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So after coronachan destroys our economy and way of life what do you think is next?

Global communism or de-globalized localism?

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Classical Liberal Localism

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De globalized global libertarian socialism

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Oh God, I hope its localism

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I hope so too but I am preparing for the worst

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>Military coup, open corporate rule, or FEMA death camps
>EU breaks apart, rise of nationalist parties with mild economic policies
>Losing Mandate of Heaven and exploding
>Putin laughs as the rest of the world burns.

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Literally nothing will change. After a few weeks people will be asked to return to normal. Most people will of course become ill at some point but it is expected of them to return after a week or so. If they don't return and say farewell forever, oh well, there is a new position to fill.

The system is insatiable and we are all expendable. Only a literal plague could stop it.

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>Only a literal plague could stop it.

You're so close, just trembling on the edge of knowledge

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Then be so kind as to push me off the edge. What is this knowledge you speak of?

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>de-globalized localism
this and Robot replacement of immigrant nigger tier jobs.

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>transatlantic internet cables, high earth orbit geostationary satellites, cloud networks
Lol we're never going back you dorks

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>coronachan destroys our economy and way of life
won't happen

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Chinese virus

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Neo-Neoliberalism. That is to say, Neoliberalism again.

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People can live in local ethno-linguistic/ cultural collectivities, in a spirit of local solidarity even with the things you listed existing, my friend

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>de-globalized localism
that's the dream
that and solarpunk

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>Global communism or de-globalized localism?
Sounds like the same thing
Pretty much what I’ve been on about for years now

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I just want to live in a tribe of post capitalist farming goths, honestly there's so much potential for the future

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You’ve heard of Bill Mollison’s Permaculture?

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Thanks this looks interesting

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Mass unemployment and starvation after the AI takeover.

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Very true, 100%
>Losing Mandate of Heaven and exploding

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Just wondering, Not that you are doing it now, but I always felt like anarchists always have such abrassive and unappealing discordance that make people who are not rebel youths against it on the onset. When not relate it to ancient Athens or something for the direct democracy for some ethos for more broad appeal. Im not really against a lot of that stuff in theory, but the people who espouse it tend to be revoltingly odious in their discourse, and I would not like to be associated with them.

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>Rise of nationalist parties
I fucking wish, but all of the most popular ones are either incredibly milquetoast in their policies or zionist-controlled. The only hopes we have are hinged on something like the Nordic Resistance Movement and others like it.

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Hopefully the latter, most likely neither

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cringe and low-IQ thread

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Some people are a little abrasive. They’re usually younger anti-authoritarian sorts who may have only heard of anarchism through punk music. People mellow out with age, or just sell out and let the system corrupt and use them. You don’t have to associate with them much, just forgive them their crassness.

As I tend to do with many anons

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they affiliate themselves with utopian politics and false radicalism to compensate for some unmet psychological need -- read hofstadter, lasch, and the critical theorists

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