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Spengler is based. What do you have against him?

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Anyone who's important reads spengler

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>historical laws
>cyclical time
>great man theory
>limited set of data points and questionable methodology full of biases

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He was a full on mystic

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yeah but calling cathedrals, perspective oil painting, the age of exploration, infinitesmal calculus, shakespeare's plays, and counterpoint the expression of a metaphysical prime symbol of will striving for an infinite horizon is based. It doesnt matter that it's wildly untrue it is based.

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Based upon what?

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Name one of your favorite theorists that had a greater impact on the world order

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>Anyone who likes what I dislike is a hack

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Exactly and checked. Based. I love spengler

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you forgot


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what an embarrassing LARPing faggot

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>dressing like a warrior on Thursday
>getting assfucked on Friday

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or even worse
>american popsci applied to social theories

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Spengler was very influential, unlike the other three.
Though Guenon is sitll based.

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>cyclical time
giga based

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cyclical is a poor word for Spengler though. There should be a word that refers to the idea of individual civilizations as distinct organisms. These organisms do follow a life cycle but it's not like you can just map an eternal cycle onto any part of the world.

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>cognitive science

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It's more parabolic than cyclical for individual civilizations, but civilizations as a whole are cyclical, as there can never be an ending to civilizations or history.

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Why is Guenon always associated with violent edgelords? He had a big hardon for metaphysics and tradition, but he wasn't a bloodthirsty idiot like Evola and most of his ilk.

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>These organisms do follow a life cycle but it's not like you can just map an eternal cycle onto any part of the world.
isn't this pretty much Marx thought?

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That's a myth. Mishima was heterosexual.

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Tired of them? Of course you are because non of them wrote a classic like Oblomov.

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Marx believed that history would end with materialism, while Spengler believed that only the West could ever end with it, and that any other civilization that adopted Marxism was either only very superficially doing so, or it would be transformed to such an extent that it would die like the West will.
Also Spengler's views are inherently metaphysical and idealistic, which clashes with Marx' materialism.

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Imagine that each civilization is actually an animal though(or a tree or whatever). The history of humanity is just the history of 12-20 trees growing in various places out of the base material of human populations in an area, and then dwindling again.

There might one day be no more trees because the soil is barren or the air is toxic. This is very different than the cycles in Hindu history for example.

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There are gay letters.

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The thing I don't get is why even have children or give a shit about the arts if our culture is already fatalistically predestined by Spengler to die.

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You're supposed to embody the very best of your civilization's soul in the face of doom, like the soldier who refused to flee Pompeii.

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The fact that cyclical historians like Vico, Spengler, Danilevski, Sorokin, have all come to roughly the same conclusion tells me there's truth in what they say.

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spengler is fine. the other 3 are pseud trash tho

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>it's wildly untrue
Okay then what is your counter to Spengler then if it's all untrue?

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Mishima was a serious, respected writer though.

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The first two are ingenious and thoroughly insightful. Of the other I know little about nor did I read them.

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>Spengler was very influential, unlike the other three.
I'd say Evola's esoteric work and his translations were pretty influential.

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>He doesn't know about 'the way of the samurai'
they were all faggots anon

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He was a little weird, though. He once told a room full of jeering students that he concluded that the Shōwa Emperor is genuinely divine because he could sit still for three hours straight.

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