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Any book that explain why these two things don't go together? If we are all One, why can't I wish myself a gf?

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Because the psycho-physical aggregates made you unlikeable for some reason.

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because the law of attraction is just made up "The Secret" new age nonsense

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just cause we're all one doesn't mean you're not still an automaton. To manifest realities you must first de-robotize yourself.

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>why these two things don't go together?
they do

>why can't I wish myself a gf?
you can

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Perhaps to save your own, our own, sanity? It's a Twilight Zone cliché by now but spend 10 minutes applying as much brainpower, focus, imagination as you can to what I say next and you will see my point. If we had Godlike and immediate control of our surrounding and also Godlike powers of knowledge, being able to imagine so well, and so far, into the future that it was if we were there with the reward already in hand. And if, no matter what direction we turned, every new goal was similarly already accomplished. And, millions of goals, millions of easy successes no matter where we looked and only yourself / God to communicate with Himself. But, not for a million obstacles, easily, effortlessly flattened, but *infinite*, instantaneous winning that negated everything, forever and ever, alone, with no escape, wouldn't you, perhaps, and if able, split yourself into a billion+ separate entities each temporarily blinded to the mind-rending horror of complete omnipotence?

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>If we are all One, why can't I wish myself a gf?
according to classic non-dualism a la Advaita Vedanta the thinking mind which wishes to have a girlfriend i.e. the intellect is not God and is hence not possessed of God's powers. The God in you is your inner awareness which observes your mind and this inner awareness is unchanging and without thought, volition etc and so it can't possibly create a girlfriend for you because that would involve thought which belongs to the mind and not to God, sorry pal. Try lifting and taking salsa or yoga classes which are full of young women

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not really. i don't see a lot of wealthy people choosing to live as homeless in a big city ghetto

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comparing apples to constellations, buddy

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"Light in the absence of eyes illuminates nothing. Visible forms are not inherent in the world, but are granted by the act of seeing. Though the world and events do exist independent of mind, they obtain of no meaning in themselves- none that the mind is not guilty of imposing on them. I bid my people follow and, like all good equations, they follow. For full endowment of purpose, they do submit. In turn, they resign me to a role inhuman, impossible, and unaccountable. But I can no longer stand the sleepless nights. I think I am learning to love the Demiurge..."

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To deny the all and each individuality is to the deny the One

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O you eight Infinite Ones, who are at the parts of the sky,
whom Shu made from the efflux of his limbs,
who tie together the ladder for Atum!
Come to meet your father in me!
Give me your arms,
tie together a ladder for me.
I am the one who created you,
I am the one who made you,
as I was made by my father Atum.
For I am weary at the Uplifting of Shu,
since I lifted my daughter Nut atop me
that I might give her to my father Atum in his utmost extent.
I have put Geb under my feet: this god is tying together the land for my father Atum,
and drawing together the Great Flood for him.
I have put myself between them without the Ennead seeing me.
lt is I who am Shu,
whom Atum created on the day that he developed.
I was not built in the womb,
I was not tied together in the egg,
I was not conceived in conception.
My father Atum sneezed me in a sneeze of his mouth,
together with my sister Tefnut.
How she emerged was after me,
while I was still hooded with the air of the Phoenix's throat,
on the day that Atum developed
out of the Flood, out of the Waters,
out of the Darkness, out of Chaos.
It is I who am Shu, father of the gods,
in search of whom, together with my sister Tefnut, Atum had sent
his Sole Eye.
I am the one who made it possible for it to give brilliance to the
It found me as a man of infinite number:
I am the begetter of repeated millions
out of the Flood, out of the Waters,
out of the Darkness, out of Chaos.
It is I who am Shu, begetter of the gods.

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Almost as if it's just made up nonsense by a people so lacking in cleverness, that they have yet to discover in-door plumbing and thus continue to shit in the street.

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Would being unable to visualise affect one's LOA, in theory, if we presupposed that it worked?
>inb4 NPC
Lost it in an accident

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>neoplatonistanon tries to attack non-dualism without understanding it attempt #459

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According to the believers there is no true distinction between ideas and physical phenomena, so any idea in your mind is alike to that which is outside of it, and thus attracts it. All you need to do to use the LoA is to pay attention to or concentrate on what you want in order to produce within you what you want outside you. This can obviously be done through visualization, which is very helpful, but really anything would work.

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they are two sides to the same coin.

There is the absolute level of pure undifferentiated consciousness. This is beyond all being and distinction, neither conscious nor unconscious. Then there is everything that exists, the manifest universe. This universe, which is formed from a substrata of consciousness, operates on certain laws. Gravity, attraction, etc.

Imagination fueled by desire is projection of consciousness. This is how creation works. What creation consists of is a no-space of consciousness beyond space and time.

You can't wish yourself a gf because you hold onto beliefs about what that looks like. Inquire within and surrender identification with your definitions and labels about yourself and your environment. This is easily done by observing your behaviors in the environment as contrast.

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