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Why should I trust philosophers when they failed to have children, the most basic aim of life?

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Then, just follow philosophers who had children? Is not that difficult

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It's not an aim of life to have children.

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Well, anon. Let's break down your thesis. Firstly, it is not true that philosophers fail to have children. Many do. And further, many of them that did have been influenced by those that did not. This, in a sense substantiates the words of these childless philosophers by your standard, as now their ideas flow from the child having philosopher, validating them. Secondly, in what way have you proven to me that "having children is the most basic aim of life?" You have not defined your terms here. I can only guess at what you mean, and any further expounding on why I do not think this is the case is simply lost. It was Voltaire himself who said "If you wish to debate me, you must first define your terms" Finally, that a philosopher does not have children, yet writes influential books would appear to be a higher form of self-proliferation, and species-proliferation. Having your own children affects a small handful of people, yet as a philosopher you might influence the whole world!

Good day sir.

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holy mother of BASED

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Trust Socrates then

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Based. I feel my brain getting bigger ever since I migrated to this board

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Wholesome and based

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cringe, angry incel

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Why should I trust philosophers when they're obese?

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name one

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Arguably the most based Chad in the history of Western thought?

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he's clearly on a dirty bulk

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Name one that isn't or wasn't a fat fuck.

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if you're not an anti-natalist by age 18, you're a fucking midwit, simple as

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walk the higher path, harness the untainted energies of virginity like the Mother Mary
>pic related cutie
he's going bear mode
>"t-there's a difference!"

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Dangerously based

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You failed to show the existence of at least one philosopher with children

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>child haver


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freggposters btfo eternally

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>why should I trust experts on X when they failed in unrelated activity Y
Do you also ask your doctor if he's got kids and walk away if the answer is negative? Life must be hard for a retarded man.

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>being a slave to your biology
never gonna make it.

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