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Manufacturing Consent.

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It’s capitalism. This is a commercial empire, run by a government, not democratically elected, that serves an oligarchy. You can guess what books cover this. Wanna read Vidal?
Or Chomsky
Or Bookchin
Or David Harvey

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Just read about capitalism and how it poisons everything around it and you’ll learn everything you need to know. My parents have threatened me with this before so it’s not just a meme. I told them how disgusting it was that they’d charge their own family to live in the house with them. It hasn’t come up since at least.

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Protestant Literature

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>Or Chomsky

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How old are you man?

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>op pic
well it depends. if your rich boomer parents are charging you money to live with them out of "principle" then its fucked up. but if you guys are poor then you should definitely contribute money to the rent. im assuming the anon in the image is alluding to the former. if the latter then he is a spoiled bitch

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>bootstraps, anon
>gotta pull yer own weight
>don’t be a burden
>the jobs are jes waitin fer yaz
>no son o’ mine woul—

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It's not a matter of no son of mine, or bootstraps, or anything really.
Even in a communist society, or anti-capitalist one, all members are expected to contribute. what do you contribute?

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>capitalism is the fairest thing ever devised.
>it’s what we’ve *always* done
>markets are wiser than you

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Sometimes I want to hate your views on State and authority, but there are days where anarchy seems like it’d be okay. Just let the world burn. Sounds cozy desu

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why is every post you make a non sequitor? what does that have to do with my post, butters? jeezus

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Its not the market, it's inherit demand. People only pay what they are willing to pay, if you aren't willing to do something you dont have to. Either way, no one is entitled to anything, and the idea that competition is somehow immoral is silly, as it's the very principle society is based on.

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When did you get so based?

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I help coddle rich people’s inflated egos
I’d rather contribute to the betterment of the community/world, but it doesn’t pay.
And I’m getting too old for all the hours. Life doesn’t have to be like this

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Fairness? There is none, there cannot be. It is childish to think it could be so. I outgrew it. Most will, given time.

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This is just rationalizing your lifestyle. There are plenty of jobs that help the community, it just doesnt pay what you want it to.
Teach, be a counselor, work at a non-profit.
the fact of the matter is there are issues, of course, but if you aren't willing to try to contribute or better a system, you're the biggest problem.

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>spoiled bitch
If his parents are charging rent it's because they consider him too old to still be living at home and want him gone (either because they hate having him around or want to push him to make his own way). However, because he is still choosing to live at home despite having an income (how else can we pay rent), he probably has medium-term plans to save up money until he decides what direction he wants to take his life in. Instead of encouraging him to save as much money as possible so that he can have the best possible shot at his chosen path, they would rather profit from his situation as if he were a complete stranger. The only possible thing they could do to atone for this is actually be secretly matching his rent in a high return savings account and giving him access to it upon his decision to leave. Otherwise, rich or poor, they are deadbeats and deserve the axe.

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You’re going to die anyway. Might as well do something great with your life than resigning to mediocrity and darkness.

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That’s not what anarchism is about. That’s more capitalism’s bag.

Feeling sarcastic. Take no offense if it doesn’t apply to you.

Capitalism, paying for shit, is wrong. The resources to clothe, shelter and feed everyone is there. The workforce to maintain an actual free flowing market is there. Accumulative currency is just for keeping wealthy families over us

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I don't believe in that kind of "individualism", "striking your own path" or whatever. Families should stick together. If you come from a poor family you should help them, not narcissistically worry about "making your mark' or "getting your career underway". That's a boomer mentality. Your essentially saying that the problem with boomer parents is that they prevent you from equally pursuing the hedonistic boomer lifestyle.

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>the idea that competition is somehow immoral is silly, as it's the very principle society is based on.
More than that, it's the very system that life on planet Earth operates on. People against competition are sheltered and out of touch with reality itself, having zero idea what real life and the world is like.

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>Capitalism, paying for shit, is wrong. The resources to clothe, shelter and feed everyone is there. The workforce to maintain an actual free flowing market is there. Accumulative currency is just for keeping wealthy families over us
Every system that humanity has utilized has continued to keep people in power in power. It's not the system, but humans themselves. What capitalism does do, is take greed and try to force it to help the rest of humanity. Competition is good for the long term.

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I’ve always been.

>there cannot be.
That is why we fail. You don’t want to do it. >>14699985
I’m planning. But it isn’t some airy fairy feel-good job that’s still upholding capitalism

I know.

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sage and hide tranny tripfag thread

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>I’m planning
bitch, you're already old. stop planning and start doing

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Planning what? Planning that will more than likely to amount to nothing. You can claim that jobs that uphold humanity, or charities, are somehow lesser, but those people contribute infinitely more than someone who does nothing but plan. Inaction is entropy.

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Cooperation is at least as common as competition

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Ah. Greta poster thinks she’s autistic. Go away, child. Read some of the books mentioned ITT.

>What capitalism does do, is take greed and try to force it to
No. Absolute not. You’re deluding yourself. This is the worst it’s ever been. This system has failed and it’s defense mechanisms have infiltrated your ears with lies.

I’m at the noon of my life!

Others are acting too, this isn’t a Hollywood movie. It takes millions to change, replace, the system.

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But no one is acting. No one has fight, and clearly neither do you. The fact of the matter is your lost in illusions of granduer and some misunderstood anger with a symptom rather than the real problem, and unfortunate truth. Humanity doesn't care. If you asked everyone if they would support equality if it meant the decrease of their living quality, they would say no, and I think even you too, and naive and principled as you seem, would deny it.

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No one wants true equality worldwide, they just want to feel moral. And that's why no one wants to make difficult decesions or take difficult stances

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>If you come from a poor family you should help them
Achieving your own success is the best way to help your family if you are poor. Even from a capitalist perspective (the word is being tossed around like crazy in this thread for no particular reason--we all have families and don't need abstractions to think about this issue) your parents should see you as their best long-term investment. If they raised you with any kind of intent, it was minimally so that you could succeed. They might not need or expect you to give back to them, but if you are successful, in a very real way, they have an insurance plan. A lot of boomers age out of their savings and have to go back to work when they shouldn't have to worry about that. We can debate if having a child at all is a good investment versus remaining childless your whole life but once the child is had, supporting him or her until he is ready to succeed (which could be 16 or 26, it's different for everyone) is the best way to go. And this is purely from a capitalist perspective. It is not even to mention the obvious elephant in the room which is that if a child seems like he is not where he should be then maybe it is he who needs help, not you. Not everyone is mentally or physically as capable as you imagine, and a little bit of support from the people who supposedly care about you the most might be all it takes to get them on the right track.

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Posts like these make me sympathize with the elites that are going to genocide us by virus one of these days. People actually defend these stances as organic and not the products of ideology and conditioning. There's no curing people like this and the world really would be better off without them. Even if I'm collateral damage.

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Before capatalism there was despotism, then monarchy, then fascism, then communism. All systems have failed. Humanity is the only common trait, and it has proven to be self interested.

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It's just a standardised way of sharing money between the family, unless it's really like a landlord-tenant relationship then your parents are not really your parents in the true sense. His parents probably pay for food and bills, among other things. So giving them some money if you have an income is necessary, especially if you enjoy costly leisure while they put their money into family subsistence. It's not like they're charging anywhere near enough to cover the expenses he incurs because he'd just move out if they did. Because these people don't actually believe in multigenerational households, they want to move out as soon as possible and only hold off on doing so because it's far cheaper to stay with your parents. People even move into shittier living spaces just to 'have their own place'. That's more a capitalistic perversion than this.

I like multigenerational households and think they should be promoted, but you have to share money around for it to work. Having 'rent' is the simplest and fairest solution. Keeping track of who uses what water and eats what is autistic and money-obsessed so this is the fairest you can conveniently go.

I'm a NEET that doesn't pay rent btw but I minimise my resource burden.

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>hugh mann nay chur

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My parents aren't well-off and are both retired, and I would rather pay £200 a month and save well than sink £600 a month into rent and save far less. If you're mad about your parents wanting you to contribute to the household, move out and get a better job.

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It's all nature Anon. A few great men are successful at fighting it back temporarily, but the group is still anamilistic and can't be tamed.

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Oh, baby cheeks. Aumingja þú

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these isms existed before there was an ism for it.
capitalism and free enterprise is different. we are not just talking about the exchange of goods for services, but making profit off of speculation and the exploitation of land.

i dont care, commie/capitalist scum are all alike to me. the material world view will be washed away once the 10th avatar of vishnu emerges and finally ends the kali yuga

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based and modernitypilled

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Gimme some recs on protestant /lit/

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Insult and call names all you want. I continue to help in the little ways I am able while you sit and wait

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>tfw 23
>live at home
>mom never charged me rent
>finish undergrad this semester
>finish grad next year
>tfw she paid for all of it without any timeline of when I'd pay her back
Feels good bros. I'm hoping my first year's or salary is enough to retire her and put her up in a better house. I'm on track to make a lot of money.

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Whatchudo bby?
Just curious

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Look into perrenialist philosophers. Don't fall for the materialist path.

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>all members are expected to contribute. what do you contribute?
Imagine thinking that personal worth is predicated alone on producing for megacorporations and consuming their shit

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>on track to make a lot of money.
No one tell him about the student debt bubble, housing bubble, massive credit debt bubble, and spiraling inflation

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Why not both?

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You should google the word 'bubble' before you use it so many times in a series like that.

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>butterfly is a mummy poster

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oh yeah that guy who supported pol pot

>That is why we fail. You don’t want to do it
I don't believe this is what this poster is saying. State enforced "fairness" is not fairness. Equity of outcome is not fairness, it is the opposite
greta has several mental issues and I don't think you should make light of them.

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The US is pretty much the only nation putting its students into a lifelong debt

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>the pol pot joke again!
Still not looking for the answer to that, eh?

>State enforced
Hahahah. Funny man.
Greta poster has several mental issues too.

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>pol pot
Pol Pot did nothing wrong. The Cambodian “genocide” is faker than the Holocaust and Pol Pot actually brought his country closer to communism than any other state socialist nightmare

>emptied the parasitical cities and settled 95-97% of the population on collective farms
>distributed according to need
>abolished money
>abolished classes
>abolished religion
>humbled the urbanites and made them work the land, using them as fertilizer in the rice paddies when they weren’t fit enough
>expelled foreign elements from Kampuchea

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Gore Vidal is an heinous anti-semite. PLEASE do not promote his works.

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I wasn't kidding I think it shows how poor is judgement is that he supported a brutal dictator that would kill 1/4 of his population in less than 4 years. And also invade another communist country
I can't even tell if this is a troll post especially with the

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You’re a pathetic leech who your mom resents. Fuck you.

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>Gore Vidal is an heinous anti-semite. PLEASE do not promote his works.
I’m gonna read him now, he sounds based

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Nah, I've spent the last six years working part time and giving her most of my paycheck in good faith. Seethe on, brother.

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I currently have to pay rent to live with my alcoholic boomer retard father and his alcoholic girlfriend

I got a job (due to being forced to now) but my anxiety is preventing me from figuring out how to get an apartment on my own, it seems entirely prerequisite that I have to arrange all of that business over the fucking phone with whoever, fucking terrible

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>I can't even tell if this is a troll post
It’s not a troll post. The Vietnamese had designed to amalgamate all of Indochina into a Vietnamese-controlled superstate – all at the expense of the Kampuchean people. The Khmer Rouge warned against this for years and even produced documents demonstrating this (Black Paper). And sure enough who toppled the DK? The Vietnamese, who occupied for a decade afterwards and led to the restoration of capitalism. Pol Pot was right to expel all of the Vietnamese minorities from Kampuchea in 1975-6

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>giving her most of my paycheck
>never paid rent
yeah, bro, you never paid rent, you just gave her all your money haha

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>Everything you need to know

>> No.14700338

you could probably go to a real estate office in person

>> No.14700348

It's not rent, headass. I have savings. I've traveled with every opportunity between jobs. How much debt are you exactly?

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He cited erroneous journalism. He’s not a tanky, dumbo.

>> No.14700399

naw man apparently it never happened just look and see who hes inspired.

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I may be wrong. But as I see it now, an antithesis of sorts needs to be found to the current phenomena, or "destiny", path, set forth. Otherwise it is set by others for you. Liberalism is naive when it comes to this. It tries to be universalist on this but thus refutes itself and the idea of sovereignty of a people.
The root of many problems are, as I see it, that the highest good of the current societal structure, is either power or some economical system, individuals caring only for themselves, lack of idealism, this influences relationships. Do you ever go around and wonder how everything is interconnected? Sure, pull those bootstraps, but don't forget that you're not in this world only for yourself. Que the "boomer" meme who are accused to have sold a generation for their materialistic values. No wonder such a people were created in the post WW2 period. People within this structure have a hard time finding purpose, thus que in the division among the people, artificial unity, atomisation. I may be saying some bs on the way, but the key is to find the root of all problems.
Matter is corruptible, the truth can be reshaped to anyone's liking given enough luck and craftiness, propaganda and so on. Thus reliance on matter and the senses is a little shoddy. Thus a sort of epistemological nihilism on my part. Set a lot of ideals and try to bring them to practice, don't distract yourself with the symptoms, only their causes. Ideas themselves can't be corrupted, only reshaped, but that only creates new ideas.

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I can't believe people actually buy into this kali yuga shit. At least when westerners believe in the second coming of Christ it makes sense

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Read The Lightning and the Sun to understand. I don’t understand it literally as in “Hitler is Vishnu” , but I believe that Hitler was an avatar of God, a man against Time, the one who laid the foundation for He who will embody both Lightning and Sun, bringing to end this current decadent downward trending cycle

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That IS a tanky.

Did you know people died in wars?
Syria alone could make a skull museum to commemorate the dead much bigger you know.

>> No.14700589

>muh tankies
Must be sad to get steamrolled by organized state power every single time.

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stfu and go feed your fifteen cats u ugly old attention whoring cunt

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>hey champ, sorry about ruining that whole real estate market, but don't worry you can stay here as long as you like. all you'll have to do is give us 500 a month to help out.

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this is now a burgerpunk thread

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Golden image

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>The resources to clothe, shelter and feed everyone is there.
No one is going to keep going to work every day to keep you fed and clothed if they're not getting paid.

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you just know that nigga wanted the rotisserie chicken

>> No.14700926

that shit is so disturbing. we live in dystopia.

>> No.14700936

I literally soaked my underwear with urine I was so freaked out by that picture. Truly this is 1984.

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ITT: Communist larpers who can't make the system work form them and are essentially weeaboos who believe if they only lived in "insert fap-fiction communist country" their lives would be better. Try again, you wouldn't be smart enough to work the black markets that thrive in communist countries. You'd die waiting for daddy government to spill shit in your direction so you could suck it off "The Peoples" boots. That or you wouldn't be strong enough to be one of the jack boot thugs sent to "redistribute" property and would probably be labeled bourgeoisie should revolution occur. Basically bronies fantisisng about living in pony land.

Right or wrong, capitalism always wins. Play ball faggot.

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“America is not a young land: it is old and dirty and evil. Before the settlers, before the Indians... the evil was there... waiting.”
― William S. Burroughs

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The boomer punctuation ruins it

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My dad tried to do this when I was bumming around dealing drugs
I refused but I'm back in college now so he doesn't care

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It's like something from a PKD novel

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>the material world view will be washed away once the 10th avatar of vishnu emerges and finally ends the kali yuga

Absolutely based

>> No.14701086

>I currently have to pay rent to live with my alcoholic boomer retard father and his alcoholic girlfriend
Sounds like he is your handler more than anything else. If you seriously cannot talk to people over the phone how are you gonna live on your own? If you slip and fall on your own and need an ambulance are you gonna dial 9-1-1 and say "y-you t-too" to the operator?

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>oh shit oh shit oh shit. honey! get my shotgun, the day we've always feared is here!

>> No.14701140

>tfw tried to get a place with my friend out of highschool like 3 years ago
>he calls some landowner and says "how would you feel about three 18 year old boys living in your house?"
shit was fucking hilarious for some reason, but yeah we could not find a place anywhere. the rent in my area is super high because all the shitholes go to section 8 niggers. 3 years later i'm just getting shafted by taxes, car payments, parents leeching money off me, and i still live at home. probably gonna go homeless soon because i literally will never be able to afford a place in my area and i'm not leaving like some faggot gypsie

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It's intentional

We have a massive monetary bubble. Not a normal asset bubble like most people think, our money supply itself has expanded far too rapidly and the supposed technological advancements that were supposed to justify this expansion have failed to materialize
It's not a libertarian meme, most of the wealth in the world exists only in the electrons in the banks' computers.

Younger generations are starting to realize they are being disproportionately and increasingly disenfranchised by our monetary system, so to the student loan bubble was contrived to guarantee that anyone seeking education (power and influence) HAS to buy into the monetary system. Literally BUY into it

The reason you can't declare student loan debt in bankruptcy court is because everyone would do it and the younger generations need to keep working like busy bees to make sure we don't see a monetary contraction that sends us back to the stone age

It is downright satanic

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>> No.14701209

>most of the wealth in the world exists only in the electrons in the banks' computers.
It’s always been imaginary

>> No.14701227

Maybe they're awful people.
Maybe they just don't like you, ever think of that.

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>> No.14701247

And would have been that much better off for living without a system of capitalism corrupting their relationship.

>> No.14701249

Boomers live to work, the function of the 40+ hour work week is alienation. They don't see them as their child on any visceral level, it is simply a social capital/norms relationship.

>> No.14701252


>> No.14701268

>boomer parents want to sell the house to retire in luxury
>a house worth like 10x what they paid
>refuse to just rent it and use the income from rent as their pension/retirement fund so we actually have some sort of inheritance
>offer to do all the work associated with it
>neither me or my brother have any hope of affording a home in the area or any nice area
>100m plan means the "bubble" will never pop and we can live in concrete tubes or at best some insectoid apartment complex, never a detached home

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Culture of Critique, but unironically

>> No.14701337


Distilled cringe.

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Read this book after Assange sort of recommended it by carrying it with him while he was dragged out of the embassy. Assange is still based but boy oh boy this book is not. Redpilled at times, maybe, but not based.

>> No.14701361

>Europeon larping whoremonger seething over amerilards

>> No.14701372

A fair amount of this is either dumb criticism or shit that I know is also true in other western countries. But its written well enough to convince any non american that it is true

>> No.14701388

disgustingly Canadian post.
>us? no we're not like those crazy americans
>we're just a small and humble nation doing our own thing
>let me list a bunch of stuff that happens everywhere in the developed world, especially here in Canada, and act like it's just americans who do it
fucking LEAFS

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This work throws the light of historical materialism on Babylon itself. For so long the oppressed have been the objects of investigation by Euro-imperialist sociology, anthropology, psychology, etc. - all to further pacifying and controlling us.

Now it is time to scientifically examine the oppressor society. While we discuss Third-World struggles and movements, this is not a critical examination of these political developments. This is a reconnaissance into enemy territory.

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Also recommend MIM Prisons at www.prisoncensorship.info

I would disregard everything else in this thread.

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Seeth Yankies, seeth.

>> No.14701449

I have no probably shitting on america its just honestly not a very good description/understanding of america outside of making memes. Especially its understanding of race, "canadians of all colours will smile and nod their head in agreement" and then everybody clapped.

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>that website
I sincerely cannot imagine being that much of a faggot

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yo, but how did they get the 12pks of pib to levitate like that? wtf, how do you make a cross with just 12pks.

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The thing is, while I agree that most people should, to a larger degree than not, realize the things you are saying, there is no known idea of how a modern nation could thrive without an inherent lower class that does shitty/at-least-boring work.

So all the students, who couldn't get anything near the sorts of jobs their parents had, declare bankruptcy? What then?

Corporations, as we know them, rely on corporate cultures, as we hate them, so those "jobs" won't go away.

The law is a clusterfuck of a field, and it's almost retarded being any type of lawyer today, with the endless hours.

There don't seem to be enough teaching positions available: will that automatically change?

The bubble is not purely propped up by purposely malicious regulation - it is a reflection that as a society we don't know how to properly function.

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It's called a miracle, anon. PRAISE HIM!

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