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e.g, making money, being recognized, having fun. What drives you to write.

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Seeking inner peace. Everything goes around and around without stopping or giving me a break. If I talk about it it give some reliefe, and of course sleeping is always good, but sometimes writing is the only thing that can get my head to shut the fuck up

not that what I write or think is any good, but its better than nothing.

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Make an enormous sum of money

Bang a bunch of nerdy lit chicks far younger than me

Sell my book rights to Hollywood

Drink and do drugs throughout the day time

Never work a menial job

Live the /lit/ lifestyle

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the /lit/ pipe dream lul

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Any other response would be hypocritical, we're all doing it for our ego

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Lest we forget the first response, anon finds catharsis in writing.

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Why does anyone do anything except for the man whom is aware of his own actions?

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Why does this affection of a Southern drawl make me immediately assume a slightly insane, plus-sized woman with "quirky" glasses & a red polka dot dress is typing it from her studio apartment in Portland?

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anon can't even spell "relief", he doesn't count.

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I write so that I can leave something behind for my family to enjoy once I die.

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>>>15054528 (OP)
Culturally appropriating Southern dialect?

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I've already given up on becoming rich or famous. Even though I share most of my writings online for free, not many care. I guess I just want to leave some proof behind that I existed, that I tried to create something different, instead of just being wagecuck number 903816478113.

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Hatred. I want to put my perspective on the world into words so that other people can read them and also be miserable.

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Mostly for self enjoyment/stress relief. Don't mind the idea of someone relating to my writing

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I enjoy playing with words. Researching them (say, etymology), arranging them, rearranging them, evaluating the quality of the various patterns that can be formed. I constantly do so in my head, perhaps to make up for the fact that I can't form any mental images, am a terrible painter, and can't competently play an instrument; words are all I have, my sole source of stimulation and aesthetic pleasure.

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Truth and beauty. I want to pick and scratch at the paper thin wall between this timeline and another.

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>I've already given up on becoming rich or famous


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I don't want recreational sex anymore. It makes you miserable and it's never satiated. Best tiers are self mastery or limit it to monogamy.

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Art, I guess *blushes*

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I find it the best way to explain the way I think about things, and I find a lot of humor in pointing out absurdity.
Also, I fucking hate reddit-tier writers and journalists.

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Write a channeled and divinely inspired text on liberation and new methods to achieve bliss of nonduality .
>Start a small cult(sex with pure cuties in kindness and compassion) also workshops .
>Get sabotaged by forces of division via forced media outrage
>Double down on my message
>Shorty after leave society with few cuties somewhere warm preferably near sea
>leave many disciples to carry on the seed of enlightenment ,divinity

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This + owning my high school peers who I haven't seen in 7 years and who surely haven't thought about me lol

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Fuck me this. I've long moved past daydreaming about performing the song I'm listening to in front of my high school, but whenever I write something I can't help but imagine myself meeting some old high school friends and saying "what up, I'm now a writer ;^)" while they list all of their boring wagecuckholdry. Why am I such a delusional egomaniac

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Jesus the cringe, I used to do this too man. I used to pretend the songs I was listening too and I was now this big rock star who came back to school to perform at the assemblies, don't know what you Americans call it. But now 7 years has passed since graduation and I still dream about randomly meeting all the key figures, the bullies the hot girls the Chads, and owning them with how much of a success I am. Sad thing is I barely moved on and they, as far as I see on their social media, are having a good life. Not fair considering all I have is PTSD that has left me a socially stunted NEET

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I believe that along with music, writing is the closest humans can come to creating something out of nothing, and therefore closer to godhood

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Meeting Megan Boyle one day maybe

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I'm not even american bro, I'm starting to think the "playing at school" trope is a recessive meme inside most of modern youth (and almost certainly before). I still fantadize about perform the song I'm listening to, but at least now I'm in front of a normal audience at a club/festival, maybe on tv if it's something very poppy

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I've been writing since I was in middle school, so it has some sentimental value for me. I get an itch when I avoid it for too long.

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On one hand, I just feel like I need to contribute my writing as if it were something that’s built-in to my nature. On the other hand, it’s a desire to do something for a living that I don’t find completely detestable.

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My official answer: Self-actualisation. That I may more fully realise the drama of our lives by translating it to page, and in doing so, understand it perhaps one percent better than I had before.

My real answer? Fame. I want to be recognised.

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There's a lot here, I'm afraid.

Winning the fight in what's becoming a constant struggle to finish my work before long-term effects of hypoglycemia damage too much of my brain.
Nostalgia; Trying to rejuvenate and preserve the magic of my childhood.
Also, a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head that just won't go away, nagging at me to manifest. I can't stop thinking about my work. It makes other people's books, videogames, movies, whatever, look like shit to me. I'm very troubled.

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