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>Neoliberalism is bad

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Yes, read Michael Hudson (pbuh) Ellen Brown (pbuh) and Rene Guenon (pbuh)

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It is only semi stable that's all

>> No.15054714

Yes. Read "Capitalist Realism" by Mark Fisher. Or quite a lot of other people too really, right across the board.

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That which brings sadness to leftists is a priori good, and the more delighteful. Oh no, governments and businesses working together, how terrible. Communism is great. No, neither of these are canards.

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It's only been intellectualized as an ideology posthoc in response to Social Democrats. Truth is it is just another stage of capitalism. An inevitable power grab by multinationals to remove legal barriers to achieving greater economies of scale (instead of relying on innovation).

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Or, in Lenin's terms, imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism. Thank you for further articulating the goodness of neoliberalism, though this was not your intent.

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I'm not a Marxist, but neoliberalism was definitely a cope. I see it more as a historical period rather than an ideology. Now, it's synonymous with DC thinking, which makes it a meaningless term.

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