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Was Jordan Peterson a good father?

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No, considering how she has to babysit his drugged up ass. He's objectively failed as a father. You shouldn't ever burden your children like that through your poor mistakes.
The fact that she chooses to sell body (metaphorically but probably literally as well) is almost tertiary or insignificant by this point.
Father's provide, they don't cost.

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Yeah, if your father becomes sick or weak in his old age, let him die. fuck him, the worthless sack of shit. let him suffer and die. your mother too.

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She was probably spoiled and never denied anything because of her deadly illness.

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Is his daughter a drugged up whore?

The inverse of your answer is the answer to your question

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the goal of a father is to make his daughters blossom into whores craving casual sex, because men know that all women are whores

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Peterson is what? Not even 60? And he's rich.
Do you know how stressful and draining it is to take care of a sick person for decades?

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He only has himself to blame for his pathetic failure of a life.

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He planted some bad seed.

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She's super slutty looking just my type. But she also eats nothing but meat probably smells terrible. If corona kills my sense of smell I'd smash

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>pathetic failure of a life
Be fucking intelligent and sharp.
Inspire millions of people.
Become the symbol of resistance against a hideous ideology.

>In consequence of the burden of your massive influence of the public debate and the intellectuals, you have 1-2 bad years.

Tell me about your successful life.

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Be fucking intelligent and sharp.
Inspire millions of people.
Become the symbol of resistance against a hideous ideology.

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Here's hoping that retards like you will soon realize that posting a silly face quoting someone's own words in an imaginary funny voice is kindergarten tier humor (quite literally).

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Here's hoping that retards like you will soon realize that posting a silly face quoting someone's own words in an imaginary funny voice is kindergarten tier humor (quite literally).

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you lost the argument when you defended a failed vegetable hack junkie father

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You deliberately misinterpreted what I said, well done, have a (you). I said through his choices.

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Do you guys think there’s a single Wojakposter that is actually loved and respected by those around him? I highly doubt it.

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Do you guys think there’s a single Wojakposter that is actually loved and respected by those around him? I highly doubt it.

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why does she look and sound so demented and NPC-ish

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Lmao. Imagine believing that.

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Her father's a turnip.

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Parenting is worthless when women get a whiff of clout baka

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She has above average feet

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>divorces her stable husband and damages her 4yo daughter because of ''passion'' and ''boredom'' (exactly the opposite of what her father preaches the responsibility of marriage is for)
>dates a progressive man (total douche) who runs a hardcore porn site for a living (something Peterson preaches against)
>takes skimpy or nude photos with her daughter present
>is on drugs for personality disorders / SSRIs
>is on anti-herpes medication now, because she got herp
>has been put in control of her father's businesses despite having no valid experience, self-made success, aka the trust fund lifestyle that Peterson preaches against
>does all of this while her father is having a year of mental breakdowns, and getting institutionalized

It's truly disgusting how much of a blindspot he has for the behaviour of his daughter. She is everything that the reactionaries / traditionalists / Peterson himself stands against:
>a drug-using, std-infected, free-ride having, divorced single mom, with a pornographer bf

It's like when Trump kicked out Bannon and gave Ivanka and Kushner power in the White House, despite Ivanka kinda resenting her father, and both Ivanka and Kushner being very anti-nationalist / white / American.

Why do these powerful men have blindspots when it comes to their shitty family members? I would disown this bitch if she were my daughter, and only accept her back if she agreed to join a nunnery.

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He was a good father to me

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>footposts during quarantine

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It's okay, they just imagine those who don't respect them as unshaved, bald albinos with open mouthes. Winning strat.

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why all the hate for jordan peterson, i dont think hes some oracle of truth but he doesnt say anything particularly controversial if you dont take him out of context.
I had a coursemate post a vid or something, fairly reasonable, and one of my lecturers and other coursemates said he was a bad bloke not giving any reasons or strawmaning.
he just seems middle of the road and recycles jungian and dostoyevsky stuff. has he said anything particularly controversial or profound?

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he's just a normal trying trying to make his way in this absurd world

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>has he said anything particularly controversial
He claimed that cultural marxists have infiltrated academia, but then big papa Zizek asked him to name them and Peterson went into a Soviet coma.

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Jesus Christ, is this hypochondriac life an American thing? I am a bit of one myself but not to this extent and I've met only 1-2 people who are remotely like this. How do you even end up like that, too many antibiotics as a child?

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Im out of the loop, what is happening to JP?

>> No.15217301

US government ordered his brains scrambled like an American diplomat in Cuba

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>Here's hoping that retards like you will soon realize that posting a silly face quoting someone's own words in an imaginary funny voice is kindergarten tier humor (quite literally).

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ahahaaha oh yeah i forgot about all the tinfoil hat shit ill give you that

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>He claimed the sky is blue, papa Zizek asked him to name the blue.
Check mate, Peterson.

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He had a mental breakdown, felt he was abusing antidepressants, and confined himself to a rehab center

In the meantime, he handed all control of his businesses over to his daughter, who now speaks and tweets for him.

In this year the daughter has done all of the following:

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he found Geunon

>> No.15217394

I think it's pretty clear that she more or less deliberately tried to put him out of the picture for personal gain. Still doesn't make him a good father, but she's certainly not a victim.

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Sounds like his branch of neurotic, pseudo-enlightened stoicism finally paid off huh

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feel bad for ur family

>> No.15217428

>rule 13, if the fetus is female just abort it

>> No.15217565

Well she is not drugged up... so the inverse, in context, would be 'she is a whore'. So, adjustet to the question 'was j p a good father', the answer would be: He is a whore.
Checks out.

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Lol at Petercells realizing their father is not as strong as they thought. That's part of the process of growing up i guess.

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He has son as well, doesn´t he?

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He was busy working

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Do you think she jerks him off, his emission being symbolic of him being released from the underworld?

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Is this a...Vampire: The Masquerade cosplay?

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Parents have less control over how their kids turn out than people want to admit. Its 20% parents, 30% peer group, 50% genetics.

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this is Sparta

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how mad are you? Peterson is rich (so am I), you are poor and miserable, haha.

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Peterson and his daughter are the same person you fucking moron. Use your eyes

>> No.15218949

Now that you mention it, she gives off major Malkavian vibes, in general.

>> No.15218966

i get that the transgender jannies dislike Peterson but why don't you try to make the post at least somewhat literature related?

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Maybe kindergartners have a better sense of humor than adults then, maybe that's why they laugh more too

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How did a good looking guy produce this thing?

>> No.15219032

after watching her pictures i now have the feeling that she hates his dad

>> No.15219066

Actually they have more but it's convenient to pretend they don't

>> No.15219071

This. I like his lectures and such all right. Haven't read the book. Seems smarter than most though I don't agree with him all the time but his daughter is one of the reasons I'm hesitant on if he is the real deal or not. I definitely wouldn't want my grown daughter acting that way.

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She's A: Canadian and B: has an autoimmune disease

Stop posting

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I don't know how it is everywhere else but in America people will have seasonal allergies and convince themselves it's the flu. Also we have a young child and he is the only one out of all of his friends that seems not to have some kind of weird allergy or condition. I can't figure out if people are faking symptombs, believing they have symptoms or actually have something caused by some environmental factor like antibiotics. It's really bad here though. Almost everyone over 40 is on a medication for the rest of their life. Even know several people under 40 who have autoimminue diseases. Some don't complain too much but some write essays about their pain on social media constantly.

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...and feed

>> No.15219149

Wow, what a smart woman. I'd love to "pick her brain."

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Boyd = based

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Can you point to any female that is not a thot before becoming a mom? thought so.

>> No.15219177

Why do women do this? Why post hypersexualized pictures of yourself like that? Are they really that unaware?

>> No.15219183

>Constantly talked about how men had it rough and would suggest women should play feminine roles and not go outside of that.
What do you think? Also I like how she's wearing bright red lipstick, which her father pointed out is suggestive of ripe fruit, it is something that is supposed to set guys off.

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The dead ones, mutilated beyond recognition. A husk of skeletal remains with skin contorted in a frame of horiffic betrayal.

>> No.15219194

attention anon, it is what all women have been hardwired to crave from the beginning of time

>> No.15219198

>before becoming a mom

>> No.15219208

he is going through the dark night of the soul, gazing at the abbyss. but believe me, after this descent into his own shadow he will rise and write his magnum opus. imagine the "thus spoke zarathrustra" or the red "book" of our century, it will change philosophy as a whole. for ever.

t. knower

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its clear as day. On twitter JBPs account just retweets his daughter on twitter lmao. shes taking over and shes gonna milk it

>> No.15219232

>this is a 10/10 in northern alberta

lmfao when will anglos learn

>> No.15219240

Yeah, but it's got so meta with social media. If another woman were to comment "Babe" on their posts they'd say "Thanks." But if I were to, they would say "Creep. Sexual Harassment." But then they also claim to want equal treatment.

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>But then they also claim to want equal treatment.
yeah and they know they will get it.

life of a female revolves around sex
-with men, a woman has sex
-around women, a woman talks about sex and gossip about other women and mock the ugly men who orbit her
-with children and pets, she tries out stopping her sexual cravings

then she gets pregnant and cares for something else than sex the first few years when the child depends 1005 of her.
THen she wants the child to be grateful for being born [lol] and as the child grows, it depends on something else than the mom and so she has nothing else in her life
The woman goes back to having sex with men again and talking about sex.
Then the woman finally dies and the daughters become sexually active and so on.

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He never taught his daughter to eat her vegetables, so no.

>> No.15219564

Boy I gotta say, I disagree a lot with Mr. Peterson on a lot of things. I've called him some names, participated in the fun of mocking him, even enjoyed watching the initial spiral into lolcow territory. But the more I learn about his daughter and drug addiction the more I just feel bad for the man. He had passion and conviction. This woman? Bloodless.

RIP Mr. Peterson. I'm sorry it had to happen this way. Thank you for speaking to Mr. Zizek.

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reality has three different kinds of eyebrows?

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wow so deep and profound

>> No.15219945

his wife isn't attractive

>> No.15219955

kek based

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top right reality is best

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>virgin discovers what is makeup and photography (lighting, angles, etc)

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I didnt mean that all of them stop being a thot when becoming a mom...

wtf, though I guess you are right

If you are not female,, it will mostly depend on how you look. If you wrote "babe <3 <3" or something similar on a instgram photo with alot of comments, she wouldnt care. It would be one more comment to add to the attention

to be fair, there are some girls that are beautiful without makeup as well. They are few and far between

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i kek'd

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he got refuted and absolutely BTFO long time ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0zsJGCuPi0

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it's demonstrably true that people with your accent don't have an IQ higher than 60

>> No.15220537

>le based and funny vocaroo comeback

>> No.15220568

It makes me think a little of that Seinfeld episode where the woman was meant to be ugly in certain lighting and I was like "I don't see the problem". Like >>15219384 in all pictures I'd be happy taking home and not thinking "I was drunk; that was a mistake" in the morning.

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while i have appreciated your disstracks in the past, here, i am left wondering why someone who hates literature so much browses the literature board. Go away, please. Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

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Why hasn't anyone posted that passage from Plato about Pericles' son?

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BASED inmendham poster

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I don't find him too controversial, but I wouldn't want to have him as a therapist. His directive approach would be too frustrating for me.

>> No.15220997

old people should just have the decency to die and not cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a few more years. worked for the past 30,000 years.

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He's a mental midget with no strength of character and therefore his daughter grew up to be a whore with no loyalty.

>> No.15221089

meh I would

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this person sounds like a retard

>> No.15221432

>a single foot
You're the degenerate, anon

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Which dialogue is that from? I'm intrigued

>> No.15221925

She probably has munchausen lets be honest

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>She is everything that the reactionaries / traditionalists / Peterson himself stands against:

>despite Ivanka kinda resenting her father, and both Ivanka and Kushner being very anti-nationalist / white / American.

>> No.15222195

>posts about literature
>no response
>thread about Juden Peterstein that doesn't even talk about his books, has one sentence op, and titties in the picture
>115 replies
I hate this board.

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I'm sure he made sure to teach proper femine penis hygiene

>> No.15222482

d-do you think he washed it himself to show her how?

>> No.15222536

Given the psychosomatic illnesses and the all-meat diet that cured her, gonna say no

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Jordan Peterson is a fucking imbecile

>> No.15222710

that girl needs therapy

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