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Short examples of prose expressing extreme disgust, righteous rage, or condemnation?

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I need some context. What's going on here?

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Famously circulated image by kikes from the (((Holocaust))) - regardless, I'm saging this Jewish thread

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I just googled firing squad, and have no idea where it is from.

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Dig deeper into the pain goy, then you will feel more like us

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righteous indignation and commitment to never be the victim allows self-suffering to be used as a weapon, not as a shield.

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"All useless the way they fling their spit from their insolent mouths; for what good are they even trying to wring from their disordered brains. All vying to galivant and pose, pricking themselves with their little self-aggrandizing delusions, bleeding all over anything that was once sacred and practiced by those with love and dedication; now they castrated passion, bludgeoned its corpse, and paraded around the square like Mussolini, ripping off a little piece of passion to wear on their sleeves, to show and make amends to the falsity of their entire being. “Not mine, no, but it could be,” is the essence of what they mean when they champion causes, when they praise the mediocre, when they position themselves into a golden ratio, a comfortable cave where they will never really begin to try, satiated on scraps of real meaning they can abuse for their own vanity; useless animals who would try to fuck a a watering hole if led to one.They sicken me. "

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>Famously circulated image by kikes from the (((Holocaust))) - regardless, I'm saging this Jewish thread

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Thanks for the new pasta

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I don't remember the name of the novel but it was by Dean Koontz. A man got so angry he beat at another man's face until he broke the bones in his hands and then took a beer bottle and beat it against the man's face until it broke and he stabbed him to death with the shard. There's only a couple times I felt at peace reading fiction and this was one of them.

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"Lord, take pity on the Christian who doubts, on the skeptic who would feign belief, on the galley-slave of life who sets out to sea alone, in the night, beneath a firmament illumined no longer by the consoling beacon fires of the ancient hope"

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This is shit. Did you write this for your high school creative writing course?

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that really got to you, didn't it

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for fun

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Health science has increased enormously since the last plague, but it doesn't seem to have made any difference.

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