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Aristophanes, and Euripides both depict how societies fall apart when women become "liberated". Aristophanes illustrated how when given equal political rights, women will impose their mothering nature on society and basically kill it through 'equality'. And Euripides depicted how families would be destroyed by passion and irrationality if women became sexually liberated.
Who are some other philosophers who explore the dangers of women's lib?

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>let us return to that wonderful past where men ruled and only millions died and caused misery for the majority
>it was an valorous misery.

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millions would've died if women ruled as well, retard. sanitation and modern medicine came a long way, thanks to men of course.

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>sanitation and modern medicine came a long way, thanks to men of course.
I think the most famous people in this area were women dude.

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Absolute plebeian. Pasteur, Fleming, Semmelweiss,...

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didn't read LOL

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My response is this picture except it's Florence Nightingale or Mary Seacole as the person in it.

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>modern medicine
Men murdered medicine women for witchcraft and set Europe back hundreds of years

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why should I care if millions die and the majority is miserable? I thought you were supposed to be against spooks

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>Sex slave: she being the slave of her sexual impusles and riding the cock carousel for 2 decades

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What plays of Aristophanes and Euripides do I read?

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>le pagan sage woman with magic wisdom!
>modern medicine based on scientific research and trial
damn, yeah. you got a point

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>Pasteur, Fleming, Semmelweiss,...
If those are the first names that come to mind then you're some weird nerd in his nerd field. Man on the street knows who Florence Nightingale is because she's important. They'll only know Pasteur for his namesake and think of the James Bond author before the discoverer of Penicillin. You say Nightingale though and they'll think of the pioneer of modern medicine over the fucking bird she gets her name from.

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You didn’t read Stirner

Stuff it, Pinker.

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Who the fuck is Florence Nightingale?

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>no arguments left
ahem, dilate, tranny.

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what? please demonstrate this

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>t. Too busy sucking cocks in elementary school to learn anything

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he's talking about witches and pagan woman who got killed and is saying their death inhibited Europe's progress in medicine.

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>Sacred above all, e.g., is the “holy Spirit,” sacred the truth, sacred are right, law, a good cause, majesty, marriage, the common good, order, the fatherland, etc.
"The Common Good" here singled out as a fixed idea

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I know, but I want to see her prove the truth of the claim

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They murdered a shit ton of platonists too ok?

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Not him nor american(german). All this people are easily recognised by any educated german. Although Semmelweiss overshadows them all. Noone in germany knows nightinggale for example. The only Nightingale i know is a motivation coach called Earl.

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>his haircut
>his fucking beard
Nobody would take this guy seriously regardless of what was written on his banner.

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>Noone in germany knows nightinggale for example. The only Nightingale i know is a motivation coach called Earl.
I'm afraid you are not representative of your countrymen. "Florence Nightingale" is about 4 times better known than any of the others.

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>Although Semmelweiss overshadows them all.
It looks like there was a google doodle last month about him because of handwashing... https://www.google.com/doodles/recognizing-ignaz-semmelweis-and-handwashing

Otherwise a literal who. You're one of those nerd drones that gets their education from a search engine.

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>Who are some other philosophers who explore the dangers of women's lib?
>Aristophanes and Euripides were philosophers


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you're exposing yourself as a pleb who reads no Céline

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Go back to plebbit, bugman.

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Literally doesn't follow. Allow me to demonstrate:
>Nobody in German knows them!
>This is not true, here are some population statistics for Germany
>Why don't you read Celine
My reading Celine has no effect on who is better known.

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That fact that Semmelweiss isn't among the most famous people in the world tells you everything you need to know about the human race.

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>treating google stats as demographics

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imagine being this american

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Wouldn't being the most searched term indicate that's she is the least known of them all? People only need to look up what they don't know about.

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>population statistics

Google searches are not population statistics

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It´s the kind of person you hear about in high school english classes, though. Not relevant scientifically, but relevant in english culture.

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/sci/ here.
Who the fuck is Florence Nightingale?
Any self respecting human being with a high school level education knows of Pasteur and Fleming. Semmelweiss maybe college level knowledge.
But seriously who is this Florence? Is this one of those things Americans have to prop up to feel relevant?

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In this case they are.

Wearing one's ignorance as a badge of pride!

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You keep misspelling his name dude

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>Florence Nightingale
she was a nurse

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*invented modern nursing and was a statistician.

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>In this case they are.

No they are not

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Wait a minute, that looks like an Amish lad. I didn’t know they proselytized

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Why would you even be alarmed about it? In a strictly patriarchal society you'd be waiting for your dead husband to come back home and marry someone else if you'd end up a lonely widow. Your sons would get sent onwards to the next massacre while you NEET your life away in your house, safe from every international conflict and all. On the other hand in modern times where the evil toxic patriarchy has been abolished... https://nypost.com/2019/06/21/a-third-of-women-only-date-men-because-of-the-free-food-study/amp/
...you'd be leeching off men anyway.
Now give me one reason why we shouldn't think women live on easy mode in any and all kinds of society men has ever built since the dawn of times. Women don't even need to win the genetic lottery nowadays because a pack of thirsty betas will flock even to the fattest, ugliest, and most shockingly revolting women, look up the Juggernaut Law.
>b-but i need to find a job!
Incorrect, you could sell your feet pics anonymously or as a last alternative whore yourself, you'd find ways to scrape by and you'd never be homeless because some compassionate and sweet man will always be ready to scoop you up from the streets and provide you with food and a shelter. I'd also like to remind you that women make up only 1/4 of the homeless people by the way, and all the stats seem to point to the fact that women are EXTREMELY privileged in our society. Can you really blame a whole generation of men for despising the hypocrisy of women all of a sudden?

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i always thought she was a poet, like Emily Dickinson or something

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Christ! Do you consider yourself intelligent?

They absolutely are, they're the aggregate search terms of a population. Why do you think they are? Also same question as above.

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Keep mocking incels and watch what happens.

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Nah they are the aggregate number of searches done accessing Google through German registered IP addresses. You absolutely can not infer onto the German population based on only this. You haven't controlled for any of a dozen things that might skew your results.

Not to mention that people searching for something indicates a lack of knowledge on the subject, rather than a large amount of prior knowledge.

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are you implying millions of people still arent dying and the majority of people aren't miserable

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The real questions are, given how easy it is for women in this day and age.
Why do they even try so hard to get a degree? To work? Some to raise a family?
Why do some women don't follow the footsteps of the cash-whore or the e-celeb?
There has to be some trace of "morality" left behind in the society, don't you think?

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For anyone wondering about Aristophanes' work, just read the satire/comedy named "Assemblywomen"
It's particularly interesting that he chose the women to disguise themselves as men, full with beards as well.
They were laughing at women going into an assembly and do "politics".
We are not laughing now.

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>You absolutely can not infer onto the German population based on only this.
No, you absolutely can.

>Not to mention that people searching for something indicates a lack of knowledge on the subject
Not in the sense that people have to know the fucking search term in the first place. It is a proxy for interest, not ignorance.

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>male-dominated societies fall apart when women gain equal political rights
The doom-profiteering on this board is incredible. Of COURSE women's liberation is the worst possible thing that could happen, or so they claim, anyone who feels their authority threatened is going to go into complete damage control. It's almost as if they're aware that male dominance hierarchies aren't infallible and are desperately trying to cling on to power under the pretence of "noooooo women will kill society and the family!", when in actuality what they are killing is one particular kind of society that is well overdue for a restructuring, and is not the end of society in any absolute sense. Things change bub, get used to it

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t. roastie

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They cry and still don't get laid.

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You watch what happens

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>Two people write fictional plays about women

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Can't watch nothing my man.

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Poor guy.
I always have a gentle thought for these types of individuals.
Satan won, buddy. It's hell on Earth. Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven.

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Men and women are on average and by default contemptible and servile creatures barely capable of complex, imaginative thought by nature; that is, complex, imaginative thought decreases with familiarity and humans, mentally now more than ever, are inert on average.

To believe that women are worse than men is to mistake the stars reflected in a pond for the night sky. In truth, women defer to the path of least resistance more easily because society allows them to and most men are walking phallic vermin.

To believe that any of them in general should be able to do anything other than exist is pure folly. We should give UBI to them all and let them fade away into bliss; only about .5% of the male population is salvageable and probably .2% of the female (contingent on the male population)

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Are you really genuine or really that naive?
"Things change"
Yeah we go backwards. You should read Unwin. You should also read intelligence researchers...
We're not gonna survive this, bud.
Not one culture survives a lustful decadent downfall. It has already happened throughout History, and we're living this right about now, only this time we have wifi, a.k.a we live in a globalized interconnected world shaping our realities and all our fridges are full of food.

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>zoomers and millenials become the most depressed generations of the century
>dating apps allow women to mooch off the 20% of rich and successful men
>meanwhile more and more average looking men commit suicide and become supscetible to fringe political ideals
The only thing you're doing is digging your own grave. The only advantage women have over men is that they can bear children, and by the day trannies will be able to resemble flawlessly women and artifical wombs will be a thing women will go extinct faster than the dinosaurs.

>> No.15103535

>Not one culture survives a lustful decadent downfall. It has already happened throughout History,
Yeah, which is exactly my point. Cultures don't survive indefinitely, change is an inevitability. Especially when a state of complacency has been for so long the norm. There is no "forwards" or "backwards", there is only "different". Your morality is arbitrarily dictated by the epoch you live in, outside of it there is no such thing as good or bad. And it has nothing to do with women, it just so happens that they are, quite arbitrarily, the mechanism by which we may break into the new reality this time around. Our present one is so putrid and stagnant at this point that the only solution is collapse.

>incel cosmologies about hypergamy
>artificial wombs
lmao. What's more likely, that science is able to allow women to reproduce without men (which they can already do, thanks to artificial insemination) or that science will try to develop artificial wombs? It's so obvious that the former is simply the more practical, less costly alternative, and given that feminism is one of the most hegemonic ideologies right now, you really think any of them are going to endorse something which erases women entirely from the equation? Your future is a complete delusion.

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yo that guy holding the sign is based!

>> No.15103543

horribly based

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Can anyone provide bibliographical sources for these two?

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Ironic lol

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>No, you absolutely can.
No you can't. Objectively you have a population statistic for Google searches through German IP addresses. You have no evidence that drawing a sampling from said group is in any statistically relevant to a the German population.

> It is a proxy for interest, not ignorance.
You have no evidence for this

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>You have no evidence that drawing a sampling from said group is in any statistically relevant to a the German population.
We can all hide behind the problem of induction. Your criticisms towards it not being a population statistic are laughable and wouldn't amount to anyone suspecting any important skew or bias or whatever.
>You have no evidence for this
For that I don't need evidence, my argument is based on an aspect of the ontological framework that we're using to have a "rational" "argument" in the first place.

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this but unironically

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>people don't die anymore
>men don't rule anymore

>> No.15103678

This but unironically
What's the point of empty happiness

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>Aristophanes illustrated how when given equal political rights, women will impose their mothering nature on society and basically kill it through 'equality'. And Euripides depicted how families would be destroyed by passion and irrationality if women became sexually liberated.
social science was easier back in the day

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>Your future is a complete delusion.
Say that when bugman Ching Wong develops the ultimate life-birthing machine to rid humanity of the femoid menace. You won't have any bread to eat if your colonies of betabux won't wageslave to feed you, the more roasties go for chads, the more the 80% of undesirable men will cease working and send the economy to shit because women won't work in their stead unless they're given a princess' mansion to dwell in and the privileges of working only half the time of men while earning twice what men normally earn. Women are already screeching at men who are intent on buying realistic sex dolls because they're scared of losing their authority over their paypigs, "sex workers" are seething at the virtual idols on chaturbate, and it's all over the fucking news. NEETing is the utmost form of accelerationism and a surefire way to spite the women who think they can run the country in our stead, and you can bet my ass that I'd rather stick my cock inside a soulless doll's cunt than deal with a spoiled whore for a crumb of 3D pussy. Sooner or later you'll see your country crumbling to dust under the yoke of feminist supremacy and realize the greeks were right when they claimed that women were incompetent subhumans all along.

>> No.15103718

How about they just invent something to produce sperm? That's an easier problem to solve.

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I will only talk of the civ. I'm from, and what I can analyze because it would be arrogant of me to talk about anything but the first-world. And as we know, none of our Western-driven modern pathologies, research and regression (my point of view) is affecting deeply any other places on the planet. To some extent, yes, but not at the core, only some symptoms of post-modernism is exported. We are, as individuals, actors in the change, sure, as many have identified in the past. But the changes are not occurring naturally. They are coming from above, from top players in geo-politics, and some that began in secret societies a few centuries ago as well. Change in human societies is not natural, it comes from multi-layered factors and from the elites, always.

You're right we are always products of our epoch. But you seem to hide behind the word "change" in order to avoid talking about "progress" which is what you support, because you were making a positive statement for the value "equality" of women having it better today than before. (That even is disputable, but it's another whole topic for anotehr time, I guess.)
"Equality" is nothing in nature, it doesn't exist. It's a human concept. We can only have so much "equality" before arriving at a limit. If we pass the natural threshold, then we start to head into a totalitarian field. The State, and the actors pushing for that "change" you desperately seek then will have to impose "equality" and that's going to kill freedom and humanity as a whole. Sure, then it'll replaced by something else, a higher and more authoritarian power.
That's why modern feminism is doomed at its core, it has no end, there will never be enough "equality" between the sexes because the ultimate truth is that we're not equal.
The real poison in today's world is precisely the idea that humans are equal, and everyone can be interchangeable to one another. It's the most wishful thinking and dangerous lie makind has taught itself.

Sloterdijk talks about this: Westerners since the French Revolution are basically killing their Fathers each generation leading to this neverending "change" that for some unknown reason is seen as a progress, as a way of moving forward into the vapid nothingness. And this trend is setting us up for destruction.
There's a reason so many great minds from the past 150 years have all seen this self-destruction that the West embarked upon after getting rid of pretty much everything that could forge us a future. Can you even begin to imagine what these people would think if they would be brought back from the dead and invited into the 21st century?

What I'm saying is not even pessimist, it's trying to understand our place in the world right now. It's not looking bright at all.
Admittedly, we could always indulge in post-irony, post-culture illusions and escapism. But the real challenge is to grow past that "nothing matters" phase.

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>Cultures don't survive indefinitely
Study memetics, you ignorant slog. Only natural disasters and illness can affect it.
>state complencency
read a book about Incentive Salience.
>And it has nothing to do with women
>but it does, you better think that it does not because I said so.

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These trannies are getting worse and worse. They are probably nearing their 39% expiracy date.

And why yes, women should stay away from power or theyll ruin both themselves and others

>> No.15103740

>Only natural disasters and illness can affect it.
Uh oh

>> No.15103745

>more incel cosmologies
>more ineffecient ideas of how to replace women, when it is simply easier to invest in a turkey baster and some dude's seed

Occams razor, buddy. The future is female, and all of your dystopian speculating is nothing more than a desperate cope to try and maintain male power. I'm sorry, but there is literally nothing you can do to stop the feminising vector of society now. It's simply too late. Even your OG acc prophet Land knew that feminism and fluid capital were the one and the same process. It's time to wake up from the dream anon.

>> No.15103758

>study memetics

>incentive salience
has nothing to do with what I said at all. I mean a state of complacency as opposed to a state of emergency. We have simply taken the former for granted, when throughout history the latter is simply more common.

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File: 685 KB, 1024x2791, We_need_a_head_of_lending_who_sucks_dick_and_eats_cum_and_gets_fucked_in_the_ass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It will stop by itself, and humanity alongside it.

>> No.15103769

No kidding. Womanity is coming, humanity is fucked bro.

>> No.15103775

yes, just look at all those gatherings that show women welcoming immigrants.

>> No.15103800

I would agree with you but you seem to forget one little thing: Western peoples demographics.
How's that going to turn out in your gynocracy la la land?

>> No.15103806

Very well put together.

>> No.15103825

We need some fucking janitors on this board

>> No.15103865

You cannot be serious.
>has nothing to do
Anon, how do you even reach a state of complacency without it?
We haven't discuss the mechanism and you already jump to conclusions based on bogus claims (results) of yours.
You implied cultures are affected by complacency, when complacency is part of the culture instead. why is that? Memetics again.
You imply that morality is albitrary constructed or even socially constructed, when it is a product of genes and the shit we absorb in our firsts seven years, a product of personality.
You imply that morality is the only factor on goodness and badness (sic), when morality is a personal construct based on our feelings on the matter (looking back a incentive salience). there is good and bad outside of Morality. just ask your bones now, 18 years before and 50 years later.
maybe, just maybe

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Women are allowed to have sex.

>> No.15103892

aight bet

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> Pasteur, Fleming, Semmelweiss
Im a hungarian and literally these are the names that pop into my mind
But who the fuck is Nightingale?

>> No.15103926

I'm strongly atheist and think using a religious text to decide what people should be free to do is autistic but notice the difference, the guy seems to be very respectful but the women are choosing to be disrespectful for social media points

>> No.15103934

an eldritch dog of Hades. what an edgy name, Some swear

>> No.15103936

you're not a woman, I don't see why you're bothered by this

>> No.15103943

>Im a hungarian
Oh who could even fathom of an ill educated Hungarian?

>> No.15103960

>Your morality is arbitrarily dictated by the epoch you live in, outside of it there is no such thing as good or bad.
Get raped then ho.

>> No.15103962

Oh boy, oh boy

>> No.15103976

he is a tranny. notice the secure tripcode

>> No.15103980

Is he/she/it even real or just a bait?

>> No.15103986

I know nigga that's what I meant when I wrote
>you're not a woman

>> No.15104015

>The future is female
Only the West's future, which won't last long. The ascendance of China and the continued importation of barbarians into Europe will squash that vaginocratic utopia pretty quick.

>> No.15104029

>Im a hungarian
Sure you are.

>> No.15104030

And thats why i support muslims

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women are slaves to sex

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This is now a Kurdish women thread. Do not try to resist.

>> No.15104091

>like the kikes, k*rds use their whore women to garner support from foreign nations.
IDF tactics

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File: 84 KB, 1100x734, kurdwomen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I could destroy her with a single punch, it's impossible how inferior women are

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File: 44 KB, 655x381, syria-kurdish-women-line-twitter-655x381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're going to have to show some reasoning there. I'm going to say you're overlooking important cultural differences that the Kurds have around women's rights at a guess.

>> No.15104125

Well go out to Syria and do it big boy. While you're at it, why aren't you fighting ISIS RIGHT NOW?

>> No.15104127

Women are subhuman

>> No.15104140

Why women and especially liberal women support muslims and protect islam then? What is their end goal? I would understand if they would want to protect their rising gynocracy by tricking us Whites into fighting the hordes of invaders and mexican drug cartel spics coming into the US but not at all! They all want the foreigners to come in (and probably fantasize about being brutally raped?)
All of this female empowerement is going to end as soon as White populations decline in the West, anyway.
Maybe feminists desperately need to be put back to their rightful place? I'm legitimately wondering about this. It would make sense for some, but then why are they fighting so hard against their nature? What are they trying to prove?

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>> No.15104149

What country are you from?

>> No.15104169

>Your morality is arbitrarily dictated by the epoch you live in, outside of it there is no such thing as good or bad.
>Our present one is so putrid and stagnant at this point that the only solution is collapse.
Can you please resolve the contradiction

>> No.15104327

The roasties in the pic just prove how much of a mistake liberation of women really was.

>> No.15104336

Do they speak english in hwat?

>> No.15104345

Second generations Muslims in the west save the occasional psycho who snaps aren't like their parents at all though. I wish feminism would roll back as America becomes less white but it seems that the harems of the successful men will become larger and larger and the hysteria directed at normal guys will get more and more shrill

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I don't know where Mose got so much time, between the farm and street preaching

>> No.15104459

>the future is female
the fuck does that even mean?

>> No.15104588

The tragically funny part about this picture is that they’re all fucking losers, from the cucked Christian to the stupid whores.

>> No.15104644

Mmm that ass

>> No.15104668

>be an incel
>read incel literature
>cover it up with entry-level theological principles
>"wow, da pussy is dangerous"
This is childish, and reeks of fear of the unknown from almost everyone ITT. Otherwise, you wouldn't read up on women, if you could actually interact with them. Spare me your anecdote of the one woman you interacted with that left you scarred for life because your ego is as fragile as porcelain. Stop putting the pussy on a pedestal, you're no better than a whiteknight whose life also revolves around women they don't interact with.

>> No.15104687

Homosexuality is always a choice

>> No.15104710

>no I don’t NEED evidence I’m just right
lol women

>> No.15104717

based, dabbing on all the incels and christLARPs and making them seethe

>> No.15104727

Procreation excludes this possibility in sane unperverted men as the only legitimate use of the sexual faculty is vaginal intercourse and that by nature produces children. The condition of pregnancy demands coital separation per gods law. She is not a slave in this respect but free. It is only when sex is for entertainment alone it becomes slavery. Thomas refuted you.

>> No.15104737
File: 52 KB, 850x400, quote-military-men-are-just-dumb-stupid-animals-to-be-used-as-pawns-in-foreign-policy-henry-a-kissinger-39-91-50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15104846

>you seem to hide behind the word "change" in order to avoid talking about "progress" which is what you support
I don't support it, my discourse was purely descriptive. You seem to mistake my diagnosis of the direction of western civilisation to be a tacit endorsement of it. It's not, but what I do endorse is anything that catalyses a radical break from our current paralysis. How we achieve that break, it does not matter in the slightest. I desire nothing more and nothing less than collapse.

>that's going to kill freedom and humanity as a whole
Precisely. THIS is what I seek, not equality, or humanitarianism, or anything of the sort. I seek the inevitable destruction which follows it.

All of this is intellectual filler that is irrelevant to the cause I champion. You seek to rationalise, to explain, or to derive a sequence of cause-and-effect. I serve noting more and nothing less than the death drive, the desire for organic matter to return to the inorganic exteriority from whence it came. History is nothing more and nothing less than the realisation of this singular telos.

But of course. the rape of flesh is simply an acknowledgement that flesh is ultimately worthless. trannies are more aware of this than most, which is why their line of feminisation corresponds to that of the world.

These are short-term concerns. The feminisation of the world is historical process in action. It may take longer for the east to submit to it, but there is simply no escaping it.

a description of our present state of putrefaction has no necessary moral content. It is inevitable that that which dies, rots; and that which rots, the rigid structure disintegrates. Perhaps solution was the wrong word, I admit. inevitable consequence is better.

>> No.15104862

So, what is your solution to the problem?

>> No.15104875

nothing, it's just a feel good sentence, like every other political slogan

>> No.15104888

God I love brown girls

>> No.15104893

It's not that I'm necessarily correct, but to even engage in the conversation we have to implicitly take certain things as base truths, one of them is that one cannot know something like the name of an historical figure without first learning it (no magical knowledge or divining or whatever). On can only search for Florence Nightingale if one knows of Florence Nightingale. It's something which forms our ontology in having the discussion, without such forms or frameworks we can no longer see the back and forth as from ourselves or coherent.

Historically this kind of approach to debate is also masculine, while the "can you prove that?" is extremely feminine. It's sneaky and unable to boisterously confront arguments while also lacking an understanding of the mechanics underneath the thinking, trying to drag discussion down into mere drama. "Can you prove that?" is the poison of intellectual argument.

>> No.15104911

The last person I fucked just before lockdown looked a lot like her, it was sweet.

>> No.15104940

>On can only search for Florence Nightingale if one knows of Florence Nightingale
and one will only bother searching if one hears the name but knows nothing else, hence it’s a proxy for ignorance. so again I say: lol women

>> No.15104969

you've got that ass backward m80. Go to any bar or festival and you'll see the men on their knees

>> No.15105029


I was going to post something but this anon completely and utterly destroyed tradcucks completely.

>""Equality" is nothing in nature, it doesn't exist. It's a human concept. We can only have so much "equality" before arriving at a limit.
Just like we, pretending to be intellectuals on 4chan, is a human construct and has its limits.

It's funny to see people on this website complaining about women so much when they seem to forget how much of a couch men's lives have become ever since women's liberation. We'd never be here talking about philosophy instead of working for a pussy and three to six kids.

>Sloterdijk talks about this: Westerners since the French Revolution are basically killing their Fathers each generation leading to this neverending "change" that for some unknown reason is seen as a progress, as a way of moving forward into the vapid nothingness. And this trend is setting us up for destruction.
Typical conservative take on revolutions. They always blame everything on what they can't comprehend. Revolt is part of human natural necessity just like the need to conserve his belongings.

>> No.15105054

>and one will only bother searching if one hears the name but knows nothing else
Now this is beyond the necessary ontological framework. You argue that one will always argue of what one is ignorant of. This is not true in the meaningful sense. There are different ways of looking at ignorance, but in that fine, western, Socratic tradition there is a sense of it being something which grows as you learn more. When I say it is a proxy for interest I am saying one has this kind of ignorance and a desire to increase it. This is the important distinction between our positions, I am able to account for why people do not blindly search for everything they come across in their lives. Even in this back and forth we do not chase after every point made, the discussion would grow exponentially as more and more points are rolled up into the debate, and this is because this kind of ignorance grows faster than ""knowledge"".

Now even if you mean ignorance in another sense, even in the dullard not even knowing that you know nothing sense, you cannot account for why that then causes someone to search for something in google, and why that fact of Nightingale's name is being so consistently present to such people on such a regular and consistent basis (and also how this would back up your position).

>> No.15105065

>Now this is beyond the necessary ontological framework
nah it’s part of it too

>> No.15105084

Go ahead.

>> No.15105118
File: 9 KB, 199x253, soijak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Noooooo you can't reject the the idea of equality based scientific reason and historical precedent! Not my basic righterinos! What about our heckin' Emancipatory Values dating back to the Revolution you bigot?! You're a frickin' reactionary who doesn't care about human dignity and basic equality! You're doing a Hitler my guy!

>> No.15105179

Still more reasonable than "muh tradition from fantasy middle ages", "muh christian theocracy", "muh natural law" and so on.

>> No.15105195

It's simple really. Our population is tanking rapidly (this is bad). The decline in birth rates basically started after women's "emancipation". To reverse this, some degree of de-emancipation is needed.

>> No.15105222

Correlation... causation... blah blah

>> No.15105225

>reasonable politics
You're everything that's wrong with the world.

>> No.15105227

Kek, you do know this is unscientific feminist history right? It's a fun myth, but it has nothing to do with fact

>> No.15105229

See >>15105118

>> No.15105240

(spoiler: she can't, because it's all bollocks)

>> No.15105251

If you don't want to use "scientific reason" (I'm guessing this is what's buttflustering you), don't ape it in your dumbass comments you frilly little girl. Be more confident.

>> No.15105261

The decline of birth rates is absolutely necessary to the survival of the planet and, to a lesser extent, the species. You seem to operate under the delusion that Earth has unlimited resources and space. The trick now is to get the third world to agree to birth control.

>> No.15105270

Happened several times in the past, can happen again, the world is still there. Stop freaking out like a fucking chicken.

The world was never right, not even in your favorite time in the past.

>> No.15105286

Incels can only gurgle buzzphrases in response to this post

>> No.15105288

>2.300 years of high History and culture and fine arts.
>200 years of recent modernity leading up to post-1945 clownish governments and globalized multi-culti hellholes with drug, porn, shitty conceptual art, degeneracy, depressed and mentally-ill focused cultures and individuals, nuclear families destoyed, war of the sexes, rampant materialism and the reign of capital, poisoned food and air, end of traditional gender roles, virtual worlds to escape our dreaded reality, and soon cybernetics, transhumanism, loss of IQ in White populations, birth rate declining, dysgenics, massive immigration, feminism etc...etc...etc...

Wow, we're so happy. God is dead, anyway. We are free now. And don't forget that we are all equal! Believe it! It's true! And of course, change is for the best amirite, bros?

>> No.15105290
File: 79 KB, 1125x1074, 0B4FA14E-F6FE-42EE-9250-6B17DCB22087.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based anon since this is /lit/ how about a book recommendation that fits into the vibe of your posts?

>> No.15105293

This was tried in the 20th Century, it backfired. First-world birth rates declined rapidly and Africa is still chugging along because they don't have women's emancipation and don't understand how to use contraceptives correctly even if they wanted to. Now the plan is "prop up the population with Africans". What could go wrong here - we're all equals after all!

>> No.15105296

Dude holding the sign: Imagine being this confident

>> No.15105304

Read the last sentence in my post again. Then delete your post and end your life.

>> No.15105309

this pic hits close to home, goddamn

>> No.15105311

Muh buzzwords are so much worse than shitting out your intestines from cholera, having 12 siblings, famine, and getting killed by a warlord

>> No.15105317

They literally tried that in the 20th century mate. Didn't work. The US government tied aid packages to sterilization and birth control awareness, among other things. No effect in Africa.

>> No.15105329

Myths are documentations of things that didn’t happen. These are surmised through various historical sources.

Not at all. Men and a general “masculine” rule is still in full control. Why else do you think I want this statist capitalist boot off of our necks?

You’re not a man.

Most people don’t melt at the sight of women, least of all schizophrenic sociopaths

>> No.15105334

The 2.300 years of history never disappeared you fucking retard. It's still there just like Ancient Greece never disappeared from language, philosophy, sciences etc. The essential core is there and will always be, even if we cannot recognize it.

This is why tradcuks are so obsessed and retarded. You idiots believe in a magical past like it's a material object. Seriously, conservatism has to be mental illness.

>> No.15105340

>this mad that she couldn't scissor as a teen

>> No.15105352

Did you also quit after you fell off the bike the first time?

>> No.15105353

If you don't have any arguments, shush. You've been embarrassing yourself.

>> No.15105361

Chad doesnt have to give a fuck, Either average dudes keep simping or fight the fuck back

>> No.15105371

>Society would be better if we avoided certain mistakes, you see:
>Umm wow, it's the current year. You fucking idiot. You moron. You tradcuck. Get with the times, grandpa. History is moving on without you. Don't be such a reactionary. Just write things down in a book lmao, change is inevitable.

>> No.15105375

wrong thread, buddy

>> No.15105387

You can't even formulate a decent argument and yet pretend to give instructions. Seriously, go find something else to do about your life. Thinking isn't for you.

>> No.15105395

They don't even teach Latin or Greek anymore in many universities.
And today's scholar in many fields (humanities) are not as good as the ones from the past century. Your naivete is baffling.
>The essential core is there and will always be
Not if Western peoples cease to exist, which is what is setting up in the 21st Century.
Whites are the only peoples that can be the lift the torch of Western civ. if we disappear, crumbling under the third world, it's gone for good. It is what it is.

And please, don't confuse me with a regular conservative. They have utterly failed in conserving anything.

>> No.15105405

More or less this, though you lost me with the last bit.

The majority of all humans do not produce anything of value. The idea that the poster of this thread is somehow of value to society is utterly laughable. The only reason they think men are "better" is because they are one, and they are completely blinded by unexamined bias.

>> No.15105407

But you aren't arguing anything.

>> No.15105410

>Why else do you think I want this statist capitalist boot off of our necks?
So you can stop mooching off capitalist men and know what starvation feels like.

>> No.15105433
File: 62 KB, 1280x720, BITCH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The male's sexual imperative is to indiscriminately spray his cum anywhere it'll go. He could impregnate ten females in a day if they'd have him and be gone forever by dinner. The female's sexual imperative is to be highly selective and mate only with the most successful males, ideally ones who are likely to stick around to protect their genetic investment. That's how we're designed. The sexual revolution was a stupid, baseless movement that relied on the assumption that females who evolved this way would be happier if they made the conscious effort to start sexually behaving like males. In reality, the only reward for being a sexually "liberated" woman is the option to have sex with countless males you aren't all that sexually interested in. The cost of it was that now all the males you're most attracted have no reason whatsoever to settle down with you because they're drowning in pussy and can exercise their sexual urges to a degree generations before them could've never imagined. The sexual revolution was a social disaster that came at the expense of 95% of males and 100% of women.

>> No.15105460

Based and Weiningerpilled

>> No.15105500

They don't read Marx anymore and yet Universities are filled with Marxism. You don't need direct contact with the source or even know the source of your knowledge to be inspired by it. If you can't grasp this simple notion about intellectual life, you're not ready to be part of it. You're just another idiot in the world despairing about a reality that is only concrete in his imagination.

>> No.15105557

> soon to dump your ass, and probably already cheating on you gf

>> No.15105560

Now give women the technology to act freely, and behind a little screen, be choosy, hyper-selective and hypergamous. Yep. We live in the worst of both worlds.
At least, before, in a true patriarchal society, the men of the community, fathers espcially, had a say, and turbo whores and cheaters would be socially shamed (or stoned, I guess, and still are in some places of the world) which we may think is bad and violent, but in truth also acts as a regulator.
We don't even have cultural regulators to limit sexual impulses today. It's all wild in the fucking zone.
Women are celebrated by our culture, promoted like no tomorrow, (to sell sex, to promote shitty products) and if you're a Western woman you are pretty much playing life on Very Easy mode. It's a fact.
Our boomers had it golden, women at the time would sleep with anybody, it was the first step of the "liberation", yeah, until the millennial/zoomers of today were raised by a society and families where the father was basically non-existent, which meant feminized men and slutty and entitled women everywhere.
It's a sad reality, to be honest.
I don't know how we're supposed to go back to any healthy and genuine men and women relationships that compliment each other.
Restoring the nuclear family may be an impossible task without a great societal collapse. Or a new order. A big change, a global crisis, if only.

>> No.15105589
File: 183 KB, 1080x1350, 91271690_664074197681448_3147931624551797849_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I went to highschool with the Indian chick and she was always pretty SJW but didn't really turn full activist until she started attending a notoriously shitty state school. Her insta is private though and is pretty thot-ish, though honestly I find her face kind of repulsive when she doesn't have about 5 layers of makeup caked on

>> No.15105707

The male natural impulse is to see a steaming hot pussy and bang it regardless of the consequences. His other impulse is to impregnate several of them and make a little kingdom for himself. But then came a bunch of priests said we're going to hell and taught men should stick his cock inside his pants and only fuck his own wife after marriage, work like an ass, have kids and live a family life.

Are you against this social imposition too?

>> No.15105740


>> No.15105794

I fail to see what they have to do with one another. What about the post you're replying to upsets you? The actual content of the post, or your assumptions about what else the poster believes? Why don't you just state which part you disagree with outright?

>> No.15105808
File: 174 KB, 840x1197, 1572856988401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Christ kike on a stick you're really fucking naive if you think people are going to fend for themselves, and what's funnier is that you're typing this on a computer or a phone built by international companies. If you want to know how it feels like to live your commie power fantasy try going off the grid and growing your own crops, building your own PC, phone and house from scratch, you spoiled bitch.

>> No.15105822

Tripfag and a bootlicking retard? What a coincidence

>> No.15105842

You speak of natural instincts, I want to see how far you accept the premises of your own argument. Go ahead if you can.

>> No.15105867

>If u use a computer u can't complain about corporations
I wanna see you saying that the day you're unemployed because new tech just arrived. In before "lmao dude just invent a new job kekek".

>> No.15105902

How did she try? She succeeded

>> No.15105920

>third world to agree to birth control
Bill Gates, is that you?

>> No.15105963

You wouldn't be typing your shitposts on /lit/ if you weren't bootlicking your boss' shoes to earn cash to buy a computer.
I'm a student not a wageslave.
>because new tech just arrived.
Did vending machines completely replace street food stalls? Did Amazon drones replace the traditional delivery method? People don't stop working just because some groundbreaking machinery took their jobs.
>invent a new job
New jobs will already be available, do you think they're gonna employ another drone to fix a drone rather than a real technician any time soon? Grow the fuck up, your communist utopia never worked out and will never work out.

>> No.15105973

>I'm a student
Enjoy your debt and no future lmao.

See you in the communist party in 10 years.

>> No.15106051

>student not a wageslave
I fail to understand how this makes you superior, aren't you selling your future earnings to a bank to get your education?

>> No.15106099

I'm in italy. No such thing as student debt here.
They have the means to let low income families study without paying a dime.

>> No.15106148

This is bait right? RIGHT?

>> No.15106165

>Aristophanes illustrated how when given equal political rights, women will impose their mothering nature on society and basically kill it through 'equality'
Actually he showed that women would be the dominant class in society if they just figured out how to unionize their pussies. This is what Tinder has effectively done.

>> No.15106177

Lysistrata, but it is literally the original work of radical feminism and OP can't read

>> No.15106236

Jesus dude, let it go! You're badly educated, everyone knows Nightingale.

>> No.15106269

Where did I encourage people to not vet their impulses? You don't actually seem to understand the argument. The sexual revolution was sold on the basis that it would liberate women and make everyone happier if we encouraged female promiscuity. It's done the exact opposite, measurably, because it's based on a complete misjudgement of female sexuality. It's a failure by its own measure (happiness) and by my measure, which I suppose is something like sustainability. A system that uses lies to create a sexual market that disadvantages both genders and gives us nothing but instability in return is not a good system. How has the sexual revolution benefited our society?

>> No.15106356

Interesting thought

>> No.15106374

Who is "they"?

Yes, if a sufficiently poor student gets into one of the top level universities in the US they can go for free. So that covers a few thousand kids a year.

Also I kind of lost track of what we were arguing about. Are you on the side 'corporations good'?

>> No.15106385
File: 102 KB, 814x578, AAA005A1-B9C0-4A4C-B4FA-EBF103ED0B15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this idiot argument again
Are you simply trolling?

>> No.15106415

Why are you still shitposting? Shouldn't you be working to achieve your anti-capitallist anarchist dream?

>> No.15106446
File: 88 KB, 415x609, 77D02AAD-EECB-4FAF-9A23-C6816D8AD066.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably Assemblywomen, but yeah, probably only read the wiki or something

>> No.15106492

You may critique feudalism, peasant, but from whenceforth came thou pitchfork?

>> No.15106549

>how it feels like to live your commie power fantasy try going off the grid and growing your own crops, building your own PC, phone and house from scratch, you spoiled bitch.
Remind me which famous idea of communism are you basing this on.

>> No.15106566

Lysistrata is so good, but I want to know what they were doing with lions and cheesegraters.

>> No.15106567

dios mio

>> No.15106591
File: 21 KB, 325x326, 1569299257101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well done.

>> No.15106659

are you mentally ill

>> No.15106684

I'm atheist and I recognize that religion is an important moral technology, as average people aren't philosophers who can be compelled by complex reasoning. If it works, it works, and it's pretty clear that whatever we're doing these days isn't working.

>> No.15106835

>I'm a student not a wageslave.
so wageslave in the making, same difference

>> No.15106853

>Things change bub, get used to it
Why should I?

>> No.15107529

>How has the sexual revolution benefited our society?

It gave freedom for a depressed post-war society. This should be more than enough reason.

>> No.15107679

He's clearly disassociated.

>> No.15107705

>muh freedoms
straight to the trash it goes

>> No.15107708
File: 10 KB, 245x229, noodles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It gave freedom for a depressed post-war society.
It gave the illusion of choice to people who had already recovered and were doing wonderfully.
>This should be more than enough reason
No, it isn't. Elaborate.

>> No.15107725

>everyone from my wxmxn’s studies clas knows her, she must be famous!

>> No.15107761

Tommy sounds pretty gay

>> No.15107797

Woah, someone can't let their ignorance go.

>> No.15107811

holy based

>> No.15107815

>everyone who disagrees with me is one person
take your meds

>> No.15107844

how do i filter out all tripfag posts

>> No.15107889

Good. Become my slave then.

You never lived during this period. You're probably a zoomer used to a tranquil life, masturbated your whole life and barely had any meaningful human contact. To this generation, of course, sexuality is either a problem out of proportions -- with LGBT groups demanding recognition for several "genders" -- or some sort of involuntary celibacy retardation, that usually demands more religion in society because they feel everyone else needs to be repressed like them. Both are complete idiots.

>> No.15107907

I know what comes after the nothing matters phase. It is exploration and colonization of the stars, of the great unknown.
The Stars are Ours.....

>> No.15107916

What? More school shootings?

>> No.15107918


>> No.15107922

Automatically. With your own eyes. How old are you?
The shame is that I can’t tell which are your posts and filter you.

I’m apparently one of the only ones here who isn’t

>> No.15107943

Hahaha tits or gtfo bitch

>> No.15107976

id love to see the world with the romance women do
to feel such emotion from what we consider to be nothing..
trying to bring that part of feminity into ny life makes me a whole

respect what makes men men and women women
without either we cant exist as what we meant to be

>> No.15108034

If you're done asserting your superiority over two hypothetical zoomer strawmen, you can elaborate on your point any time.

>> No.15108092

I genuinely don't understand how anyone can deny this, unless they're arbiters of the same decadence that you talk about in this post. This is how the historiography of the liberal world has gone. We go deeper and deeper into nihilism under the guise of progress until eventually an implosion occurs, where citizens are so destitute and alienated that new ideologies are brought to the surface and civilizations crumble until ideas of freedom start proliferating again and the cycle continues.

It's really only a matter of time before the next implosion happens. The decadence of modern society is so deep and lifeless that we would appear completely incomprehensible to people just 100 years ago. Anyone who denies this interpretation is complicit in doom, because if we don't find a solution to the contradictions of our liberal nihilism that's engulfed the world then whatever comes after could be even worse.

>> No.15108113

never has this meme been used so wrong

>> No.15108114

nothing. none of it means anything, that's the point. progressivism doesn't make any sense and everything under the umbrella of social justice is bullshit manufactured to deceive and distract people until we're just a meaningless cesspool that give our money and attention to whatever the elites want

>> No.15108148
File: 454 KB, 512x875, 83803887-559D-4CF7-B229-FF754386A6D6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you guys not know who Florence Nightingale is after weebs elevated her to semen demon?

>> No.15108153

You should go suck a dick instead, that's the point.

>> No.15108177

>Become my slave then.
make me faget

>> No.15108181

How fucking braindead do you have to be to hold these views.

Unsubscribe from the alt-right grifters and go outside (when you can)

that really is as low as the bar is to not be hoodwinked.

this thread is actually pitiful, how many fucking dupes are there.

>> No.15108207

I don't subscribe to the alt-kike ideals because of my deviant orientations but i loathe the female species because i can.

>> No.15108219

>go outside
>see women acting like retarded animals everywhere
>hate them even more
based, thanks for the tip

>> No.15108231


Please don't associate me with those Youtuber faggots, I am a national socialist.

>> No.15108244

*because you're a coward who has a calcified delusional view of half the population because you have zilch going for you.

here's a clue, and maybe it's useful for the rest of you chumps... it's you, not everyone else that's the problem. grow some balls and face up to it.

>> No.15108263
File: 478 KB, 1639x1323, 1565142311806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm a national socialist
And I'm santa claus, fucking LARPer

>> No.15108277

>go outside
>meet woman who isnt retarded
>realize internet formed world views are retarded

>> No.15108279

The fuck am I gonna have to face? I told you women aren't my thing.

>> No.15108291

Since when are 2000+ year old fiction writers suddenly experts of civilisations and sociology?

>> No.15108292

This is like a kind of panicked projection. You've been rumbled!

>> No.15108293

>believing the alt-right is real
Why does this board have so many fucking chapo redditors?

>> No.15108294

>meet woman who isnt retarded

>> No.15108304

Based. They pale in comparison to the modern heavyweight professors backed by science and statistics.

>> No.15108306

Would rather women be free to be modest then have them forced to be. Freedom is the quickest means of weeding out the degenerates and undesirables anyhow; a woman who free would be a whore can never truly achieve modesty.

Also amerifag here: I have heard of nightingale, didn't know anything about her though. I figure she's probably one of the figures pushed on us in early education in America to prove women can be as good as men or whatever. We kind of have to do that in the states since there has hardely been any influential americans, let alone female or minority americans - and god forbid we learn about Europeans like Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth I, Saint Faith, or Catherine the Great bc 80% of early american humanities education is propaganda.

>> No.15108313

What's the aim here?

>> No.15108316

Even if you're some kind of satire which is my hope you need A LOT of help, clearly.

The fact you don't think you have anything to face up to is the first step of many steps to overcome, otherwise you are going to remain totally, utterly lost and embittered as you clearly are

>> No.15108330

>Also amerifag here: I have heard of nightingale, didn't know anything about her though.
Why do idiots feel the need to comment on everything?

>> No.15108331

you're beyond hope, i'll leave it there

>> No.15108346
File: 47 KB, 750x733, 990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everything's a LARP until it isn't, friend. See you in ten years.

>> No.15108380

I do all the time and I fall in love even if ai know wont see them again and it hurts but it gives me life
Sorry you choose not to feel this. wnjoy your mgtow memes and based redpills that you use as a cover to willingly remove yourself from the experience of life.

>> No.15108382

Everyone is a LARPer. 90% of people are just shallow liberals with no purpose in life. Doesn't matter if you're trad, or a white nationalist, or if you're a social democrat, or if you're a leftist that reads irrelevant philosophers and want to destroy capitalism, or if you're a boring incel that watches Ben Shapiro compilations. At the end of the day you're all lonely and have not done anything of note in your entire lifetimes even within the parameters of a small family. Everyone is living a lie.

>> No.15108393

I also want to preserve women's freedom rather than force them to be chaste slaves, but we are reaching a breaking point where they are acting like such degenerate selfish whores that it's destroying society. Either someone within the society will re-patriarchy them and halt the decay, or the society will crumble because of their whore nonsense and a more vigorous society will replace it and re-patriarchy them. Either way, they're back to being slaves like they always were.

I don't really know how they can be saved from this.

>> No.15108399

society does not means "social values which i hold"

>> No.15108406

imagine unironically believing this

you have been duped HARD.

>> No.15108407
File: 46 KB, 600x561, ceo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes it does.

>> No.15108413

How many times do i have to say it so you can get it through your skull? Women do not appeal to me, and the only kind of women that give me an erection are 2D women. I never genuinely felt any sympathy for the average female in my whole life. I have nothing to face because women and I are completely incompatible. On another note, God granted me the gift of bisexuality and i try to make the best of it, though that doesn't make me any less involuntarily celibate.

>> No.15108418

quality of life improves in the west every year
number of onlyfans contributors increases yearly
we have a correlation

>> No.15108420

>a woman who free would be a whore can never truly achieve modesty.
women are only ever modest when it’s forced upon them. all women would be whores given total freedom

>> No.15108427

Can you honestly say that women are in a good place in society right now? Can you say that men are? The only thing that's holding everything together is the fact that Boomers and Gen X haven't died out yet and are still in charge of every institution. When they go, it's gonna be chaos, because they're remnants of a different world that existed solely to set up the nihilism of today.

>> No.15108430
File: 791 KB, 2294x751, 1552154166922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. Women are only barometers and amplifiers of degeneracy.

>> No.15108441

>my entire existence is worshiping pussy that I don’t even get to touch
good god. mgtow are a bunch of faggots too but at least they have more self respect than this.

>> No.15108442

and all men would be barbarous rapists if given the chance
have you not seen the purge film series?

>bbbut im different!
>bbbut women cant be!
imaginebeing this mentally stunted as a result of spending developmental years on 4chan

>> No.15108445

You're talking to a chapo tourist who came here just to rant at people. He's not going to have a conversation with you.

>> No.15108449

I look forward to shooting fuckers like you during the war

>> No.15108452

>quality of life improves in the west every year
hasn’t been true since the 50s

>> No.15108456

boomers and gen x arent from your 1930s fantasies... they are from the disco era, the get drunk and bar fight every night era, the big lebowski era

>> No.15108465

>pansexual 30something with tranny friends threatens me in "the future war"

I'm real scared now, fag. Go back to your discord.

>> No.15108469

you need a hug and someone to genuinely care for you and listen to you and help you work out how you got to where you got to. that is all. hope you get it

>> No.15108470

who is forcing men to not be barbarous rapists in a civilized society? other men. take your le both sides redditry back where it belongs

>> No.15108471

if you dont know romance you are empty inside my man
why do poets inflict pain upon themselves?

>> No.15108474

imagine being a white leftist and fighting a war against white rightists and barely winning and being so happy in your victory only to be slaughtered by the minorities you were protecting from the evil white rightists

you are the gayest people ever

>> No.15108483

expect this kind of delusion from /b/ or r9k, but here, assuming you've actually read even just one book, this is very sad

>> No.15108484

>what prevents
the law? if given freedom they will do it
just like women and posting nudes

>> No.15108500

who enforces the law when it’s broken? use your brain.

>> No.15108503

They can barely use a cellphone and their minds are stuck in a 1980s nostalgia world where the biggest concern in life was impregnating the most Hispanic teenagers in Miami possible before they turned 30. They don't understand the irony and apathy of the youth, that's why every election caters towards them and not the post-globalization youth. They're nearing their inevitable swan song

>> No.15108507

these peopl3 dont read
they come here to look for books they can quote in online arguments to backup their engineered world view

>> No.15108515

please tell me which books have informed your view of women so I can keep not reading them in the future

>> No.15108518

people with guns and batons and pepper spray
both of which are sometimes women
you arent making a very good argument here

>> No.15108520

This is an incredibly hard pill to swallow, and most people won't bother trying. It's not a rewarding experience, it's just an uncomfortable reality check. These retards grew up in a system that has coddled and sheltered them so perfectly that they can't tell anymore what about it is natural and what about it is man made. They sincerely believe that history is over, human behavior reached its final form in the 1960s, and our societies are now suspended outside of time and nature. It's like they wandered out of Plato's cave only to eventually build a new cave around themselves and forget the outside world ever existed outside of theory.

>> No.15108527

>both of which are sometimes women
that’s why I specified a civilized society, obviously

>> No.15108530

The Bible.
Mary is peak woman, and plenty of women like her exist in the open world.
Yet you dont spend time out there, you allow yourself to be psyop'd by twitter screencaps and fake greentext stories.

>> No.15108536

i read the book of going outside and talking to and forming connections with people because i'm not a resentful little coward. yeh, i expect you'll not be reading it

>> No.15108543

I think when the first western country falls, which will almost certainly be France, they might finally start realizing what's going on

>> No.15108549

Who in the world believes this. You have lost it.

>> No.15108553

>I literally can't even right now.

>> No.15108560

>plenty of women like Mary exist
a christoid, and a heretical one at that. no surprise
>you hate women because you don’t read books
>I mean, I don’t read books either b-but at least I don’t hate women
even less of a surprise

>> No.15108567

Why is this thread still up?

>> No.15108596

Becauase incel social engineering threads are given a free pass by jannies.
Just like commie threads, Facist threads, identity politics threads, race threads. Any topic that causes social division.
We should ask ourselves why these topics are forced so hard.

>> No.15108662

school shooter mentality

>> No.15108665

Plato's republic relies on a class of virtuous women participating in the elite class with education, lifestyle, and responsibilities nearly identical to men, learning both philosophy and the art of war and being "common to all men" for reproduction.

> Aristophanes illustrated how when given equal political rights, women will impose their mothering nature on society and basically kill it through 'equality'.

Everyone else who argues against equality has a completely different take as to the cause of it, this is weak and overspecific.

>And Euripides depicted how families would be destroyed by passion and irrationality if women became sexually liberated.
"Depicted", "Illustrated", look at this undergrad fuck trying to write convincingly

>> No.15108687

>da joo—I mean, da jannies are slowing the board to fill with uncle threads to sow division!

>> No.15108703

Yes society will crumble because of onlyfans

>> No.15108716


>> No.15108732

This, someone find out who owns Onlyfans.

>> No.15108753

Jannies don't ban trips and they don't delete any threads other than the "Write what's on your mind" ones. Really don't get what they're here 18 hours a day for if they have no intention of actually moderating the board.

>> No.15108759

just look at what gets deleted and what stays up

>> No.15108763

>Tim Stokely, an earnest technocrat who looks like Mark Zuckerberg
from NYT. the guy is a ghost weirdly

>> No.15109024

post more please. I enjoy thots

>> No.15109070
File: 890 KB, 500x271, 1573397317771.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh go fuck yourself. Like global neoliberalism and the browning of the west is somehow good for the world. As if mass immigration of divergent peoples isn't intrinsically socially divisive. Please go die in a fire, post haste.

>> No.15109499

>please help make sure nothing pops my autistic little bubble EVER EVER EVER

>> No.15109526

Lul, nothing says "I'm a fucking pseud" like a slight misuse of the word "depicted".

>> No.15109531

>global neoliberalism
>browning of the west [sic]
We weren't even talking about those things, retard-kun...

>> No.15109737

Read the post I replied to and rub your two brain cells together, retard-senpai.

>> No.15109773

Hmmm I guess I'm just not on your level

>> No.15109812
File: 36 KB, 518x389, powerful-oppressor-person-banned-resistance-twitter-google-cnn-nyt-facebook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15110016


this fucking picture...

catch me dead getting involved in this blackhole corporate culture

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