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>how you’re holding up
>current book

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I need the fucking government to enforce a quarantine, I don't want to go to work!
The Mystery of the Skeleton Key and The Casebook of Carnacki the Ghost Finder

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Not bad knowing that I may lose my job.
Thinking between confessions/intro to greek mythology.

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>cruising through life
>the war of the worlds

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which country

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>I need the fucking government to enforce a quarantine, I don't want to go to work!
I hear that. But the government is on the side of the corporations. We have to organize our own stay at home strike.

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>The world is hell

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>this is fine

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>Think I'm going insane. Get deja vu all the time and can't sleep properly anymore
>Ora Maritima : A Latin story for beginners

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>I'm financially ruined under the weight of student loans with no idea what to do with my future and completely alone
>Don Quixote

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>readying for online college classes tomorrow
>the holy bible

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>Fine. I fapped twice yesterday. It's been like a year since the last time I did that. I'm missing doing pull ups and rings, but I don't go outside and I don't have any door frame for a pull up bar. I've been sleeping late. I'm no longer alone in the house, it's depressing to not be alone and to have constant noise. Also been watching Twin Peaks for the first time.
>Phaedo/ A portrait of the artist as a young man
I feel I'm getting so much more from Plato than the last time I read him

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>my brain feels empty and sick in the heart
>basic mathematics by serge lang

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east of eden
if i can miraculously write my term papers i might go to grad school, have probs procrastinated too long tho. otherwise enjoying quarantine

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Shit is fucked
Foucault pendulum, Eco

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>Feel bored, but not depressed, which is good. Still, there's something missing.
>À la recherche du temps perdu, Proust

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GF has corona
Anna Karenina

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>20 something
>same as always

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>Anxious, lonely, uncertain about future, miss social interactions. It could definitely be worse, and probably will get worse, who the fuck knows
>The Idiot
At least I've already read 4 books this year, which is much more than the last few years combined

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My college classes also start tomorrow. Your college wouldn’t happen to be a smallish college in New England, would it?

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21. Gravitys Rainbow. Holding up decent-ish. The last two weeks have been very stoned for me, in absence of college. But I have no weed now and am blasting through GR as a result. As an art student these zoom conference classes are fucking so useless. I miss college and the homies.

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oof - hope you and her pull through

> 30
> enjoying the solitude. Taking comfort in how my anxieties today are no different from my anxieties a month ago. Finding stimulation in corona-theory
> The Art of Not Being Governed

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>Honestly happier in quarantine than I was before because I have time to read and play piano
> Edith Hamilton’s Mythology

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Data mining thread. Remember to make 3-10 fake replies.

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same age same book, you sound more mature though

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>in my apartment in Missouri (where I got to uni) while gf is in Virginia where we're both from. Miss her. Even though she seems to be in love with me im wracked with anxiety that she's going to realize she can do better and leave me.

>The White People and Other Weird Stories/The Complete Works of Plato/Paradise Lost

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Trying to stay afloat
Kafka - the Process

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>The Road

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> 28
> Dunno if I have the virus, mostly because i'm a hypocondriac and paranoid
> Autumn of the Patriarch

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>Holding up alright, I’m considered an essential employee but I would rather stay home
>The Trial

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>Extremely angry by how overblown this whole situation is, and how massively the world will be fucked over by exaggerated media, and decisions made with politics in mind.

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Nice try glowie

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brazilian i see

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Pretty great despite quarantine/isolation slightly messing with plans
Typee by Melville

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War and Peace
I'm going insane from loneliness, and I can't go get the third volume out of the library either so i'm gonna have to wait forever to finish it despite the fact i'm really enjoying myself.

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Night boat to Tangier
Trying to write but can't come up with an intresting premise.

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>it is what it is
>implying i read

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>more alone now than ever
>light in august

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Hoping things never return to normal
Napoleon by Adam Zamoyski

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>how you’re holding up
Trying to enjoy quiet alone coronavacation time without my annoying fucking family trying to get me to play shitty online games with them.
>current book
Horn of the Hunter by Robert Ruark

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comfy as fuck
consciousness explained by daniel dennett. just finished the ego tunnel by metzinger. it promised a little bit more than it kept but it was still a nice little book that clarified a lot.

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A Bit Stir Crazy, I wish to go /out/
Finishing Harassment Architecture

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By working
Just finished Wuthering Heights. Looking for a good suggestion on my next book.

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How is machen? hope she leaves you btw.

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> 26
> Outwardly, I’m fine. Inwardly, I’m pretty lost.
> Sex and Character

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Weird mix of stressed and comfy
Allowed to work from home for now but how long will work last?
On the other hand food in the fridge, tp in the bathroom, half a case of Chianti and about 20 unread books on my shelf or kindle that I’m diligently working my way through.

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Avoiding outside as much as possible, spending my time studying to figure out what I want to focus on in uni
Visionary Creativity - John Lobell
Walter Benjamin and The Architecture of Modernity - Andrew Benjamin

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Fleeting moments of loneliness, purposelessness, hopefulness, and constantly in a state of perpetual confusion about the world.


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Ok. Work is killing me though. We just ship out books and we are apparently "essential" for the functioning of indiana. It's fucking gay.
bible, catechism of the catholic church, approaches to God(maritain), a celtic psaltery(book of celtic poems).

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Comfy quarentine vacation. Been doing lots of drinking.
Dante's Inferno

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>miss social interactions
Fucking norman

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>worried about my gf
>The Brothers Karamazov

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How are you liking the book so far? I practically just started it, only a hundred or so pages in, but it is quite gripping. I can see already myself binging some more Dostoevsky after I'm done with this one

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Just pirate it, if you don't have an ereader then you could read it on your phone

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>Trying to get a job (spoiler: I probably won't get one)
>Notes on the Death of Culture

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>Remaining indoors and avoiding everyone. I've been a bit of a hermit since my husband died but this is ridiculous. At least I have a standing order at the grocers for delivery of staples.
>Everville by Clive Barker

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The federal government doesn't want to continue with the quarantine, the local government will continue anyway. I'm okay with my family, we're holding up.
I'm almost finish with Mason & Dixon.

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>I feel like such a bug with the career I've fallen into (IT). At least things seem to be ok in terms of job security.
>Antifragile, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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>Bored to death, due to the lock down in my country i had to leave my dorm and go home

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Not a very aesthetic experience to read on my phone now is it.

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I read East of Eden around your age, good book! It laid to rest some moral quandaries I was having (the concept of free will, and also if sociopathic behavior gives you an advantage in life, why not be sociopathic?). That book stayed in my mind a long time after reading it

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I'm sure the powers that be just love to mine the data of some autists on a literature form

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What are they going to use with the data? Sell more convincing Naruto Hentai ads above the banner?

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>not well at all. miss everyone.
>who translates?

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How is it? I love history novels.>>14977567

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Oh no now the gubmint now knows my age and the book I'm reading.
The horror, the humanity

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>okay, i have a lot of hobby shit to keep me busy around the place
>just finished Station Eleven, looking at 2666 or an anthology of Fritz Leiber stories.

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You are the life blood that keeps /lit/ going in these troubled times. I thank you.

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Business as usual. Neetbux keep rolling in. Slowly working toward being self employed, even if it's through the dying medium of self published science fiction.
The War of the Worlds and Plato.

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Doing great considering the current circumstances; overcoming the worst of myself just in time for not killing myself at 21 [a promise for if I didn't] and using my quarantine to catch up on university and finally exorcise the cringey college novel I left half-finished 3 years ago from my brain.
Going between Sartor Resartus and Thus Spake Zarathustra - the only books I could bring home on short notice, along with the Bible. But I don't feel the need to read as much anymore - Things just make sense all of a sudden and I don't know how to explain the why of it. Good times, anyway.

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I love having more time to study, but I feel guilty about avoiding all of my class work. I’m considering dropping my classes, cause I already suck at school and going to community college was supposed to give a space away from home in which to work.
The Critique of Pure Reason/Ulysses

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Good things happen to me and it's hard to understand or make sense of why.
Crime and Punishment

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You just had it too good for too long and probably deserve to suffer. If you had it truly bad, you could file for chapter 7 bankruptcy and cite the Brunner decision and absolve it. Yes federal loans count. Sounds to me like you're the usual woe is me midwit that doesn't see debt as a spook. Repayment agreements can be as low as $10 a month which in the course of 100 years is going to be less than what you owe. Guess what happens when you die? Woosh. It vanishes. Sounds like you have a nice little inheritance or muh Roth IRA or some gift from grandma or grandpa and have 20k in the bank. You deserve no pity. Hopefully I am wrong and you can take advantage of especially bankruptcy but this pissing contents of muh debt usually is from neurotic petite bourgeoisie types who have it very good in the first place.

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>If my third transfer application to my uni or choice doesn’t go through, I’ll probably join the military and effectively kill myself by getting somebody else to kill me or maybe just getting drone striked or something
>Gravity’s Rainbow

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temporary work finished just before corona was declared a pandemic, so now I'm sitting home unemployed. Not getting any donald dollars. I harbor such profound hate for myself it's impossible to describe.
Ishiguro's The Unconsoled. It's good so far.

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>Spending a lot of time at the park now, either playing soccer or reading there. It's been pretty comfy thus far. Plenty of women there too.
>Divine Comedy

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oy vey, goyim has spotted me

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mr tickle

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>Pic related, trying not to slip up again

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Not so fucking good mate
The Pale King

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Eh, I'm okay I guess. I'm coming to terms my life is a waste and I'll never be what I want to be. I try and try yet I must always contend with being a midwit who lacks proper self control. I'm too scared to end it all.
Petersburg, though like a dumbass I bought the wrong translation.

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>I am fighting my schizophrenia and attempting to diminish the delusion my brain tries to build up every single time I am not actively fighting it
>genius an integrated course in elementary Japanese second edition book 1, workbook 1, book 2, and workbook 2

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>Meh. I'm still working, but I can't see my gf because she lives on the other side of the US border, which is killing me inside
>The Decameron, Palm of the Hand stories

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>The end of the world and I'm still grinding my shitty ass college education
>Stand on Zanzibar, Book of Job, History book abt Ireland

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Just fine
Finishing up Dharma Bums

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> 27
> Bummed the fuck out over this quarantine and contemplating about a career switch
> The emperor of all maladies

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>wanna go to sleep and not wake up
>The Trial

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>Turning to God, coming to turns with death, and ready to write things to help my fellow humans in despair.
>The Year of the Plague by Defoe and Voyage Au Bout de la Nuit by Céline

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Mostly just bored. Annoyed that I had to move out of my uni dorm to back home and had all my courses put on pause.
American Psycho

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Excellent, thanks!

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>Just been kinda meandering through the days inside, trying to practice on the guitar, write some, be productive instead of doing nothing. I watched Drive today tho.
>Camus' "The Plague"

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It's in my pile of books to read, how is it?

>> No.14980576

Feeling super weird. I thought getting older would somehow make my mental problem dissapear. But it seems like I might have extreme BiPolar tendencies.
Reading Leibniz's Monadology

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>21 in April
>Having a lot of inner turmoil. Have the love of my life and in a steady relationship. Girl who treats me far better than what I would otherwise deserve. Problem is, allured by nostalgia of past memories that now seem better than it really was and beginning to feel bored and struggling with long term. I never thought I’d have this problem and I feel tremendously selfish. Been thinking about one girl especially who didn’t pan out in the past but I know if I had ended up with her I would have ended up hating it bc she seems vapid now. I just can’t stop fetishizing memories from the last few years in contrast to the current dread and anxiety I feel of coming to age. Not the worst problems to have but I suppose it’s all relative in the intensity emotional thrust
>finished war and peace recently and mulling over what to start next. Meanwhile a collection of Yeats

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>Walden, a full cast audio of Hamlet, and conquest of bread.

>planning on moving into the woods near my family's house, but unironically.

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I like your style of typing, you should write out your problems or idea. Take your ethereal and make it corporeal.
Honestly quitting school was the one thing I wished I had done earlier. I love the people I met there. But I have been able to thrive so much more in the workforce. I now just read in all my free time and study way more for myself, rather than feeling it is for the school or teacher or parent.
Don't worry bro, it will be fine and instead of hating the self you are work extremely hard to become the you that you can't hate.
Good book, Remember my favourite words from an old italian man "make sure to smile more than you think you should, a smile never hrut anyone, but has made many days better."
You are only 23, the sad truth is that the future in front of you is so expansive that you can't truly fathom it. I would highly recommend exploring your true freedom as a person, whether this be running away and becoming homeless, or just quitting your job. This will show to yourself how much freedom you truly have as a person and how the only person in control of your life is yourself.

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Thanks man. I appreciate it. I’m typing on mobile so my writing is a bit airier than it usually is. Have a blessed evening and keep your loved ones close and don’t make the mistakes I have.

>t. 21 in April guy

>> No.14980667

>feel like im fuckin 17 angsty in my parents house. lost my job
>infinite jest

what piano you playin dog? i've been practicing debussy's arabesque 1 every day

>> No.14980677

>angsty in parents house

Same here brother. Not an emotional field I’d ever wanted to revisit.

I’m not that other anon, but I’ve been learning Clair du’lune. Lots of fun. It sounds great on my old upright

>> No.14980733

>Moved to Korea Feb 21, work's been closed since I've arrived. things are getting back to normal. not sure how i feel about that.
>Dr Faustus (Mann)

>> No.14980739

>alright just got a new place in the city and 2 weeks off work paid
>notes from underground

>> No.14980753

Finished Journey to the end of the night a month ago. Fantastic read Celine’s misanthropy made me laugh out loud multiple times

>> No.14980764

You guys are young, here's a piece of advice that would have saved me: maintain a backup plan. As in: actively keeping it up to date.
Keep a list of all apartments you can afford in your vicinity (check availability for the upcoming month, e.g. if they require 20 days notice they will know 20 days ahead). If you had to move suddenly, do you have a stash of cash, or at least know someone with a truck/trailer?
Make "friends" (in a shallow way) in your neighborhood and at work. These are your go-to for when you suddenly lose work or your living situation goes south.

Little pains will save you from real pains.

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also reading Don Quixote, trying to do it in spanish w an english version alongside but it's very slow desu and the english version has random extra paragraphs

It's really well written and funny though, I haven't read fiction in a while so it's a nice change of pace.

>> No.14980788

>waving at neighbors I've never actually talked to from my window.
>Rabbit, Run John Updike

>> No.14980789

based, what're you practicing? I need to commit to a real piece again, currently finishing up Chopin Opus 9 no1

>> No.14980793

>Quarantine time has given me time to work on my thesis, which is far to be done, but making slow steady progress. Sometimes a wave of melancholy comes after me, but it recedes sooner or later.
>The Lord of The Rings/Aion/Popol Vuh

>> No.14980847

>Incredibly sad because I'd finally gotten an okay job and started saving up the money to move out of my parents' place, and now I can't work (it was at a uni that's now shut down) so who the fuck knows when that's happening
>1919 by John Dos Passos, bretty gud

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Man even though I'm 23 I joined the military, so I don't have the freedom that you assumed I have. That being said I have traveled(thank God for crypto); I've seen Western and parts of Central Europe, and I've seen parts of Latin America; I've also been blessed with being from a more, "mulitcultural," part of the U.S. I guess my best bet is to use the GI Bill when I get out for a post-bacc/MA and/or to claim Euro citizenship and fuck off to there for a bit, or maybe to join the Peace Corps. My entire life I've had delusions of grandeur thinking I'd amount to something great and be remembered for centuries, or even millennia to come. All I can do is live, try to create, and hope I amount to something.

Anon, focus on your studies. Don't party away uni like I did, but don't be a total virgin either. Find the balance in life, it's there. I have so many regrets, but no matter what I'd have regrets. If anyone needs help please let me know. I'm here. We're united by autism and I have a soft spot in my heart for you.

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comfy thread

>> No.14980920

>how you’re holding up
Amazing. I used to have extreme anxiety, and was in a constant state of panic. Then I moved in with my gf, whom I am currently living with. We wake up early, have coffee, read all day, and in the evening we make a pretty elaborate dinner. Life is, quite honestly, amazing. The best it's ever been.
>current book
The Count of Monte Cristo

>> No.14980985

I am with parents brother and grandmother upper middle class appatment shithole country capital megacity behind on coursework hope everything goes fine and nobody dies
Reading cybernetics and catholic theology(we'll need it)

>> No.14981557

I'm 22 and have considered the military for a while. Mostly for the free education and to hopefully learn more about strategic co ordination and supply chain organization. Is it worth it for these things? Mostly learning about supply chains in a military aspect seems very interesting to me.

>> No.14981882

>perpetually trying to get my bad habits under control, Corona has changed nothing for me

>> No.14981984

Same here. I’m a financial analyst. I hate it so much.

>> No.14982036

It gets better
A Farewell to Arms

>> No.14982044

I did 12 years.

My advice? You go so many benefits that trying to learn a trade in the military is pointless. Civilian certifications don't recognize military achievement, at least in the vast majority of cases.

If you join, join to do military shit. Be infantry, or artillery, or a medic. Don't pick some lame desk job.

No one gives a shit about someone who pushed pencils. You'll spend the rest of your life having to explain away why you didn't do army shit while you were in the army or whatever. Seen it happen to a few of my friends. It's sad.

Besides, books from pipehitters sell better. No one ever wanted to know the perspective of a supply specialist.

>> No.14982628

>Never been better
>Romance of the Three Kingdoms

>> No.14982654

Mother believes all disease is caused by 'negative thinking', honestly it worries me how to get them to take things reasonably seriously

>> No.14982660

Feeling the bad habits thing, I feel like if I can just get the first few hours of my day right I usually have a really great productive day but if I oversleep or fuck up (like today) I can't turn it around the whole rest of the day.
Best of luck getting out of your situation anon!
I hope it does for me as well.
After I finish my degree (Aero Eng) this year i've been thinking about hopping right into the air force, i've been thinking about my life and I just can't bear the idea of sitting in an office for the rest of it, i'm an introvert and everything so it might be a bad idea but i'm quite fit and don't have any attachments that'd make it be a bad idea.

>> No.14982720

Gorgonzola cheese ans salmon arent reasonable purchases, we are not in vacations, the fear of fear is the actual danger

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File: 974 KB, 1264x1680, underworld.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

22 about to be 23 in quar
im prob going to go spend another week at my best friends house bc im getting extremely lonely but ive been doing 2 hour long calls with him every other night to stay sane
Underworld - Delillo

>> No.14982787

>having the time of my life reading, and got accepted to my first choice msc course today
>cs lewis space trilogy (first book atm)

>> No.14982797

It's over for me, just when things got better and I could enjoy life, I can't stop having obsessive thoughts about dying and how I wish I had more control over this world, I don't think I'll last more than 2 years unless I get a sign from God or something to make me stop beliving in death.

>> No.14982800

>Tired, trying to finish up term work before studying for my exams. I'm excited to take online Latin classes over the summer, and I might join a Plotinus reading group. It sucks massive dong that all of this has to take place remotely, though.
>Brothers Karamazov

>> No.14982802

>Working at home makes me depressed
>Drawing Life: Surviving the Unabomber

>> No.14982810

>stressed, but thankful I can work from home and still make money. Worried about my family.
>rereading Meditations
It's surreal to still be doing classwork in all of this. I can't stand online classes- work that took me a few hours now takes me all day. Some of my professors are clearly depressed. One asked for us to turn our cameras on if we had them, not for attendance, but to see someone other than himself or his dog.

>> No.14982813

>Reading cybernetics and catholic theology(we'll need it)
holy fucking based. btw Norbert Wiener likes going on long mathematical tangents that are pretty irrelevant and outdated. you can just skip most of those parts, since many of them are literally impossible to understand if you didn't live in his exact time period. a lot of it aged well tho

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>my salary got slashed by 20% today so company can avoid lay offs
>The Fifth Science

>> No.14983821

>bit fragile but generally quite well
>penguin complete edition of sherlock holmes

>> No.14983851

Lonely and depressed
The communist manifesto/crime and punishment

>> No.14983916

I have no real opinion on my current state but content comes to mind
Fanged Noumena

>> No.14983942

>I wish I was a normie. I wanna die
>The Aleph

>> No.14983963

Kill yourself.

>> No.14984007

>In a psychward for Schitzophrenia
>The old testament, Kabbalah style.

>> No.14984073
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winded up stuck with my parents while trying to write my thesis, worried it is being affected by it
PhG, Truth and Method

>> No.14984135
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Disinfecting this thread, please wait for a moment.

>> No.14984150
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>all these zoomers

>> No.14984164

Whoever regards extinction as extinction, who thinks of extinction, who reflects about extinction, who thinks: "Extinction is mine," and rejoices in extinction, such a person, I declare, does not know extinction.

>> No.14984165

Were you under the impression that 4chan was predominantly frequented by older people? What lead you to this belief?

>> No.14984176

I’m the financial analyst anon. Thinking about the Army as well. I would’ve went in immediately before or after college if I could rewind.

>> No.14984203

better than ever
Three Lives by Gertrude Stein

>> No.14984204

We all gonna make it anon

>> No.14984226

They are private loans. You can't go bankrupt on them. My parents are dead and I have $3k in the bank. Just fuck off.

>> No.14984305

>Trying to deal with my freshman year shifting all online and looming due dates
>The New Jim Crow

>> No.14984615

Want to die
Notes from the Underground

>> No.14984643
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still live with my parents but trying to learn to code
The Inspector General by Gogol

>> No.14984700

>pretty gud, school's cancelled, doing school work from home. comfy
>Capitalist Realism

>> No.14984728

>pretty comfy. I'm waiting for my first real wagie job to start but due to corona the start date keeps getting delayed so I'm just chilling at my parents for now
>Reading through Spanish version of Harry Potter to pickup more vocab. Almost done and debating to read either Death of Ivan ilyich or Walden next

>> No.14984775

>waiting on first real wagie job
based. i'm the same. all my old friends have wives, children, 8 years of work experience, meanwhile my mom is literally getting me fucking tendies from down the street while im sitting here reading cyberpunk novels

>> No.14985431

Update, also started reading Allen Carr's Easy Way, about 1/3 of the way through, shit seems pretty legit to me, hopefully I can refrain from smoking even when with smoker friends, so far that seems like the biggest trigger.

>> No.14985513

>Haven't done shit of work. I'm still making the decision to start soon but I keep reading or doing something else.

>> No.14985598 [DELETED] 

>comfy quarantining
>On the Genealogy of Morality
Age checks out

>> No.14985610

>comfy quarantining
>L'Avare and On the Genealogy of Morality

>> No.14985613

> mostly comf quarantining but occasionally playing the role of courage the cowardly dog for the boomer i live with
>The Birth of Tragedy, Twilight of the Idols. then probably some presocratic memes

>> No.14985628

Trying yet again at self improvement, just ran a mile and a half.
Marcus Aurelius - Meditations

>> No.14985655
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Shidding and farding

>> No.14985668

How do you read >kabbalah style?
Do you just skip to random pages and read all of the letters out of order?

>> No.14985760

Read that book a month ago, really loved it. It was the first proper book I read in a while. The non-linear storytelling really adds to it. How many pages in, and how are you liking it so far?

>> No.14985777

Happy for you anon.

>> No.14986125


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