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I'm reading the Inferno (a blast) and the frequent references to the Metamorphoses are making me want to fill that gap. Came looking for recs on translations. I usually look/hope for a relatively faithful translation - with the Inferno I'm reading Durling/Martinez, and I'm really enjoying the notes, while the Cantos are pretty easy to read. I read Larimer for the Iliad and Odyssey. I do enjoy off-the-wall translations - Anne Carson's translations are fun reads. I've seen Slavitt brought up as an looser one for Ovid - what have you read, what are its merits?

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This scene was so fucking cringe.

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what didnt you like about it?

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I felt the book was entirely out of place and too on the nose. I could hear the writers scream HEY GUYS DANTE IS GOING TO HELL AND DON IS GOING TO HELL SO HE MIGHT AS WELL READ INFERNO RIGHT? LITERATURE IS IMPORTANT. I don't know, I really like this show, but this scene was rubbish.

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I agree. I dont care for Don's arc in the first part of s6.

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damn i had such respect for the show that i didnt even dream that they would have had don reading this as an allegory for him going through his own inferno. jesus

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chill. it's for people who are so dull it only registers at the subconscious, and barely at that.

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