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i want to start a revolution and fix politics in the future.
what should i read ?

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what are your ideas thus far? if you don't have any already, you won't.

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any history or biography about other delusional, mentally ill nobodies

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Imperium- Francis Parker Yockey
Any Oswald Spengler
Gotfried feder trilogy
Unabomber manifesto
The prince
Doctrine of fascism
These should fill you with revolutionary fervour

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A bloody coup or a revolution?
Fascism will lead to more of the same if not worse.

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i will sound dumb but i believe in power for the people , it will only be achieved after educating the masses though.

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i do have some ideas in mind but i would like to see every point of view and opinion to check if i'm wrong.

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This is essentially correct. Don’t feel dumb, just because of these anonymous peers.

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Its dumb and cute you think the masses are going to be educated at all

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it's over but it never really began desu

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A history book you delusional child

>> No.15056744

Calm it Morrissey

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the masses are way more educated than ever , it can only get better.

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>what should i read ?
Nothing, you should be out talking to people and building a network.
>i would like to see every point of view and opinion to check if i'm wrong.
Revolutions aren't started by moderates, they're done by radicals.

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i don't want to start a revolution for the sake of it , i want to help the world.

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"Earn Your Way to the top survival" on youtube and bitchute is what you need to follow.
Read siege by James mason, it is a guide for revolution.
I only watch these things from the sidelines for entertainment purposes and I think it is pointless, but if you are serious this is the only way to go.

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War of the Flea: a study of guerrilla warfare theory and practice
good luck

>> No.15058176

Based department? We got another one...

>> No.15058305

You need to have a solid political theory before anyone will start listening to you

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Nobody has told OP to read Siege. Is this some kind of twisted joke?

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I did

>> No.15058331

wrong post its the one above that.
Become a Siegepilled rapejack OP. get on telegram too and join boogaloo channels

>> No.15058341

Ah so you did, that’ll teach my stupid blind ass. TLDR: Siege

>> No.15058374

>the masses are way more educated than ever
It would appear that educating the masses was the wrong way to go then.

>> No.15058729

Why should I care about the "masses" though in that way? As far as I can tell, they have entirely different values to me & humanities most important accomplishments never emerge from the mob in its entirety. And they seem born to be easily led honestly, it seems to be their natural purpose. I'd rather educate the elite (and any intermediate castes) to be more capable of selfless leadership of said masses, and to further their own, higher interests. Replace the gross, materialistic, merchant-minded, greedy, degenerate & inbred narcissm of the current "elites" with a new caste of Warrior-Philosophers truly worth the title of "elite".

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