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What's the definitive book on homesteading, farming and/or moving to a small town, alternatively buying land and living away from decadent society?

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>alternatively buying land and living away from decadent society?
There is no such book because this is a relatively new phenomenon. Your best bet is anything by Uncle Ted.

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>there has never been "back to the land" movements at any other point in history

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There is none, anon. You were born at the wrong or time. The best you can hope for is that Antarctica melts enough and becomes a new frontier, space opens up in a big way, future drone warfare repopulate regions but leaves capital intact (and the land is given out like candy to resettlers).

Otherwise there's no going back without collapse. Everywhere is going to be connected. Just like people needed the water of th er Nile, and had to endure the iron fisted autocracies of Ancient Egypt, so too will you be dependent upon complex civilisation and forced in a myriad ways to play the game or be destroyed.

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Nice strawman, faggot.
I said that there has never been a popular movement for a return to small rural communities due to a decadent society.
In the past, even those that lived in large cities (eg. Rome), were never actually far from rural life. Their lives weren't owned and controlled by large transnational companies, nor were these people disconnected from God, blood or soil.

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Growth of the Soil.

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Tell me what you think you know.

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Are you trying to tell me that religion didn't exist in Rome?
Do you get tired from being this stupid?

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I malavoglia

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Learn some basic migration theory, there has been

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>tfw globalization killed the American chestnut and any log cabin you build anywhere in the world will be inferior

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>buying land
Keep in mind, they will take it away anytime they feel like it

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based. you never own land because you don't own the 'name' that controls the land.

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the whole earth catalog.

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nice hands butterfly

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The encyclopedia of country living

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I don't understand, isn't that what guns are for?

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Forty Acres and Independence by kains. Robert heinlein recommended it in farnham's freehold

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Five acres and independence by kains*

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grapes of wrath

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