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>Be me
>Oppose objective morality
>Die of AIDS

Didn't he retroactively BTFO himself?

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Nice trips.

Taking over this bait thread to make something productive. Do any Foucault readers knows his exact affiliations with LGBTQ? How far left was he and how would he react to the LGBTQ community now? Did he write anything on gender/lgbtq?

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it was god's will that such a disgusting human being as foucault should die of AIDS, that through him we may see his punishment for sin made manifest, the just deserts of transgressing divine law

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He was a pedo apologist. Good riddance.

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>>Be me
>>Oppose subjugating passions to reason
>>Become obese

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>How far left was he and how would he react to the LGBTQ community now?
enough to get pozzed in a bathhouse. he'd be posting on bugchasing forums if he was still alive.

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Based y Redpilled. I'd like to add further that it's God's will that the white devil is currently going extinct.

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all of use are hypocrites but dayum did i laugh

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Hume self-refuted himself beyond repair there, so badly that it enabled Thomas Aquinas to retroactively refute.

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There is no rational reason against obesity

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early death, lesser life span

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Far more diseases, shaving decades off your lifespan, inability to perform basic human functions.

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> muh death
not rational

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>inability to perform basic human functions
Disease would cause pain and suffering too.

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Painkillers exist

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painkillers heavily cloud judgement therefore unreasonable


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and painkillers make you incapable of performing basic task after being pruned of them for while.

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No rational reason for having reason

Don’t stop taking then

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And they don't magically make you be able to walk or run properly, or stop your ankles and joints being crushed under the weigh of your gluttony.

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paracetamol and ibuprofen cloud my judgement.

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Hume was reasonably fat

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Holy shit based

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