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rec books I should read to impress art hoes /lit/

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Infinite Jest

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rec good books I should read to impress art hoes /lit/

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Infinite Jest

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Wear something red

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Horniness is the result of visual input, fantasizing and to a lesser extent, hormones. You are what you think and do. Stop being a cumbrain.

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now this is writing.

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>to a lesser extent, hormones

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Dont. If you're trying to have sex with women you disrespect dont pay them the respect of reading the whole book. Just know about the right things, and know enough about them to get by. Women are all appearance, you have to cultivate an appearance.

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It's well established behavioral input plays a role in sexual drive. It's been proven that sexual experience induces deltafosb and neuroplasticity in pleasure regions.

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Your foreskin been chopped?
Look. Making an addiction out of masturbation is obviously bad, but it is a natural urge and lonely people should do it to cope for the absence of a partner. True they shouldn’t make it a replacement for a sex partner because companionship is missing. And most people, I think, really need that.
>it’s been proven it’s been proven
It’s been proven You’re a troll crank. Shut up.

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"I want to fuck art hoes" aka Madonna-Whore complex

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None. Women don't read. Nobody reads. Only read if you want an excuse to postpone suicide, to forget about pussy, to forget about working. Read to forget real life exists

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Where do I meet art hoes?

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This will require you understand enough of it to at least bullshit her... IF she’s heard of him.
I like my answer best still. Art chicks will dig a ecological revolutionary

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Art hoes don't care about books or literature. They're just as retarded and anti-intellectual as regular hoes. They just dress different so you think they're more interesting, they aren't. Also they are usually far uglier than regular hoes and are far more diseased; mentally, physically, spiritually.

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>Art chicks will dig a ecological revolutionary
I like to talk to greens chicks meet on tinder about Ted Kaczynski, just to see how serious they are about their defining personality trait. Surprise surprise they are just as vapid as all the other sluts

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How surprising? They don’t like his cures? He’s an under-socialized madman. They’d like Bookchin. As for how serious; ideally you’d both get serious about it and help change the world.

>far more diseased; mentally, physically, spiritually.
Oh c’mon. Don’t be such a christfag

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library, community college, college towns, cafes

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They probably don't even know who he is. Like most people, men and women alike, they adopt concern for the environment as a personality trait but do not bother to take it any further than that.

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she looks like she smells bad and has fucked far too much

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people on /ic/ think art hoes like guys who are good at art. something about siphoning thier talent from them through various means.

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I just farted when you said that.
Hope you get to fuck soon. It’s good stuff.
Naw. Artsy types can hang, but they shouldn’t be the same medium

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>tripfag calling other incel
nice projection you thirsty faggot

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>hasn't quoted Stirner nor Nietzsche in the whole thread
you know, if the nickname didn't gave you away immediatly, you are also pretty bad at impersonating the average retardation that usually follows any of butters' posts

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>befriend someone artsy
>get invited to his art exhibits/fair or whatever they call it
>befriend more artsy people
>learn their whereabouts(bars they go, people they buy drugs to, things they do during weekends, etc)

You can also do the following
>have an artsy ig(it could be any kind of art, just make it look like you actually care for it. Maybe have a pet for extra points)
>tinder and read art hoes bios
>some may have their art ig profile written there
>follow some of them, eventually one will follow back
>now you can either casually talk to her
>go full psycho and attend the same places these people attend to and casually bump into them

For both cases having drugs will be a plus for you. Weed is fine but too normal, maybe some coke?

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I started fucking an art hoe like 2 months after she got her massive natural titties reduced to like b cups. bullshit

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I've only been approached twice by women while reading in public.
Both times I was reading Kafka.
"The Metamorphosis is my favourite story tee hee"

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For women the story parallels hitting the wall so I can understand that older women can relate to it. How old were they?

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>AIDS ridden piece of meat on legs who's purpose in life is to consume
>Nooooo stop having morals!
Either a woman or a sick boy.

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