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>debate christians
>they keep quoting the biblerino

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Say "Matthew 10:34" and stab them, they'll understand ;^)

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>debate the ideologically possessed
>debate from a negative position/no positive claim (inherently indisputable)
Why are fedoralord atheists such retards?

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you sound like one

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the words of God burn demons such as yourself

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They are possessed by some semitic desert demon. Only through a process of desemitizstion (sort of exorcism) they could have a serious conversation

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I am sincerely open to conversion.
I would love for someone to give me a persuasive argument for organized faith, but none seem to go beyond:

>"Well it might be right."
>"If you just withhold disbelief/criticism for long enough, you'll get used to assuming its validity and it will structure and orient your outlook."

I've tried prayer, but I don't see how a secular re-examination of personal morality is any worse.
I've tried studying religious grounding, but none of the traditional religious arguments are persuasive post-Kant or Spinoza.

Is there any other avenue that is persuasive, or shall I do like Hume and: 'Commit it then to the flames: for it can contain nothing but sophistry and illusion.”

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And where are you possessed by? The Buddha demon?

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He said Christians, not Rock.

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Why? Are you expecting them to be swayed? They will ignore every point you make.

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You have to rationalize yourself into believing. If you're sort of smart, you'll manage it. If you are smart, you'll need longer, but you can construct a more elaborate reasoning for yourself. If you're really smart, you can just about do it if you squint and talk about god as if it's a force of nature, not a person.

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Lol no how would that even work? Buddha just means the awakened one.. possessed by the "demon" of the awakened one? Kinda based tho

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Persuade God that he should reveal himself to you.

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>persuasive argument for organized faith
Without Christ you will die, nothing can save you except Him.
>secular morality
No such thing. Every consistent atheist realizes this, they just don't want to change. Usually it is because they are too hedonistic and rebel against "Christian morality" (which just boils down to rebelling against restrictions on mindless sodomistic cooming).

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>Without Christ you will die
We all die this way or another. Just like Jesus died on that cross

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You do know that mankind has existed for longer than the Christian religion, right?

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Yes, and we will be raised, like Christ and then judged. Those who rejected Christ will then die in the most real sense. They're already dying in this life, but the final judgement will just seal their fate.
No. Adam was the first Christian.

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>Adam was the first Christian
what about tupac?

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Jeez if heaven is full of cringe people like you, I'm more than glad to die "in the most real sense".

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>No. Adam was the first Christian.
I'm curious. Was Adam one of the Hominidae or a Homo?

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Tupaq is even more based. He is pre-abrahamic melchisedekian.

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You'd unironically be happier there, with dawkins and other reddit bugs joining you in there in your silly little rebellion against God if you guys don't repent. I'll pray for you.
Adam was of the same nature as us, and of the same nature as Christ. He was not an evolved bugman, but a created human made in the image of Christ.

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Yhvh means "he who is". Yhv is the trinity, the last h is man. The h is symbolic for the Son of God who is fully God and fully man. The gematria is 26. 13 means one, my father, void and love. 2*13 is 26. The first two persons love each other and reveals the third, like a couple that have been married for a long time.

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>Was Adam one of the Hominidae or a Homo?
He was a homo for listening to his wife rather than God.

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>the last h is man

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You know ur going to hell for this one, right?

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Thanks for your reply. However, divine command theory comes last in a list of secular moral frameworks including: moral relativism, consequentialism, ethical egoism, Kant's moral theory, moral pluralism, virtue ethics, and moral particularism.
I don't say this out of stubbornness or bias, it's just that DCT is riddled with more philosophical problems and contradictions than the list I gave above. I guess this is why Aquinas' Natural Law is touted by Christian's all the time, but even this framework contains problems which would give reason to reject the principle of double effect and moral absolutism. This is a hill where I need help traversing.

If I'm not mistaken, I take you're a substance dualist. If this is the case, how would you respond to something like Spinoza's substance monism, which would imply a denial of personal immortality but retain God/Nature's perfection?

I'm trying.

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I'm not even atheist and I certainly don't rebel against God, that's literally impossible, we live inside the mind of God.
What you worship as God is in fact a lesser deity, a destructive demon that spawned from the deserts of Judea.

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Christianity is for brainlet masses, start with nonduality ,it transcends region and culture
Advaita vedanta is a good start.
Everything can be confirmed in practice and eventual direct experience of nonduality and self realization

>Deluded jiva thinks
''I am this body''
the self has no attachment
to his carriage
Foolish is such ignorance

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H stands for human.

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Blessed post

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I'm already in hell. It's hard to reason with the Dead.

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Christianity is a weird religion where it's only possible to get saved by getting hit by a car shortly after confessing to a priest and eating communion

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It's just pointless. You can't reason with something that's inherently unreasonable.

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God's body is the Universe and he is attached to it like we are to our body.

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>divine command theory
>substance dualist
>Kant and other nonsense
>secular moral frameworks
>moral relativism, consequentialism, ethical egoism, Kant's moral theory, moral pluralism, virtue ethics, and moral particularism

I deny bugmen terms used by atheists to discuss Christianity and theology. Atheists essentially cannot arrive at a full picture of reality and morality because they are blind, in a state of rebellion against the Holy Spirit, who grants through repentance the wisdom and the eyes with which to see the order in the world established by Christ. Just try it and you'll see for yourself.

>denial of personal immortality
Refuted by Christ's personal, historical and bodily resurrection.

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How nice of the hebrews to use an english acronym for god.

You could also go the Peterson route and become a Christian for the social rules but don't believe in god at all.

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Wrong ,The body will always die ,its a mere carriage for self

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I doubt debating people larping as christian to be "edgy" is going to get you many good arguments for Christianity. But to throw an argument for organized religion your way. It seems like every successful civilization (or tribe for that matter) has had some sort of organized religion. Seems like a strong indicator that organized religions are a prerequisite for a long term functional civilization.
>it's a force of nature, not a person.
This too, God is basically (literally?) synonymous with the fundamental laws governing reality

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Cringe and or schizo. Depends how serious you are.

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>God is basically (literally?) synonymous with the fundamental laws governing reality
>successful civilization (or tribe for that matter) has had some sort of organized religion
>all truth is relative all religions are just the same truth

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Actually, I have been leaning towards monism. However, if this doesn’t assert the existence of a personal god, nor a personal eternal soul, and it emphasizes personal insight and direct experiential realizations - why should I change my current position at all? From what my ethnic Hindu and Buddhist friends tell me, a level of faith is required for enlightenment (the secularized version is just a commodity).

>Atheists essentially cannot arrive at a full picture of reality and morality because they are blind
Okay, taking you seriously - I have a question which you may be able to answer. Given that Christ is divine creator (omnipotent), divine in rationality (omniscient), and divine in moral perfection (omnibenevolence) - does Christ command that we perform actions because they are obligatory, or are some actions obligatory because he commands them?

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He's talking about religion as a tool to organize society by rules and tradition. Since that only requires peoples belief, it doesn't matter if the religion the people believe in is true.

Quick question. What does happen to the humans that died before they could hear of Jesus Christ? Like those born in Alexanders times or in South America before the Spanish came.

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>actions because they are obligatory, or are some actions obligatory because he commands them
False dialectics. I can promise you that you will never arrive at the truth by trying to pin Christ down into a neat bugmanistic reddit gold box. The pharisees tried it with their constant dialectical testing of Christ and look where it got them.

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As a spiritual practice meditation is in all major religions. He will be persuaded if you are a virgin donkey that no one has rode on before.
>23But Jesus replied, “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. 24Truly, truly, I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a seed; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. 25Whoever loves his soul will lose it, but whoever hates his soul in this world will keep it for eternal life. 26If anyone serves Me, he must follow Me; and where I am, My servant will be as well. If anyone serves Me, the Father will honor him.
If we die to ourselves God will be raised from the dead. Let your soul be crucified with him and you'll be raised from the dead with him. as much as you truly partake of goodness and Truth are you manifesting the proof of yourself to God. if God Made You from himself then if you empty yourself you should find what was originally there. all the top religious people always speak about negating yourself to find God.

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H and "hey" are both the same. don't you know that some letters from different alphabets are equivalent to others in a different alphabet? For example Alpha, a, alef - greek, english, hebrew.

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>What does happen to the humans that died before they could hear of Jesus Christ?
They will be raised like the rest and judged according to their conduct and innate knowledge of morality as beings created in God's image.

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How am I wrong? You got an egregore telling you what to think. Try to perceive what I said as if it's true and then it will be true. Obey whatever you want. it's not like I care, I'm not attached to it.

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In theologico evolutionary matters, at what time in history does God separate monkey from man?
Do all ancestral monkeys go to ancestral monkey hell?
Or are they forever in ancestral monkey limbo?

If they've no souls, at what point in history did our ancestor monkeys get souls? Was it gradual or all at once?
If it was gradual, do they spend a small amount of time in ancestral monkey hell/limbo?
Or are they in ancestral monkey hell/limo forever?

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It's fine to believe god exists
It's pretty stupid to believe in texts and words written by humans
organized religions are for retards.

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>at what time in history does God separate monkey from man
At no point. Adam was created with the same human nature as Christ, from clay.

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>What does happen to the humans that died before they could hear of Jesus Christ? Like those born in Alexanders times or in South America before the Spanish came.
God Works in eternity, in spirit and in truth. Working in time is because people are sleeping very deeply. So the historical processes are merely a symbolic representation of divine processes. Only materialistic and authoritarian thinking has people believe the most foolish of things such as that some people won't be saved because of time periods which would make God unjust.

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Atheism will never stop being cringe you know.

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Look up fideism. This isn't something you reason yourself into, it comes before reason, like suddenly being cured of color-blindness.

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>faith vs reason
Another false dialetic prot cringe innovation.

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by being schizophrenic or joining a group that, after long enough, infects you with their mass hysteria and you start "feeling the holy spirit" like those medieval people who saw witches and demons and danced themselves to death
tl;dr go insane

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