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Why does this guy receive an immense amount of hate from people here?

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That's dancehall artist? Elephant Man or what's his name??

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Do you people actually click on this shit?
I always think of “who the fuck cares” but it worries me that there are actual brainlets that have such a lack of personality that they would actually click on shit like this.
It would be nice if these people were easy to spot so I can avoid them.

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He isn't ever fucking mentioned lol

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nigga he has a new thread almost everday

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He is an empiricist, enough said

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He's alright, but I think people on here are widely more sympathetic to Kant's position (myself included). That said, I don't think I'd really call it hate, most anons don't have much to say about him at all.

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Because he makes metaphysical LARPers look stupid.

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another A*glo who can't into metaphysics LMFAO

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Neither can any of these guenonfags. Why aren't you contemplating instead of acting (shitposting)?

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he was a chad

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he destroyed the world

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To anger that one guy who shills him on here

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