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How does /lit/ feel about agnosticism?

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Ever since I was a lad I tried to find the right brand of belief for me but whenever I talked about it, even to myself, I felt silly. The reason being that I always knew it wasn't genuine. I simply lack belief one way or the other. Atheism being belief in absence is no different.
Having come to terms with this I feel no catharsis.

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it's the ultimate expression of the worthlessness of human intelligence. our intelligence forces us to ponder at the nature of our existence only for us to inevitably conclude that we can know nothing for certain. Intelligence only solves the problems it creates for itself, and even that only happens some of the time.

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It attempts to make an absolute statement that's an internal contradiction - that the only knowable truth is that all truth is unknowable. Even leaving aside all other problems (vis a vis knowable truths like mathematics), that it's based on a contradiction itself makes it nonsense. So, like other forms of relativism, it's inherently wrong.

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the only knowable truth is that all OTHER truth is unknowable

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I'm a bit agnostic about it

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same. reading certain spiritual texts/poems has given me a feeling of a spirit drifting trough me but i've never felt the presence of god

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And why is this bit of it privileged? Why are you able to state with epistemological certainty that THIS is absolute truth? Not only that, but surely having a single piece of absolute truth to build on means there's other truths that can derived from it.

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it became apatheism as i got older

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