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What does /lit/ think about this pamphlet?
What do you agree with?

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Maintaining the status quo, indeed going backwards into authoritarianism, isn’t a good idea. You know, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is a sign of insanity.

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/pol/ is full of low iq retards, now. I need high iq /lit/ takes on this.

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Direct democracy won't work in a multiracial society.
Also, China seems to be doing just fine.

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There is nothing inherently immoral about white separatism or the formation of white ethnostates in unoccupied or almost exclusively white territories. I think if some white people hold the maintenance of an unmixed white population in the world as a fundamental value, then, as long as they are peaceful and don't abuse their own citizens, they should be allowed to have their own sovereign nation.

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The fact that he thinks a violent revolution is needed to reverse low fertility rates among Whites is retarded. Natural selection will eventually reverse the demographic transition by itself.


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genuinely sucks, is unfunny, doesn't adequately justify his actions

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Weak excuses

Well I hope you like the verdict that “nazbol” is trash

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Global fertility rates have been in decline, though.

It's better to criticize the people within systems that think perpetual population growth is noble.

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tl;dr it's a calculated attempt at accelerationism. It was written to simultaneously:
-incite other white nationalists to action
-provoke a clamp-down by authorities that would affect everyone right-of-centre to radicalise them, leading to more of the above
-bait federal goons into investigating more moderate right-of-centre, mainstream conservative and civic nationalist commentators, in order to suppress more moderate political commentary

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>doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is a sign of insanity
Aren't you a marxist, butterfly?

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I read it around the time the shooting went down and thought it was the most embarrassing dogshit imaginable, even for /pol/. You know how Marx says history repeats itself 'first as tragedy, then as farce'? I'm starting to think about all this right-wing terrorism as the farcical version of the Weathermen Underground from the 60s-70s. I think the Weathermen had their hearts in the right places for the most part, but in the end they were idealistic and narcissistic hippies who had no business trying to be communist guerrillas. Of course there are a million differences between the two but I think it's fitting for these right-wing spastics to be the 21st century version of young, idealistic terrorism.

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Well Kierkegaard solved the problem of morality by proving that we can suspend morality to enact God's will. If you follow what I'm saying. I SAY WE KILL EM ALL

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A few too many memes interwoven in for my personal liking, but fundamentally Tarrant was right in everything he said, whether it is the ongoing genocide of our people, environmental destruction, low birthrates, etc.

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Well said

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Gonna qualify any of that?

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Modern commies have the farce part covered pretty well by themselves

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Extremely bluepilled post.

Jannies, do your worst

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gotta agree with Satan on this one

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Why do you keep on samefagging?

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The cover looks like the racist food pyramid

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Read the original

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How is it blue pilled?

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Lit believes in the midwit theory of Iq distribution meaning that the people with the lowest and highest iq often come to universal truths through simple unconvoluted lines of thought while the midwits cope with retarded shit in the middle.Lit also proclaims that pol is full of idiots.So pol is right?

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what's the name/origin of that logo?

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>China seems to be doing just fine.
Wait what?
You're kidding right?
How exactly is it 'fine'?

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>second most important economy
>has the entire world by the balls because Jews were dumb enough to make them the world's factory
>handling a pandemic (actually a bioweapon) that would eradicate a western state
>the only - ONLY - country in the world trying to control its own birthrates
Yeah, China sucks to live in, but China as an entity is doing fine.

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>sucks to live in
Then what's the point? The greater good? Being able to fap to statistics? There are countries that are economically irrelevant in comparison to China but the avarage person's life lived there is what a Chinese factory worker imagines Heaven to be like.

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Tarrant is just merely a pawn for the glowniggers.

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Because it's quite nice to live in for the people in charge, of course.

I'm not >>14750699 btw, so I have no clue what he was getting at, I'm just being autistic.

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/pol/ has always been filled with low iq retards. Once everyone realized how boring it was getting, you guys came into our Eden and fucked it all up.

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read hegel

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A young Hegelian was enough (also tried a few videos)

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>high IQ
You should never take anything said on 4chan seriously. /biz/ is a perfect example of what happens when retards on here think they know what they're talking about, they lose all their money and an hero

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> the formation of white ethnostates in unoccupied or almost exclusively white territories
These ethnostates were formed millennia ago. It's called Europe and North America, and they're being undermined as we speak.

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>ah yes as a great man once said "the definition of gullible is written on the ceiling". that man.. Einstein.

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As a leftist individual I am all for being replaced. We stole this land from the indians, after all.
Quim quiff.

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In 50 years those countries will be nigger-infested third world states or colonies of China

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How do you steal something from savages so primitive they haven't invented the concept of property yet?

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>no concept of property
>traded manhattan for a bag of rice


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>invade nonwhite lands good
>invade white lands bad

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>doesn't mention the joos
>kills defenseless muslims
yeah, i'm thinking he's a fed

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The people arguing against invasion of White territories are the idealogical descendants of Whites who argued against the invasion of non-white territories.

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The people against the invasion of white countries are the idealogical descendants of those who argued in favour of whites still plaguing nonwhite territories to this day.

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go away illiterate bot

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I really hope this coward post wasn't a reply for my post here.>>14753615 If it was, I accept your concession.

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If this is some kind of spin-off from Renaud Camus' Great Remplacement don't bother. Camus is a narcissistic hack and an hedonist bourgeois who is an embarassement even among right wingers. Not to mention he's practically dead now.

Read textbooks on population dynamics instead.

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No they aren't. Did you even read my post? Have you read ANY conservative literature? At all?

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>No they aren't
Then why are there still millions of whites in the Americas plaguing Amerindian land to this day?

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>ayn rand
>mitt romney
>against invading poc spaces
fuck off back to /pol/

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Because Liberalism won. Since I was was clearly right and you have never actually read anything about this topic, look into John Graves Simcoe, he's a good starting point. Tl;dr mass colonization of the Americas (and more importantly the Democratic Party's mass eradication of them) was not what Conservatives wanted. Hell, to take it a step further, it wasn't what the Federalists or Republicans wanted either, it was purely what the Democratic-Republican and Democrat parties wanted.

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I've read it. It's retarded because he criticize Capitalism, but he never see it as the root of mass immigration. Zero knowledge of historical materialism. Another retard which think we can do everything we want with the power of will, and that we must take ideological action, but never change the way we produce or reproduce our material living conditions.

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Yes, that’s correct.

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>North America has been a white ethnostate for millenia

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>China seems to be doing just fine
You cannot be serious.

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This is the natural flow of history
>Masculine republics give way to feminine democracies, and feminine democracies give way to tyranny.
t. Aristotle

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Not supporting him but he’s absolutely right, the power of will as in to take real world action is infinitely more powerful then whatever bullshit you want to spew online or even irl or even legislatively.

Look how much chaos there was from a single autistic Aussie shooting up a single mosque, or a couple planes hitting a couple buildings, or a Serbian revolutionary shooting a single Austrian prince, or a few Senators stabbing a single Caesar 2000 years ago.

The power of will for one that has mastered control over it is genuinely terrifying.

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This. And these posts are the whitepill these people need. Wigger Nationalists are hurting the right wing with their mongoloid terrorist acts. Fuck roof, brevick, and Christchurch guy

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Read the posts. If you actually care about this shit they are going to save you years of wasted time

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It's a retarded fantasy plan by a fucking retard who killed a bunch of people for absolutely no gain. It's pathetic and retarded

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La Basé.

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Authoritarianism is good

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>calling others bluepilled
>relies on macro images and 4chan dump threads for his knowledge

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it is desu. the pursuit of individual liberty or individualism in any sense has been pushed onto society by mentally ill antisocial degenerates. us regular fellas who fit neatly into a line would do well with a strict authoritarian fascist government

i think thats what fascism is, too. its the great expression of anger by the normal at the abnormal. modernity and postmodernity are fundamentally both creations of abnormal humans. the only way to crush the abnormal is to kill them and exterminate abnormal tendencies at a young age. i'd go as far as to kill left-handed people too. my whore ex gf was left handed

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>implying collectivism isn’t for freedom

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yeah freedom in general is bullshit and gay

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