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kek pretentious nigger BTFO

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muh economy

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Angry she can't go to the bars or wherever.

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He's not wrong in this case

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>reopen country
>hospitals get completely overwhelmed and are unable to function within a couple months

that being said doesnt jp have brain damage or something

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>muh killer flu!!!!
>muh cherrypicked statistics
>muh curves!
>influenza killed how many last year...?
>MERS? Huh?
He is tho

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Yeah he was comatose for a while and had trouble speaking. He has to undergo speech therapy but I think thats on hold because of the virus

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Unironically Jesus in his lifetime. I think JBP will enjoy a similar resurgence after his suicide,,,,,,,

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Peterson's rise had nothing to do with his intellectual work; he got popular for his reactionary hot takes against trans rights.

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all he had to do was clean his room and not drink apple cider

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>doesnt jp have brain damage
Yeah its pretty clear he doesn't have the sufficient brain function to realise why reopening the country is retarded

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people are liking that reply ironically, right?

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It had to do with state-imposed obligatory use of language. It had nothing to do with being reactionary and everything to do with freedom.

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>just dig graves bro

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>reactionary hot takes against trans rights
>"treat me like a five year old girl or burn in hell, bigot"
I choose former

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No >>15116224

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you just proved his point

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The unbelievable delusion of Peterson fags.

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few things confirm the alienation from reality experienced by the West than this pseudo-terminalism regarding COVID: everyone so desperate to edgily declare the imminent doom of humanity from their pedestals on instagram or TikTok-- the only possibilities being that (1) they don't actually believe a word of it and are simply drawn to the sardonic aesthetic of mass death and entirely comfortable in their distant position from which to view said tragedy or (2) that they are so prepped for their demise, both subliminally and directly, that the only thing left to do is get one last selfie as the headlights speed steadily toward them...

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not that anon, but I don't think he was 'disagreeing,' I think he was just giving rationale for why Petersons rise was not altogether shocking

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He didn’t even have the sufficient brain function to actually understand his hero Freddy “no such thing as facts only interpretations” Nietzsche. Proof that a Canadian education is worthless.

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>he says reopen the country and dig graves
Normally I make fun of lobsterman but this is correct
Cringe if you’re posting this as a joke
Cringe but also very funny if you’re being sincere

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Don't make me post soijaks unironically here

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>Don't make me post soijaks unironically here

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stop caring about personalities. if you get something out of the books, great. otherwise, just move on.

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I thought his rise to fame was from that video that went viral where BLM invaded his classroom and he tried to engage them in calm conversation while they chanted at him?

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no it was when he posted a video calling out the University of Toronto for enforcing the Ontario human rights act

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He was never an intellectual

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Lol i thought that was chief keef at first

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You could have read that same sentence with seven different voices, but you chose that one

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Freedom to verbally abuse trans people.

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>You could have read that same sentence with seven different voices, but you chose that one

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the only freedom that matters

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Have you seen the crap coming from his LinkedIn account? It's clear someone is managing and making money from his social media stuff now (Mikhaila), like it's pushing poorly reedited videos of his as paid courses.

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Nah. Freedom to express yourself without the need to be forced to use artificial obligatory nouns.

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he is not even wrong this time, no country other than maybe norway can afford to flatten the curve

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How the fuck do you get literal brain damage from popping some benzos? Did he OD and have a fucking stroke?

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No, because he's not an intellectual

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He was put into a medically induced coma because he didn't want to come off them normally.

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'trans rights' = ideologically motivated social engineering cultural marxism and the normalisation of pedophilia.

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>The economy is more important than human lives

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>Using reactionary unironically
>muh Hot takes
>Caring about trannies

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Ah, the classic coward take. Accuse everyone you hate of pedophilia to paint the world in black and white

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What about yourself are you expressing by refusing to properly gender trans people?

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>reactionary doesn't want people calling people out for being reactionary

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Why do these people act like it's a crime to dislike them? I'm not transphobic, hey, it ain't my fault every last one of them just happens to be completely insufferable. I mean what have these people ever done beyond getting fucked in the ass? what do they think gives them the right to tell normal people what to believe and how to live our lives? If they were truly happy enlightened liberated individuals I might give them a pass, but no they are universally mentally ill and unpleasant(seriously when they are not complaining about herr doktor jordler ß peterheil or transphobes daring to refuse them sex, they are complaining about their mental illness). I see them as mere cattle, purpose engineered biopolitical clientele for the DNC and george soros' open society foundations, no personality beyond victimhood, only able to communicate in empty cultutral marxist newspeak, we all understand what their role is, they are not harmless perverts but spearheads for a totalitarian monoculture ideology, give them an inch and they will take a mile. it is completely reasonable to ostracise them.

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>Knows the laws of history
>Failed Pre-Calc

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Yes...? I mean, why do you think suicide rates are rising nad rising everywhere while everyone gets fed ideologies that aim to make them feel guilty for not working hard enough, not producing enough?
Why do you think the ones that don't kill themselves consume all sorts of drugs (drug use on the rise) or all sorts of entreteinment and comsumption to try and distract themselves of the hell they are locked into?
We as a society already decided that the economy is more important than any individual (or any amount of individuals). Or instituitions, or public discourse, etc; are all build on the assumption that indeed people are worth less than the economy.

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>suddenly, an obese pink haired goblin jumps in front of you menacingly wielding a huge black dildo, screeching, the goblin orders you to refer to it by a one out of seven sets of made up 'pronouns' alternating according to their whims and the phases of the moon, otherwise you will be reported to the ZOG PC police for hate crimes

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>getting called a mutilated kiddie diddler on teh interwebz is abuse
Haha ok.

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>I'm not transphobic
>every last one of them just happens to be completely insufferable
>what have these people ever done beyond getting fucked in the ass
>normal people
>I see them as mere cattle
>I'm not transphobic

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he got fucked in the arse by capitalism, milk the cow before it's dead


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someone with covid cough on this lobsterfaggot, then he can dig his own fucking grave.

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Yes, and it's total bullshit and we should use this crisis to push against it,

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Not just bullshit, but doomed bullshit - something like that can't be stable long-term, it's going straight for the cliff edge and taking all its most vocal proponents with it.

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We should have the freedom to physically abuse them too

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We should open the economy and the idea that I have to convince a fucking tranny that I can speak my mind is insane

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It's ok to kill fascists.

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Nope. Not a fan of trannies either, but you niggers are pathetic. You might aswell be screeching about the fucking freemasons

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i mean, opinions that were normal less than ten years ago are now enough to get you labelled a 'fascist', things that were beyond the pale like child drag queens are now beyond criticism. these people are deranged, they wont be satisfied even after leftists give them full license to rape children in the open street, violence is the only language they understand.

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you are not allowed to criticise gender ideology because it is self evidently absurd and deletrious, it can't hold under scrutiny, its proponents have to hide cowardly under 'human rights' and censorship. after the fall of communism, the left decided the working class was a bunch of bigots who deserved to OD on heroin anyways and switched over their millenarian impulses over to the elimination of sexual differences.

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i thought you guys hating his daughter was just from being misognystic etc but i looked at her insta and she really seems to be a massive insufferable cunt

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you have zero knowledge about politics

>> No.15116904

Its kind of sad. I never agreed with him but I don't want to see him like this

>> No.15116909

Opinions like what?

>> No.15116916

Does he live in the US now? This obviously isn't Canada

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god i love freedom

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t. retard discord tranny

>> No.15116929

Another life destroyed thanks to benzos

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t. retard discord incel

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When are you guys going to slaughter the jewish merchant aristocracy? It's always fascists this, nazis that, but what about the jewish fuckers in charge of neoliberalism?

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Trannies aren't 'people'.

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Stay mad that nobody wants to dick down that literal pus-filled hair trap, tranny. B^)

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Just fucking kiss already

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trannies actually are all pedophiles though

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Woah what a searing take on social media users like yourself, a poster on the social media website 4chan.

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autistic males have two choices open to them...

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I swear that JP, on top of his benzo addiction (lack of sleep, blaming withdrawal symptoms on stupid shit), is doing a self-aggrandizing comparison with Nietzsche's shitty fruit-filled bowels.

>> No.15117229

a functioning worldview in which I am capable of judging individuals according to sound categories based on a clear set of criteria, rather than epistemically denying myself basic categorical abilities so as to outsource them to a perpetual Other whose judgments necessarily surpass my understanding while also being the unassailable verdict that I become responsible for integrating into every statement and action from now on, on pain of excommunication should my effort not be deemed sufficient. yes, please lead me down the path of this deferred solipsism because your fetish has already exhausted itself in the physical world and now unstoppably devours the a priori.

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>cultural Marxism
Imagine being utterly retarded while thinking you're intelligent.

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Psh. More like "trans rights" = Capitalisms way of dealing with the supply and demand imbalance between men and women

>> No.15117349


I mean it isn't like this has happened before
The Sexual Revolution and Children
How the Left Took Things Too Far
Germany's left has its own tales of abuse. One of the goals of the German 1968 movement was the sexual liberation of children. For some, this meant overcoming all sexual inhibitions, creating a climate in which even pedophilia was considered progressive.

>> No.15117361

its not even capitalism doing it just thirsty incels taking desperate measures. maybe autistic people are like clownfish in that some of them will spontaneously change sex in response to gender imbalance

>> No.15117371

trans people shouldn't have rights to begin with, they should be in ovens.

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who gives a fuck? you coast on the connotations of suffixes and think if you find us in fear that makes you ferocious. what a feeble understanding of courage you'd have to think this: bravery has become not the ability to uphold virtue in the face of danger, but instead a permissive acceptance of every possibility. so yea i'm afraid of you, but i saddle up anyway against you cuz fear needs courage and i'd rather have the latter than a lack of the former.

is there any shortage of things to justifiably be afraid of? that my belief in progress, once easy to justify in seemingly harmless victories like gay rights, has found itself without any referent other than its own acceleration as each radical tomorrow is nothing but the excuse for an even more unintelligible next year. that the hubris of science is no longer an airy philosophical question or a far off possibility like nuclear annihilation, but a here and now absurdity that instantiates itself in banal yet ferocious debates about shit like bathroom policies. that academia no longer even pretends that being a liberal brainwashing camp is simply a chain-email conservative accusation but instead has embraced its manufacturing of concepts for the neoliberal marketplace of ideas. that the soft welcoming liberalism many of us grew up in is insufficient to combat this most basic evil and now the alternatives are fascism, theocracy, or some other form of state-enforced cruelty.

you should not exist: even you know it. given the chance to be reborn you would choose the other gender. this trans- you append to yourself is a self-admitted sickness, a strongarm compensation every living being finds abhorrent

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I'm not trans, dipshit

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Fuck you tranny. No one gives a shit except overfed college queers on twitter.

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sure thing buddy

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>Fuck you tranny. No one gives a shit except overfed college queers on twitter.
How do you know?

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Even light hearted jokes, ethnic, sexual or otherwise.

>> No.15117506

I know you’re being drowned in a sea of retards who both haven’t read the bill Peterson was “protesting” and can’t understand the difference between sex and gender but I just wanted to tell you that you’re correct.

>> No.15117576

>being this delusional

>> No.15117591

Love his stern look and pondering gaze while playing with his toy like an autistic manchild

>> No.15117607

I'm making way more money than at work and have more free time, also there's less pollution noise and traffic. Keep this bitch locked down.

>> No.15117616

You are a faggot, retard.

>> No.15117649

What is it about having a daughter that makes every man blind? If you had a daughter as uppity and as coattail-riding as this worthless whore I'd made her follow me up some stairs then spin around and stomp my foot directly into the middle of her chest so she goes flying backwards down the stairs and smashes out the front door.

>> No.15117656

are you implying that every woman is not a whore?

>> No.15117780

my principled opposition to cultural marxism.

>> No.15117856

Right, but you'll never have a daughter.

>> No.15117868

What do you think Marxism is, anon?

>> No.15118259

>In 1977, a petition was addressed to the French parliament calling for the abrogation of several articles of the age of consent law and the decriminalization of all consensual relations between adults and minors below the age of fifteen (the age of consent in France). A number of French leftist intellectuals - including such prominent names as Louis Aragon, Michel Foucault, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jacques Derrida, Louis Althusser, Roland Barthes, Simone de Beauvoir, Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari, Michel Leiris, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Philippe Sollers, Jacques Rancière, Jean-François Lyotard, Francis Ponge, and various prominent doctors and psychologists - signed the petition.[1] In 1979 two open letters were published in French newspapers defending individuals arrested under charges of statutory rape, in the context of abolition of age of consent laws.

I mean it isn't like the left and lgbt movements have always been a front for child rape

>> No.15118459

Girard IS a faggot, but I think scapegoating is necessary in times such as these. The problems are much bigger then what you mention. But the juice are central to much of the problem and can easily serve as a good example, like a lesson for the majority.

>> No.15118484

Holy fuck I was literally just reading about this. Why are the French such subhuman trash?
>Foucault, Sartre, and newspapers such as Libération and Le Monde forcefully argued or defended the idea that sex with minors is a form of human liberation.

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> reactionary
the term is correctionary you degenerate trash

>> No.15118672

Reopening the country is the correct thing to do.

Dr. Peterson, Dr. Oz, and Dr. Phil all agree.

>> No.15118683

The holy trinity.

>> No.15118771

Based nihilist jp. Or maybe his poor daughter didn't quite get what he meant.

Or maybe the inevitable deaths is not outweighed by all the collective suffering people have due to their need to always prop up the economy in order to survive. It's one thing to protect at-risk people and quite another to protect those who can easily overcome the disease. If people actually focused on themselves and their own health they would have little to fear. But now all the sudden people care about their health. if they care about their health then maybe they should care about their health. Some things like asthma are perhaps unavoidable but other things like diabetes might be preventable.

Capitalism's flaws are now revealed. The god called economy must be fed least he inflict his wrath upon the peasants. All the peasants jobs that are required for the luxury, those people must work.

>> No.15118789

Hopefully Jordan Peterson dies

>> No.15118818

>It's one thing to protect at-risk people and quite another to protect those who can easily overcome the disease.
Do we really have to continue educating idiots like you why your opinions are retarded over and over again for the rest of this fucking pandemic?

>> No.15118832

Thankfully he’ll outlive most of the 41% trannies that kill themselves after realizing that mutilating their dick doesn’t turn them into one of their anime waifus.

>> No.15118851

I mean he's mostly not there anyway, so arguably already no.

>> No.15118883

I hope the same for Zizek and all "philosophers" of this time

>> No.15118886

Every time jp flaps his wings a tranny on the other side of the world dies.

>> No.15118910

he is probably just screening for functional illiteracy.

>> No.15119002

that is literally reactionary

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that post is looking pretty based to me doc

>> No.15119326

>Aha toy car go brrr

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>> No.15119350


An anonymous online forum is not social media.

Social Media is about identity, this place distinguishes itself through lack of such.

>> No.15119356

If you quarantine the vulnerable then the healthy will overcome and create antibodies for the disease. just cuz you're a dumbass statist that can only think that blind authoritarian disgust sensitivity knee-jerk reactions rather than intelligence solves everything does it mean that your way is the best way. but it sure does mean that you will fucking persecute me if I disagree with you. Probably arrest me if I'm not doing something that you think I should be doing. give me a fine for some stupid ass reason and say it's all good. Cuz you assume that all humans are on the level of a drooling idiot that can't possibly take care of himself just because a few of You Are just that.

Humans are dumb as hell. quarantine the people that will die and then they won't die. Statist instead say quarantine everyone, because muh disgust sensitivity and fear that I will die. Truly the idiots and authoritarians of the world make things worse for everyone else.

>> No.15119359

No, he has completely redeemed himself because of that comment. fucking based

>> No.15119368

God I fucking hate America

>> No.15119369

My belief that 'they/them' are plural pronouns.

>> No.15119378

Exactly it's human disgust sensitivity that hates homos. that disgust sensitivity is what is making everyone freak out about this minor plague. Diseases are no joke they're the thing that has killed the most humans. That's why humans are often so powerfully dominated by the disgust sensitivity mechanism. It's a perfect tool for a tyrant to utilize. The Nazis were disgusted by the Jews.

>> No.15119384

>If you quarantine the vulnerable
Who all live in one big house together and never have to interact with anyone who might be carrying the virus.
>then the healthy
One of the big problems is that this is hitting otherwise healthy people really hard.
>will overcome and create antibodies for the disease. just cuz you're a dumbass statist that can only think that blind authoritarian disgust sensitivity knee-jerk reactions rather than intelligence solves everything does it mean that your way is the best way. but it sure does mean that you will fucking persecute me if I disagree with you. Probably arrest me if I'm not doing something that you think I should be doing. give me a fine for some stupid ass reason and say it's all good. Cuz you assume that all humans are on the level of a drooling idiot that can't possibly take care of himself just because a few of You Are just that.
Quite the rant. If you don't enforce social distancing and lockdown all that's going to happen is enough of those "healthy" people will need to go to the ICU, flood hospital capacity, and then everyone, the healthy and vulnerable alike, have to deal with having no healthcare if they have an accident or a heart attack or whatever.

>> No.15119409

Beautifully written.

>> No.15119410

What kind of moron goes to a hospital when all the fucking sick people are there? and if you're stupid enough to not believe that sequestering someone into the room so that they won't die by a plague is impossible then you're even dumber than I think you are because you're trying to do this with all fucking people.

Here's an idea you geniuses only quarantine the households with people that are vulnerable in them rather than everyone for no fucking reason.

>> No.15119429

Damn right. A society that cannot chastize that which causes its decay is doomed.

>> No.15119435

What an absolute chad

>> No.15119439

So how many healthy people have died by this disease? Bonus points for mentioning young people that have things like asthma or diabetes. how convenient of the media to not mention that part of the fact about what's going on. People die all the time to the flu and no one does anything because they're not told to panic. let's make no people drive cars now because it kills more people than covid-19.

>> No.15119457

>Here's an idea you geniuses only quarantine the households with people that are vulnerable in them rather than everyone for no fucking reason.
I have a better one, how about you euthanize yourself before you infect other people and put a ridiculous burden on the hospitals?

>> No.15119477

Id wager youre both right in some respects. Incels are turning trans as a loophole to claim female privileges, and corporations are capitalizing on this new lucrative market; many trannies and their ilk are well paid tech workers with heavy disposable income and poor future planning ability.

>> No.15119479

I honestly don't understand why Peterson is so divisive. What the fuck has he said that's so offensive to people when pretty much all he's ever said are:
>Stop being a lazy faggot and take responsibility for yourself
>You can't force people to accept your ideology

The only people I can think of that'd find something to genuinely hate about him are buttblasted discord trannies and /pol/tards who thought he would go full 1488 when pressed about the JQ.

>> No.15119492

There are a lot of numbers going around, but the best I've heard (as in the one that has the highest percentage of people who have ANY other underlying health condition) is 1/10 of the people dying are neither old nor have an underlying health condition. Remember as well that there are people who aren't dying but will be crippled by this disease (it can seriously and permanently damage your lungs, but also other organs like the kidneys and liver). And that includes any health condition, not just asthma.

>> No.15119498

I think it's the whole "do as I say not as I do" shit.

>> No.15119503

based. how can one man be right 100% of the time

>> No.15119512

Oh look at the dumbass young people using vaporizers even though they're told not to because they're really bad for them and now they died by covid-19. This plague is a serious threat to healthy people! Let's completely fuk the economy over and then let's depend on the state more to help us because they are our God and the ones best capable of solving all our problems.

Also let's not allow anyone to ever make any kind of way without the state even though different kinds of communities could handle this problem in very different ways. remember if you don't comply with us wanting you to be healthy we're going to make you unhealthy! and remember never train people to think for themselves. Only train them how to obey and be obedient to the authority because bad things happen sometimes and without the state we would utterly perish and die.

PS do not get stopped by a cop because they might infect you and the jails with this horrible disease and all the people that don't even deserve to be in the jails. Wouldn't that be horrible if some asshole, pretending that he's trying to help you infected you with the disease because you weren't obeying his desire to roll over you. magically the disease precautions don't matter and you're getting beat by a cop for no fucking reason. ;)

>> No.15119523

Here's an idea I have asthma so I don't go places you fucking nimwit. Euthanize yourself because there are already billions of you. By the way thanks for explaining how your way is better than mine I'm totally fucking converted now and I'm euthanizing myself too because you told me to thanks.

>> No.15119534

Again it fucking affects healthy people too and you're at a greater risk of catching it if most people aren't quarantined even if you are. There's your criticism.

>> No.15119543

>it can seriously and permanently damage your lungs, but also other organs like the kidneys and liver).
Well if that's a common occurrence then it would be a real reason to be concerned for this disease. that's so nice of you to give me actual information that educates me rather than just calling me a dumbass for not blindly accepting what people tell me to accept. How common is this permanent damage to healthy people?

>> No.15119572
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>> No.15119577

We don't know yet, the disease has existed for about 6 months in total. The multi-organ aspects I think is something that's only being talked about very recently, the lung thing is known but it's hard to know who is going to end up with permanent significant scarring of the lungs. The "ground glass" CT scan shows up in about 97/98% of people who go to hospital with this so there's a very good chance some will have further complications.

>> No.15119663

The only compelling evidence to me is the possibility that permanent damage can occur to healthy people. If this is true people like me will be more concerned about this disease. But if it's not true then there are always all kinds of risk that we take everyday that no one even pays attention to. You can die by falling from a standing position. hopefully if we hide in our homes long enough the disease will magically disappear. seriously though I hope it doesn't change shapes like the flu does. It would be so much worse if it can do that.

>> No.15119731


His whole "argument" against Marxism in the Zizek debate was worse than an average first year pol sci essay.

>> No.15119784


>> No.15119795

>properly gender

>> No.15119797
File: 235 KB, 738x669, 1552522836276.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds based

>> No.15119805

It's also ok to deport you people to somewhere safe

>> No.15119812

you shouldn't have cut off your dick if you wanted to call people bitches

>> No.15119816

he's not going to fall as long as there exist a large number of absolute retards who think he's an intellectual.

it's like asking has any philosopher fallen as far as rand, premise is wrong.

>> No.15119819
File: 8 KB, 235x214, 1587102306283.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>posting soijak
>negates criticism

>> No.15119827

Extremely based, I've never once seen a tranny respond to an effortpost like this with anything but a few pathetic words of hollow insult.

>> No.15119833

That's only cuz he was super high on benzos at the time. Also I'm pretty sure he didn't understand half of what Z said cuz of his bloody accent. not to mention that sometimes when he speaks all I hear is spit, everywhere. So really it is not defeating someone if you drown them in an ocean of your spit.

>> No.15119845

Zizek makes the same 5 points over and over he could have done a tiny bit of research first

>> No.15119851

>brain damage
He's very clearly a vegetable.

>> No.15119864

I didn't even bother to watch that debate. Literally couldn't understand Mr Z so there was no point in it. And by that time I had already heard Jordan plenty. He gets a lot of shit but when he's teaching about certain things they are interesting. I would have much preferred if he just kept posting his teaching videos and never got popular over a bunch of retarded shit.

>> No.15119888


>> No.15119919

sometimes i forget how many mindless reactionaries browse this place

>> No.15119925

pretentious shit

>> No.15120208


>> No.15120257

>Literally couldn't understand Mr Z
Classic denial at work.

>> No.15120282

I mean it would help if he spoke English. I do regret that I didn't get to learn from him as I cut off my internet before I could hear what he had to say. If I can train myself to enjoy Terence McKennas voice than I can train myself to listen to this man.

>> No.15120300
File: 1.25 MB, 1024x1002, EVgmWvWUMAMLEwf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>any intellectual
That implies that such thing ever existed in the first place.

>> No.15120306

That's not how you spell youtuber

>> No.15120326

Unironically this

>> No.15120439

>this much straw manning
Also, in my country, the only people who end up in the ICU’s are the old, the obese (highest correlation, amerifats BTFO), and the drug addicts. There is literally only 1 recorded case of a sub 20 year old who wasn’t obese or a druggie in a country of 10+ million. Oh, and he ended up being discharged after 2 days.

>> No.15120454
File: 499 KB, 571x640, 1587077672626.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he went full retard meat only diet, ever since then he falls

>> No.15120470

>gets ruined so profoundly by a Slovenian hobo in a livestreamed debate that he had to be put in a medical coma
A tale for the ages.

>have friend named John who refuses to use preferred pronouns of trans people
>intentionally call him by the name of Gaylord instead of John because he has no right to police my speech or force me to use an """"artificial""" name like John
>screech autistically about freedom of speech into his face when he gets angry that I call him Gaylord

>> No.15120484

>herr doktor jordler ß peterheil

>> No.15120498

yes, and now after what happened it's even worse

>> No.15120513

I'm expressing the fact that what you people think is proper only resides in your warped egocentric worldview

>> No.15120830


>> No.15120903

for someone who loves his image and loves to hear himself talking, do you really think he would take almost a year long break from TALKING just because? in the pictures taken by his worthless bugman daughter he looks like a piece of asparagus (yet his constantly squinty eyes haven't changed)

>> No.15120940

And your country is?

>> No.15120941
File: 529 KB, 361x777, Mikhaila_Peterson.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do not jerk off to his daughter.

>> No.15120965

The sheer number of butthurt-sensitive replies only proves that you're correct. And the thing is, his issue wasn't even with trans rights, just legislation that enforces compelled speech, and that actively goes against our right to free speech. I totally agree with his position there, in that what he sees as a tyrannical abuse of power is not the fact that it is an attempt to legitimise trans identity, but an attempt to police language. Morons have simply taken his position to be a tacit endorsement of their own prejudices, and then projected those prejudices back onto him to hold him up as some kind of martyr for their cause. It's just a pitiful attempt for them to own the narrative and inflame tensions even further.

>> No.15120973

There is no proof that the lockdown measures do anything to reduce hospitalisation and death. Japan and Sweden are suffering no more than their their counterparts, yet they have no measures in place whatsoever.

There is a TON of evidence on the other hand that crashing the economy is going to be deleterious to everyone. Not only will we all be poorer, not only will a lot of us be unemployed, not only will everyone find it hard to get a job, but the medical institutions we are claiming to protect will also have less funding, thus resulting in worse healthcare and more deaths. The third world especially will find it very hard to recover from this, and doubtless this will result in more starvation and suffering there. But if you don’t care about that, YOU personally and your countrymen will feel the effects of this blatant overreaction.

>> No.15121002

nah you are retarded. check actual swedish numbers.

japan has done aggressive cluster based tracing and containment but that can't stand up vs multiple originations. tokyo numbers already skyrocketed and lockdown is in place.

idk why you typed all this just to be very wrong.

>> No.15121007

>But *schniff* what if, in fact, the opposite is true? *schniff* *schniff* Maybe Peterson entered the coma under the assumption that *schniff* *tugs shirt* it would be like the hyperbolic time chamber from Dragonball Z, you know? *schniff* like he could go *schniff* in, train his mind *schniff* for what would feel like two days for us, but in fact, *tugs shirt*, on the inside, *schniff* he has spent two years reading Hegel and Das Kapital and so on and so on? *tugs shirt* *schniff* I look forward *schniff* to debating him again with all this new knowledge *schniff he has *schniff* hopefully acquired.

>> No.15121013

There are a lot of replies because the guy is just factually wrong. The trans thing was how he first gained notoriety but he became so famous because of his neo-boomer takes on personal responsibility that resonated with a whole generation of young men. The superficial additions of Jungian shit and pseudo-Christianity lent the whole thing an air of sophistication for these people as well, some depth for them to explore because they had no real contact with any of that stuff.

>> No.15121025

>YOU personally and your countrymen will feel the effects of this blatant overreaction.
Deleuze was right, it is entirely possible for the subject to desire its own repression. "we are ready and willing to die to ensure that capitalism survives!"

>> No.15121032

You're an utter moron, anon. Not a retard, mind you. A retard is born that way, can't help it, hasn't deserved it. You on the other hand, you're a moron, because that's simply what you've amounted to so far. You have no excuse.

>> No.15121040

Japan is pretty much in lockdown, anon. My prefecture just announced a state of emergency today, and the virus damn well is spreading, they have just made testing a pain in the ass so must people just 我慢 and go to work instead of reporting it because they are still forcing people to work. The official numbers in Japan are deceptive, and I guarantee to you the situation will get a lot worse in the coming months.

>> No.15121042

Very dumb take. Nobody wants a depression, they will suffer a lot

>> No.15121047

Read that post again, "Peterson's rise had nothing to do with his intellectual work" is entirely correct. Even if you think he became a full-on celebrity through his self-help book and not his hot takes on trans-related legislation, 12 Rules is NOT "intellectual work" in the slightest, and the very fact that you call the inclusions of jungian thought and christianity to be "superficial" only further confirms this. Besides, 12 Rules would've never been as successful as it was unless he already had the controversy attached to his name from the outset.

>> No.15121051

No, Japan’s “state of emergency” is largely symbolic. People are still going to work. The economy is being allowed to function. And the numbers are not “SKYROCKETING” any faster than they are in countries like the US or elsewhere where the lockdown is in place. Moreover Japan has a very low (“puzzlingly” low, according to propaganda news!) death toll.

Sweden is also NOT suffering worse than its neighbours. You have to compare it to the countries around it, and what we see is similar results.

DO NOT TRUST THE “MODELS”, you fucking pleb. Scientists and experts can make whatever they want up and people will believe them. They already showed they are not averse to lying to the public in this situation, saying “don’t buy masks because there is no evidence that they help” when in actuality the masks help a lot. You are being scaremongered by “experts” and media. The only lesson we will learn from this crisis is how despotic and terrifying a grip the media and the scientific establishment has over society.

>> No.15121059

again, you are wrong and retarded.

>> No.15121066

It is intellectual work whether you like it or not. You can call it lowbrow or whatever but it's his work on psychology, culture, etc.

>> No.15121069

What the hell was the point of all that GDP growth if we're this fragile? Shouldn't more GDP be more of a buffer?

>> No.15121070

What is even the point of making a post like this? You just make the guy you're responding to look better in contrast to how useless your post is

>> No.15121078

This idea that countries are better off avoiding lockdown is factually wrong, and it is so obvious to anyone that the economy is going to suffer either way. For once, the public has to take precedence over the economy.

>> No.15121096

It's his work on psychology that has been dumbed down and repackaged for a consoomerist audience, IE. filtering out all the content and academic rigour that would allow it to be considered intellectual. It is not intellectual because I don't approve of it, it is not intellectual because it simply isn't intellectual. Just because it purports to have some kind of intellectual grounding, or that Peterson himself is an academic, doesn't mean it isn't garbage.

>> No.15121098

I agree with you anon.
If anything this virus has taught me, it is that there are sociopaths out there who would rather kill thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, than have the economy take a hit momentarily. And many of these people are in positions of government.
It is absolute lunacy.

>> No.15121118
File: 273 KB, 2048x1804, EVSnoTqUEAAO6a0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

to tell him he's retarded and wrong.

i already told him to check actual swedish numbers.

epidemic spread is dynamic. sweden will enter lockdown soon, and japan already has. but being late by a few weeks means they'll face a lot more cases and longer lockdown periods.

this is a pretty shitty graph in that it is not representing the rate of change but you can sort of see it in the distance of the dots.

>> No.15121123

It might be fragile, but this crisis does not show that. The lockdown is the equivalent of running your economy headlong into a wall, pissing on it, beating its brains out with baseball bats, and setting it on fire. The fact that the economy crumbles from such a beating is not proof of its fragility.
Did I say that? My contention was that there was no evidence, aside from the models which I do not trust, that the lockdown prevents hospitalisation and death. There IS evidence the lockdown will cause death, in our countries due to poorer living circumstances and less funding for healthcare, but especially in the third world. This is not “life against money” this is life against life. If Japan and Sweden somehow turn out a lot worse than their counterparts (assuming this is not the result of foulplay), I will update my beliefs to match yours.

>> No.15121137

you've already refused to update your beliefs. take your idea that japan isn't doing anything. that's just wrong. their approach is a cluster based tracing strategy with limited general population testing. this approach works well with traceable, single origination scenarios, but they are past that already with sizeable amount of community infections.

their lack of testing means the official count is highly understating actual totals. i told you tokyo numbers have skyrockets and they have. you still cling to your retarded and wrong belief, which btw isn't even a model because of lack of consistent specification. it's just random bullshit.

>> No.15121139

Are you retarded? The graph proves my point! Japan has a low death rate (it isn’t under lockdown; you are either lying or uninformed. Go look it up. People are still going to work. The state of emergency is symbolic), and Sweden is doing NO WORSE THAN ITS COUNTERPARTS. You can’t just say “look big line hehe” you have to compare it to the neighbouring countries which, again, are doing no better.

>> No.15121153

the world spread of the virus is largely originating in europe, so japan's a bit late to the party compared to sweden.

but seeing that you can't actually read, sweden is both many times worse than neighboring countries and also shows far higher growth.

>> No.15121163

Japan was one of the first countries infected, long before Europe

>> No.15121175

btw the western strategy of lockdown is 'shelter in place' which still places immediate family and other co-habitants of a house at extreme high risk of infection. this is why their lockdowns reduce the R0 of rona to around 1, as opposed to the 0.3 china observed following a strategy of centralizing infected persons.

graphically this means lockdown will be a bit late acting since the virus still has cohabitants to dig through, but give it a few weeks shelter in place will saturate the infected households and stop it there.

>> No.15121179

as i stated, the world spread was largely european in origin. japan was able to contain single origination spread by tracing, but that strategy failed when world spread began.

>> No.15121193

>. japan was able to contain single origination spread by tracing,
It never did this. No country managed to do this, there was community transmission in all of them.

>> No.15121206

Not him, but I live and work in Japan. What I am writing is what I know from direct experience, I will not use conjecture.
1) the virus response on the highest level has been close to non-existent besides closing Middle and Elementary schools for a month. They just gave us a single reusable mask today. Thanks abe. Their smartest idea has been a travel ban and quarantine period for entering the country.
2) The immediate response to this virus is now up to a prefecture by prefecture basis. My prefecture has chose to extend that school leave for a month. I go into work, but coworkers who live in a city (I live in the inaka) are working from home right now. The prefecture announce a state of emergency today, and now it is up to city government to decide whether they want to estate a formal lockdown.
3) The virus is not going down. The reports of cases are getting closer and closer.
4) Testing is hard to access. People I know (not directly thankfully) have gotten symptoms and tried to get tested, but hospitals are often completely unresponsive. From my understanding it is basically a lottery system as to who gets tested or not, and it is fucked to the point people are just being denied testing and forced to go into work with COVID symptoms.

>> No.15121216

>using "deleterious" instead of simply "detrimental"
pseud detected

>> No.15121232

their strategy was aggressive cluster based tracing. it's just that pandemic spread comes in different waves. the first wave from china they were able to contain fairly well, but european/american sources were not accounted for and that strategy failed.

we've yet to see full scale of how much it failed, but it's already no good in tokyo.

play the animation to see how the waves moved.


>> No.15121246

The new wave in Japan is coming from Europe?

>> No.15121263

Mate I am obviously not against testing. I’m against the destruction of the economy. Perhaps I needed to specify this for you, but I thought t was obvious.
>The question, then, isn’t whether Sweden is going to see more deaths from the coronavirus in the short term than it would with a total lockdown. It obviously will. The question is whether it’s going to see exponentially more cases. So far, that hasn’t happened. With unchecked spreading of the virus, a country could expect to see a mortality rate that was 10 or 100 or 1,000 times higher than that of a country with strict controls in place. But Sweden has a mortality rate that’s only about twice as high as that of Denmark, which has a strict lockdown (about 0.0001% of the population dead versus about 0.00005% of the population dead), and only half that of France. Its hospitals are challenged but not overwhelmed. Between the unhappy poles of shutting down society entirely or eliminating COVID-19 deaths entirely, it may have found a balance it can live with.
Yeah, considering how adamant the media have been on fearmongering about the coronavirus, if Sweden was really as bad as you claim they would be jumping on the opportunity to point it out. Sweden is doing better than France and US and UK without a lockdown. Maybe I was wrong about its neighbouring countries, but from what it looks like they are not doing MUCH worse than them. And you have to consider the long term impact: Sweden will still be thriving when this is all over whereas everyone else will be struggling economically. Sweden’s healthcare system will not lose a lot of its funding like it will in other countries, therefore they may actually have less deaths overall. And obviously a better quality of life overall.

>> No.15121267
File: 163 KB, 784x554, japan big dots.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

select the asia dataset and hover over japan, it will highlight the lab sequenced strains from japan chronologically. basically everything after March was coming from europe (the upper portion of the tree are european strains)

>> No.15121274

also as an important note when I say 'forced'.
To take sick leave in Japan you need a medical note from a doctor, that is a visitation and a note saying you are indeed sick (it's also like 30 bucks for this note). So if you get denied testing, you of course will have no visit and no note, so no sick leave.
With most jobs you get like 12 days yearly PTO you can use which is of course shorter than the two weeks health officials suggest to take. And the way they count irrc is weekends count as taking PTO for those days if you take the week off (7 days PTO instead of just 5 as it should be).

>> No.15121278

sweden will still lock down. it's an eventuality. they just will face many more active cases when their lockdown starts.

the thing with exponential growth is that the eventuality is pretty easy to see. if you find it acceptable, fine, but many governments operating under soft distancing are not prepared to accept that eventuality. they'll lock down and eat the loss, it's a straight negative.

>> No.15121282

btw, the big blue dots are the japanese samples.

>> No.15121285

Women’s suffrage and sexual liberation which led to the problem of incels was partially motivated by capitalism/liberalism as having women in the workforce increased profits and reduced wages.
I’m not a communist, I don’t want an ideology that leads to complete repression of dissent, starvation, and millions of death but we must acknowledge how corporate liberal capitalism is behind these changes, not that I can say what the solution is that fits with modern outlooks on reality besides possibly basing society around biological determinism, which I suppose would essentially be a kind of libertarian ethnonationalism

>> No.15121298

>Women’s suffrage and sexual liberation which led to the problem of incels

lmao no. incels are just maladjusted to society and/or take out their frustration on a weaker target. it's standard grievance politics with teenage hormones and high school bullying.

>> No.15121347

I guess we will have to wait and see. Tell me though. Do you think we should reduce the speed limit to ten miles per hour or even ban cars entirely? This will save a lot more lives than the coronavirus lockdown, and will even have less of an economic impact!

>> No.15121383

that's not even at play. a successful lockdown won't last more than the incubation period + symptom resolution of hospitalized cases. if you pull it off successfully it's a relatively short and sharp pain.

if you do not execute, it will last longer. the half measure will slow the spread of the virus to about R0 of 1, which means new cases are linear increasing and not exponential. this will let you last until vaccines come out in about a year's time.

if you do nothing at all, your hospitals will be totally shot and about 20% of people older than 60 will die, and all young people suffer the many after-effects of this virus. you will suffer a lot more economic pain.

the lockdown is just really stonks and retail/restaurants getting hit. food/medical supplies are fine. you seem to think that because the dow is taking a dive we can't afford medicine/food. that's not how this works. some sectors like medical supplies are making mad bank and working to expand capacity. you might have short term labor problems in farming but the virus won't cripple production much because it's not that deadly.

>> No.15121386

>properly gender
>implying gender is a real thing and not a pseudoscience term invented by psychologists (pseudoscientists)
There is only sex that matters which is defined by the last chromosomal pair. There are extremely rare abnormalities (hermaphroditism) which are to be considered but these do not warrant the creation of a new categorisation outside of sex

>> No.15121388

just say youre a fascist and get it over with and go stand against that wall over there

>> No.15121391

how sure are you it will be fascists against the wall. i wouldnt be so sure

>> No.15121406

*incubation period + resolution of infected cases.

this virus is a bit tricky in that there's potential for 'reawakening' for people who test negative, and the period of safety is a bit longer than just symptom resolution. but you can work on testing capacity during the lock down and be prepared for more frequent testing, which is required for reopening.

the total duration of china's lockdown is about 3 months for wuhan and 2 months for other areas. but they are facing some problems in reopening.

>> No.15121482
File: 187 KB, 965x1200, F9998651-9318-42BE-94B3-3CE20CA28C10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hehe up against the wall fascist

>> No.15121484

If we are poorer we will have less funding for healthcare. Doctors will make less, medical supplies won’t be as plentiful, research will be stunted, etc. That just follows logically.
>Dow Jones
In America it’s even worse because people won’t be able to afford insurance. Many people who had insurance tied to their jobs have been laid off.
You seem not to understand the interconnectedness of the economy. We are entering a global recession worse than the Great Depression. All sectors will be affected.

>> No.15121573

there will be a lot of wealth and income destruction, properly assigning the burden to those who can bear it will help with the impact, which is largely due to people not being able to pay for essentials.

but you are operating under a bad, household model of the economics of healthcare (and also monetary policy in general). while 'being poorer' will mean less economic activity overall, it won't result in a household model scenario where having less money means you can't pay for a doctor's visit. the difference is that in the household model, having no money means no doctor visits instantly, in reality the doctor will still be there. whether he will be there long term depends on sectoral evolutions, a far more complex dynamic having to do with long term allocative decisions of capital and human resources.

the U.S. medical capacity is under-built relative to demand, and the type of shock here won't lead to lower investment. if anything, we will see the medical capacity surge have some effect of increasing overall supply robustness.

the shock btw is price control, not 'lack of money.'

but even grant that price control/lack of payments will make hospitals financially strained, they can be bailed out by the dollar. this is where monetary policy comes in. because the dollar is the reserve currency and the u.s. controls it, we can bail out the hospitals out of the losses, pretty much indefinitely. the fed can buy treasuries at quantity arbitrarily large to overcome bond markets. the type of dumb fuckery euros face with their bond market isn't at play for the u.s. and really japan. as long as they maintain long term viability.

basically the only threat to long term viability of the u.s.' position is the pandemic not getting controlled. a 3 month shutdown won't be it.

>> No.15121667

Peterson is consoomerist boomer liberalism and psychiatric power, but aren't his opponents even worse in that respect? much of SJW leftist politics amounts to a craven dependence on institutions and identity driven consumerism. Peterson, as a child of the cold war, regards trannies and college leftists as would be Stalins, when they are actually docile and malleable subjects for managerial liberalism, utterly unable to appreciate anything that isn't 'diverse' disneyfied consumer culture with clear agitprop messages. meanwhile they can't engage with subtlety or media older than 10 years ago without going into hysterics.

Leftists may claim to be communists just like they claim to hate whitey and identify themselves nonbinary satanic atheists, none of this should be taken seriously, the adolescent petulant 'rebellion' is accompanied by insecurity, a lack of principles beyond craven conformism and a sense of dependency, they want to drag you down to their level. They are insufferable enough to keep the working class 'voting against their interests' for centuries to come

>> No.15121694


2x deaths of Denmark, 4x deaths of Norway, 10x deaths of Finland, and a higher growth rate than all of them

>> No.15121762

>They are insufferable enough to keep the working class 'voting against their interests' for centuries to come
Don't disagree with any of this. I think however the pseudo-stalinism of the various outcasts that make up the idpol left is unfortunately just a performance, rather than a performative investment in actual stalinism. You're totally right to suggest they are "malleable subjects for managerial liberalism", but I think what is particularly interesting about the right's critique of this phenomenon– Bioleninism –suggests that it is the left using this technique to create willing and diehard party members, when in actual fact, the idpol crowd are merely submitting themselves to the pure neoliberal hegemony they claim to oppose, to the absorption of their "radical" ideals into mainstream corporate values.

Deleuze talks about this specific process in his book on Kafka & Minor Literature: The moment a minor praxis becomes adopted by the major, it seeks to have any revolutionary power at all, it fails to channel the voice of the subaltern or gesture towards a future community that has yet to define itself. It has simply become one more channel for cultural hegemony to replicate itself through.

>> No.15122311

>I mean what have these people ever done beyond getting fucked in the ass?
laughed out loud, thanks anon

>> No.15122410

Why not, mild spring weather in BC right now.

But yeah, he's holed up in Florida I believe.

>> No.15122443

Sweden’s per capita infection rate is about 4x higher than the other Nordic counties. However, it is fairing better then other European counties that have had lockdown orders like the UK and Italy. So far I believe they’ve only had about a thousand deaths and are claiming to already be seeing less infections

>> No.15122523

agree partially.

get a queasy feeling when people get on their soapbox about poverty and then talk nonstop shit about "rednecks"

>> No.15122549

there's nothing in a person's chromosomes that dictates social norms
if your sex is male, go out in a dress and tell people that only sex is real
gender is socially constructed, but that doesn't mean it's not important
same as money

>> No.15122552

they are not necessarily doing better than uk and italy. they are just in an earlier stage of spread.

>> No.15122567

What are those criteria? Who taught you them?

>> No.15122575

using epistemology (and very bad epistemology) to defend a fundamentally ethical choice is the worst and most grotesque abuse of philosophy there is. go fuck yourself

>> No.15122581

the singular they has been in common use since the 14th century

>> No.15122589

>Who taught you them?
The last living descendant of James Joyce before his untimely death.

>> No.15122609

Laurie Penny, remember her?

>> No.15122742
File: 767 KB, 1200x798, 1373337351901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Thinly veiled daddy thread
>250 replies
Enough is enough

>> No.15122794

>Japan and Sweden are suffering no more than their their counterparts, yet they have no measures in place whatsoever.
I don't know where you're getting this information from but I assure you it's false. They're pretty much in total lockdown.

>> No.15122849

Didn’t each country find their first cases around the same time? What’s the proper way to think about the figures. I’ve been largely ignoring the day to day findings of the virus and I decided I want to learn more about it, mostly out of boredom lmao

>> No.15122907

I remember when she posted here

>> No.15122987

this virus had waves of spread based on policy target of travel restrictions. sweden had screened and detected cases from china in january, but the european spread occurred later, around late feb/early march

>> No.15123228

A reminder that if corona is really bad, the governments are not malignant and do mostly the right thing, then the total quarantine with house arrests will last for not months, but years (and then you'll get some covid-21 and will have it for infinity).

>> No.15123466


>> No.15123630

you dumbass retard , anyone thinking this is just a flu should go lick a coughing chick

>> No.15123663

I think you should never ever leave your house anymore. You can go to toilet, but fill a special form every time you need it. Drones can bring you some small amount of food every week, but that may turn out to be too dangerous.

>> No.15124017

>a successful lockdown won't last more than the incubation period + symptom resolution of hospitalized cases. if you pull it off successfully it's a relatively short and sharp pain.
Many countries have lockdowns for month or more. How many of them are completely healed?

>> No.15124098

Only when speaking of an abstract third person (which generally can be singular or plural without loss of meaning), not to refer to a specific person. Having had someone try to use it in conversation, it's immensely confusing.

>> No.15124107

china had an R0 of 0.3 for the centralized lockdown.

the duration was about 3 months for wuhan as stated.

>> No.15124190
File: 768 KB, 708x816, 4324of32fghoop32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone give me a quick rundown on whats happened with JP over the last couple of years? Last I heard he was doing fine and just released that book everyone loves posting photos of on social media. What have I missed???

>> No.15124242

His wife is dying of cancer in the most painful slow way humanly possible and his daughter is a failure of a human being, this along with the pressure of being reviled by leftists caused him to have anxiety issues, he then got a his hands on some cool opioids from a doctor which caused him to have a allergic reaction, turns out opioids are really addictive and he a bad reaction trying to get off them which fried his brain.

He's just a really unlucky guy overall desu.

>> No.15124253

I think it was benzos (way worse than opiates btw, benzos are life destroyers which is why nobody prescribes them anymore but they were more like SSRIs and prescribed like candy until recently), didn't his wife recover?

>> No.15124265

nice. hope he gets covid

>> No.15124267

>didn't his wife recover?
You don't recover from what she's got, her lymphatic system is permanently trashed as a result of the treatment as well.

>> No.15124276

Why? He's white

>> No.15124299

To be be fair his daughter inherited a lot of the same medical health problems, they both suffer from a extremely severe version of acid reflux.

>> No.15124340 [DELETED] 

Racist cunt.

>> No.15124364


>> No.15124399
File: 46 KB, 600x561, 1586992890468.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't call me a cunt.

>> No.15124496

i'll take him serious when he publicly acknowledges he failed raising his daughter

>> No.15124611

Anon, I appreciate the work you are doing here, even if no one else does

>> No.15125220

wouldn't it be nice if we could make those trans people 'go away somehow', wouldn't it feel like an enormous weight of guilt was lifted off your shoulders? wouldn't the very air we breathe feel much cleaner?

>> No.15125266

I too dream of a world where confused young gay people aren't bullied into this autogynephilic nonsense.

>> No.15126707

What's bad about the flu is that it adapts to our immune system. If covid-19 doesn't do that then that's a great relief. So yeah I hope this shit ain't like the flu. Even though chances are we'll come up with vaccines or better yet people will stop being pussies and use crispr more.

>> No.15127367

>REopen the country and dig graves.
Peterson missing the plot, as usual. Corona disease caused by 5G.

>> No.15127379

It's okay to kill Capital reformists of all kind. Actually, it's not okay, average people have the right to live.

>> No.15127447 [DELETED] 

Imagine being a fucking Eikaiwa cuck and unironically believing this is how most companies at japan work

I have 30 days of PTO, am full flex, and have no idea what the bullshit weekend rule you’re talking about is. English teachers are scum. Go home monkey.

>> No.15127470

>English teachers are scum
t. English teacher

>> No.15127472 [DELETED] 

>I’m too stupid to learn Japanese and get a real job so everyone must be!

>> No.15127486

Sweden's death rate has fucking doubled.

Yes, this was understood back in January. Governments will cave to Jewish Finance getting pissy, we'll get a huge spike in deaths and go into quarantine 2.0, repeat until the economy collapses and quarantine doesn't end until the virus is actually gone because there will be no economy for Jewish Finance to get pissy about.

>> No.15127520

when are you going home

>> No.15127544
File: 51 KB, 391x640, I Would Prefer Not To.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you need to die so boomers 401k's and shitty small businesses are saved.

>> No.15127575
File: 561 KB, 680x1771, 1586909801377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

obligate response

>> No.15127595

Shut up faggot lol

>> No.15127704

wtf are “trans rights”

>> No.15127799

most trannies are white males so the suicide rate just compounds

>> No.15127855

in their view including but not limited to raping children on the open street

>> No.15128087

>numbers are hard
>RESULTS: Nearly 14% of adolescents reported a previous suicide attempt; disparities by gender identity in suicide attempts were found. Female to male adolescents reported the highest rate of attempted suicide (50.8%), followed by adolescents who identified as not exclusively male or female (41.8%), male to female adolescents (29.9%), questioning adolescents (27.9%), female adolescents (17.6%), and male adolescents (9.8%). Identifying as nonheterosexual exacerbated the risk for all adolescents except for those who did not exclusively identify as male or female (ie, nonbinary). For transgender adolescents, no other sociodemographic characteristic was associated with suicide attempts.

it's almost as if mental illness affects suicide rates. these people need actual mental healthcare, not pill-pushers and dick-choppers telling them that they're a girl stuck in a boy's body.

>> No.15128110

>I'm not transphobic
> they are universally mentally ill and unpleasant
> I see them as mere cattle,
Anon you might be transphobic lmao. welcome broder.

>> No.15128137

Fuck old people fuck obese people fuck sick people
Let em die

>> No.15128160

Probably not, but to be fair very few intellectuals have mainstream media so unreasonably against them as Peterson.

>> No.15128167

I don't always agree with Peterson but he was completely on the right about that. He has never had problems with trans people. He calls them by their preferred pronouns. He was against the government controlling speech. The media went after him not because they give a fuck about trans right, but because they use them as a way to control people.

>> No.15128383
File: 28 KB, 321x375, disgusting fe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/v/-/pol/ crossboarder
Is there any lower class of "human" on the planet?

>> No.15128417
File: 359 KB, 562x680, EQCJO_mWsAA7h5i.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>most trannies are white males
Pretty sure most of them are spics or niggers desu. Or if you want to go global then Iran, Brazil and Thailand springs to mind as tranny centers.

>> No.15128426

Yes, a tranny

>> No.15128585

Anon didn't even agree or disagree with Peterson himself but the /pol/ crew had to butt in anyways, proving him right.

>> No.15128600

Some cities reported up to 14% of 'recovered' people getting the covid again, retard.

>> No.15128611

Nice, I like graphs

>> No.15128628

It's airborne AIDs. There's no antibodies and no vaccine.

>> No.15128645


>stupefyingly reductio ad absurdum bait hottakes getting dogpiled proves the original take was correct

>> No.15128668

What about all pronouns isn't artificial?

>> No.15128689

*the continued stability of neoliberal world order is more important than human lives. A major recession might give radical politically factions an in, and we all know what that means - another six billion holocausts.

>> No.15128696

I'm expressing my objective understanding of reality, that a man in a tacky dress does not a woman make.

>> No.15128712


>> No.15128721

He isn't an intellectual

>> No.15128750

10/10, indubitably based.

>> No.15130171

But nobody could have ever explained to me in a reasonable and convincible way WHY I would go out in a dress? Why is it problematic that 'social constructs' are 'important'? What the fuck is wrong with you people? I don't understand. It's simply incomprehensible to me. Just go out with normal clothes like every normal nigger out there is doing it and stop filling up society with your bullshit, life is hard enough for everyone as it is, have some respect towards people with actual problems. No racism intended btw.

>> No.15130177

>>15130171 was meant for >>15122549

>> No.15130189

Thats what I wish to be when I'm his age.

>> No.15130206

Maybe he wants JSA to die, making him correct.

>> No.15130216

Iran is a bit unfair since the government forces transgenderism on homosexuals.

>> No.15130223

In every debate about something in society there are always some group of people who are peculiarly resistant to any change whatsoever. Why must we have wind turbines? Why must we tax the rich more? Why do we need greater access to healthcare? etc etc and many don't have anything to lose either way, they just like their world as it is but are in some weird constant fear of it all going away suddenly as if by magic if one thing changes.

The reason why it's problematic is that some people want to do it and the ones that don't want them to do it have no real argument against it.

>> No.15130249

>way WHY I would go out in a dress?
What the fuck does YOUR desire not to wear a dress have to do with what OTHERS want to do? Nobody wants to infringe on your right to not wear a dress.
>Why is it problematic that 'social constructs' are 'important'?
It's a case-by-case basis. Doing away with "social constructs" as a whole is of course completely absurd and impossible.
>Why is it problematic that 'social constructs' are 'important'?
>I don't understand. It's simply incomprehensible to me
Tough luck sugartits, but the fact that you think "I don't get it" means "it shouldn't exist" kind of shows that you're a fucking dumbass, no insult intended.

>> No.15130261

So 86% are immune?

>> No.15130285


>> No.15130296

Not everyone is catching it anon.

>> No.15130309

>there's nothing in a person's chromosomes that dictates social norms
Obviously you've never been around any kids. (Just as well, I guess. I wouldn't want a person like near any.)

>> No.15130313

>commit yourself to liberalism
>raise a thot
>thot responds to the incentives within liberalism

>> No.15130333

>Obviously you've never been around any kids.
Kids are crazy dude. I assume you've had a girl and a boy and noticed that they're different, and in true retard fashion surmised "Isn't it amazing that girls and boys are different" from your two data points rather than "Isn't it amazing that different people are different".

>> No.15130362

Do you actually think you made a good argument, just now?

>> No.15130494

>they just like their world as it is but are in some weird constant fear of it all going away suddenly as if by magic if one thing changes.
People who argue like you don't want change, you want the sensation of power, the power to impose your personal taste onto others who you want to force to eat your crap. All the political questions you have raised are of a very different nature than the one if it is okay to go out with a dress as a male or not. Do whatever you like but don't complain if people look down on you. It's their right to do so. I could only respect people who do this if they don't say a word about it and just fucking do it.

>What the fuck does YOUR desire not to wear a dress have to do with what OTHERS want to do?
I was asking for an explanation where that desire comes from. Is it begging for attention? Affirmation? Is it the desire to feel something of importance in your otherwise empty life in modern society? A repel against nihilism? Is it the desire to feel real as today we lack natural, immediate experiences?

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