideology), anything that deviates from HR groupthink and current day cultural marxist dogmas is read as a biopolitical threat by leftists.

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t. Never been to an all white crackhead town

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if you could stop calling neo-liberal synthetic compliance culture marxism that would be great
tell jordan that as well

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most 'nonwhite authors' leftists promote are the equivalent of the official literature of the former soviet republics,you are not meant to read the books, for they are not really books, but paper by products of managerial liberalism, existing only as a simulacrum of ideologically correct literary production. the people's nationalities vocally giving their consent to the globalised HR/Media/Academic politburo and the current 5 year plan. All those Pee Oh Cees are utterly westernized and devoid of authentic culture, slavishly seek recognition from the benevolent liberal white other.

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Travel around the world profaning the graves of white male authos, send some bones to 23andMe, wait a couple of weeks, show her the results.

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Add a couple Middle Eastern, Ancient Greek/Roman, Oriental, Hindu literature.
If you don't already have some of these or have them in your queue , you're probably a pseud anyways

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>they're all dead white males!

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You should encourage her. Modern anti-white neoliberalism is the greatest asset in the toolbelt of the modern reactionary. Encouraging them, and baiting them into being more provocative and more anti-white has been a hobby of mine for years.

Back in the late 00s when I was in university, I joined left-leaning political clubs and taught film editing to everyone from radical anarchists to feminist groups. During the race riots in Ferguson, I helped young BLM radicals edit videos and taught them how to use the tools to make themselves heard.

Of course, they do not know that I am a fascist. I introduce myself as a man who wants to help--honestly. I do want to help. Oh, how I do. Because we both get what we want. These retarded subhumans get to vent their spleen on white men, and I get to point white men to them and say "these niggers want your head on a spear," and I have told no lies. No lies at all. How would they ever suspect me? I'm a Mexican.

Every time you see a liberal or a leftist assmad at whites--encourage them. Encourage them as hard as you can. Do not fight them, encourage them. They are ASSETS to my cause. Every screeching overweight nigress speaking pidgen english bitching about white bois is an asset. A recruiting tool. I, by myself, with no backing and no money, have created a gyre of infinite anti-white sentiment.

Anti-white sentiment is white Pro-white sentiment thrives on. Every day there are more of us, because all you have to do to turn a white man into a fascist is show him what nonwhites and Jews actually think of him.

You're welcome. Now go do your part.

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she's not wrong. how are you going to understand others perspectives if you don't actually spend the effort to see them? feeling self-assured and smug about being a higher position than others is a sure sign of your own stupidity because even if your status is higher it only means it's that much more difficult to understand somebody with a lower one.

if you were actually smart you'd know how difficult and incomprehensible it is to understand the stupid things people do.

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>how are you going to understand others perspectives
do you think they give a shit about understanding ours? how is understanding theirs going to help us, exactly?

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Thank you anon for saving this boring thread

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>she's not wrong. how are you going to understand others perspectives
who reads to "understand perspectives" lol. what the fuck, is this the result of industrialized psychiatry?

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>as per
Kill yourself and leave the board. Do it in that order.

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>all bad part of the race
I didn't say they were perfect, fucktard.

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I like the term 'cultural marxism' because it pisses all the right people off. Muh worker's revolution is about as likely as the second coming of jesus christ by this point. economic determinist narratives from 1848, ain't gonna save us. In a post industrial society commies are reduced to running interference for global HR. You are never going to create a culture capable of mobilizing the masses against globalism. Look at any leftist group, middle classtrannies, drug addicts, people who effectively care more about promoting cultural deterioration boomer 68er values than even minimal gibs for the native working class.

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>they're stupid and lack understanding so i also should be stupid and ignorant because fight fire with fire!
based average intelligence reactionary with an overly inflated ego developed living vicariously through others.

>how is understanding theirs going to help us
did you just seriously ask how is understanding other people going to help you? self-awareness is impossible, but you should at least try and realize you're just a person like them and you don't know your own left hand from your right ass cheek as evidence by this exchange. therefore understanding them might give you some insight into your mental issues

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funny how all those 'diverse voices' only speak to promote an homogenous ideology based on identity politics and the advancement of managerial therapeutic state interests. These people don't want you to read books, they want ideological conformity with progressivism.

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Holy... he based

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>Those white males have been dead for hundreds of years and yet they still have more interesting shit to say than you
And then you beat the shit out of her

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I just feel disgusted by middle class progressivism and PC monoculture. Leftists merely replaced christ on the cross with a mixed race pink hair faggot on a wheelchair. the queer won't grant me eternal life or even forgive my sins, so why can't we get together two planks of wood and a bucketful of nails and actually crucify that fucker for real?

>> No.14360729

what? you dont want to be friends with everyone?

>> No.14360738

Did you just think it would be funny to start a race war, or...

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>the argument is you are backwards and outdated
and that's a good thing, here's why

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Read Oscar Wilde's The Devoted Friend.

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you don't have some kind of nuanced or principled view. you just see them gaining power and feel you're losing it so you're pissed. just an ordinary reaction grasping at straws cause you're dissatisfied with yourself. you never had power to begin with and are just fighting for crumbs which signifies your own inferiority instead of being a cutting remark about them

>> No.14360758

sounds like deadism to me, problematic

>> No.14360765

organize a reading of One Thousand and One Nights with her, it's basically 1001 redpills, the book

>> No.14360769

>They are dead indeed, but honeypie, light of my life, God be my witness when I say this: I'd joyfully burn you on a sacrifical pyre and dance around like a maddened savage if it could bring Shakespeare back. His dead white male words resonate through eternity like a hurricane, but you, my dearest heart, are a drizzle. Now make me a dinner.

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>Anyone remember when "woke" unironically meant espousing the Idea that blacks, using Egyptian Ankh technology and new age chakra energy to laid the foundations for modern civilization. In fact every notable achievement and notable historic person was actually black, and that some white devil conspiracy was hiding this truth?
sounds based

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>you just see them gaining power
Projection. Faggots and other mentally ill people aren't gaining power, neither are various nonwhites. They're just giving more to Jews, who use it to uniformly exploit everyone.

It's a real crab bucket sort of thing. I do approve of your language though. Very useful. You should shout from the rooftops "whites are losing power," as loud as you can. Add in something about how hard they're going to pay once they've lost it all.

That will make my job easier.

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I see humanity being ground down into pink haired consumer sludge, of course I'm pissed. these 'people' are bleating cattle, devoid of identity i don't want my children to end up like them and I'm willing to recurr to violence if necessary in order to protect my values.

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You made my day, anon

>> No.14360792

Start reading more translated lit and make her mad at your superiority. Lets be honest the main reason people hate on "dead white males" is because they want an excuse for not reading their works without admitting they're too stupid too.

Just ask her too read your new favorite work "The Passion According to G.H" by Clarice Lispector and watch her flimsy facade of superiority crumble as she struggles to grasp the first couple pages.

>> No.14360794

what are some redpilled books by women and PoCs to widen my library?

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Extremely based. Said it way better than I could have.


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The 'sludge' as you call it is on average more educated than men were ever in history prior. You don't love them, their ideas, their skin, whatever, but neither would you love the romans had you known them for a day personally. Besides that point, all species are bound to go through the periods of glory and degeneration, nothing could grow eternally, just ask the dinosaurs who are currenly roaming the skies as shitty birds. Humanity will be fine, it will rise again, rebound, in the long run oblivious to the jewing of some centuries. You happened to live in the period of degeneration, a cog in a vast machine gone rusty, and with a clear head you'll see that the course is already taken and there's no fighting it with whatever recurring violence you've prepared to. Accept it, swallow it, spit it out, bear that cross. Good luck, stranger.

>> No.14360820

Are you saying they weren't kangz?

>> No.14360835

>You only read books by dead white males!
“So what?” Is the ultimate response to feminist complaints

>> No.14360836

you aren't white. you're in the group called incel not white. you're not categorized with all the great european doers. you're categorized with the incel school shooter. you're just huffing your own farts in a mania to distract yourself from reality.

the rich people are still rich. you're still poor, dumb, and trying to fight transsexual for crumbs of influence on the world. you were never a factor in how the world plays out. you just need to accept reality.

also, gay men have always been at the top of the pyramid in terms of power and influence. remember your own shitty religion for retard slaves always try to identify the powerful as sexual deviants because you know they don't follow the rules your jew on a stick made. they make their own rules.

>> No.14360840


>> No.14360857

>is on average more educated

Just because someone holds a college degree does not mean they're truly educated. That's such an immature view of academia it discredits anything else you might have to argue.

>> No.14360862

But WHY would I ever want to put myself in their shoes. Their lives are so foreign to mine that I doubt I'd learn much from them, and I have no innate curiosity about what it's like in their shoes. Justify why I should read them over books I'm actually interested in and that are time-honored for their quality.


And what is happening to whites will happen to everyone under their control. I can already see the neoliberal backwash seep into LatAm and the Middle East. All of humanity shall suffer this great decline.

Nice psychoanalysis, and yet you're here on 4chan. If you told anyone that, they'd think you were as depraved as the worst of us. Do you just want to feel like you're a better shit flinger than the other shit flingers? A noble pursuit I suppose, that's what most of us came here for at first.

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1: I never claimed to be white. I'm a Castizo.
2: "Incel" is a fabricated term and I stopped reading as soon as I saw it, since I have already correctly identified your character, and given you instructions.

As I said, functionally speaking you already work for me. So get back to it. Nothing you can actually say is going to do anything except push more people into my welcoming arms.

All I need to do is say "look at this little Jew," and they will flood to me whether you're a Gold a Green or a Guzman. It's all the same, Bruckner.

Thank you.

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>Getting blown the fuck out this hard by some random taco bender

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Wow, that was the most retarded post I've had the displeasure of reading here in a long time. But I'm going to dunk on you and destroy every pathetic argument you pitifully presented because you belong back on Reddit.

>actually attempting to insult someone with "incel"
Self applied label from an /r9k/ meme that spun out of control and found its way in the (((mainstream media))) where you no doubt picked it up from. Anyone with pure European blood is white. And only white people hold any power of consequence to the civilized world.

>you're distracting yourself from reality
>you just need to accept reality
Again, you're projecting so hard it's making me a bit uncomfortable. You're the one who is blind to the fire that now rises in the hearts of men. How could you possibly pretend that white men are not "a factor in the how the world plays out?" We are the ones who created this world. We created the computer and the internet through which you're able to spew your nonsense. Without white people, you have Africa. Don't even try to pretend like that's not the objective truth.

>gay men have always been at the top
Patently false. Your further, childish and fedora-tipping, insults to Christianity belie any possible point you may have been trying to communicate.

tl;dr fucking kill yourself

>> No.14360910

>But WHY would I ever want to put myself in their shoes.

Because if something isn't done, America will be a horrendous transmogrification of Africa and Mexico by 2050. You need to know about them so you can destroy them.

>> No.14360914

>push more people into my welcoming arms.
ah, the mighty arms of two digit iq christcuck south american ready to dominate the world and rid it of degenerates. any moment now the cross will be raised and you will lead the crusade against the hordes of jewish, islam, asian, and degenerates.

i see you enjoy larping on /lit/

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When I met my gf she complained about trump vs hillary. Now she accepts me saying nigger aloud at home. Ease her out of her retardation.

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yeah I'm thinking this is based

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Wow you fucking racists you can't find one black author to read?

>> No.14360949

So now we switch from rabid analfracture to embittered condescension. Your transition is not as seamless as you pretend. Do you think any person watching this has any illusions as to what you are doing?
First you respond in fury. I effortlessly defeat you.
Then, you attempt to reason, but since you are not advocating for a single true thing, I effortlessly defeat you then, as well.
Now, a third time, you attempt to feign that you have risen above. That you are in any position to be talking down to me.

Nobody is being fooled. You are merely being revealed as a fragile moron.

This is adorable. And for the record, idiot, Mexico is in North America. I know that like most Leftists you don't actually know anything about anything, but look at a map sometime.

>> No.14360953

A finna to arms is my favorite

>> No.14360963

Not him but Mexico counts as south america regardless. Only America and it's beaverskin hat count as north america.

>> No.14360977
File: 20 KB, 236x304, KANGZSPEARE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I wrote two thirds of these in that blackbot thread yesterday but this WHITE MALE anon is getting all my well-deserved (you)s


before I get shit for this, I'm only kidding, this is an anonymous website

>> No.14360991

To be fair to Freud, I think only Mexico and maybe some of the islands are considered to be a part of North America while the rest of Central America is considered to be a part of South America. Although If he ever looked into NAFTA he'd know that; I guess he was too busy trying to master ad hominem attacks on an anonymous frog breeding forum to look into such matters.

>> No.14361149

Shit you're right.

>> No.14361214

>How would they ever suspect me? I'm a Mexican.
Lmao based

>> No.14361239
File: 40 KB, 391x606, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You got me. I was almost going to say "that's racist." Then I remembered that I am a racist!

Oh man. I love this board.

>> No.14361262

>Then I remembered that I am a racist!
That's based, anon. And redpilled.

>> No.14361266

Mexico is geographically located in North America. You're thinking Latin America, which is a linguistic category.

>> No.14361293

Niggers are not people tho.

>> No.14361314

I think this thread basically encapsulates the state of modern America in splendid clarity.

>> No.14361337

I thought Mexico was considered Central America.

>> No.14361342

What, how white men don't want dumb whores to niggerize our culture any further? In that case I am inclined to agree with you.

>> No.14361345

Only if you're a weird British faggot.

>> No.14361351

If you look at the map, it's very clearly part of the greater landmass that we call North America.

Realistically "America" is actually one big continent that gets kind of thin at one point, we divide it between North and South based on that thin point, but the distinction is largely arbitrary.

These days I'd say that it's best defined by NAFTA, which is Mexico, Canada and the US. This is the largest natural economic union in the world, with the EU coming in at a close second, and it's really just a geographic consolidation of river trade routes and the gulf of Mexico.

>> No.14361358

>average more educated than men were ever in history prior.

educated ie. went through the shitlib indoctrination HR babysitting factory. leftists systematically destroyed all sources of legitimate authority, whatever made education respectable, merit, the western tradition, etc. yet they want us to respect their authority and act like they are better than us because they went to a good college, because they have meaningless credentials, regardless of how much they lie through their teeth and how little books they have read.

>> No.14361393


I know it's the wrong country but please, keep up the good work amigo.

>> No.14361453
File: 39 KB, 492x388, laugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14361480
File: 69 KB, 640x576, 1532562927878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bucking fased. there's no greater redpill than the objective truth.

>> No.14361501

just laugh it off and ignore her. do you have to agree?

>> No.14361680

Respond that you're only interested in merit. Ergo you'll stick to the good authors.

>> No.14361697

This is about race not geography and mexico is south of the actual america therefore it is south america

>> No.14361703

Respond that such statements only show her own ignorance and prejudice, as it assumes that the canon is only made up of dead white males, and also assumes that these “dead white males” have no merit.

>> No.14361881
File: 18 KB, 720x463, BASED NICKERS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14361903

There are also non-whites in the US. There are also whites in Mexico. South America is a continent, and it has literally never meant "South of the United States of America." You made this up.

>> No.14361917
File: 150 KB, 296x341, Untitled-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the argument is you are backwards and outdated if you exclusively or almost always only read books written by authors who are now dead who were white males

>> No.14362052

>tfw Jewish video editor but I do the same thing with the shmucks I dabble with


>> No.14362082

>You look like a pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it will be your fault!

>> No.14362181

funny how you obviously haven’t read one single book in your entire life. what are you even doing here?

>> No.14362193

>these 'people' are bleating cattle, devoid of identity
the irony

>> No.14362195

besides, isn't like you people read anything but 'diverse' YA and comic books.

>> No.14362203

I mean leftists and 'progressives' they all think the same consume the same products and follow the same corporate ideology, I'm not a progressive because I find it sickening and maudlin, I find the victim classes shrill

>> No.14362206

that's pretty racist and sexist of her

>> No.14362212
File: 48 KB, 680x499, 2D1B6464-4512-472A-8F22-EC9A8C5071FB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14362229
File: 1.75 MB, 1439x1415, 1557925658136.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Pride and Predjudice (the predjudice part being against NIGGERS that is)
>>The Trial (but this time it’s anciry district court and the defendant is BLACK)

>> No.14362237

Make her argue that position.

>> No.14362242

This is the most retarded thing I’ve seen all day, Twitter tier shit, you and you girlfriend are both fucking insipid

>> No.14362254

Yes they are, Cletus.

>> No.14362261

He did not recommend reading the recommendations - just making her tip her hand.

>> No.14362275

She sounds not only incredibly dull and boring but devoid of even a shred of intelligence, sincerity, integrity, and ability to have compassion. Break up with her immedatiely, there is literally no future with her for anybody (for that matter). What, you will have kids with her? Seriously? She hates herself, hates literature, and hates beauty. Leave her OP and let her fall into the abyss of modernity, swallowed by the titanic mass of nausea and nihilism. You'll find somebody far superior than that walking husk of what could have been a human.

>> No.14362289

Oh look another penniless mindless self-redundant (and self-defeating) walking consumer husk that feigns cleverness and guile for emptiness and abyss. There is no depth to you other than the inevitable death you will find, enjoy the eternal void remember who gets the last laugh.

>> No.14362294
File: 549 KB, 2306x1535, 7A841D27-1EDA-4187-915A-7FB37E64624E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

’frogtwitter’ and the 2016 election really fucked this board up. it’s healthy to have some skepticism towards modern publishing (and the progressives who police it), but the way /lit/ has turned into /pol9k/ for anons who imagine themselves too smaht for said boards is a tragedy. its userbase has become as ignorant and insipid as the people it ostensibly hates

i bet like half of the people itt are nick fuentes reply guys or some shit

>> No.14362306

Cletus is a Greek name you fucking retard. You're literally mocking one of the most storied and ancient names in the world because some Jew made a comedy skit 50 years ago with a cartoon white prole in it of the same name.

Literally knife your wrists my dude. You're a stereotype.

>> No.14362307

theirs that pretty hilarious satirical novel sellout about reinstitutionalizing slavery

>> No.14362321
File: 2.74 MB, 270x266, F4D7528E-E8DD-47A9-B2E5-274C06E33C23.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

meanwhile here we have a paragon of intellectualism. i tip my hat to you sir

>> No.14362334

The only thing you should be tipping is your drink, alcoholic. I never stated any claim but disdain for the anon, which I still stand by and which I enforce with my full heart.

>> No.14362342

jfc shut up nerd

>> No.14362356

sir this is a wendy’s

>> No.14362361

>>Blood Muhdickian
kinda explains the real novel desu

>> No.14362397

>wah wah wah I want to be a big baby bitch my whole pathetic existence, white male author bad because good and white!!

The only dreams I have now are people like you being dragged out of your pathetic, run down hovel and strung up on a lamp post and beaten like the worthless sack of bone you waste your time propagating. There is no depth to you, no great dialogue. There is nothing more to your existence than waiting for the day to die. No wonder you despise "white" Western authors.

To be honest this board, like every other increasingly shitty, toppling outlet for discussion, might as well be a Wendy's now. The sheer amount of trash I hear per day is justification enough for the return to base savagery and the annihilation of the spoken word.

>> No.14362423

That's fucking retarded

>> No.14362426

See, but SO MANY white males said things that were notable, that we should just disregard what any of them said, entirely.

>> No.14362433

get some help dude

>> No.14362436

Hahaha brilliant.

>> No.14362449

>g-get help
Yes I'll just stuff my face with your prescription pills, enjoy a Diet Coke, maybe read some Marx, and watch as everything around me turns into a decadent mud pile as even metropolitan society turns into a rootless Tent City. That's surely the option of a sane man.

>> No.14362470

thanks for the rabbit hole

good luck trying to find a woman that isn't brainwashed, we let them vote and this is the consequence

This was in another post, nice copypasta

"PlEaSe PuT mE iN tHe ScReEnCap" a la ironic spongebob a la go fuck yourself you waste of molecules

dangerously based. I'm not a facist though, but no judgement.

>> No.14362478

Dude, you can't save this civilization. Just buy some land, hoard some technology, and wait for it to implode.

>> No.14362479

>there is a noticeable stain on your jeans, therefore this man in only a loincloth is better-dressed than you

>> No.14362487

>anyone who doesn't read my fake and gay ideological books doesn't read
I wish I were as blissfully stupid as you

>> No.14362505

far more authors have dead than are currently alive
there's nothing wrong with being dead, it doesn't affect the quality of an already finished work

>> No.14362508

yes, >>14362449, buy some land and fuck off so regular people don’t have to deal with a potential mass shooter like you

>> No.14362545

Yeah, I'M the "mass shooter" nevermind the fact there's probably a mass shooter going on right now. How fucking brain dead is this worthless flesh husk of "modern man"? They aren't even able to formulate rational opposition responses without delving into some retarded LARP as a psychologist diagnosing some neurosis while at the same time perfectly putting on the blinders to the literal trash that permeates every tangible second of their lives. It's a joke, really.

>run! run to the hills! flee!

>> No.14362551
File: 19 KB, 335x292, 1567466742502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're a fucking spic though. When the day of the rope comes the whitey is going to be coming after you too. Are you fucking retarded? Or are mexicans considered white nowdays? I can't keep up with american racial politics.

>> No.14362580

When the day of the rope comes, Americans will be removed from this continent. "Spics" have always been in America and the Americas, one way or the other. Whitoids and negroids have no place here.

>> No.14362596
File: 11 KB, 474x266, the jew fears the samurai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dis is Ribrary!

>> No.14362613

explain to her that you live in the society created by dead white males and in order to understand it you have to read dead white males

>> No.14362630

Mexicans are playing the long game. Based.

>> No.14362642
File: 794 KB, 400x310, that diddly iddly does it.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just because we disagree with you doesn't mean we're ignorant or insipid.

>> No.14362646

The sincere and intelligent left, everyone.

>> No.14362647

damn marxism btfo

>> No.14362656

cry more faggot

>> No.14362766

i agree, but its probably best for OPs personal situation to let it slide. call females out when its someone not pertaining to your relationship, family, friends, work, etc.
>"look, politician Vagina said something incredibly stupid, illogical, and borderline offensive if the identities of the parties were switched"
>gf thinking inside: politician Vagina actually said what i believe tho...
then you educate/call them out without making it personal. if OP plans on marrying the gal or going long term, then yeah, he needs to start putting his foot down on this and starting drawing lines, now, or eventually he'll be pussy whipped for sure.

females are like children. theyre stupid, cannot comprehend reason, are inconsistent, and are always at the whim of emotions.
educating/teaching/calling out another person's kid is a recipe for disaster, even if the kid is a little shit. if the kid is yours (e.g. if OP is gonna marry this girl), then by all means, start putting her in her place.

>> No.14362834

Another thread where betas engage in their power fantasy and hysteria only parallel to that of a menstruating woman. Not relevant to literature in anyway. Truly the end of the board.

>> No.14362900


>> No.14363041

"potential mass shooter" is the funniest thing I've heard this week, thanks for that. Let's try it for other crimes!

>Potential serial killer, likes puzzle rooms
>Potential murderer, doesn't like a guy
>Potential rapist, literally just flirting normally
>Potential thief, hasn't paid for his items yet
>Potential tax fraud, this guy's doing his own taxes like a PSYCHO

>> No.14363056

Where is the nuance in white bad not white good? Men bad women good? I grew up in a very religious household so I can see this movement for what it is. It is absolutely a religion replacing gays and adulterers with whatever the doctrine deems are the nusinners. At least Christianity is rigid in its definition of sin. This new religious movement moves the goalposts as needed. As if the world was ever made better through more shame and less understanding.

>> No.14363096

>the cultural revolution's revising of the canon isn't relevant to literature

>> No.14363101


You've missed the all out culture war that is raging all over the West you mindless fuck.
The chans are sounding boards for culture shifts. Now normies are starting to wake up.

>> No.14363136

This thread is a cover for the gay ass culture war that only extremely online people care about. Pretending otherwise is disingenuous.

>> No.14363187

not sure how social you are but it's IRL too in a big way. if you want your shit separate from politics they're just going to treat that as in itself an inherently political act and hound you until you capitulate. it will become inescapable.

>> No.14363224

t.mongrel spanish rape baby.

>> No.14363225
File: 55 KB, 850x400, ww3 info.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

'Keeping politics out of things' is now seen as accepting the post war Judaic political fiction which has been weaponized against the West. If you can't see the culture was is going mainstream you have no perception skills.

>> No.14363244

i haven't missed anything partner because your bullshit is everywhere. you cannot create one fucking thread about a female author on here without some "enlightened" incel turning up three replies in to call women cattle or whatever. you lot are just as irritating as the "the #whiteness of jane austen" clickbaiters. this place needs to be purged of amoebas like you

>> No.14363262
File: 19 KB, 310x297, 1428972388958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thank you

>> No.14363285

Change the filenames of your shitty images if you want to spew your bullshit again, you fucking rodent.

>> No.14363289

except most of the western canon isn't 'white' per say.

>> No.14363292

ahahaha what a great thread, sometimes we need a shit post to trigger the whole board for the gems to come

>> No.14363385

If you think reactionaries are incels you're deluded. And if you think insipid midwits like you can do any purging you're even more deluded.

Also, glad you're irritated. Get used to it as it'll keep growing for the rest of your life.

>> No.14363404

>If you think reactionaries are incels you're deluded.

>> No.14363751

>>Pride and Predjudice (the predjudice part being against NIGGERS that is)

>> No.14363766

t. mongrel invader bugman

>> No.14363772

Yeah 'cos you saw some JIDF memes and they made you feel haughty, and you liked it.

>> No.14363803
File: 44 KB, 1844x544, 1549880480731.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there you go fags

>> No.14363815

Tell her that you decide what to read based on what’s been vetted by the years and is still relevant.

You could also just say that Dumas is your favourite author, or something similar, she’ll look him up and then be disappointed he’s not white, thus behaving in the same way she accused you of.

>> No.14363877

Based off the replies I’d say you nailed it. Current board trajectory sucks.

>> No.14364082
File: 310 KB, 696x480, Screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you don't say

>> No.14364096

It sucks if you’re a faggot that doesn’t belong here.

>> No.14364103

Perhaps some of these dead white men wrote things of substance that are worth reading

>> No.14364115

keep frothing at the mouth, champ. you'll always be a tourist

>> No.14364124

>>>14359049 >>14359050 >>14359056 >>14359061 >>14359148 >>14359175 >>14359193 >>14359889 >>14359890 >>14359911 >>14360073 >>14360425 >>14360675 >>14360751 >>14360758 >>14361293 >>14361917 >>14362206 >>14362242 >>14362423 >>14362647 >>14363815
FUGGGGG REEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.14364172
File: 37 KB, 315x475, Bigger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Read Native Son by Richard Wright.

>> No.14364235
File: 285 KB, 648x1308, 1495134993135.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>break up
This and not just a meme. If she uses "arguments" like that she will just become more insufferable; the ultimate end result will be either cuckoldry and a divorce where she sues for everything you have.

>> No.14364298

>judging people by their race is okay when we do it!

>> No.14364343

Also this. I unironically read mostly non-white authors, and I still think these "woke" cunts are fucking retards.
>"Crime Statistics and Punishment"
had a hearty kek
/lit/ does /pol/ better than /pol/. accelerationism is the most alpha strategy available. nothing will change until the fire is lit and blood runs in the streets.

>> No.14364354

>Tags everyone in the thread to ree like a 2016 autist

>> No.14364444
File: 51 KB, 519x412, 1558149546627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

absolutely and positively superb

>> No.14364608

The West (THE WEST) generated the most powerful literature of all time (OF ALL TIME), they are the most powerful people, the most traditionally modern, scientific, and conscious people. Africa lags behind in their tribe mentality, hispanics are second class, Asians succumbed to conformity and marketing. WHITE MALES ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT SPECIES RACE IN BRINGING ABOUT GENUINE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS CONFRONTATION WITH THE SELF

>> No.14364647
File: 3.86 MB, 1276x3200, 1523602572527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Absolutely niggered and Rekkkolonized-pilled.

>> No.14364655

reddit pls go

>> No.14364666
File: 3.59 MB, 1920x1080, pape.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, it's true. It's very easy to fall into a comfort zone of easy-to-find dead white male stuff because that's what makes up most of the traditional western canon. But you're missing out on tonnes of great literature. Read the Chinks and the Nips and the Poos, at least. They're entry-level non-westerns. Arabs come next, then you've gotta look at weird shit like meso-americans and sub-saharan africans.
If you stay in your little comfort corner, you're gonna have a lesser time.
Culture certainly affects the qualities of a work, even if it doesn't affect quality. Western literature is one big conversation, but don't limit yourself to only one conversation.

>> No.14364687

>But WHY would I ever want to put myself in their shoes
because it's fun you dull spacker
these books are time-honoured for their quality, you're just a dilettante so you've never heard of 'em
weird how a chink who died four hundred years ago wants to promote a homogenous ideology based on identity politics, you pretentious ESL

>> No.14364704

>only non-white on the surface.
What do you mean?

>> No.14364735

White fragility the thread

>> No.14364742

ahahaha right wing comedy folks

>> No.14364847

Always have trouble understanding why people think it's so surprising that many good English authors have been white men considering that English is a language that is native to white people. Imagine how strange it would be if I were to complain that the majority of canonical Korean are male asians.

>> No.14364853
File: 122 KB, 882x624, 1555191636416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14364856

You made it funny by posting this.

>> No.14364871

Bring up Marx, or just the fact that the dead white men argument is derivative of positions and critiques originally put forth by white men who are now dead.

>> No.14364879

Jesus christ take this shit back to pol, lit is a liberal intellectual board and this stupid racist shit is not welcome here

>> No.14364882
File: 78 KB, 960x883, 1453274322195.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14364891

I don't think you know what funny means

>> No.14364899

I think you're a homo.

>> No.14364902

lit has always been liberal newfriend

>> No.14364909

>Although if you have to ask here what to say it doesn’t sound like you actually have anything to say.

>> No.14364915

This post is exists in quantum base; it is both BASED and UNBASED.

>> No.14364926

I assume he's referring to authors who have different skin tones but still build off of the cultural and intellectual groundwork laid by white civilizations. Which is not the fault of the authors, nor even an error on their part, but it illustrates in part the absolute assery which is racial identity politics and the virtue signalling which it is made up entirely of.

>> No.14364931

It's liberal to allow freedom of expression, especially in cases of comedy. It's fine if you don't find it funny and want to insult the post on that grounds, but don't force your political maxims on to other posters.

>> No.14364932

So witty yet savage, what is your secret

>> No.14364935
File: 290 KB, 1046x615, canvas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actual response you might get from a woman who'd make this request

>First of all, the sarcasm isn't appreciated, I can tell you're trying to be condescending and it's not funny.

>Second of all, I don't appreciate you calling me toots, you jerk, what is this, the 20s?

>And lastly, If you actually believe that, debunking and broadening those rigid perspectives are exactly the point of this kind of reading, seeing perspectives dissimilar to your own would help you learn and grow as a person.
>Maybe you'd learn why it's offensive to me when you say things like "a non-white", which sounds out-dated and old-timey racist as hell

Then you'd ignore her because you thought it was funny in the first place, and get confused when she dumps your ass.

>> No.14365014

well some endorse an open-handed technique but I've always had better results with a closed fist

>> No.14365021

>when she dumps your ass.
oh nooooooo that suuuuuuuuucks

>> No.14365030

>white fragility
Such a ridiculous concept. If you punch a person in the face, any negative reaction they have to the assault is not evidence of their "fragility." White people getting pissed off at nigh-constant harassment from ivory tower clods is not evidence of any "fragility."

>> No.14365039

She was your girlfriend, what does it say about you that you don't care about your girlfriend's opinions?

>> No.14365045

>It isn't sarcasm I am playing the boogeyman white devil's advocate sugar tits; not that I would expect a homemaker such as your self to know or meddle within these affairs.
>As a beneficiary to the oppression of others I cannot understand their turmoil. The very act of understanding is tantamount to marginalizing their culture and experiences.
>It follows that I should not read their works because it is degrading and insulting, and as a good woman, you shall not read their works because I have forbidden it.
>Prepare for you have angered me with this disrespect and I must respond. What else am I supposed to do when I tell the local wise guys that my girl got real smart with me?

>> No.14365064

>Didja hear? Thars some varmints at the saloon-
>Oh wait no, that's dumb, because it's 2019. So's your 50s impression.
>I'm gonna go get a drink

At which point she's blocked your number, defriended you on facebook, and removed you from her Habbo hotel buddy list. How does THAT make you feel?

>> No.14365067

It says he's based?

>> No.14365076

>*pulls gun out from purse and kills you with it*

>> No.14365094

>She was the one and true and only and I am devastated. As a fine white male of privileged upbringing, I would resort calling her best friends over for a polyrumpus.
>She will be my only experience and together we will learn of the culture of lower caste. At last, she would know suffering and anguish at the hands of the patriarchy. In death, she will find commune and I will find penance.

>> No.14365103
File: 74 KB, 968x681, shelly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Goths called, they want their belaboured prose and pacing issues back

>> No.14365118

>Alas, a lass could never kill a man of such stature and propriety. For darkness consumes the country as much as her mind, but my light shall endure. I am now a martyr, brighter than ever, and as a beacon I shine on unto the end of history.

>> No.14365122

I was mostly saying that getting dumped by someone like that is a welcome occurrence
though I don't get retards like OP who get into relationships with these women and then go begging for help to deal with their dysfunctions
It's most probably bait anyways

>> No.14365150

> that is a welcome occurrence

You idiot, you're doing it all wrong
>Read book because reading books is ___fun, or skim wikipedia for a plot summary if it's genuinely unreadable
>Then read the wikipedia literary analysis section of the book after reading to learn more about the book's meta-discussion, which probably is what somebody reading a book like this cares about anyways so you can learn something, or at at least fake that you cared if you didn't

She gets home:
>"Did you like it?"
>Viciously plagiarize previous work to fill in the blank as best as you can: "Yeah, I really like ___ about the book. What did you like?"
>Listen for about 5-10 minutes, learn more about who you're fucking
>She thanks you
>Get asked to plow her ass that night because English majors invariably have amazing asses and are desperate to have them plowed

Let's be honest: you're on /lit/, you're gonna be reading books either way. What I'm really hearing here is that you're asexual.

>> No.14365155

based phi major

>> No.14365165

>whoring out your free time for sex with a superficial thot
>entertaining the neuroses of a superficial thot
if you're already gonna be a simp just go on tinder instead retard

>> No.14365166

Excellent post

>> No.14365169

You were gonna use that time to read or browse Vietnamese Postcard mailing lists, don't even act like you had something better to do with your free time

>> No.14365176

>potential mass shooter
that's every single living human on earth, you yammering mongoloid

>> No.14365195

Well for one thing I can finish reading the Book of Lord Shang, a foundational text in Chinese Legalism with deep repercussions for Chinese history and culture for over two millennia, and a must-read for anyone trying to understand the historical underpinnings for the clash between the West and China, let alone any student of state power

>> No.14365196

I would rather be single than deal with the bullshit. I've been on both sides. I've dated a sexual feminist who fucked me every damn day multiple times. When I realized, I could have be doing something better than plowing her or listening to her ramblings, I broke it off and I've been happier ever since. As an English graduate, I've met many hot English majors, but none that I've encountered were worth the time and effort. Sure, fucking feels good and all, but it cannot substitute genuine companionship. If fucking is all you're looking for, then you're making way for a shallow lifestyle.

>> No.14365199

Not blind people, you mong amongst mongoloids.

>> No.14365200

Your attempts to ignore your girlfriend to read Chinese Literature are Shang-ful

>> No.14365230

Pretty based, tell her that her argument is a John Grisham quote, so she’ll be a real hypocrite in 10 years when he’s dead.

>> No.14365239
File: 4 KB, 185x116, smugjak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

give her the dick

>> No.14365244

that's a twitter filename you faggot, you are just an opposition team to whatever gay twitter war you are conjuring in your mind

>> No.14365295

posts like these show that leftists are way more internet addicted neckbeards than other political persuasions

>> No.14365370

Say the only reason for bookers and pulitzrs is female / subaltern / altersex.

Excluding DWM just for DWM is as bad as including these just because they are these.

"Different" does not mean unique, special, or significant.

Also, DWM poets dont rely on pouty cleavage shots to hawk their poetry volumes. Plenty of uggo DWM poets of significance, but all modern wymyn poets are 7/10 and up. Hot girl poets are marketable; challenge her to find a good female poet who doesnt show flesh or face.

t. Just been to int bookstore. All modern female poets are too sexy.

>> No.14365371


>> No.14365375


Chellenge her to identify the sex identity and politics from random passages from DWM and moderns.

Every three misses, she buys you a coffee, every one hit, you buy.

>> No.14365425

If you read only dead white men you don't read at all really.

>> No.14365442 [DELETED] 

Hi burds ARE real page thanks for linking me this post.

Liked :)

>> No.14365497

>durrr whyte ppl are just as bad as blacks on average because I know dis whyte crack head durr

>> No.14365506

fippy bippy

>> No.14365523


not being a homo

>> No.14365820

You would be alarmed at how many hispanic white supremacists there are. The high-caste Castizos are a hundred times more racist than anyone in America has ever been. When push comes to shove, they're still of European stock (mostly) and will probably be able to blend in with whitey as well as the Italians have.

>> No.14365850

>Jesus christ take this shit back to pol, lit is a liberal intellectual board and this stupid racist shit is not welcome here

>> No.14365931

Ask her where she was told such a stupidly anti-white idea and tell her that she thought she was smarter than that.

Tell her you don't have to justify what you like to read. They are freaking bloods. Tell her to stop being a spooky la-la and to get on with her life. Maybe focus on more important things in life than to criticize your reading habits?

If she's trying to paint you as a "racist" tell her to fuck off with her bigotry and that it she wants to criticise anything you're reading tell her to read all the books you've read then ask her how any of it racist. If she can't explain why then just tell her that her argument is stupid and give her less attention. If she wants to be a stupid idiot then she can do it when you're not around. Just get angry at her and say something like "Seriously, get out my face with your stupid shit. I don't want to hear you say that ever again". You don't even have to argue with her, just tell her that she is behaving stupidly and she'll back off. If she doesn't learn from that then she's not worth it.

>> No.14365948

there are like zero liberals here, there are far left, far right, and apolitical people

>> No.14365956

>three days scruff
shit man my three weeks scruff isn't that full, should I just terminate my map

>> No.14366044
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>"Crime Statistics and Punishment"

>> No.14366050

I’ve never even seen a book written by a black author

>> No.14366932

shut up faggot

>> No.14366968
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hey I wrote the first third lol; I'm just glad our hard work is being recognized and that niggers are being dabbed on

>> No.14366984

Redpill her on the kikes

>> No.14367125

why should you waste actual discourse on a woman

>> No.14367206

Do you, by any chance, imagine Mexicans and other Latin Americans are not invading the US en masse and mixing as fast as possible?
Los Estados Unidos will be real as soon as 2050. They're already at a higher fertility rate.

>> No.14367221


But they are anon

>> No.14367391

Most of /pol/ is Mexican-Americans, Changs and Iranian diaspora.

>> No.14367418

this image was created by a mentally ill person

>> No.14367621

Holy Mother of B A S E D

>> No.14367792
File: 66 KB, 800x533, kang_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yo *clicks* *clicks* put me da screencap muhfuckas or muh jackson gonna be rapin yo sistas lil' ass

>> No.14367808

Choke her with her own panties

>> No.14368405

Exactly. I’m proud of us.

>> No.14368411

Redpill her with your cock.

>> No.14368447

convert to islam and beat her ass

>> No.14368506

youre not ignorant or insipid because you disagree, youre ignorant and insipid because you spam reply "based" to a few posts that seem witty without actually refuting or affirming anything and act like youve won an argument.

>> No.14368657

She sounds racist.

>> No.14368692


also, why respond at all? If she's a extremist that's her problem

>> No.14368779
File: 18 KB, 640x399, nice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>As I Lay Jivin'

>> No.14369113

English was invented by whites. Most literary techniques including the modern novel was developed by the English. Most books in a predominantly English-speaking country will be written by native English speakers, the majority of whom are white.

Your GF is a brainwashed retard. Dump her and find a smarter one.


>> No.14369141

>others perspectives
But often those are nothing of value. Most "diverse" books are some immigrant's spoiled child whining about imaginary problems and failing to realize how good they have it materially compared to if their parents had never gone abroad. And they utterly lack the self-awareness to realise their misery comes from being cut off from the roots of their parents' culture. Well, the answer to that isn't to enable the destruction of my own culture to accommodate them.

>> No.14369779

>the average person is more educated than men were ever in history prior
>thinking the cycle of glory and degeneration hasn't been artificially jammed by technology

I still agree with your conclusion as to how to respond to all of this.

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