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The federal prison system is (again) ramping up its efforts to confiscate all of Ted Kaczynski's collected writings - every written thought he has documented since his arrival at ADX Florence supermax prison. Not only that - they are preventing him from writing to the outside world. This is a major violation of his free speech and he desperately needs financial aid putting up a legal defense.

Ted is in the process of releasing a series of books. The first part (Anti-Tech Revolution) was published in 2015. Ted is in his late seventies and wants to get his thoughts out to the public before he dies. This organized harassment campaign is violating his human rights and the legal battle is preventing him from using what time he has left alive.

Please help Ted fight for the little freedom he has left.

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Maybe he should have thought of that before he tried to murder innocent people.

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Why did they start doing this? He was always careful never to encourage anything illegal or violent.

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As much as I'd like to see this material, I'm fairly certain case law establishes that he has no right to free speech. I believe Turner v. Safley is the relevant case.

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Bump. Please help Ted.
This is a relevant passage from Technological Slavery. Keep in mind that it was written ten years ago before the changes were implemented, foreshadowing the situation Ted is currently dealing with - he is now being prevented from communicating with the outside world.

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This so-called impingement of his free speech is codified at the level of the Supreme Court. There's literally nothing anyone can do short of murdering the current justices and the president and hoping the next president will chose justices that won't uphold precedent.

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You're glowing anon

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These are the guys that got pwned:
>Thomas J. Mosser
>(((Advertising))) executive

>Gilbert Brent Murray
>Timber industry (((lobbyist)))

>Hugh Scrutton
>Computer store owner

the only "innocent" one here was scrotum, desu, but if I was as zealous as Ted and his anti tech thing, he would be fair game, too. Luckily, I'm not, so you can't do anything to me, feds.

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Back to /Pol/

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Because they're afraid. The new generations don't have the same boundaries against his ideas as those that grew up during his campaign. His ideas are more dangerous now than he was in those days.

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counter sage

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How do you know this is the case? Proof this is happening?

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what, you want a CNN article? you think CNN gives a shit?
>b-b-but where's the source????
Again, what media is going to report on this? Just look up Kaczynski's latest books - they get literally no media coverage. This isn't wikipedia - shut the fuck up with your source faggotry.
I provided Kaczynski's own words, Skrbina's own words (his website: https://www.davidskrbina.com/ ), that is literally all you can possibly get as evidence.
what, do you think Kaczyski is scamming you? What does he stand to gain? he is in prison for life - he gets no visitors, has no wife and is feuding with his brother, there's no one he'd want to funnel money to with some kind of scam - this is just going to his legal fund.

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Based post anon!!!!

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No need to go mental mate. I've read all of Ted's works and I agree with him completely, I was only asking because I am about to send him a letter, so was wondering if he would actually be able to reply. I've already read every source you've cited there - I was just wanting to know if there had been any acute change in his situation - afaik he was still able to send letters to people recently.
I'm one of the biggest supporters for Ted's cause there is lad. Sperging out like that makes you look a bit underage.

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>Ted needs your help
Helping the less fortunate is weak. Only liberals help others.

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wrong. only the truly strong help the weak.

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>tfw uncle dead could be hiking right now in the wilderness of Montana, or better yet move to a place like Iceland and roam around until he's in his 90s.
>tfw he will probably die in the next 5 years

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You should write with a hidden code in your words, I'm sure he checks his letters for them.

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Good. We all hate Ted and we all hate you.
>the only "innocent" one here was scrotum, desu, but if I was as zealous as Ted and his anti tech thing, he would be fair game, too.
>zealotry redefines innocence.
Quick, put your balls into a waffle iron and turn it on! We can't risk You reproducing!

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>>tfw uncle dead
You're a monster!

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Have sex incel.

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Allready did this morning.

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i wont and you cant make me!

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>muh privitivism
>but i have human rights!
Nah faggot you cant have your cake and eat it

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so jurisdiction is dependent on the persons beliefs?
good to know
my personal beliefs are i am a god upon mankind and above all human judgement, have a nice day, retard

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>Nah faggot you cant have your cake and eat it
That is one of the most retarded things i have ever read in my entire life. Holy fuck, you're a faggot.
Here let me try typing like a retard:
>muh civilization
>but he doesnt have human rights anymore because he disagrees!
Nah bro you can't just take a shit and wipe it too.

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>believing in free speech means that I am a primitivist

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Can we stop glorifying this guy? The dude is simply the academic form of Charles Manson. He's no less manipulative, no less resentful, no less dishonorable, and no less violent. He teaches people on the brink who are still capable of living comfortable lives via social readjustment to instead feel even more disgust towards themselves and those around them so that it can evolve into a deep-seated spite in order to make them good instruments for his personal revolution, which is anarchistic and aimless at its core. He is not a healthy role model to have.

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Shut the fuck up you stupid piece of shit i'll murder you.

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/lit/ has really been ass lately

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I remember Ted threads since this board was made. It always had its bad parts.

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>It always had its bad parts
yes, the non ted threads and that butterfly dude

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Go hunt a mammoth and die of the flu lmao

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To my knowledge the only right left to a convicted murder should be bowing his head in the corner of a little cell as his life slowly slips away.

And I advocate for capital punishment so all of you faggots can suck big ol dick.

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not an argument
you can do better than this. try again, sweetheart

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shame it was only self defense and not murder, cretin

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>he killed three people and injured 23 others in an attempt to start a revolution by conducting a nationwide bombing campaign targeting people involved with modern technology.

You are a mongoloid.

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>destroying what seeks to destroy you
>somehow not self defense
cringe take
also avatar fagging is a bannable offense, new friend

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Hes not an angel but anyone that sends an advertiser into the grave is p based. You just dont even realize how much those people ruin society because theyre not at the forefront of their evil schemes to get you to buy stuff you dont need.

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Deluded cocksucker, he thought he would undermine the system by targeting individuals?
Only an equally naive autist like you could defend the actions of a literal terrorist as self defence.
He is a disfunctional human being and a cold blooded sociopath and you are a clueless kid.
Go out of your room you nerd and learn how the world works

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How does the world work?

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>NOOOOOooooooooooooooo guys you can't just use violence against other people, that's a violation of their human rights!

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A superficial thinker. No discernible talent. Has written nothing of value.

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Did you type that with a computer or your cellphone ?
Shouldn't you be squatting behind a bush behind your hut in the woods while plotting the next target?
Am I the coward in your eyes?

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I see you CIA NIGGER

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>moan about someone sticking to their beliefs
>moan about someone not sticking to their beliefs
Which is it?

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You don't even see the contradiction?
What is you find compelling about Kaczynski?

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I don't particularly care about ted

>> No.14366661

How can we help him though

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The website is likely a scam. It looks very poorly made. And has only one page.

>> No.14366818

it's not

>> No.14366871

People are reading him. You gringos should raid the prison and get him out ;)

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Where do you retards come from, r*ddit?

>> No.14367046

shut up, slave

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According to Ted, it's a mental disorder to help the less fortunate. A form of self-hatred.

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Is this because his books are getting more popular on amazon and such?

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I hope the CIA does some enhanced interrogation techniques to the ass of this subversive piece of shit into an early death.

>> No.14367502

The Feds and the r*ddit bootlickers are strong in this thread

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Are the moralfags the most dishonest group of people? Nietzsche was right all along.

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Can you leftypol refugees please make your own discord or something? You all left for leftypol and turned /lit/ from one of the worst to one of the best boards on the site, but now that the plague is back this board is dying.

>> No.14367639

>if you don't like murder, you must be leftypol
Ted is a leftist, assjack.

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Here are the cucks to avoid. Please do not post to these people. They are lost, brainwashed souls, slaves of the technological system. Also, bump.

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Exactly what I was thinking. If it's not, can OP provide us with some proof? For all I know OP could have set it up in an hour just to get some quick money.

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Yes. The justice system is all propaganda. They can never release high profile criminals because then they have to deal with public backlash which exposes their incompetence and bad intentions. It's easier to just silence Ted than risk some catcher in the rye scenario where they have to deal with blame for letting prisoners publish crime guides or whatever they spin it as. It's all to avoid a potential hassle and controversy on their part (not to be confused with avoiding some crime inself, they couldn't care less so long as blame can't be traced back to them)

The Epstein case has Prison security being incompetent fresh in the public's mind, so they are likely taking extra precautions for high profile prisoners.

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>t. [posted from an iPhone]

>> No.14367692

Your prose exposes you. Go back. You left for a reason, make a discord or some subreddit and fuck off from /lit/. You aren't welcome here and you won't enjoy your time here, that's why you all left for 8ch in the first place.

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You aren't welcome, you low-IQ simpleton. This isn't a hugbox for people without ethics or the most cursory education.

>> No.14367721

>no u
GG easy
ironic shitposting is still shitposting btw. Leftypol refugees shiting up the board is a very real problem and larping as one isn't helping

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>citation needed

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>unironically asking people who you suspect have different opinions than u to leave so you can have an echochamber.

>> No.14368264

>noo you need to argue my superficial, again and again disproven worldview, that i am indoctrinated in!
>you cant just have proper prosperous arguments!
>you just want a hugbox and echo chamber! also go back to /pol/ so i can have my hugbox and echo chamber!

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>>you cant just have proper prosperous arguments!
do you know where you are you delusional retard?
also the post you replied to is my only post in this thread, apart from this one

>> No.14368331

>do you know where you
> echochamber
> different opinions than u

>> No.14368395

no hard feelings im just sh*tposting, friend
just thinking that sometimes it's fair to tell shit gargling brainlets to gtfo and not have the same stupid npc tier arguments over and over again

>> No.14369012

OK Marc

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>They are lost, brainwashed souls, slaves of the technological system.
The irony is immense. Here you are, thinking you're on top of the "technological system," aka "the culmination of Western civilization over the last 2500 years," because you read some anarchist slavnigger aspie from the hippie generation who doesn't contend with any high level philosophy from the 19th or 20th centuries, calling everyone out for being "lost" and "brainwashed" and "slaves." All you had to do fucking read, man, and maybe you wouldn't have fallen for such an idiot as him. But at this point it's probably too late for you.

>> No.14369145

>thinking you're on top of the "technological system,"
he didnt say that
>aka "the culmination of Western civilization over the last 2500 years"
he didnt say that, also it neither a cumination, more of a degradation and nor is it something defining for the western civilization
>anarchist slavnigger aspie from the hippie generation who doesn't contend with any high level philosophy from the 19th or 20th centuries
adhominem are no argument, maybe you wanna focus on actual ideas and discuss those, but it seems shitflinging is more your style, which makes me question how you did come to the conclusion you would be the one to call others "nigger"
>calling everyone out for being "lost" and "brainwashed" and "slaves
he explicitely stated which he saw as brainwashed slaves and it definetly werent "everyone"
>All you had to do fucking read, man
to be a shitflinging subhuman ape like you? maybe you should read first on how an argument works, friend
>But at this point it's probably too late for you.
it's never to late, go pick up a book, read teds manifesto and look at the actual arguments made and reevaluate your life choices, maybe then you're no longer such a bitter and pitiful excuse for a man, have a nice day

>> No.14369151

stop being a midwit and trying to refute low hanging fruit/bait. This is what killed all discussion on /pol/.

>> No.14369169

im bumping the thread
while owning the libtards
but ye you're right..

>> No.14369189

>being resentful and violent is bad
Look at this fag completely sidestep his arguments and go straight to appeals to emotion

>> No.14369198

>more of a degradation
How's that?

>nor is it something defining for the western civilization
Then why go on about it?

>adhominem are no argument
It is if you understand that ideas are genetically tied to those who possess them. Slavs tend to be communistic, and he was clearly an aspie. He's a fucking AWFUL person to look to if you want to understand how the world works. Read a real fucking philosopher from the 20th century, like Deleuze or Baudrillard.

>> No.14369235

>contend with any high level philosophy from the 19th or 20th centuries
Heidegger directly approached this and saw technology as an issue in the way humans relate to their surroundings
Nietzsche wrote about the potential issues coming from the replacement of religion by science
Kierkegaard was skeptical about the Enlightenment and what he saw as the spiritual death of man, also in kind of the same vein of Nietzsche
Deleuze saw the potential dangers of how society advanced into ones of control due to the technological advancements
Baudrillard also posed some of the issues of the way we percieve reality due to technology

I mean, he wasn't an avid reader of any of them, but he pretty much was on the same path of critiquing reason. He was by no means dumb, although reading those thinkers could have helped mature his ideas, his basic argument of how technology is a threat to humans is something that has merit.

>> No.14369243

>How's that?
read Ted
>Then why go on about it?
you brought it up, i disagreed with you

adhominem is still no argument
refuting the person making the argument, doesnt refute the argument
I aint arguing deleuze or baudrillard, faggot. you're here arguing Ted, so read his books before gargling shit like the little cuckold faggot that you are

>> No.14369254

how does the world work?

>> No.14369257

>his basic argument of how technology is a threat to humans is something that has merit.
It's a threat to subhumans, not humans. There's a difference, which Nietzsche understood, but Ted didn't, being a subhuman himself who didn't read him.

>> No.14369259

Unsure how real this is but they do appear to be a real organisation. https://michigan-company.com/co/michigan-students-and-alumni-for-the-defense-of-prisoners-rights
Can't see anything about Ted being denied publishing writes or anything however this guy does link to it and appears to be in correspondence and publishing https://www.davidskrbina.com/

>> No.14369265

citation needed
still no argument refuted

>> No.14369273

you are clearly stupid dude, I'm not taking your bait

>> No.14369284

The "citation" is Nietzsche's bibliography, from start to finish.

>still no argument refuted
So you'd like to still believe in that uneducated little head of yours.

>> No.14369289

>preaches about irony by claiming someone wouldve implyed to be 'on top of the "technological system"'
>thinks he is nietzsches Übermensch
all the while being unable to make one (1) coherent argument

keep to your shit flinging, retard. atleast it's self-exposing you as the cretin, that you are

>> No.14369307

>thinks he is nietzsches Übermensch
I don't. Ted's still subhuman. N shits on his ilk at the beginning of Human, All Too Human.

>> No.14369340

nigga, imma break it down for you
even if Nietzsche thought that Ted had wrong praxis, was an untermench and smelly, the point is that the whole critique of technology, science and progress is something that they have in common and that's what should be discussed, because it's a common thread between some of the great thinkers of history. Ted went beyond what's mostly reasonable and that's not something that matters in the context of discussing what we are doing.
However, not even Nietzsche said that technology was a threat to only sub-humans or anything of that sort, that's you extrapolating shit
If you discuss authors depending on their behaviour and not their ideas, then there's nothing anyone can do for you, but feel happy in that you "won" the argument.

>> No.14369343

Here's an example passage from it before you beg to be spoonfed, since you don't read nor care to:

>Age of comparison. — The less men are bound by tradition, the greater is the fermentation of motivations within them, and the greater in consequence their outward restlessness, their mingling together with one another, the polyphony of their endeavours. Who is there who now still feels a strong compulsion to attach himself and his posterity to a particular place? Who is there who still feels any strong attachment at all? Just as in the arts all the genres are imitated side by side, so are all the stages and genres of morality, custom, culture. — Such an age acquires its significance through the fact that in it the various different philosophies of life, customs, cultures can be compared and experienced side by side; which in earlier ages, when, just as all artistic genres were attached to a particular place and time, so every culture still enjoyed only a localized domination, was not possible. Now an enhanced aesthetic sensibility will come to a definitive decision between all these forms offering themselves for comparison: most of them — namely all those rejected by this sensibility — it will allow to die out. There is likewise now taking place a selecting out among the forms and customs of higher morality whose objective can only be the elimination of the lower moralities. This is the age of comparison! It is the source of its pride — but, as is only reasonable, also of its suffering. Let us not be afraid of this suffering! Let us rather confront the task which the age sets us as boldly as we can: and then posterity will bless us for it — a posterity that will know itself to be as much beyond the self-enclosed original national cultures as it is beyond the culture of comparison, but will look back upon both species of culture as upon venerable antiquities.

Being from Nietzsche, this aphorism can't of course be fully understood without all of the other aphorisms in the same text as context, because they are all related. To summarize: here he is building the case FOR industrialization and its effects, and already predicting and fighting AGAINST its opponents and what problems they have with it.

>> No.14369349

>is something that they have in common
They don't have shit in common. You can only think this if all you know is Wikipedia or if you read Nietzsche and are so stupid you may as well have just read Wikipedia and saved your time. See my post above.

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File: 164 KB, 3000x2000, lzx8yo35cxm21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

America was built upon a foundation set by violent revolutionaries. If the British crown back were like modern America, George Washington would be sitting in Florence right now. Thomas Jefferson said we should periodically water the tree of liberty with blood... Revolutionaries, even the "worst" ones should get a maximum of 20 years in prison.

>> No.14369399
File: 66 KB, 728x469, IMG_20190813_111627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14369407

You do understand that his views changed with time?
That passage you posted is from Human All Too Human (1878), but when he went harder on science was on Gay Science (1882). One aphorism where he supports industralization should be taken as what he truly believed or the book where he is skeptic towards the notion of Science being used as the mechanism to not only describe, but also justify actions?
Because, you neither of these two guys were opposed to tools as an expresion of possibility, but the fact that technological advancement or science as a superstructure is being used as a justification to alienate humans from themselves. Ted breaking point was companies mowing down forests in the name of progress, Nietzsche is skeptics towards that very same behaviour.
Anyways, you might know more, Mr. Undergrad student.

>> No.14369415

>Nietzsche is skeptics towards that very same behaviour.
Post an aphorism that supports your claim then. I'll wait.

>> No.14369425

>reading the translated version
Das ist ziemlich blau gekapselt, Bruder.
>Being from Nietzsche, this aphorism can't of course be fully understood without all of the other aphorisms in the same text as context, because they are all related
Talking about understanding but not reading the original version
Dont talk to me or my German Philosopher ever again

>> No.14369432

>It is neither the best nor the worst things in a book that defy translation.
aka, the core ideas.

>> No.14369449

what ever makes you sleep at night, dear friend

>> No.14369457

Same to you.

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File: 1.83 MB, 1732x1042, hahahahaha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this fucking idiot really murdered people because he believed terrorism was the only way to get people to pay attention to his philosophy
>all it did was turn him into a meme
>only weirdos and autists care about his writings now
Stay mad, Kaczynskitards. Complaining that the guy who took life from three people is having his "human rights" violated is too fucking rich.

>> No.14369529

>only weirdos and autists care about his writings now
that's not the case, quite the opposite thats why they strive to stop him from publishing more of his ideas

>> No.14369537

Most countries don't let you publish from prison

>> No.14369547

ooft, midwitposting

>> No.14369567

>thats why they strive to stop him from publishing more of his ideas
yeah because weirdos and autists tend to kill people because of their retarded ideas

>> No.14369570

The overman is the meaning of the earth. Not overmen, just overman.

Right now, the tech giant founders and executives, engineers, computer artists, etc. face no threat from technology. Tomorrow, some of them might. Eventually, they all will. But one will remain in the end and that one was what civilization was heading towards all along.

>> No.14369578

>There is likewise now taking place a selecting out among the forms and customs of higher morality whose objective can only be the elimination of the lower moralities.
well and Ted is fighting for his morals in this "age of comparison"
he isnt "bound by tradition", he is fighting for the environment not tradition, atleast im not aware that he would be a self proclaimed traditionalist
what makes Ted not allowed to fight his case in the clash of morals and philosophies?

>> No.14369583

are you scared of the special ed kids, shlomo?

>> No.14369590

>what makes Ted not allowed to fight his case in the clash of morals and philosophies?
The higher moralities, which have put him behind bars and are now seeking to prevent him from publishing.

>> No.14369596

I used to be a fan of Ted and any fringe theory I could find. Now I am more mature and realize we need an authoritarian state that censors speech, either written or online, and that free speech is a form of abuse (manipulates impressionable people into ruining their lives for ideologies).
Silence the prisoners and silence the populace

>> No.14369603

>The overman is the meaning of the earth. Not overmen, just overman.
citation needed
Nietzsche also had the concept of der Letzte Mensch, the last man
which would be a degenerated genetic dead end to humankind and was definitely not meant as an individual, but a collective
how do you come to the conclusion of the Übermensch meaning a single individual?

>> No.14369613

his ideas are out there, you claiming his imprisoners to be higher moralities, is just taking teams in an undecided match, i'd say

>> No.14369633

Theyre the ones most likely to react as theyve got nothing to lose. I once put a Ted quote in a reddit as bait and I got a bunch of upvotes, so even the normies there are receptive to his ideas.

>> No.14369635

>citation needed
Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

>how do you come to the conclusion of the Übermensch meaning a single individual?
No two things are equal according to Nietzsche.

Hey, you asked. I just gave you an answer to your question. If what Nietzsche wrote there has merit, then it's the higher moralities who dictate whether the lower moralities have any "rights" to do anything. And right now it's fact that Ted is in prison and in the process of having his writings confiscated.

>> No.14369689

i will have to look that up again
it seems odd to me that he would have two similar concepts thesis and antithesis and make one a collective and one an individual, well maybe there comes the antithesis part into account
i'll report back if the thread is still up tomorrow and i have an answer to this

have a good one, dear friend

>> No.14369747

Charles Manson literally did nothing wrong.

>> No.14369752

It's not that much of a mystery to solve. A human is made up of 37+ trillion cells; we care about the human, not each cell that makes up the human. All of life works this way. Evolution is a climb away from the countless atoms that made up the stars which eventually made up the planets, the galaxy, and all of the species we are currently familiar with. The overman is the meaning of the EARTH — for Nietzsche, that means the idea was the meaning of ALL life on earth, the planet itself, the galaxy it is in, the whole universe. It is ALL coming forth to create the overman.


>To have and to want to have more—growth, in one word—that is life itself.

Also Nietzsche: the universe is a finite amount of energy. So... someone's losing out. Eventually, everyone will lose out to the overman, who will have it all.

>> No.14369766
File: 56 KB, 717x720, 1567496588447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck you and fuck the environment

>> No.14369853

>thinking you're on top of the "technological system,"
That's the complete opposite of what Kaczynski says, and I don't know if you're being malicious or just utterly retarded.

>> No.14369884

That's because he had other people do it for him.

>> No.14369952
File: 27 KB, 660x371, CEF544D9-1614-4DDD-BF33-92F1F405CA7F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ted needs your help
You just want the books

>> No.14370186

Maybe that's why he didn't write me back.

>> No.14370310

Okay, I'll bite. Is this guy a raving lunatic edgelord or he had some actual ideas?

What did he believe in, in 4 sentences or less?

>> No.14370338
File: 1.28 MB, 750x1334, A055411D-52DF-44C5-9C60-51D60BB0AE8A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Letters from uncle ted

>> No.14370342
File: 1.66 MB, 750x1334, 3D930477-2A53-4BD2-BB51-380F47CDF2B7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14370356

what are ted's views on socialism?

>> No.14370365
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That's such a kind way of saying you have shit handwriting and are a lazy fucker. Man, what a nice guy. I can't imagine him hurting anyone.

>> No.14370508

>tell me what to believe because my attention span is too small to read a book

kill yourself

>> No.14370524

A cold war kid, He doesn’t understand it’s goals
But maybe his opinion has changed over the years.
Has he ever said anything about Zerzan?

>> No.14370571
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>> No.14370588
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>This isn't wikipedia - shut the fuck up with your source faggotry.

>> No.14370602

Kaczynski's rantings are a jumble of conflicting ideas from both the left and right, and he was not a leader of any popular movements.

We read his manifesto because he murdered people. His writings would not otherwise stand on their own for an academic or even general audience.

His critiques of technology are lifted from Jacques Ellul, and his critiques of feminism, homosexuality, and socialism were probably lifted from AM talk radio. He didn't contribute a single unique idea to society, and his fans are dimwit edgelords.

>> No.14370645

There’s a few things here and there he’s said that although not apart of his core ideas I find useful to myself so I would disagree. But yea the majority of ted is nonsense, but primitivism itself is nonsense.

>> No.14371234


>> No.14371239

So what? They're interesting.

>> No.14371318

i can fanthom the idea pretty well, dear friend
me saying im going to look it up, is me mistrusting your interpretation but wanting to check back first, before gargling shit as you did. There is no hint of the Übermensch being only one individual. The Übermensch implements the full picture of what is humanly possible into it's own being. For Nietzsche the evolution from ape to human was in it's way a creation of the Übermensch but for the apes. So there is no one supreme being. Also seeing Nietzsches hatred for degeneracy I find it hard to believe, he would see the Übermensch in technocrats, which are the enablers of the fall of mankind into degeneracy and ultimately are building the Letzten Mensch as a fat, sleazy, righteous slob. There is no inner refinement in them. I'll give you that they are striving for power, which was atleast in his early days one aspect of the Übermensch, yet there is a lack of everything else. Seeing it as the rise from man to Übermensch as once from ape to man, there cant be a degrading of the whole of mankind to create the Übermensch. And all the while his concept of the Übermensch was individualistic, the Übermensch wasnt limited as to one individual as you are trying to make it. It's an ambivalent thought of breaking out of collectivist humankind into the individualist Übermenschentum. So making each and everyone into the globohomo slavekind and leveling mankind into one kneaded hord, can't be in anyway being the path to the Übermensch, except maybe in the resistance against that path, so to speak: Ted. Have a nice day.

>> No.14371658

>There is no hint of the Übermensch being only one individual.
You haven't read him then. Besides that his entire philosophy revolves around will to power, his "milestone men," and his total rejection of equality in all things, he also talks about war between individuals as higher than war between groups (i.e., the milestone men, great men who come and go throughout history like great accidents), the inevitable nature of things to coalesce into a single superior element (i.e., the many nations of Europe he believed would eventually melt into one superior nation), and he even talks about the overman as a being who possesses the greatest amount of control over the most amount of conflicting internal drives. Everything about his philosophy, if you pay attention while reading it at all, points to the overman being a single individual. Really, you haven't felt a shred of what Nietzsche felt if you don't think so. You're just an idle reader of his then.

>Nietzsches hatred for degeneracy
He says degeneracy is nothing to be fought because it belongs to every age and is necessary for the existence of superior beings.

>So making each and everyone into the globohomo slavekind and leveling mankind into one kneaded hord, can't be in anyway being the path to the Übermensch
And why can't it? Technology is nothing to be feared if you understand how it works, like the tech giants do, like I already explained. Technology continues to grow and become more complex because we continue to grow and become more complex, because life itself is, like the quote from Nietzsche above mentioned, growth.

You make endless blunders when it comes to realizing his meaning. This is why you read Ted rather than the real philosophers, I guess.

>> No.14372039

What was the mailing address that you used? Did you include a self stamped envelope? I didn't get any reply from him.

>> No.14372797

so in anti-tech revolution he says that anti-tech revolutionary groups should organize practice their stuff and wait for an opportune time to strike, are there any known anti-tech groups in society these days?

>> No.14373028

There are none with the anti-tech ideals, just vegan and animal rights bullshit. Thats where I see Ted's failure, he advocates for a group without a leader to revolt. I don't think that has ever happened before, and even then you need someone to lead afterwards for the planned deconstruction of the system. Kinda dumb.

>> No.14373128

Actually, no, he wants a "Lenin"

>> No.14373166

>he advocates for a group without a leader to revolt

>> No.14373245

>Is this guy a raving lunatic edgelord or he had some actual ideas?
Kaczynski is not the only guy to write anti-tech stuff, he's just one of the few smart people to kill for it. John Zerzan, Lewis Mumford, and Jacques Ellul write very convincing stuff that is similar to Kaczynski, maybe better.

Individuals Tending Toward Savagery (ITS) in Mexico

>> No.14373265

Shut the fuck up and die. I'd destroy the whole world if it meant being free of The Eternal Enemy.

>> No.14373347

his only mistake was not killing more of the bastards. GTFO JIDF shill.

>> No.14373789

Sounds naive. Without an enemy, there's no life worth living.

>> No.14373820

That is false. Life does not need an enemy, nor is it in the best interest of life for there to be an enemy to life. It is better to be dead than to live under evil. If you crave an enemy so badly, go fight your own shadow and leave us alone.

>> No.14373894

How do you know you're even alive if you don't have an enemy? And I didn't say that life needs an enemy, I said without an enemy there's no life worth living.

>> No.14373961

If you fail to destroy that enemy, then what is the point of life?

>> No.14373973

That IS the point of life. The secret desire of all who enjoy war is that they wish to die in one.

>> No.14373981


>> No.14374399

Ignore all anti-ted glowniggers.

For those of you in doubt about the validity of the fundraising, it is linked to from David Skrbina's website.


>> No.14375779

Why wouldn't they? It's not like their jobs are so stressful and packed with work that they have to make strict priorities.

>> No.14376129

I gave a little bit. His book was interesting and I think he should be able to express free speech regardless of situation.
Thanks for linking OP.

>1 Hr a day
Ooof, I've been pushing 6 with it getting dark so early, and that's on days I'm not at work...

>> No.14376391

Using parentheses without realizing that Ted wasn't a nazi

>> No.14376437

is ellul more rigorous than guenon in his critique of modernity

technological society
crisis of modern world
which one should one pick if they had to pick one

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