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Has the coronavirus made you re-evaluate any of your believes?

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I believes in feets

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Man I miss jiu-jitsu

Fucked up my knee so I'm at risk of blowing it out again, stopped doing it after that

Best exercise you can get

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It hasn't really affected my life in any significant way. I work for a company that's considered an "essential" business, so I haven't lost my job. If/when the economy tanks that might change but if so I have my savings. It will hurt my pride and self respect more than anything.

Mostly I'm just bored. I want to go to the gym. I want to go to bookstores and cafes and consoom.

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oh god, i fucking love when those brazilian/indian guenontards try to post on other threads

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Yeah, I’m slowly coming around on white genocide

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>Forever Yours,
Most loyal part of a woman

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It made me loathe /pol/ more than I previously did

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As for your question, no.

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It confirms my beliefs

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No I haven't changed at all, it reaffirms that we should resign ourselves to death, and pain at an early age, and to not conflate such things with sadness.One of my relatives has it, and was at our house, we probably have it. The initial thoughts I had at the prospect of dying is what I would miss, and what I have not done. Desires unfulfilled, it would be truly sad to live a life having been dependent on those things to make us content.Disgusting would be a better way to put it. So I hope if I die, or am scared for life, that I neither hide from, nor lament my position.

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Which are?

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No, not at all. I was already unironically a 30+, intellectually set in my ways misanthropic, atheistic nihilist well before this came on the scene, but to be fair things aren't "really real" just yet, if they ever even get there.

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Please don't engage with it. I won't directly reply to it but it may happen to see this comment, that its "confirmed" beliefs are instead exactly thwarted by the present situation, as the present situation is a feature of reality.

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If the economy tanks, it won't matter how much savings you have. People will barter with food and bullets

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This is also why salt was one of the first things that people started going for after the paper/chemical retardation. Salt is one of those things that makes life worth living.

t. grocery store manager, it's calmed down recently but fuck

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That we need to get rid of capitalism/statism asap
“Wait, the market will correct itself” [all of Congress decides to sneak trillions to the wealthiest, scraps to the rest]
There’s a lot going on right now, and I knew it was coming. This is just the start.

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It would be a shame if someone reported a certain tripfag for posting off-topic

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The radical bootlicker has logged on

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I didn’t post this thread.
I can rec a book on the topic even.

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No, I've been vindicated

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Anarchy is not a solution but a gateway for an authoritarian regime.

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How so?

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Yes. I am now certain transgressions on nature will result in vengeance. Flesh was taken and flesh will be repaid.

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I don't think that society is literally going to collapse because of a case of the sniffles. We would probably lift the quarantine prematurely to get the economy going before it got that bad.

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The muh warlords defense.
Freedom scares the bejesus out of bootlickers

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Power vacuum. Anarchy is a transition phase until the state reestablishes itself.

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True, unless the PTB want the economy to collapse

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Boring ill thought out “cope”

But back to my book

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I have found out that I like being outdoors. Or, let me rephrase that, I only like being inside my house if I’m tired of being outside, which happens rather quickly but it needs to happen or else I go insane.

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It's definitely made me more angry and careful in my choices and how I talk with people now. I don't mean social distancing, I mean in telling them helpful information that could be used to benefit them. I think if I tell them this certain thing that they'll tell their friends and they'll fucking start hoarding up on the vital things I've talked about. My survival instincts are acting up more then ever and i'm starting to lose this "nice but assertive" outlook I had built up with people. Now they just see me as this infinitely angry person. I'm not holding back what I should be.

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What do you think about dialectical naturalism butterfly?

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