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I find the endnotes unbearable, am I going to miss out on much if I just skip them?

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Why are you reading this book?

>> No.15162392

why are you white

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>am I going to miss out on much if I just skip them?


>> No.15162443

not my hand but i am white

To impress a girl

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As an autist, I find them entertaining. But then again I like reading notes of any kind in any book.

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Their content isn't bad I'm just autistic in the other direction and really struggle with having to divert my attention to a different part

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there are major plot developments in the footnotes

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that's the point brother.

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>To impress a girl
pretty dumb

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>To impress a girl
B-but /lit/ told me modern women disliked DFW because of muh dead white male bad? W-why would they lie to me?

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God that book is ugly

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Yeah I get it, youre playing tennis with the book, but I dont like it

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I dunno, she's a cute girl I get along with and she brought a copy years ago but has never attempted to read herself, can't remember how it came up but it was under the context of me liking pretentious things and she gave me her copy to try it out. I guess it's less to impress a girl and more like I'm doing it for her under direct request/challenge

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How are you supposed to read a paperback like that holy shit it will end up more ripped than your mom's asshole after giving birth to your dog

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It's short and thick like your mum's cock, what's not to like, faggot?

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The chad move here is to send her a video of you burning the book. Maybe even mail death threats to her aunt, if you really want to look alpha.

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>Not giving it back after cumming in the pages

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No, not just that, footnotes themselves provide a feeling of agitation from reminding you that you are reading a book. You can't get lost. You are self aware of everything going on. You know the sub-stories going on within the footnotes and their rather tangential relation to the rest of whatever spot you are currently reading. It's supposed to be frustrating when used in fiction, but it also enhances the world building experience and adds another layer of depth to characters and the book as a whole. The "It's tennis brah" is a line spat out by people who don't understand the satire of academia and the point of certain aspects of post-modernist literature.

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Ok lets say I understand all this, do I personally gain anything from taking part in this additional layer of irony and self aware satire that DFW has added on top of a novel which by all means can stand on its own without? Even if it comes at the cost of me not finishing the thing when end notes are included?

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You are stripping it of it's most elaborate and interesting parts then.

>> No.15162800

personal gain? the fuck are you talking about? The endnotes are ultimately used as a fixture of the narrative. That's all you need to know, my man. They need to be read. neurotic thing to get hung up on.

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You will miss out a great deal, but the book is actually easier to understand without them. I would force yourself through them, the payoff is worth it.

Perhaps, but it is not a plot driven novel. The plots just keep it from turning into an essay and make it a more enjoyable read.

The footnotes are largely used to obfuscate, while there are a few clues burried in them, they are not really needed. They are still very much worth reading.

>> No.15162979

Not sure how I missed this one in my previous post. They really are not an additional layer of irony or self aware satire. There is little irony in the novel and most of what people think of as ironic in the work is just them missing the point. The most ironic part of the novel is the structure itself.

>> No.15163023

if you're going to read a book you need to experience it in the best way possible

>> No.15163041

Good reason

Just read the one really long footnote about the kid writing a paper

Then yoou won't miss out

>> No.15163116

that's cute, anon. then read it

>> No.15163124

I love autistic footnotes and meta-isms in books, seems like IJ is good at that, should I try it?

>> No.15163134

It is not really meta, and the footnotes are not really autistic, but the book is. Still very much worth reading and those that like autistic footnotes should feel at home in the novel.

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