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Literature about the degeneration of subcultures?

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Still waiting on those females. :(

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I can't imagine a yu gi oh chad

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look at how happy brown guy is throughout the whole comic. looks like he's getting it right.

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i like your perspective

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So two losers can't compete within a social group when its size exceeds 4 people?
And yes you are a tryhard when you've been playing a game for years with just you and your buttbuddy and then you take it seriously when a new person joins.

The absolute state.

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Yikes and cringepilled

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>Looks like life was really about not taking anything too seriously and just having a good time no matter what's going on :) Haha

Die normie. Your complacency is the primary vector of decay. You let these fucking genderniggers (w**en) in in the first place god damnit.

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Lmao this! Hahaha. N1 good sir.

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>So two losers can't compete within a social group
Exactly, but I suspect those who sympathize with this comic don't see these hobby groups as social groups. They wouldn't socialize normally with the other members. They likely don't even like the other members. The whole raison d'être of the group, from their eyes, is to play the game. Sure, these are friend groups, but they're built on competition and rivalry and deep hatreds. When a member of that group finds friends outside it who aren't complete cocks, of course group cohesion will suffer, and if the game represents all the negatives of the group, playing it will feel less and less fun.

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imagine what kind of person made that pic

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Whoever made this shouldn't have leaned so hard into the nerd vs normalfag angle. Elitism and gate keeping are good but it's got little to do with females and NEETs and chads or whatever and entirely with people who are committed and hard working vs those who aren't.

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this comic is so obviously about gamers born in the mid to late 90s

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a smart insightful guy. i think he actually originally only made the top portion. i remember it being posted on /r9k/ right around when it was made, it was a good time.

nah it was made around 2010, if not earlier. the creator was probably in his twenties at the time.

not sure why this image makes tourists so butthurt.

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>I do stuff just as an excuse to be with other people
Please exclusively participate in the most mainstream activities.

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damn, reminds me of highschool. what a hostile enviroment. still found my future wife there, though

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You're a retard. You have a social group, you do an activity with that group, and you respect the activity so that it doesn't become a mere pretext for socializing (which you already do).

The critique here is that normies don't know how to respect activities, they exclusively want to socialize, so they come in and force the activity to become a mere pretext, which the original group had carefully avoided.

Learn to read, and like the guy above said, stick to the most watered-down hobbies possible so you don't ruin it for anyone with your oversocialized drone brain.

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absolutely based, always look on the bright side of life

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We have butterfly

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Imagine posting your OC from ten years ago and then bragging about its lore as if you’re another person

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Stop being greedy

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lol it's one of the most common images on this site you newfag retard, it's amazing how much better i am than you at having been on 4chan for years. if newfaggotry/oldfaggotry were height, i could kick you down the stairs like a foam football.

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Imagine bragging about how long you’ve been arguing with anonymous strangers to a stranger

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i don't have to imagine it, i'm doing it right now. feels powerful, i bet i have better opinions about video games than you too.

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Feel free to share

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only if you promise to stop responding to my more-than-half-joking posts with flat, humorless, contentless sentence fragments!

actually you can still post sentence fragments, as long as they contain some kind of content. a joke, an insult that isn't "Hehe u dont seem very popular :/," anything?

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>seriously distorted reality
Lol what an echo chamber of a board

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I don’t think my words are so devoid of meaning, but I can’t invalidate your interpretation. What kind of video game opinions to find interesting to share?

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>socializing ruins the sanctity of the activity

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Anyone who experienced the internet before your social media cancer, zoomer faggot.

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this but unironically

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only if the socializing does itself do that... drinking and trying to fuck girls can really change things. Especially the girl because dudes change around girls....

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Can you seriously not conceive of anything more important than socializing? Sure this seems ridiculous when it's being applied to video games or something but there are many reasons for people to form groups other than socializing.

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You called?

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>replying to yourself

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What is it about chess that has shielded it from this cycle?
Any anon has any theories?

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subcultures without women have always been implicitly homosexual, imagine a subculture of goths that only accepted other goth males to participate.

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Subcultures can be attractive to almost exclusively males without actually restricting females who want in.

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the game cannot be changed in order to better appeal to a casual audience.

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Is that literally it?
If nerd games weren't constantly adding new revisions and content to make money would they also stay as pure as chess?

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>dudes change around girls
Maybe said dudes should overcome this issue.

Your attributing a hierarchy of importance where none was intended. The point was that socializing works in concert with numerous activities, video games included. Note, socializing doesn't include (necessarily) drinking or trying to fuck people. And I would agree that groups form for reasons other than a desire in its members to socialize, to work, for instance. But for hobbies that aren't primarily individual, I'm having a hard time wondering why I would engage in a hobby with people I didn't want to also socialize with. The old MMO guild comes to mind, but I feel like I would treat that like I treat work; if I didn't enjoy the people I work with, and if my enjoyment of the work was impeded by these people, then I'd find a new job.

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chess is bitcoin - decentralized rules which are more or less consistent among all players. it's a good meme.

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That seems unlikely, considering the game has changed numerous times for many reasons. A force would need to be keeping it from changing.

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How could that cycle apply to chess? Chess is not a centralized. There doesn't have to be a fanbase to make playing the game fun. All you need is a board and another person who knows the rules and, possessing these, your enjoyment of the game would be completely unaffected by other people who played.

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Damn shut up and lurk.
It’s no different from the punk socializing in the middle of a theater. Your straw man and dismissal of the counter is lame, he’s right.

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This. Chess has a high skill barrier to entry. If you want to exclude women from an activity, make it involve a healthy minimum of skill. They hate that. They'll just never show up.

I remember back when I played/watched pro SC2, they would have these huge tournaments and stream only the best players because there were so many guys. To even merit having your matches streamed, you had to be not just a top pro, but a current top-ranking pro at your height. Former champs might get a novelty side-stream tossed to them here or there, but that's it.

Then they paused the entire show to let some gamer girl who nobody had ever heard of (even though she was a "top ranked female player") play on the big stage, center stage, against a mid-ranking male pro. Players people were dying to see were relegated to unstreamed matches so that this bitch could get a participation trophy. She didn't just lose either, she literally did shit nobody had ever seen before, she seemingly didn't actually know how to play the game. She didn't even know basic stuff any random casual/regular player would know. The other dude didn't so much "beat" her as play around and do funny stuff because there was nothing else he could do, it was like he was playing a confused child. People still clapped confusedly for her when the commentators told them to "give her a big hand."

This is the treatment women expect in everything in life. They can be so embarrassingly bad that you wonder how they even call themselves participants with a straight face, but then demand center stage and lots of clapping anyway. If you create a hobby that doesn't allow them this, they will simply refuse to participate. If there are no tournament organizer fags pulling the strings to suspend the rules for them, no commentators on the company payroll to order people to clap despite their disgust, women won't have any way of getting their foot in the door and won't even try.

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