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Or not, this isn't reddit, you can greentext this shit or tl;dr it.

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Barely /lit/ fyi. At least you tried, dear zoomer.

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English isn't my first language.
So please don't rekt me for not using big words or not being clear.

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Damn anon... she btfo you

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women need things laid out for them plainly, getting them to enjoy Kafka is a hopeless endeavour.

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this lol

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>tfw no kafkaesque gf

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Depends on your knowledge and how you perceive this conversation

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>defending a dead author while you could fuck her instead

also, you got owned son

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>Americanized brown boy offers his own version of ‘bobs plz’

You have no self awareness if this is actually you. She gave you way more patience than she needed to.

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>ever talking about art with womyn
Ton erreur.

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You are both annoying

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>2 messages from her
>10 messages from you

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If I knew better words, I could have explained all of it in fewer words.
From her interpretation it was clear that she hasn't read it and was just pretending. I had to shove it in her face.

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you know that tinder is for hook ups?

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You didn't shove anything in her face except your social ineptitude, and now you went on the internet to show it off which only doubles your retarded fuck-up.

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That you need to challenge women's intelligence or integrity on a fucking hookup app says more about you than it does her.

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I would drive my favorite author through dirt to get some pussy. And he would've admired me for it.

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Tbf it's for BDSM shit, so maybe she's looking for someone to degrade her by her illiteracy.

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i need some feedback on my interpretation too

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If you don't feel ashamed of this then there's no helping you

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If it's about telling who's my favorite author to a girl, I always go with Gogol or Heller.

Sometimes even Jack London, and I back him up with "I like writers who have done a lot of work on their legs."

The aim is being comfy Anon.

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She unmatched me after sending her last message. That's why I couldn't reply anything, I didn't get btfo incels

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she's in your head and you made this thread,

who doesn't care wins

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should have worried about shoving the d in her face

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I fucking hate people who break up their side of the conversation into multiple messages.

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I do too but apparently people see block texts as autistic so go figure.

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You’re just a sexist retard. My girlfriend (who comes from a family similar to Kafka’s) enjoys Kafka very much. The Metamorphosis is her favourite book.

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block text is autistic
spam text is desperate

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I don't think that's the case. It's natural if your first message is a response and then the second is a question. But if it's a monologue and you're breaking it up it just looks like you want to spam notify the other person.

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>/lit/ defends the w*man
I don't care that OP objectively got smashed to smithereens by her, she is a femoid and that alone should suffice for you to not take her side

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Gonna cry? Gonna piss your pants? Maybe shit and cum?

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You suffer from autism, anon.

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You got destroyed anon

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>mansplaining with wikipedia
big cringe

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>spills spaghetti and replies with 82 messages defending his favorite gay czech word writer instead of just trying to get the sweet pussy pie
never change /lit/ goddamn

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how do I into literary analysis like this, do my fellows here write essays to themselves?

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Peak incelling

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metal sucks too

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what the fuck do you mean? that was one of the worst and pretentious analyses I've ever read, OP just presented her with a videoessay experience of the Kurzgesagt/midwit/pseud variety and she rightly called him out on that and aborted the "debate".

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OP here,
No online article says anything about the axe, the very reason I asked her this.
You probably haven't read the story, and is replying by just reading my interpretation and wiki lol

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basically this

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Sabbest thing is if you had just replied
>it sucks desu
You would have gotten a reply

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God you got destroyed. Why'd you even bother sharing this? you thought you actually """""won"""" the discussion? that we'd pat your back and say "good job"?

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What's your interpretation then?
You can call my analyses many things, but they are all meaningless unless you can prove it.

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every metalhead is like that, I have a sentence in which "I can't believe that people spend so much time around music, learning to play the guitar, wear appropriate clothing, make it a big part of their character, but don't realize that the genre sucks ass."

when I jokingly said this to some metalheads, one of them pulled out his phone and wanted to show me real "metal", like fuck off

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Cringe, learn to talk to women

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1. Tinder is for hookups, not serious discussion. Your first mistake was failing to understand the purpose of the app.
2. You should write in proper sentences and paragraphs if you want to sound coherent.
3. Women don't care. It doesn't matter what it is, she doesn't care. It's good to have common interests and values, but whatever you care about, she thinks and cares about it not even half as much as you do.
4. MOST IMPORTANTLY: You need to go to your close friends and confidants for advice. Random strangers on the internet do not have your best interests in mind, and will make fun of you for anything you do or say just because they can. Even people you know in real life might not have your best interests in mind.

Trust no one but yourself. Think hard about this interaction, your goals and expectations going into it, and how you can succeed in achieving them next time. Godspeed.

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>it's the only good genre
>but what about metal

it's the only good genre son, stop pushing in that direction

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oh yeah, not OP. but the woman sounded like she analysed things a lot,

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HAHAHAHAHAHA imagine getting BTFO by a hoe and then posting it here honestly what the fuck

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>have not read a book
>have an opinion about it anyway
>gets mad when some tinder hoe, who is noticeable more well read than you, dislike it

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That was really hard to read and thats 100% your fault, she seemed quite reasonable even if she had a different perspective to you

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I could've sold her Kafka and then add in the end "I understand what he's attempting, but it's not something I would passionately read again."

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Did you really think you would successfully expose HER by posting this?

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Uh hello, based department?

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lol, all the incels here calling out on my opinion even though they haven't even read the story.

Typical 4chan

>> No.15217608

Brutal, just brutal.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s phone number is 8002738255.

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OP got pwned

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Is this a set-up or something?

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the closure sounds like Nabokov, what the hell, I want to marry her

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>I think you just want to brandish your knowledge base (or at least what you think suffices for it)
Right for the jugular with that one holy shit.

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>still calling people incels
>its 2020
>assuming no ones read it because you act like a faggot and no one approves
I'm confused, are you a guy or a girl

>> No.15217627

Not "assuming"
In the entire thread, I haven't seen even a single incel talking about the story itself.

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OP is second-rate, ephemeral, puffed-up. A nonentity, means absolutely nothing to her. Awful.

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jesus christ what a chimp out
never NEVER respond with more than three lines unless their your booty bro's

cringe and /r9k/ pilled

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And why would we talk about the story with you? You've already established your complete incapability of talking about this book to the world

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Incredibly based. Can we put this as the /lit/ banner?

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why the fuck would i care about what some dirty hole thinks

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Before posting this, I thought there will be a good discussion about kafka and the story, & who's right here with respect to their interpretation.
But no, this is 4chan after all
Bye mens

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>punk is the only good genre
bet she listens to IDLES, Kasabian, maaaybe RATM, the rest will all be slightly more aggressive indie music

>> No.15217671

>I matched with this girl on tinder and I just had to shove it in her face
>and by 'it' I mean my Kafka analysis

>> No.15217674

This thread is a big loss for your dignity. My condolences

>> No.15217676

The Trial is like codeine got a nigga snoooooring

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Cringe. Metal is the official incel genre, this + you imediately shilling it = peak autism. She knows too and dodged a bullet by not replying. The last message was just the nail in the already buried coffin.

>> No.15217715

This. Metal is like the anime of music, autist are just magically drawn to it.

>> No.15217724

you talk like a fag

>> No.15217729

seeing your perspective on your life has ruined my morning. it may be advisable to consider suicide, and i don't mean that in a cutesy 4chan way. it would be a more worthy effort than growing out of your pretension. sorry.

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>all of /lit/ constantly complain that women only read YA novels
>anon finds a girl that actually knows kafka and read his work, thus seems to be interested in literature
>goes full sperg on her because she has a different opinion

Never change /lit/

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you are retarded thats from a completely different conversation

>> No.15217750

are you 40?

>> No.15217760

65 actually

>> No.15217761

I have read this story, she probably googled and wrote that shit up. It means nothing and is all wrong.
You are the retard here, kys

>> No.15217767

Anon probably is the one reading YA in this case desu.

>> No.15217769

OP I thought you left

>> No.15217771

>hurr durr femoidz are just brainless holes this is my argument for everything

>> No.15217776

Just 4 more years bro.

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t. RYM trannies

>> No.15217780

She somehow, despite being in the wrong, managed to win that argument. you come off as a cringey dilettante who talks to women like an incel.

>> No.15217782

Yes I know, I never implied that it had anything to do with the other conversation.

>> No.15217786

Read it before making yourself look more autistic

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Replying with so many lines to some basic hoe, op u are retarded .

Should have just replied something like.
>Its cute that you have opinions on such topics
>I agree perhaps Kafka is a bit grim maybe cooking books would be perfect for your taste?
>Islam is right about women
>Whats your onlyfans account
Any of those 3 is infinitely better , at the last paragraph you should have just sojak posted.

Only retards debate with logic, the real high IQ big boiz play another game on the cosmic mind

>> No.15217813

Why would you post yourself getting btfo'd?

>> No.15217836

This is just too awkward to read, anon. I'm sorry, but I can. The fact she was so patient with you for so long even makes me judge her character. No person with any dignity should ever give you attention.

>> No.15217843

/lit/ doesn’t complain about girls reading YA because they want girls to have better interests or because they feel they can’t connect to them because of this. It’s done purely to deride women and confirm their own misogynistic beliefs. Many men get very insecure at the prospect of a woman being as intelligent or more intelligent than them. This effect is amplified here because /lit/ is a community of young men who fetishise intellectualism and have a problem with women. So they build a narrative about women being vapid whores who are not interested in literature (despite the fact that women make up the majority of lit students) and find as many examples as they can to confirm this.
Now they see a woman who is obviously interested in literature and can BTFO one of their own so to save their masculine egos they have to assume she isn’t being genuine. It’s really pathetic.

>> No.15217844

there are a shit ton of metalheads on RYM. 4 out of the 10 top albums of 2020 are metal

>> No.15217859

being anti-women is admitting that you don't understand literature

>> No.15217860

OP, your reading is shit. Looking for symbolism is for retards. And Kafka is more enjoyable if you don't read him in an intellectual way, trying to decipher what he meant, but in an emotional, even religious one.

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>> No.15217865

There's a considerable body of scientific works to disagree with you here. What we see in OP is the example of the known phenomenon that on average male/female intelligence is the same, but men have suffered different selective pressure towards both ends of the bell curve. Thus you get more men who are extremely intelligent/stupid, extremely violent/docile, whereas women fall more towards the average, with less outliers. OP just happens to fall on the extremely stupid end of the bell curve, and the girl falls above the average.

Also OP I don't know if you're still in this thread but jesus christ, man. What the fuck were you seriously trying to accomplish? This girl you ran into might be among the most interesting ones I've ever seen personally or posted about, when it comes to Tinder, and you just had to defend Kafka's honor or some shit? The fuck is wrong with you.

>> No.15217870

>the only difference being, I placed a constraint on my symbolism
You're seriously autistic. What is wrong with you.

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>> No.15217872

Holy shit /lit/ is reaching levels of ressentiment I never thought possible

>> No.15217876

>disrespecting your favorite author for some fleeting hoe

>> No.15217879

>you just had to defend Kafka's honor or some shit? The fuck is wrong with you.
Not OP but this is a 4channer we're talking about. Utterly predisposed to treat any dissenting opinion like a challenge to their authority. This place actually rots your brain if you're not careful

>> No.15217891

This. If I had never read Kafka I would think he must be garbage going by OP's love for him.

>> No.15217896

Pretty much every writer or thinker ever up until 50 years ago would be considered misogynists by today's standards. Keep in mind having a muse or writing about women is vastly different from being pro-women, being a feminist, or what have you. Pretty sure any feminist would agree with this.

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>> No.15217901

>unironically using a nebulous and ill defined sjw insult
kill yourself dumb bitch/cuck

>> No.15217904

>Some girl on tinder says "Kafka is overrated".
>Some guy has an absolute meltdown and demands she read and write a short essay on a 5 page text while chastising her.
Is this what the average Kafka fan is like?

>> No.15217907

Incels ruin the entire board these days by having no real opinion, having severe brain damage and flaunting their obsession with women hourly.

>> No.15217908

and on that day, womemes were redeemed

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>> No.15217915

T. Incel brainlet

>> No.15217917

>he's the big daddy of absurdist fiction
>he's so wacky!
>not that a hoe like you would get it though
That's you, OP.

>> No.15217918

Kafka would've saylid "you're right, I'm boring, let's fuck"

>> No.15217923

So this is Tinder in India?

>> No.15217925

Name some famous authors to support your point.

>> No.15217927

LMAO. OP totally comes like a pajet

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I am aware of the fact that males have a larger IQ variance than women, but this does not disprove anything I said. /lit/‘s view on women is not “they have slightly less variance in their IQ distribution”, but “women are vapid whores who do not appreciate literature”. Almost literature students and most readers are women? They do it only to social signal! A woman BTFO a /litizen/? She just looked it all up on google!

>> No.15217929

>dun use words i dont liek!! dumb sjw cuck
2015 was half a decade ago kiddo. let it go

>> No.15217937

chutiya op

>> No.15217948

Doesn't even matter how stupid or intelligent he is, at least he had convictions he felt were worth defending in the face of a possible hookup. A good 70% of the people here are the type to do a complete 180 on themselves if it meant getting an inch of attention from a woman. So utterly pathetic.

>> No.15217959

Can you substantiate the claim that she is not a rare outlier? I imagine this would finally destroy this board forever and teach all silly boys a lesson.
Do you frequently go out with your girlfriends to chit chat about absurdist phenomenology?

>> No.15217963

>at least he had convictions
No, fuck that noise.

>> No.15217969

OP was just an overzealous idealistic Kafka fanboy. He did nothing wrong and meant well, but got too defensive and emotional. He basically shittested himself and failed.

>> No.15217971
File: 80 KB, 1024x1024, A442B76B-7B5C-425C-B724-AE6EFCD23779.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i didn’t get my dick wet, but at least i defended this dead author’s honor!

>> No.15217973

that girl is agreeable in all respects

>> No.15217976

>to do a complete 180 on themselves if it meant getting an inch of attention from a woman
I agree that's pathetic behavior, but I still feel in this particular case he was just REEing over absolutely nothing.
Regardless whether they hooked up or not, I feel he came across as a complete clown.

>> No.15217980

>i am a slave to the sensuous
hylic cringe

>> No.15217982

>someone gets all riled up and defensive about Kafka
>lol but dey mansplain XD

>> No.15217990

>anon in charge of having princicples
Kys cumbrain, life isnt about getting your dick wet in random dumb hoes. At least I hope so

>> No.15217991


>> No.15217992

>not defending YOUR opinions at the cost of roast beef

>> No.15217996

Dude, he wasn't even defending Kafka as much as his stubborn interpretation of Kafka's symbolism. If that's what he has conviction about then he's a retard.

>> No.15217998

Why would I substantiate a claim I never made? She is obviously not an average woman if she reads a lot of literature, but a man who does the same is not average either.

>> No.15218011

top kek
op the faggot got btfo'd so damn hard

>> No.15218014

>Humiliating yourself with a super like just to get humiliated by a woman

>> No.15218017

>at least he had convictions he felt were worth defending in the face of a possible hookup.
lmao holy shit /lit/ is full of autism today. Imagine actually thinking tinder is a place to be principled.

>> No.15218024

yes. triggered?

>> No.15218031

based women
metal is the cringiest fucking genre of music

>> No.15218033

You didn’t read the conversation, also you’re just another retard from lit too far up his own ass

>> No.15218035

Knew a lit girl in high, literally noone wanted to hang out with her .Take notes Lit girls are insufferable ,read a few books and brainlets think they are smart. Why would anyone want to be in such a miserable relationship. Get a cutie outside of your hobbies so you both grow and complete each other
hehe cope tranny

>> No.15218060

i hope that the ppl itt who defend the guy at least haven’t deluded themselves into thinking they’re artists of any kind. in arguing for sticking to ’principles’ on a telephone fuck app they’re merely taxmen of the soul. sad little creatures

>> No.15218071

You're giving too much importance to that a hoe thinks. They don't have thoughts... They only "think" what their instincts and media programming "think" for them. Also you don't disagree with them, you agree with them for as long as it takes to get your dick wet, then move on.

>> No.15218086

cope harder

>> No.15218093

shut the fuck up brain dead faggot.
most of women are subhumans and their physical features doesn't matter in the long run. without intellect a "qt" is still a subhuman.

but i agree when nietzsche here
>"the perfect woman is a higher type of human than the perfect man, and also something much more rare,"

>> No.15218095

>two midwits arguing
truly the literary event /lit/ needed

>> No.15218100

explain how she is a midwit?

>> No.15218105

>now, you see, X is symbolic of...
I wouldnt be impressed with this even if I were a woman.

>> No.15218106

She's a foid.

>> No.15218108

OP is the chad doomed romantic whose desire to stay true to his beliefs is challenged at every moment by the convenience of our times. Does he accept convenient easy pussy or fight the good fight, defends his beliefs no matter how misguided and juvenile and at the cost of his self worrh and standing among girl + masses of anonymous internet gentlemen and roasties

basically seethe and dilate incel oversocialized tranny rationalist

>> No.15218112

What an argument, brainlet.

>> No.15218115

holy cope

>> No.15218117

in other words, making a dumbass post in response to another dumbass post that takes up approximately .005% of my day.

>> No.15218124

OP is an incel, the rest of you are simps.
Simple as.

>> No.15218125


>> No.15218126

you have no right to mention the "holy", hylic

>> No.15218127


>> No.15218131

hatred towrads women is obligatory

>> No.15218135
File: 38 KB, 600x568, 81810F1F-578A-48B6-8E04-1D4031C1BC7F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>OP is the chad doomed romantic whose desire to stay true to his beliefs is challenged at every moment by the convenience of our times. Does he accept convenient easy pussy or fight the good fight, defends his beliefs no matter how misguided and juvenile and at the cost of his self worrh and standing among girl + masses of anonymous internet gentlemen and roasties

>> No.15218136

Incels really deserve all of their suffering

>> No.15218141

I am impressed by this thread. Every single one of the last 20 posts has zero substance. Buzz words flung at ones enemy hoping to inflict 3 seconds of minor discomfort.

>> No.15218148

tranny cope seethe harder

>> No.15218149

including yours tranny

>> No.15218150

Imagine putting your mediocre intelligence on a pedestal like this. If there is one thing this thread has achieved, it is that it has demonstrated just how many delusional people frequent this board. OP's post has actually given us the perfect litmus test to out all the midwits

>> No.15218158

Holy fuck I cant tell what I hate more, incels or arthoes. I hope you both get lit on fire who the fuck talks about literature on tinder incel retard and fuck that stupid whore for mentioning Freud anyone interested on psychoanalysis should be shot I've been awake for 5 minutes and my day is already ruined I'm going to trip the next art hoe I see

>> No.15218166

every line represents one post, in reverse order of when i started writing this post

*sarcastic post*
*dumbass FAGIT sincereposting*
green text sarcasm
ad hominem
green text horse shit
top kek

jesus fucking christ it is every single post.

>> No.15218172

>you can only respect yourself if you're part of the top 1% of humanity
Contrary to what you may believe, this is not a normal way of thinking.

>> No.15218173

she basically regurgitates some freudian bullshit and retreats behind Barthes and OP's autism to avoid offering any real thoughts on the short story itself, shes clearly a midwit.

>> No.15218180

Fuck off Shapiro.

>> No.15218182
File: 30 KB, 680x364, 1587851587946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is about intelligence to you? Even the Hylic's greatest asset fails them, for they do not see the point.

>> No.15218187

Such wisdom you have.

>> No.15218194

t. brainlet
Lit are just pseud retards with no wisdom, wisdom is much higher intelligence few have.
Spiritual gf>>>>lit gf

>> No.15218205

kek, expose me her illuminating intelligence to me anon, i'm blind

>> No.15218208


>> No.15218215

You know, I think we need an entire freudian cosmology to describe the range of neurotic attitudes on display here.

Mommyposting is oediposting.
"Books on women"-posting should be called madonna/whoreposting.
Posts about racial anxieties are kurtzposting.
Incelposting or "I wish I was gay"-posting should be ressentimentposting.

I'm sure there's plenty more we could draft up.

>> No.15218231

>You didn't shove anything in her face except your social ineptitude
fucking kek, exactly this. OP you're a faggot.

>> No.15218238

This, the poor simp is embarrassing himself.

>> No.15218243

not a loss judging from her pic

>> No.15218245

>Spiritual gf>>>>lit gf
Why would anyone ever think being """"lit"""" is a good characteristic? It is a marker of deep unhappiness

>> No.15218253

I had a good laugh imaging some fat retard waking up then immediately waddling over to his $3000 gaming pc to check /lit/ and be greeted by this thread,

>> No.15218257

some of yall got real issues with women

>> No.15218293 [DELETED] 
File: 304 KB, 762x1091, 20200314_232731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only reason I'd waddle is because my fat fucking cock gets in the way of my legs
Psychoanalysists should be called subversive cunts

>> No.15218295

>guys look this random whore has an opinion
>300+ replies guaranteed
I hate all of you retards so much .

>> No.15218305

You're a manlet who's wrecked it with a penis pump, you can see it's engorged but not erect...

>> No.15218308

i hope that isnt you

>> No.15218309
File: 50 KB, 678x710, 1577425591456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>post a convo pic and all the dumb /lit/ posters think its you in the convo

>> No.15218310

Can anyone recommend books about penis pumps?

>> No.15218317

Dude, if it's damaged there's nothing you can really do. It's going to be like that for the rest of your life.

>> No.15218318

That's how big it is soft, and I'm 6'2

>> No.15218326

nice larp you fuckin queer. if youre on the east coast then post address and i will show up at your doorstep and spank you in front of your mother.

>> No.15218327

>towel hanger is at shoulder level

>> No.15218333

That's how big it gets and it's still soft you mean (exactly what I was saying).
>and I'm 6'2
Sorry bro, I guess at least you're king of manlets, but still a manlet.

>> No.15218340

>towel hanger is at shoulder level
Cannot unsee.

>> No.15218344

5'2 confirmed

>> No.15218346
File: 395 KB, 920x1241, h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>(who comes from a family similar to Kafka’s)

>> No.15218351

lmao if this is actually you, you're only confirming my hypothesis that 4chan(nel) is a petri dish for the most pathetic male neuroses. I'm going to call this desperate plea for attention or validation "phallusposting"

>> No.15218352
File: 1.14 MB, 1500x2206, 20200428_065315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You wish it was a larp

>> No.15218356

post pic or u just got btfoed by chad anon, u fat incel cuck

>> No.15218357

yea I might later

>> No.15218358

nice circumscission, freak

>> No.15218372

This one hurts but I didnt have much say in the matter

>> No.15218383
File: 14 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-950942232-612x612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shit thread
>turns to even shittier threas
Good thing Im gay OP. I need a good jerk

>> No.15218391

a real chad would not engage in this behavior

>> No.15218400

Then this is how you should've started out the thread: "Hey guys let's discuss about kafka"

>> No.15218407

Your original post implied that we should all laugh at the whore's bad opinion and presumably you dunking on her. You should have specified what the topic should have been. Otherwise you just seem like just another pretentious and argumentative teenager, very common here.

>> No.15218425

sorry anon

>> No.15218446

Comparing you to the shaving foam and the phone you appear to be about 5' in that picture
t. /fit/izen

>> No.15218452

Hey, get off tinder. It only has worthless whores on it.

>> No.15218492

Based ESLfag

>> No.15218512
File: 128 KB, 1023x842, 729D7030-B9A6-4959-B6F5-DE73FCFF5371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I avoid being like OP when I discuss literature with women?

>> No.15218524

just be yourself. be chill. ask questions. crack a joke every now and then

>> No.15218539

What do you guys talk about?

>> No.15218545

The actual aesthetic surrounding it is cringe, the music itself is good (obviously there is a lot of shit metal, but there is still good metal)

>> No.15218550

Why the fuck are you imagining your literature knowledge will get you chicks? Go to the gym and looksmaxx. Do you really want to date women just to realize that they will still fawn over men superior to yourself?

>> No.15218562

thats just cope by fat incels, the anon calling out the other one has yet to provide his pic while he called out the other on looks

>> No.15218569

legs need work but decent overall.

>> No.15218571

Don't discuss literature with women

>> No.15218578

Let her do most of the talking and just be a patient listener. No need to flex about intlrct, judt share opinions, conversation is a collaberation not a competition. Then, find a secluded area, and chop her fucking head off for insulting Kafka. Reinstate dueling.

>> No.15218581

trannies dont count

>> No.15218603
File: 272 KB, 859x750, Chimp-Farmer-0007a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Please dudes! Look at this basic bitch that triggered me and how i btfo her by wall text spamming her!
Whats more pathetic than going on tinder and trying to look for anything other than shitty hookups is coming here posting that cringy shit here looking for approval. This kind of behaviour than 11 year olds have.

>> No.15218627

fuck kurzfagget

>> No.15218638

Thought people would grow out of these basic bitch level of convos.

>> No.15218672

why do insecure retards always feel the need to slice up their paragraph into 11 separate messages

>> No.15218676
File: 57 KB, 550x467, KEK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I started with metamorphosis
>I could relate to this
Bro you sound fucking retarded, this is why you don't try to have a conversation over text messaging

>> No.15218678

>homogay selfies gets deleted
>this thread doesnt

>> No.15218699

OP is a sadomasochist. He made this thread so we'd all laugh at him and not become him. I respect that

>> No.15218708

lol what’s ur bench I bet it sucks

>> No.15218723
File: 91 KB, 680x763, 12C61DE8-C584-432F-B0AC-D0FC8BF1BD0C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You're a sexist retard
Yes. There is nothing inherently wrong with sexism. Prove me wrong.

>> No.15218730

post body

>> No.15218735

gigachad posters are the lowest of the low

>> No.15218740

Why are you niggas sending a million messages to girls who reply in one sentence? If she's not interested, give her space and go do something else. Also Tinder is for dumb degenerates and the desperate.

>> No.15218750

You have the body of someone that's been fat their entire life that finally after 20 years of eating poorly you decided to start actually eating somewhat healthy and maybe doing 10 pushups a week.

That shit is not anything to be impressed about, at all. That's literally a week 1 into a 50 week fitness routine body.

>> No.15218752
File: 43 KB, 816x404, ECMs59IX4AAt7se.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this thread

>> No.15218761

It's a dumpsterfire

>> No.15218765


>> No.15218774
File: 120 KB, 734x1034, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

big cat person vibes

>> No.15218787

and as such, you cannot help but gaze at it

>> No.15218791

Is it because women don't like it or because it attracts angry men? Metal is based, no matter the fans. It has technical merit and aesthetic merit. Other genres usually are short on the former.


>> No.15218812

Because virgins don't realise that the reek of desperation is more offputting than their body odour

>> No.15218814

You're not cute, you're a loser fag. Go play arknight or some shit

>> No.15218822

Based. It seems I have not yet spoken my last word about women.

>> No.15218839

OP got absolutely fucked lol

>> No.15218856


>> No.15218874

Why would you reply with anything but "too deep for you" to this opener? Jesus Christ.

>> No.15218875

Not him but this is objectively untrue, lurk /fit/ more

>> No.15218910

I was going to call you a faggot but then I saw you linked Death, remembered that I enjoy metal, then realized that I am also a huge faggot.

>> No.15218914

Be open to reinterpretation should she have a compimentary or superior idea to yours. Don't view things as you must always have better ideas than her because you're smarter - a lot of smart people have had some really autistic ideas, take for example einstein's socialism or bobby fischer's celebration of 9/11.

Don't automatically agree with everything she says but try to understand where she is coming from with everything she says and try to see the truth in it.

Be open about your ideas and the merit and lack of merit about them and don't attach ideas to the person because any disagreements become a personal attack and that never ends well.

>> No.15218926

toasting in epic bread

>> No.15218974

Who is he?

>> No.15218976

Yeah I'm 6' and my towel hanger is at elbow level. You aren't fooling anyone kiddo.

>> No.15218982
File: 28 KB, 378x378, 1577438137004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There's a considerable body of scientific works to disagree with you here.

>> No.15218990

I hate this meme that metalheads spew that metal's technical merit makes it different than other genres. Even ignoring other commonly cited "technical" genres like Jazz and Funk, there are plenty of examples in even commonly derided genres like rap when technical skill is demonstrated. There is also plenty of simple buttmetal out there as well.

Not knocking on death though, they are fantastic.

>> No.15219017

Girl is so crazy based

>> No.15219026

So would an okay response to

>I find him very overrated.
>The Trial had me snoring after 20 pages.
>Really? What did you dislike about it? The trial has one of my favorite passages in a book ever, the part in Lawyer, Manufacturer, Painter where the bank's vice president takes the manufacturer into his office and K. is left standing alone. He sits in the window and considers the fact that nobody will bother him for a while, since they believe he's in an important meeting, and he watches the snow fall and considers his situation in the trial. I just love how momentarily calm the scene is while still maintaining the stress of K.'s situation
Or is that too long and autistic?

>> No.15219028

That means that you, indeed, got BTFOd.

>> No.15219031

can I get a reddit recap of this thread?

>> No.15219036

I should have said compared to pop and indie (rock) music to be specific. I remember that fags on /mu/ that were always memeing against metal being fans of those, so I said it out of being annoyed by that. Instrumental metal work is a good way of pulling people that hate metal in too i think. The vocals are a big barrier to most normies


>> No.15219041

Quality edit

>> No.15219064

ITT: Virgins trying to rekt OP because he denied a pussy because she was dumb with no original thought.
No true opinion about the literature whatsoever
This is the absolute state of /lit

>> No.15219068

Don't know if she would like it but I do, it's genuine. You don't shove some bs in her face, you just show why you like the book and what you feel by talking about a specific moment

>> No.15219084

The first two sentences are fine. Cut the rest. You ask her a question, then immediately signal you don't care what her answer is by talking about why you like the book. If you want to talk about why you like the book then lead with that, or wait until she responds.

>> No.15219089

Lol, OP literally asked the meaning of axe part. And if you google it, you won't find anything about it. He was trying to judge her originality, she pasted a plain google search which was entirely wrong.

This sub is retarded, full of illiterate incels.

>> No.15219092

It's real, tranny. Click the link in OP and read the whole thing.

>> No.15219107

>This sub
You are candid on camera, redditor.

>> No.15219111

>if you google it you won't find anything
>she clearly copy pasted a result from googling
Is this the power of the pajeet incel mind???

>> No.15219114

Girls don't talk like this. Its likely edited or worse, a tranny.

>> No.15219115

>This sub
ya don goofed
retardation 100
keanu reeves didn't like that

>> No.15219133

>which was entirely wrong
Can't even understand basic English.

>> No.15219141

Yeah you're probably right there's too much of a tonal shift there after the questions, I guess I was anticipating the
>this is what I didn't like, why did you like it?

>> No.15219143


>> No.15219150

She’s Italian. I meant she was abused and ostracised by her family. Her sister and mother used to call her a dog and shit. She says she relates to Kafka the most out of all the writers.

>> No.15219152

>Four and a half hours later
>OP is still in this thread

>> No.15219162

You should talk to people as if you want to connect with them. Feel free to attack if they flash their weapons but ideally a discussion should be about exchanging stuff that activates both of you, not only in a competitive sense

>> No.15219172

>on 4chan
>expecting people to really talk about literature

>> No.15219178

rather be a virgin than a simp

>> No.15219204

Pretty incredible how I can tell she IQ-mogs you by at least 10 points, solely by that small sample of writing from each of you.

>> No.15219206

>life isnt about getting your dick wet
It literally is

>> No.15219210

Yeah, I'm not knocking what you're saying, but you put way too much too fast. You've got to keep it honed in on one point so you can give them a chance to respond. If you give them two or more things to respond to they might not respond to both, or then you might get in a weird situation where they did respond to both and now your conversation has split and two topics are being discussed separately but concurrently. It doesn't make for a natural conversation. You want to emulate an in-person conversation as much as possible.

>> No.15219214

Metal music somehow always manages to use the guitar in only the most generic and shallow ways possible. "Technicality" is a fucking bore if all you do is shred.

>> No.15219224

That's beside the point. I don't think you are able to understand the contradiction.

>> No.15219242

You're a literal sperg, lmao. I feel bad for her.

>> No.15219254

>write more than the other person
automatically lost

>> No.15219276
File: 58 KB, 600x400, 1544649222289.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn son

>> No.15219282

Tinder girl destroys OP with facts and logic

>> No.15219300

It's kind of long, remember that girls in tinder have a short attention span and dozens of other dudes to read

With a girl you've had a few conversations with it could work though

>> No.15219400

->Using your limited knowledge which is worth nothing to call something which has been proven wrong "facts and logic"

/lit for you

>> No.15219410

Wtf I'm ok with women

>> No.15219414

tasty boomer post

>> No.15219426

>100+ replies
>not even one incel talks about Kafka or the book
lol, this is even more disgraceful
Commit mass suicide fags

>> No.15219432

>From her interpretation it was clear that she hasn't read it and was just pretending.
That's why you shut the fuck up dude. You could have mentioned any book or author and she would've called it overrated. You were supposed to call her illiterate, not justify Kafka.

>> No.15219442


>> No.15219445

>pajeet op still seething

>> No.15219458
File: 41 KB, 512x512, OP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's over and yet you're still here
don't try to deny
we know
pic related obviously

>> No.15219477

I like Kafka more than Beckett and Camus but you got btfo hard

>> No.15219494

I have literally never met a woman this smart. She put you in your grave OP (even though her Barthes aside was misguided and shallow).

>> No.15219545

While I think she's right on some parts. I personally like the Trial a lot. She did absolutely blow you the fuck out OP. You definitely didn't read as much Kafka as she did and for that, she slammed you through a wall.

>> No.15219558

What does she even mean by hero, tf. There's nothing remotely close to anything hero in the story.

Good analysis OP, no surprise virgins here fail to pierce through her shallow replies

>> No.15219567

Have you read Kafka yourself?
Because she is so wrong lmfao

>> No.15219590

>As she did
Even though everything she said is 100% inaccurate and copy pasted bits & bits from here & there
Gosh, and I used to think people really read here.
Time to leave this retarded board

>> No.15219592

>he denied a pussy
>even though she unmatched him for sperging out at her
you are delusional.

>> No.15219601

I wonder how many thread this pajeet's ruined with his incel posting

>> No.15219624

lmao keep coping deepak

>> No.15219629

After going through all the replies on this thread.
>Virgins who would do anything to get there dick wet.
>80% of the posters on this thread haven't read a single book. It's evident from their judgement.

/lit for you

>> No.15219636

Go back to pretending to read on your shitting street, Sanjeet

>> No.15219647

I like your analysis OP, can we connect?

>> No.15219706

Kek, she humiliated you in front of your anonymous internet friends without even knowing it. She got you to blow yourself the fuck out. Better luck next time kid.

>> No.15219713

The woman needs no defending, op did this to himself. He needs to be better.

>> No.15219719

there's no need to pretend you want feedback on your interpretation when clearly you've come crawling over from reddit after losing GBPs for mansplaining and wrongthink about women, seeking approval from the notorious, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic hacker known as 4chan, hoping they'd appreciate your "epic victory" against some slut and bemoan the utter vapidity of women. but alas that was not how things turned out and now you shall crawl back and resume your bootlicking for the GBPs you care so much about. btw just because you're anonymous doesn't mean samefagging helps

>> No.15219872

this must be bait. surely one cannot cope so hard

>> No.15219900

It's funny because she's right

>> No.15219995

Your takes on Kafka are shit. Saying you "relate" to him and doing stupid what did x stand for interpretations.

>> No.15220113

only chad thing to do is respond in 1-5words max like >dumb bitch
>read more
kek the state of lit incels
no wonder sci is better
people on this board are illiterate retards that should kys unironically

>> No.15220391


>> No.15220629


Have you considered not listening to shit?

>> No.15220630

brainlet take

>> No.15220746
File: 55 KB, 444x580, 1575504253686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15220746,1 [INTERNAL] 

never forget

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