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Why hasn’t been there no great Anglo philosophers after him? What happened to Anglo s?

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They all became economists, scientists, and colonizers

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You obviously haven’t read Moore or Pierce

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They are obviously good, but not on the level of all time greats like Hume. Germans consistently have produced them, while Anglos haven’t.

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Scientism dug into the island psyche, and made thinking impossible.

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Too busy COLONIZING Pajeet and Mahmoud pussy.

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>Why hasn’t been there no great Anglo philosophers after him?

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I’m going to have to agree with this. Even the way speak and conduct our early education has pretty much impeded our philosophizing in favor of science and technology.

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Americans aren’t educated and never really have been. That leaves Brits, who after imitating the Americans have become too obsessed with science to have an education or language well-suited for philosophy.

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Are you kidding me? Bentham? John S. Mill?

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Bureaucrats at best.

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>Why hasn’t been there no
ESL, or just ignorant?

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autism was his superpower

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Seriously, Pierce is superior. While Hume is both very clear and adamant in his questioning of dogmas that aren't immediately obvious, Pierce is willing to consider problems from so many angles, and rebuilt his attempts at systematism whenever there is something that he realists doesn't fit with what he's developed, while aming to encompass so many things. Hume just doesn't have quite the same ambition.

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Hume was NOT Anglo

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hes scottish tho

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Bertrand Russell? AJ Ayer?

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There's never been a great Anglo philosopher. Hume was Scottish and Berkeley was Irish. The English do many things well but philosophy is one thing that's truly beyond them.

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Betrand Russell belongs in the fucking bin. The inventor of /r/atheism.

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Nick Land

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>There's never been a great Anglo philosopher

Ah fink thats were ur wrong m8

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>Dude, just like, maximize utility lol

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>Germans consistently have produced them, while Anglos haven’t.
nah, the last german of note was Heidegger.

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Whitehead is in the top 5 most important philosophers of the 20th century

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Also Quine absolutely obliterated Kant.

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Anon, how many great German philosophers have there been between Hume and Heidegger?

Use your head friend.

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I don't know who Pierce is, but he made the mistake of considering the underlying quantifiable world as "the most truthful" which Heidegger might say is a development from the wrong presuppositions of Descartes and further the subject/object dichotomy.

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John Locke?

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hyper-basado and capital-pilled hyper-pbuh

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Meme-tier reddit philosophers at best

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He was Lowlands Scot, therefore Germanic and Anglo.

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>le everybody is born equal and we all have special rights because my feefees say so man

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Berkeley was Anglo-Irish, his ancestors were English.

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"Anglos" from beyond the River Mercy are Welsh larping as Anglos. Lowland Scots are two Celts in a trenchcoat pretending to be Anglo.

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Whitehead was retroactively refuted by Rene Guenon and Parmenides. It's a shame really, he simply couldn't contend with the Eleatic doctrine.

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In other words he's about as English as the average Amerimutt.

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