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Is Calvin and Hobbes the most /lit/ comic strip?

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Also what philosophers would Calvin identify with? I would assume Nietzsche and perhaps also Sartre

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Holy based

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Calvin and Hobbes is second to pic related

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I grew up on Calvin and Hobbes and I think it ruined my life

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no joke, i came here to post this

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How so?

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Take the Calvinpill

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because no other comic strip compares to it? So did I

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He's lonely ,bullied ,misunderstood ,imaginative. Many here must have been like this growing up

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if you're a normie and not /lit/

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Bill Watterson on Krazy Kat:
>As a cartoonist, I read Krazy Kat with awe and wonder. Krazy Kat is such a pure and completely realized personal vision that the strip's inner mechanism is ultimately as unknowable as George Herriman. Nevertheless, I marvel at how this fanciful world could be so forcefully imagined and brought to paper with such immediacy. THIS is how good a comic strip can be.

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Watterson named Calvin and Hobbes after John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes, and took some inspiration from their ideas in molding the characters but they definitely branched away from their namesakes

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>Krazy Kat was not very successful as a commercial venture, but it was something better. It was art.
There’s your answer.

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no other comic strip even comes close.

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wow this really makes something like vgcats look retarded in comparison

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somebody call the based department, this kid is promising

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Love the Far Side, grew up reading that and Garfield

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Argentines had Calvin's waifu too. Not as good but she was pretty based. I think she was pretty popular in Spain, Uruguay and maybe Chile too.

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extremely based

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Anyone interested in newspaper comics as art, I recommend getting your hands on this glorious tome. The era of greatness in newspaper comics started with The Yellow Kid in 1895 and ended with Calvin and Hobbes in 1995. The ‘true classics’ which fell within that span included Krazy Kat, Little Nemo, Gasoline Alley, Pogo; these strips were innovators in use of space and medium. Daily strips that achieved the most with narrative and characterization include Popeye, Wash Tubbs, Little Orphan Annie (my personal favorite) and Gasoline Alley.

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I’ll withhold judgement until I read more, but this strip in particular is Family Circus-tier.

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By far

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I love it so much.

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based lasagna cat

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He already canceled himself in the 9ties.

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There is no clearer indication of the decline of academia than the fact that xkcd and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal strips have replaced The Far Side's place on professors' office doors.

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Is it really that good? Does it still hold up, I mean it predates WW 1 doesn't it?

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Garfield is so fucking bad, I can't believe I used to occasionally check Garfield books out of the library.

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Ain't no Viz.

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That comic just made me laugh

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It's also rings true in a number of ways.

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I think so. The formulaic plots are just a backdrop for meta-creativity and inventive language

Its one of the few comics that one can compare to modernist literature while still keeping a straight face. If you're interested, check it out on readcomicsonline they're all free

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As I recall, Watterson was heavily influenced by Krazy Kat.

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God damn it /lit/ why you gotta read my thoughts. I was going to post this today after thinking about it in my kitchen yesterday.

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It's pretty popular in Latin countries. Love Mónica a lot tbqh. Quino work before it is also really good.

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Being in graduate school has really made this strip hit home more than once.

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I'd rather slug myself in the dick than go through a PhD program.

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Someone post the one where he takes an ethics test

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I'll just leave this here.

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Calvin and Hobbes is peak midwit redditor.

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cope, read the thread >>15185950 is right

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Peanuts can be pretty /lit/.

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Lichtenstein BTFO

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Normal thought of the 80s is redpilled today

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I posted Krazy last week in this thread's initial number. Anyone else out there discover this comic via China Cat Sunflower?

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This one sole image, not even the series.

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Calvin's sexism is never shown as being right in the comics.

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from a revisionist standpoint I disagree. Suzi represents growing feminist power over normal masculine ideas. Calvin is not “shown” to be right...but he is still right.

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Cow Tools is without a doubt the greatest newspaper comic of all time

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I think you missed the point of those comics

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wait a minute...

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did he use the tools to bugger the cow in the barn?

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Suzi is the most trad person in C&H

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Well, you see, all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others

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When I was a kid, my parents banned me from reading Calvin & Hobbes because they thought it was making me too sarcastic.

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anon I think you like garfield

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nah, Watterson is like a lot of guys from the 70s-90s. He was too redpilled to buy the growing progressive/neolib ideology, but to little too late for alternative ideas to be welcomed in general society. So he essentially realizes on post-irony to make the point.

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Samefag cope

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lmao I did this before in one of my English classes. I bullshitted a way to compare the ugly duckling to Marxism. Still haven’t read the Communist Manifesto but I got a B+ for the assignment. Oh well

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>Still haven’t read the Communist Manifesto but I got a B+ for the assignment.
lets be honest, there is such a glut of information on all these sorts of books and ideologies that you don't need to read them to reliably know the general synopsis.

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anon is right tho

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Well now you've read every Far Side Comic ever. It's either, "Animal do normal everyday Human thing to make Human thing look absurd", or "We know it's like this in reality, but what if it was actually wacky and absurd like this?"

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>Reddit likes it so it is bad
That's midwit thinking (western canon, idealization, bootlicking, authority worship): The midwit doesn't realize that the pleasure you get from an input has little to do with the input itself.

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For webcomics, I always go with Achewood and supermega

bro you just posted cringe

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Stop samefagging

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Before I even knew who Lichtenstein was, Watterson shaped my tastes.

Sexism isn’t “red pilled”
Check Krazy Kat though. Ignatz is your poltard level of sexism poster boy.

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>Sexism isn’t “red pilled”

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no, Farside is

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When I was younger, I read so much Calvin and Hobbes that I accidentally memorized every piece Watterson wrote

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Perhaps, but Garfield is the most kino

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That's just because it's genuinely witty while still being immensely easy to understand and follow. Not everything of value needs to be obscurantist.

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I don't get it

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Holy fucking based

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A real disappointment.

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>Calvin’s sexism gets him into trouble
>Holy based! Redpilled!!

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Calvin's dad was way based

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I took an English class my senior year of liberal arts college. At that point I already knew I was going to grad school for something unrelated, and didn't give a fuck about English class.

Our first paper in the course was to compare the poems Ode to a Nightingale and Ode on a Grecian Urn. I actually put effort into that paper, and received a D. The grade and comments I received were by far the worst I had ever received on a college paper.

The next assignment was to compare Catcher in the Rye, along with a book called Merit Badges written by Kevin Fenton written by an alumnus of my college. I'd read Catcher in the Rye in high school and didn't feel like reading it again. I had never read Merit Badges, and based on the summary and its general lack of acclaim I wasn't going to read that goddamn book. I pounded out a paper the night before it was due based on an in class discussion of the novels and received a B.

Finally, we had to write a final paper comparing A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Antigone. I didn't read either and cranked out the paper the night before it was due. My grade must have been fine because I received a B+ in the class.

That was one of the shittiest classes I took and was a complete waste of my time. The professor has now retired and writes self-published crap that you can find on Amazon - exactly what any college wants a professor emeritus to be doing.

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love this

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godly video.

>> No.15188415

>Hey, where's the peanut butter?!

This, this is what takes this from merely an amusing comic to a hysterical one. This little stinger at the end.

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but how can I feel smart about liking it then?

>> No.15188419

I feel like if you are going to be a father you should devote yourself to turning into Calvin's dad. It would probably be a lot of fun.

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>Before I even knew who Lichtenstein was, Watterson shaped my tastes.
I used to love those ones he did of Calvin fantasising about being a fighter pilot, etc. What a magnificent strip.

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cool rec, thanks bro

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it doesn't predate ww1 hahaha. It was written in the 90s

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Who is this faggot attention seeking trip whore?

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Talking about Krazy Kat, dude

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you're kidding me, my parents hid them after I called a doctor a quack for my fourth grade shots

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I got in an enormous amount of trouble in elementary school, but my parents thankfully never blamed it on books. They did regularly revoke my television privileges though. Most weeks I was banned from watching TV.

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Yer mum

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>that time I got caught peeing on the side of the house because I didn't want to go inside to use the bathroom
>that time I beat up a kid named Preston
>that time I stole from my cousin
>that time forged my dad's signature
>that time I stole sodas
>that time my friend and I wrote and illustrated "The Book of Blood" which was the most violent graphic novel ever conceived
>that time I got caught drawing guns all over my homework
>that time I punched a kid and got kicked off the YMCA youth basketball team
>that time I told my dad to "suck the trouser trout"
>that time I ruined dinner (again)
>that time I cursed out the bus driver
>that time I beat up a kid and then threw him into the aisle on the bus and walked over him to get off the bus
>those times I peed all over the school bathroom
>that time I broke all the crayons
>that time I snapped the teacher's pencils
>that time I got sent home from a trip to the ballet
>that time another student and I literally planned to kill a 4th grader at recess

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I didn't, some anon knew better.

>> No.15189553

Are you black?

>> No.15189567

Yeah, that really fucking makes it. I fucking laughed out loud.

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Naw but now I know how that lyric in the song ended up in there. Thank you, Deadhead anon.

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tripfag gtfo

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>Reddit likes it so it is bad

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It's incalculably funnier than any novel has ever been. Visual gags will always be superior to masturbatory literary jabs, because humor is inherently low brow.

>> No.15190338

what the...

>> No.15190349

based and an-prim pilled

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it's only funny because of how unfunny it is, and how it made people lose their minds trying to decipher such a retarded joke

>> No.15190904

Hiberno-English once again proven to be the dialect of ubermensch

>> No.15191088

I really look up to the guy, but I don't think if it would be a good idea from a child raising perspective
Maybe if I had a kid who behaved like Calvin, but if it was someone who didn't behave like him, behaving like Calvin's dad would probably be more of a miss than a hit

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Calvin's dad was funny as a kid and is even funnier as an adult, mostly because he's such a good foil for Calvin.

I couldn't muster up the enthusiasm for those godawful camping trips or 6 AM bike rides in the snow.

I'm pretty sure my dad and I had almost the exact conversation featured in this comic. As a child I wanted nothing more than guns and explosives.

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45 year old lesbian that spends all day tripfagging

idiot that can't stop posting

very sad

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>humor is inherently low brow
wrong, especially since anon is talking about wit

>> No.15191866

absolutely based

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Surely mean Heathcliff

>> No.15191977

Literally just using his comics as a soapbox with variations on the exact same joke tacked on at the end because all comics need a joke. Formulaic and unfunny, and I say this as someone who agrees with all the shit he's soapboxing for.

>> No.15192008

That particular strip like a lot like smbc but better executed.

>> No.15192045

I was already banned from TV and video games, and didn’t listen to music; I guess there wasn’t much else to ban.

I was a pretty well behaved kid; I think my parents were just overreacting.

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P.S. - I think this is a pretty good Calvin’s dad strip too.

>> No.15193235

I don't think you've actually read. Your probably just looking at the strips highschool teachers put on their board. What political message is Spaceman Spiff trying to argue?

>> No.15193265

it's marmaduke, obviously

>> No.15193285

achewood really is based. that and Poorly Planned Comics are probably my favorites

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Hey, I found a typo.

"Bat-webbed booger being" is hilarious.

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Calvin and Hobbes is the closest that comics (including comic books and so-called 'visual novels') have come to art. It is certainly /lit/.

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fuck cyclists

>> No.15195324


spoken like a true weeble-wobble.

oh god what do i do with all this money

repeat? rinse? fugg whats the order hun?

>> No.15195373

very neat recommendation. thanks anon.

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>> No.15195383

I remember there was once a new account on MPC that was making some really pretentious and hilarious posts and in one of them he misspelled weltanschauung. At the time he was ruthlessly mocked and bullied off the site but now I realize he might have been doing some kind of metajoke.

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>> No.15195418



>> No.15195506

I used to inappropriately quote Bart Simpson at the worst times.
The thing that got me banned from watching the Simpsons is when my mom introduced me to her boss at a company picnic and I immediately told him to eat my shorts.

>> No.15195558

This dude's sense of humor is fucking gold

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spend your trump checks on something good

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>> No.15196895

I'm only referring to the stripsin the posts I responded to. The ones I didn't respond to weren't included in that assessment.

>> No.15196930

is this loss

>> No.15196945

i have this

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Cartoons can be a lot better than formulaic, preachy sketches. Get /lit/, /lit/

>> No.15197077

this actually is reddit shit

>> No.15197129

so good

>> No.15197177

oof yikes that's a bad take

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>> No.15197332

proud owner

>> No.15197435

i want this

>> No.15197513

How about a shitpost responding to a comic of a cartoon of a painting of a comic strip.

>> No.15197528


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Was inside an amazon store and they have a recent softcover reprinting for cheaper. Just fyi

>> No.15197539

I always find this collection to be really bulky and hard to read, especially as it barely stays open even if you lay it flat on a table to look at. I have copies of all the other individual collections, and though it takes up more shelf-space, it's nice being able to just pick out a new edition and spend 30 minutes or an hour browsing through. I like the later editions like The Days Are Just Packed.

>> No.15197603

I use to have his anthology where he explained many of his botched comics, and he said just from the responses he got, this was one of his most confusing comics, and that a lot of people thought it was suppose to be sex toys. In general they were focusing too much on trying to figure out what the tools do, when other than the saw they weren't meant to look like anything particularly. It was just meant to compare them to neanderthals and neanderthal tools. Still not great a great joke, and that one of the tools is clearly meant to look like a saw must lead some readers into assuming the others are also specific tools. Also neanderthals don't have saws so that's a mistake regardless. He did this to reinforce the idea that they are tools but that's made from the caption already.

>> No.15197671

the Simpsons did it

>> No.15197714

I didn't understand it either

>> No.15197792

Those art joke strips were spaced out over years. He has hundreds of strips not about art. And a lot of Calvin and Hobbes humor doesn't come from a punchline but the irony of the entire situation

>> No.15197809

you make it sound like a sitcom

>> No.15197827

I have the collected boxset, as well as The Days Are Just Packed, Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat, and the Essential Calvin and Hobbes. I also have a huge collection of Dilbert and Archie Comics lol

>> No.15197844

You sound like a dumbass tbqh. I would not heed your shitty and uninformed hot takes.

>> No.15197853

I know but these kinds of strips are the ones that get posted most often

>> No.15197857

School was not designed with the high T in mind

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PLEASE HELP ME. About two years ago i was browsing /lit/ and someone recommended a comic strip that was edgy but funny. It was a recent comic, like 2010s, published online, and I binged all the comics in two days. The only comics I remember are 1) a plane is crashing and the pilot does one of those "This is your captain speaking...." and 2) a series of panels about many anonymous people moving throughout the city, begrudging life, but then going home to have sex.

>> No.15197885

Does anyone have the Far Side where the guy the dog and the cat all bonk their heads together at the same time and the bird watches? I remember that as an old favorite but can't find it

>> No.15197944

so goddamn based

>> No.15197978


Larson actually has a half-page shpiel on selecting the word "bonking" in The Pre-History of The Far Side book

>> No.15198005

I feel like the bird's thought bubble was not there in some previous version, and was better that way.

I still like it because it seems to somehow work perfect comedic timing into a one panel comic.

>> No.15198057
File: 48 KB, 601x510, images (23).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nearly 200 replies and not one moomin. I'm disappointed /lit/

>> No.15198081

what did it look like?

>> No.15198130

>filtered by the first 90s
Jim Davis used Garfield to flaunt his innumerable crimes before the public, keep watching.

>> No.15198133

black and white, pretty minimalist, the characters and objects were mostly outlines (although the people were not stick figures)

>> No.15198154
File: 123 KB, 540x559, 2689B941-7ACD-4A8C-8441-1AA080B07555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15198197

I don't believe it.

>> No.15198235
File: 159 KB, 500x718, victor9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Calvin and Hobbes is the closest that comics (including comic books and so-called 'visual novels') have come to art
You seriously know nothing about comics.

>> No.15198238
File: 45 KB, 395x533, images (56).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15198243

I also love the idea that the cat understands the writing enough to try and find the "cat fud"

>> No.15198262

i appreciate the level of detail

>> No.15198416
File: 238 KB, 1920x1080, bragging.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15198601

Now did this comic come first or did the "Will you buy me a shotgun, dad?" Shin-chan gag come first?

>> No.15198631
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/lit/ related

>> No.15198636

Not the real ending

>> No.15198659

I'm pretty sure asking my mom and dad for firearms was not inspired by Calvin and Hobbes. As a kid I just loved guns. I still love guns and now own 11 of them.

>> No.15198669
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This is the kind of thing that runs through a redditor's head as he feels the vindication of rating Moby Dick 1/5 on goodreads running through his veins.

Unironically, yes, art (along with literacy and voting rights) is wasted on 95% of people.

>> No.15198728

>The strips that relate to art and literature are posted more frequently on a art and literature board

>> No.15198844
File: 2.26 MB, 1563x2166, Arzachcp2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting the true /lit/ hero of the comic world. His work without jorodudsky and his holy mountain repeats is GOAT.

>> No.15198851

I think he's referring to this classic piece of media.

>> No.15198853
File: 686 KB, 1218x1560, Moebius - Arzak8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, no tintin or asterix? What the fuck is going on /lit/ these days.

>> No.15199614

Same. I get that Calvin and Hobbes are pretty fun and pretty /lit/, but there's been almost no posting of anything else. Just some Far side, Krazy kat, and two moomins. It's a very disappointing showing.

>> No.15199623

I don't know why I have moom. That's very weird.

>> No.15199722

ah yes Tintin is also based af. I've not read a lot of Asterix tho

>> No.15200080

You seriously know nothing about art.

>> No.15200449

Calvin and Hobbes kinda was a sitcom for comic strips, but more in the vein of Futurama humor

>> No.15200491
File: 720 KB, 1000x416, jucika.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15200544
File: 20 KB, 600x195, ee54df3485169b19b864b890d0056366.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Moomin suck desu

>> No.15200630

shut your whore mouth

>> No.15200674

It's a girl's comic bud sorry

>> No.15200679

snufkin is the most important character of our time

>> No.15200815

In what world is this a good thing? Sitcoms are garbage. Calvin and Hobbes is overrated, has adequate drawing at best and is all about moralizing and feeling smart. It appeals to the most common denominator, which is why it's so popular among undiscerning drones who don't read.

>> No.15200880

Are you twelve?

>> No.15200930

>seething this hard over a comic strip
midwit detected

>> No.15200987

The strip is just average, it's the Calvin and Hobbes fans that are the worst.

>> No.15201021

>It appeals to the most common denominator

It really doesn't and that makes me feel like you just used that phrase for its own sake without regard to its actual meaning, which in turn makes me feel that you might be quite a midwit.

>> No.15201033


>> No.15201037

>he thinks /lit/ is not predominantly populated by the most banal people with the most boring views

>> No.15201048

You're not special for liking crayon-based sitcoms, anon.

>> No.15201051

You’re not special for disliking them.

>> No.15201060

Statistically I am, but that's not the point.

>> No.15201195

>that time I told my dad to "suck the trouser trout"
Fucking kek'd

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