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Do you reckon he’s ever even cracked open a philosophy book?

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He thinks reading philosophy books is problematic so he just watches other leftytube videos who also don't read philosophy books.

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all he has to do is change the name of his channel, and I'd be fine with what he's doing. not fine as in thinking it's of any value but fine as in he doesn't come up when I'm watching lectures from actual philosophers

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The only thing he can crack open are soi bottles

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How can anyone with a face like this look at themself in the mirror and feel like a person and not some kind of robot.

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no his girlfriend's bull cracks them open for him

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I reckon he's well-versed in the various modes of philosophic reckoning.

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I have a bunch of nice hardbacks on my shelf I’ve never opened because they look better than the shitty paperback versions I enjoy reading.

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I'd bet he has.

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Not so fast

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He's got a master's degree in philosophy

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Hes certainly not a philosopher, Hes interesting but Id never compare his opinions to actual philosophy.

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the absolute state of western university education

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You can easily get a masters in phil with just the stanford encyclopedia

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i refused to believe that's real

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The system of Western education is deliberately shit, especially in America. Just consider, for example, the simple fact that Americans at university levels are taking MULTIPLE CHOICE TESTS. That shit is for children, it's sad. There's hardly any engagement with primary texts in undergrad education. This is not a real education.

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Philosophy tube

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on a scale from 1 to Alain de Botton, how much of an ignorant pseud is he?

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Alain de Botton

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wonder why these types always gain such large followings
appealing to the lowest common denominator?

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Is this true? I think Contranigger actually said something like this before also.

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look at any trending youtube video right now and answer your own question

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He served in the military

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>shitty music, celebrities, e-celebrities
what am i supposed to learn from this

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>He served in the military
So he has an IQ of 90-110.

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In one of his videos, he said he hasn't read Heidegger because he was a nazi.

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These fucking pseuds lmao. I wonder what he'd think about Guenon or Evola.

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He's also made a video on Evola, and it's as uncharitable and intellectually dishonest with all the lefty buzzwords you would think.

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>He's also made a video on Evola
I'm gonna have to see this shit

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I love how he jumped on the contrapoints bandwagon and now every vid has to have these overly long unfunny skits while he wears some ridiculous drag queen outfit. It's hilarious to see the depths he's had to sink to to keep his retarded breadtube audience.

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>thinks Evola is bad because he's a fascist
>failed to realize that Evola was talking about intuition when he mentions spirit
>thinks Evola hated women
>projecting conservatism on Evola
>trying to straw-man Evola with little quote snippets

These people need to be executed, via legal means of course. No bully, FBI.

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>These people need to be executed
in minecraft ofc

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I don't know if I can watch this I'm having flashbacks to the theatre kids from my high school

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I already watched it, skipped to the Evola part. My frogpost above is my analysis. It's pretty "wew lad," is all I can say.

>theatre kids
It's literally all theatrics, buzzwords, and no philosophy. Way worse than I even expected.

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don't worry. Once he gets cancelled, he'll go full alt right. same with contrapoints and the rest of them actually

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WHich is odd, since a lot of the hippies and stuff which are the breadtubers immediate predecessors by and large loved Heidegger's theories.

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How long until Hasan Piker becomes a neo-Turanist fascist ghazi? I reckon 8 months tops.

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>It's literally all theatrics, buzzwords, and no philosophy.

Notice how in the comments of any of his videos, no one is talking about the actual arguments he's making. It's all "haha you so sexy i'm gay for uuuuu". Same with contrapoints. This is youtube pseud prostitution.

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Anyone that speaks like that... you can feel how much of a phony he is with every syllable. That person has never said anything genuine in their entire life.

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>How long until Hasan Piker becomes a neo-Turanist fascist ghazi?
well he's already halfway there
though he doesn't have two brain cells to rub together so i wouldn't be particularly angry if he became the face of millennial leftism

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Understandable, if deflating.

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>well he's already halfway there
Very true. I watched his stream months ago and he'd go off on long tangents about Ottoman history. His "America deserved 911" controversy was also based as fuck.

>though he doesn't have two brain cells to rub together
I think he's just trying to appeal/conform to other leftists. Deep down inside, he's truly /ourguy/. We just have to remind him that he is actually white (pontic and thracian greek) and needs to stop larping as a nonwhite.

I think after Bernie gets conned in the primaries (or even better, gets elected and cucks on everything like Trump did), it will be a big wake up call for him, and will mark the true beginning of his transition.

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Interesting. I wouldnt mind seeing how it would play out.

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What the fuck is wrong with Breadtubers in general?

Their audience likes to hold them up as devastating counters to whatever position they take, but in reality no one outside their bubble of an audience takes them seriously.

I swear that it's all a massive gaslight at this point to make people THINK they're actually useful.

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Tacky infotainment just informed enough to make a large audience feel like intellectuals, and to these people there’s nothing more important than that.

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Seeming over being. A tale as old as philosophy. I bet most of these fucks would not pass the Ring of Gyges test.

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a good tell of philosophy-pseud is a preoccupation with french """theory""" and/or political philosophy

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>preoccupation with french """theory"""
Hey man, a few of them were tops.

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Reading them for a better understanding is fine, it's being obsessed with them to the closing off of any other alternative that makes the pseud.

Try to view it as if someone were to only study the Greeks, and never move past them.

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Pop interpretations of them are pretty insufferable. It would be more interesting to see these guys tackle a wider variety of thinkers.

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you're right, but that doesn't mean either of those things don't have value.

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Mostly agreed. Most postmodernists, if they actually follow through and critique their critique, will enevitably fall into a miasma of semantic gridlock and contridiction. if not, they just go pure antithesis on whatever is considered "modern" instead of being constructionist.

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>It would be more interesting to see someone else tackle a wider variety of thinkers.

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>It would be more interesting to tackle a variety of thinkers
turn off breadtube and 4channel

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I wouldn't have known about the majority of literature I value had I not used 4chan, so no.

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Bro Evola was a rape apologist tho

>> No.14701794

He wasn't. Read the full paragraph, not just a snippet.

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What I dislike about Philosophy tube is that he claims to be this hardline communist but then hates most of the theory for being not liberial enough for him but then claims he dislikes liberials

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He wasn't but what's wrong with rape?

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Lying makes your side look bad, he said he didn't read ONE author because he had Nazi ties, that's it. Olly reads and he reads more than you.

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>Lying makes your side look bad
My side is that I think he's a pseud hack.

Go thirst over him in his comments more, faggot.

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>t.Destiny fanboi

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in my experience most communists are just liberals who are mad that liberalism isn’t gay enough yet

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Yep, shame it hasn't done him nay good.

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Based. Me too.

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Does anyone else notice that he puts out videos that are tangentially related to other big name youtubers. They all did Deleuze at the same time and then Baudrillard. Is this intentional collaboration or is it us meming them into popularity?

>> No.14702116

>Is this intentional collaboration
They also share around their audiences in case someone actually makes a video that damages their dis/like bar.

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What the fuck are non-pseuds interested in? Frege's logic?

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>> No.14702149

don't forget quine

>> No.14702153

Land and CCRU is pseud central though

>> No.14702158

Was it Heidegger ? can somebody say if it was Heidegger ? if it was Heidegger can we end the thread with the conclusion he's a fucking pseud ? thank u.

>> No.14702169

Nevermind... confirmed it was Heidegger >>14701356. /thread

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I know I'm projecting here because I do the same when it comes to lefty racebaiting books, but I find it hard to believe any leftist would ever set aside a few hours of their time to sit down and read anything written by someone who they think is absolutely and utterly revolting. I can't imagine any leftist sincerely engaging with Evola, Yockey, David Duke, Dugin, de Benoist, Goebbels, etc. and discuss in depth their ideas and critique them. I really do think any leftist who says they read X fascist/alt-right author are lying or getting their information second or third-hand.

>> No.14702246

Hes always been an actor but dont let that get in the way of your hot takes

>> No.14702295

>"which is in more places than I expected it to be"
>haha I'm so smart these stupid alt-ringers wont know what's coming for them"

>> No.14702366

Are any of these people as substantive alt hype/Sean last, or more recently Ed Dutton/m Woodley? With these breadtube types having a larger tent relative to the right, you'd expect as much, but my only exposure to this world is from the laughable pseudoscientific polemics they do "debunking" race issues.

>> No.14702431

I would actually start watching his content of that happened

>> No.14702447

literally none of those people matter or bring anything original or unique in the slightest lol, just a bunch of meme names /pol/luters like to namedrop
like seriously imagine thinking anyone gives a fuck about dugin lol just lol not even the russians do

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Certainly David Duke and Goebbels for example are more political figures than thought leaders, but only a woman should care about whether something is fashionable. I get the sense this is a general attitude you, like many leftists, have towards right-wing philosophy. "Eww spengler? He's... srsly kinda bald xD!"

Evola, Dugin, and even the David dukes of this world matter because many young men and women are alienated by the materialistic wasteland they live in, and find the equally materialistic leftist critiques of that world uninspiring for the same reason. If you dismiss Dugin, Evola, Spengler etc as obscure footnotes, your education is simply incomplete.

So, talk about the ideas.

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If you believe Evola or Dugin produced any worthwhile critique you certainly have brainrot. Absolute garbage thinkers if you can even call them that. Read some real philosophy for once.

>> No.14702616

>Are any of these people as substantive as literally who?
How the fuck would we know?

>muh race

>> No.14702628

>If you think these guys worthwhile you're dumb. They're bad. Read what I agree with.
10/10 argument, would reduce to it's basest components again.

>> No.14702637

Yeah it was Heidegger. Guy is a pseud of the highest level

>> No.14702652

Anyone who thinks Evola or Dugin are worthwhile philosophers have either never engaged with philosophy in a serious way or are only interested in reinforcing their braindead ideology.
If you are looking for a critique on modernity and you engage with Spengler, Evola or Kaczynski you are at best wasting your time. Especially when you can read Heidegger or Adorno, for example.

>> No.14702663

>If you read these people you aren't doing philosophy correctly, and you're ideologically motivated because I say so.
>You're wasting your time if you read these people, read these people instead, instead of just reading them all because I say so.
This is fun, feed me some more braindead lines.

>> No.14702681

did that tranny contrapoints go full alt-right? WTF

>> No.14702691

If you can't see the difference between Dugin and Adorno you are not even worth talking to.
Anyone that has seriously engaged with philosophy can see the difference. Anyone who has read them both and actually understood something can see the difference.
I know for a fact you have done neither so go pick up a book instead of wasting your time here looking for validation of a dead 20th century ideology.

>> No.14702711

>If you can read both of these sets of work I don't want to talk to you
>Because you've read them both, and you came to a different conclusion, you cannot possibly have read both.
>I have psychic powers, so I can see into the hearts and minds of people, and based on my abilities I can see you just want to validate a failed ideology.
Can I get one more?

>> No.14702791

This conversation is the analogue of someone telling me that Harry Potter is on the same level as in search of lost time, brain melting.

So can you give me any example of a solid philosophical critique of Alexander Dugin?
Maybe explain to me how the pseudo revival of the heartland theory through the 'fantasy' concept of Eurasia is somehow valid??
And tell me how it compares in philosophical solvency with the critique on modernity expressed in Dialectic of Enlightenment. Can you actually do that? I know for a fact you can't.

Engage with the actual arguments instead of putting forth these ridiculous responses maybe?
I will not keep wasting my time.

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Absolutely BTFO

>> No.14702801

Wew. Imagine getting retroactively refuted in real time

>> No.14702805

>this retarded faggot
Holy fuck

>> No.14702822

Did you also choke on your basedburger?

>> No.14702828

>Heidegger and adorno
>had never read a single writer listed xer’s comment
Take the AIDs ridden tranny cock out of your ass and turn off the computer

>> No.14702847

Quality discourse I see.
The amount of uncultured swines in this board is sickening, why the fuck do I keep coming back?

>> No.14702850

Everything the left does is a gaslight.

>> No.14702855

They use communist theory as a fashion accessory but don't genuinely care about class. All modern commies are like this.

>> No.14702863

She did some miniscule thing that med a bunch of special people on twitter throw a hissyfit.

>> No.14702870

>proudly ignorant

>> No.14702905

>give me a high effort response
>I deserve it
Take your tranny pills and leave

>> No.14702907

An intelectual that takes itself seriously!
If the critique of Adorno you spent 1 month understanding is so relevant, what changed?

>> No.14702943

You are so fucking mediocre and proud of it. No wonder you will never amount to anything in your pathetic life.
At least pick up a book to be less of an embarrassment next time you leave your mom's house.

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Adorno engaged with Spengler at length.

>> No.14702950

Everything changes when you reach a deeper understanding of society and yourself, that is the fucking point of reading books and should be the point of this board. Too bad it's filled with mongoloids like you who can't even aspire to be a filthy midwit.

>> No.14702959

I didn't say Spengler was a pseud, I said Evola and Dugin are.

>> No.14702962

Lurk more or leave.

>> No.14702964

>If you are looking for a critique on modernity and you engage with Spengler, Evola or Kaczynski you are at best wasting your time.
So Adorno was wasting his time when he wrote this?

>Spengler stands, together with Klages, Moeller van den Bruck, and also Jünger and Steding, among those theoreticians of extreme reaction whose criticism of liberalism proved superior in many respects to that which came from the left wing. It would be worth while to study the causes of this superiority.

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Military allows retards. The military also doesn't make you a automatically badass. So I'm not sure why you brought him being in the service up. Lots of overweight ncos in the military as well. If you're an nco and you can't even maintain a healthy and aesthetic physique I don't do business with you.

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File: 148 KB, 623x403, E3D620C0-834C-4648-AAD6-34ED2494F6CA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m not giving you a high effort response just keep up the estrogen treatment and stop coming on here

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I haven't read Dugin, but Adorno had far more respect for Spengler than you do. And while Adorno is a smart guy and I don't want to patronize such a figure, his retrospective critique of the civilization life cycle theory in "Was Spengler Right" seems embarrassingly shallow especially with an additional few decades of insight.

Yes, nations do have life cycles, yes this process was underway in adorno's time, whether he could see it or not. Recent sociological and genetic work has demonstrates that there are quantitative changes in the quality of a people at different points of this cycle. (Wealth creates dysgenic trends that enable the proliferation of genetically-caused physical and mental illness, and a general decline in intelligence. Environmental confounding factors aside, the average 1850 American would score 10 points higher on a 2018 IQ test.

And while I think Adorno does have a point about technology's homogenizing effect, there are definite differences in how societies implement these technologies that arguably line up with Spengler's conception of the race soul. So, Capitalism With Chinese Characteristics is more explicitly nationalistic than the individualist west.

>> No.14703097

Obviously not and they don’t engage with HBD stuff to my knowledge. Woodley in particular puts out hard science and knows his stuff. There is no debunking of him going on by the left, only outright refusal to acknowledge or cite him but it’s a bit of a moot point since it’s a totally different field altogether.

>> No.14703107

The guy in question refuses to read even Heidegger. Also, this is stereotypical leftist intellectualism and why all the trannies and communists love those hacks like Lacan and Deleuze so much. It’s an over indulgence in hyper-intellectual jargon. You’re not willing to engage with anyone’s ideas unless they engage with material on your terms and using your terms and only your terms. This is what the Academy does today and it’s quite ironic considering their willing to dismiss Spengler and Evola but are willing to publish and cite a paper about feminism in marvel comic books that reads at a 6th grade level simply because they use the approved words and ideas.

>> No.14703110

how do normies watch his videos without vomiting, scratching at their eyeballs, screaming in apelike rage etc.

>> No.14703125


You're missing the point - there is no value in reading any of the 'thinkers' you just listed. I'm an anarchist and I have a massive amount of respect for thinkers like Hume, Spinoza, and even the scholastics. Do you really believe that in order to be 'rational' or impartial that we must engage in some worthless dance with our absolute opposites in order to challenge ourselves? There exist things which are objectively bad, or false, and those you listed are of that species. As another anon said (>>14702447) they are Pol bait and nothing more. I'll stick to reading my opponents who had decency, humility and something important to say.

>> No.14703134

>I'm an anarchist
Thank god, I thought you were serious for a moment then.

>> No.14703138

*turns on purple lights*
ben shapiro jordan peterson elon musk nazi trump nazi trans rights nazi colonialism nazi socialism yessss problematic nazi nazi nazi nazi
ps: capitalism bad
and now I would like to thank my patrons currybutt69, Joseph, transtastic4 and sir Nicholas the Mage

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Probably the hardest I've laughed all week anon

>> No.14703225

He's a Brit

>> No.14703300

But he makes /pol/ seethe so he makes smth right at least imo

>> No.14703325

Cuck Philosophy seriously engaged with Dugin's book on human rights

>> No.14703337

Fantasy and cultural mythology is inherently more valid than anything rotted in dialectics.

>> No.14703352

>Irrelevant retardation is more valid than the cornerstone of European thought

>> No.14703382

The philosophy departments at most universities publish analysis of comic books under the lens of intersectional feminism by people who write at an 8th grade level. There's no prestige left in leftist philosophy (infact leftist philosophy is supposedly anti-prestige as a concept, even though that's bullshit too) so you can cut the bullshit and just admit that you're not interested in reading thinkers who disagree with you and move on.

>> No.14703420

Yeah, it's all the other shit he hasn't done that makes him so insufferable.

The first five to ten minutes of his videos are generally okay-ish, but then it dives into esoteric irrelevant bullshit that ultimately culminates in posing a provocative question and then bitching out on providing an answer (under the guise of leaving it for the viewer to decide). Basically, like all philosophers, he's more interested in the ideas than the conclusions. When you detach yourself from the need to actually solve a problem in real life you remove limits on bullshittery that really ought to be left in place.

I'm sure the natural response to what I've written by him and those like him is that I'm just a close-minded anti-intellectual brainlet who doesn't understand that deeper significance of his ideas. That's a hot take that he can have if he wants, I've studied philosophy at a university level too and I'm satisfied with my own intellectual integrity. It's not that the ideas aren't interesting, and it's not that I don't see the fun in grappling with them - it's just that they don't go anywhere.

In summary, his videos (and philosophy in general is)
>X... but what about Y!
when they should be
>X because Y.

Take, for example, his video on Brexit. He points out all the things that are shit about democracy very adequately, which suits his "what even is democracy? is it actually a good thing?" question posed. What he DOESN'T do is then take that discussion into the real world and compare democracy as practiced with alternative non-democratic models (his own or historical ones). That's because he's more interested in the questions he's posing than what the implications of the answers are for practice and policy in the world.

In short, midwit.

>> No.14703635

the greeks

>> No.14703645

How is the discredit of some academic departments relevant to the discussion?
The authors cited are out of the 'canon' because their ideas and writing are of such an inferior quality to other authors they are not even worth wasting time on them.
The fact that absolutely no one with intellectual or academic solvency gives a fuck about Evola or Dugin should make you wonder why that is.
If anyone here actually engaged with academic philosophy and THEN went to these authors we wouldn't have this asinine discussions. They are just memes with no room anywhere other than fringe right wing autistic forums like this one.

>> No.14703662

>Lying makes your side look bad, he said he didn't read ONE author
Should have stopped right there.

>Olly reads and he reads more than you
Reads my cock. I garantee you that this dude reads the excerpts the teacher assigns and then considers himself to be "well-read"

>> No.14703700

>Unironically using the term “hot takes”

Please go back

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>that one video where he blames toxic masculinity for the Chernobyl disaster
can't make up this shit

>> No.14703724


>> No.14703750

It causes women to realize their true desires and leave their husbands in favor of degeneracy

>> No.14703959

You think this is a fringe right wing forum? Are you insane? This place has a higher concentration of ancoms and chapo-fags than any other modern forum.

Also, Dugin is out of canon because he is a generally anti-western thinker and anti-liberal in general. At the moment the modern academic establishment is this odd conglomeration of highly stratified technocapital and the hollowed out corpse of a moralization derived from a Marxism that is utterly incompatible with the modern left. Being excluded from the modern academic consensus doesn't say anything about your merit as a thinker, because modern philosophy departments are essentially just circlejerks that are all but completely incapable of worthwhile academic pursuits.

>> No.14703984

>Marxists have blood on their hands!!
>The people who died under capitalism? doesn't count lol

Hes a retard

>> No.14704005

I'm really out of touch with popular youtubers. I thought he was Sam Hyde.
The only ones I know are Pewdiepie and that other one who wants to become a boxer (and I have never have watched his videos).

>> No.14704045

>overweight NCOs
bs if it's the marine corps. You have to do at least 20 pullups iirc

>> No.14704154


Is that supposed to be an argument? I don't give a shit about leftist uni circles and academia, I care about reading philosophy. I made it very clear that I read those that I disagree with - what I don't read is Pol and lit memes, like Evola and Guenon, because it's esoteric sophistry; nothing to do with it being offensive.

>> No.14704250

Do you expect people who have never read Adorno to be able to have informed opinions about the content of his material? Why do you see yourself as someone capable of making the decision that Evola and Geunon have no value as someone who has never actually bothered to read them. It's one thing to read the work and decide it's not for you, it's another entirely to decide that it's not worth the time for literally anyone to read when you haven't once even attempted to read their works.

>> No.14704576

he's British we actually have to write essays unlike retarded americans

>> No.14704680


>> No.14704822

I never watched his videos, except for that one

>> No.14704828

agree, but only after they finally make a theatre board

>> No.14704855

Theatre is beyond dead

>> No.14704958


>He thinks reading philosophy books is problematic so he just watches other leftytube videos who also don't read philosophy books.

Wasn't he one of the first lefttubers

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>> No.14704995

She made a video shutting on cancel culture because all her Twitter tranny friends got mad at her for having some non-binary critical porn star guesting on her show.

>> No.14705121

Translate this for a boomer

>> No.14705134

>the simple fact that Americans at university levels are taking MULTIPLE CHOICE TESTS

Is this actually true? Surely, this can't be the case at any remotely respectable school. I've seen references to this being the case at high-school but even that I've assumed would be rare, if practised at all. What would be the point?

>> No.14705214

Yes it is true and it's because American higher education is just diploma factories, outside of maybe the top tier schools.

>> No.14705255


Because I don't read astrology and mysticism you massive faggot. You really got memed didn't you?

>> No.14705271

That's sad.

I think even over here in the UK a lot of people try to get by doing the bare minimum, or simply do the reading only with a view to how it relates to the course structure rather than themselves or the state of affairs in the world, generally. So, certainly it's not some paradise across the pond, of course. But still, I imagine having a system built around such a profound intellectual disengagement must be so demotivating, for staff and students.

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